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Medal Awarded to James Greer - 1828

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Medal Awarded to James Greer - 1828

Submitted by Tony Fleming

Silver medal awarded to “Jacobus Greer” (probably James Greer* of Coneywarren, born 2nd January 1817, died 5th November 1892)

The inscription in Latin has been translated into 2 possibilities:

The first, handwritten, origin unknown.

Front side:James Greer Medal Front

James Greer

To one brought up in the language of the muses

at the school of William Smyth


For outstanding and assiduous diligence

Throughout six months

A.D. 1828

Rear side:

The laurels of the learned

The reward of the brows.

The second, translated by Gibson Sheat, Lawyers on 16/10/84:


Jacobus Greer

James Greer

Musarum in Grammaticus

In the studies of the muses

Alumno apud Scholum

To the pupil at school

Gulielm SmythJames Greer Medal  Rear

William Smyth

Propter diligentiam per sex mense insignem et assiduam

For outstanding and assiduous diligence over six months


Doctarum Hederae Proemia Frontium

The reward of a garland of ivy for his brow

*Great Uncle of James Greer Fleming of Campsie House, Omagh Co. Tyrone Ulster, Northern Ireland.


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