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Old Church of Ireland, Fintona Tombstone Photos

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Old Church of Ireland, Fintona Tombstone Photos
June 2016

Submitted by Bridgid Wilson

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Notes –

Old Church of Ireland, Fintona (tower)(2nd view)(3rd view) Forsyth - William, Eliza, Cathrine McLaren - Annie, 3 infants
Allen - James, John Gibson - James, Kitty, Arthur Baden, Mary Virginia, Desmond, William Baden Mitchell - Margaret, Lizzie
Bamford - William, Catherine, Mary Ann Hamilton - Mamie, Thomas Moore - Robert, Annie, Bertie
Brown - Emma, Joseph, Margaret, Andrew Hart, J. Henry Neely - Robert, Mary, Eleanor
Browne-Lecky, Raymond (closeup) Houston - Isabella, John, Anne, Fleming Nelson - William, Eliza Ellen
Buchanan - Robert, Annie Gamble Johnston Family - no names visible Oliver, Samuel
Buchanan, Mary (nee Rae), George, John Rae Johnston, Eliza (nee Bamford) Perry - Andrew, Alfred William
Bullick - Eliza, James, Isabella, Eliza Jane, William J. Johnston, Richard (closeup) Preston - George, Margaret
Bullick - Herbert, Ethel Mary, Phyllis Hoy King - Robert, Marian Rae - John, Eleanor
Crawford, Catherine (nee Bamford) King, William Robinson - John Trimble, Mary, James
Crawford, Mary Kyle - Robert James, Kathleen Elizabeth, William E. M., Isabella Tottenham - Henry, Richard
Crawford - Alexander, Isabella, James Lindsay - James, Eleanor, David Little Vesey - Samuel, Waller (nee Kearney), John Agmondisham, Mervyn Trevor, George Waller, Isabella Alexina, Zara, Waller
Cooke, Jane Lindsay - Elizabita, John, Rebecca, Elizabith (closeup) Watson - John, Mary Jane, Thomas David, Martha
Coulter - James, Margaret(nee Holmes), Robert Livingstone - Isabella, Robert, Carrie, Charles John, Eliza Ellen Wilson - William T., Kate, Margaret, Daisy, Harry, Andrew, Edward, Newberry J.
Curry - Hugh, John Loddington, Lizzie Wilson - Margaret J., Mary, James
Donald - Alexander, Mary Ann McClung - Samuel, James Wood - John, 3 infant sons
Dugan - Wilson, Rebecca, Ruby, Robert John McConnell, James Wood - James, Jane
Duncan - John, Isabella, William, Anne McConell, James  
Eccles, Gilbert McCoy - Margaret, John, William  
Eccles - John Stuart, Charles, 2 infant boys (closeup) (base) McCrea - Janie, Edward, Anny Elizabeth, Edna Frances, Rebecca Rae  

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