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Abercorn Estate - Burgesses of the Town of Strabane 1730-55

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Abercorn Estate - Burgesses of the Town of Strabane 1730-55
PRONI Ref. D623/A/31/118
Extracted from FHL Film #1736518

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

December 30 1755

Letter from NATHANIEL NISBITT, Lifford (agent), to the EARL OF ABERCORN, Cavendish Square, London

I can recollect upon my own memory all the Burgesses that have died for these 25 years past;


1. Mr. Leatham

2. Mr. Edwards

3. Mr. Leslie

4. Mr. McClenachan

5. Mr. Tompkins

6. Mr. Claud Hamilton

7. Mr. Patterson

8. Saml. Sinclair

9. Mr. Alexr. McCausland

10. Geo. Gordon

11. Mr. Cunningham

12. Mr. Jon. McCausland*

13. Mr. Ferguson*

14. Thos. Purdon*

15. Wm. Auchinleck*

*These those last 4 that died


1. The Hon. Geo. Hamilton

2. Mr. Davis

3. Mr. Forward

4. Mr Wm. McCausland

5. Mr Colhoun

6. Mr. Oli. McCausland

7. Mr. Hamilton

8. Mr. Barclay (Mr Barclay – new Provost)

9. Mr. Mark McCausland

10. Mr. Spence*

11. Mr. Scott*

12. Mr. Hamilton the Lawyer*

13. Revd Jon. Hamilton*

*These four are those that came in last. Query if the Revd. Jon. be Elected yett or Sworn

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