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Surnames L-Mc Immigrants to New England from Ireland

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Immigrants to New England from Ireland
Surnames L-Mc

Transcribed by Kathryn

From the book, "Immigrants to New England from Ireland".
By Ethel Stanwood Bolton of Shirley, Massachusetts 1931.
Originally published by The Essex Institute Salem Massachusetts, 1931.
*more notes on publishing.
Names of all who seem to have come from Ireland.
Please read the Preface as it explains the contents.

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Surnames L-Mc
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Lacore, John of Rutland, Mass; from Ireland, before 1727; m. Margaret Crawford, May 20 1731; Children: Sarah, Rosanna.-Reed's Rutland, pp.82, 155

La Croix, Frederick, of Medway, Mass; from Guadaloupe, in 1775; m. Elizabeth Cobb, of Wrentham; Children: William, Millie, Frederick.-Jameson's Medway P.166

Lamb, Elizabeth, wife of William Lamb; Sally, a daughter; Betty, Nancy, Nellie, Beckie, sisters of William Lamb; from Ireland, with Captain John Carrell, 1736; admitted inhabitants Sept. 18 1736.-Boston Rec. Com, Vol. 15

Lane, Henry, Boston Mass; from Barbadoes, 1706, with Capt. Flint; warned out of Boston, 1706.-Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 11

Lang, William of Boston, Mass; cir 1760; m. Margaret ___; Children: William, James; d. 1775.-Thomas's History of Printing Vol. 2

Langlaserie, Mr. Louis, of Boston, Mass; before 1730; admitted an inhabitant, with liberty to keep a school to teach French, Oct 21 1730.-Boston Rec. Com Vol. 13

Larman, Robert, Boston Mass; from the Canary Islands, with several others, in the sloop "William," Oct 1720; held up at Spectacle Island with small pox o board; allowed to land, Oct 28 1720; a Robert Larman m. Sarah Tyley, Oct 24 1715, in Boston.- Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 13

Larry, Dennis, of Gorham, Maine; from Ireland, during the Indian Wars; m. 1. Margaret Brown; Children: John, James; m. 2. Patience Wooster; Child: Stephen; d. Dec 1796, aged 102.-McLellan's Gorham. P 610

Larye, John, Portsmouth, N.H. from County Cork, Ireland before 1723; m. Sarah Tout, June 16 1723.-N.E. Hist. Gen. Reg. Vol. 24  

p.109 Latale, Thomas, Boston, Mass.;[Lataile} cir. 1714; int. m. Katherine Beauchamp, Oct 16 1714; Child: Margaret. -Boston Rec. Com, Vol 28

Lathog, Robert of Worcester, Mass; from Londonderry, Ireland, 1718.-Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester, p 128.

Lattanire, Lazurus, Boston, Mass; from New York with Captain DeWose, cir July, 1708, with wife and children; warned out, 1708. Boston Rec. Com. Vol11

Lauchlen, Thomas, Boston, Mass; in Boston, before 1723; m. Ann Albee, June 5 1723.-Boston Rec Comm Vol 28

Lausson, John, Boston, Mass; from Ireland, with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719; a farmer. -Boston Rec. Co Vol 13

Lawrence, John, Boston, Mass; from "jersie" before 1713; int. m. Marian Beauchamp, aug 28 1713; Children: Marian, John; m. 2. perhaps Dorothy Sastero, Oct 1 1720; Children: Mary, Benjamin.-Boston Rec Com. Vol 28

Laydon, John Boston, Mass; from New York, 1723; warned out of Boston, Feb 19 1723.-Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Skip p.110 no listed Ireland.  

Lee m. Marge Style, Leeky- wool comber,  

Legg -a house-wright m. Sarah Prindle, Leight -wheel wright, Leishman m. Sarah McCulloch, widow of Henry Reed,  La France m. Alice Meek, Le Gallais m.Hannah Browne, Le Lefleurie m. Mary Handcock p.111

Leitch or Litch, James of Lunenburg Mass; from Ireland be fore 1746; m.Janet __; Children: Thomas, Manasses, John?.-Lunenburg Vital Records p 310.

Lemon, James of Palmer and Ware, Mass; from Ireland in 1724; son of James and Polly Lemon; m. Mary ___; Children James, Francis, Jane, William,Mary.-Temple's Palmer, p 502

Lemon, Samuel of Palmer and Ware, Mass; from Ireland, in 1727; of James and Polly Lemon; m. Jane ___; Children: Mary, Samuel, Margaret.-Temple's Palmer p 502

Lemont, John of Bath, Me; from Ireland in 1722; b. County Londonderry, 1704; settled in "Dromore," part of Phipsburg, anciently Georgetown, Maine, between Dromore and the New Meadows River: Child: John; d. at Bath, 1827. aet 86.-Reed's Bath, p 314.

Lend, Martyn, Boston, Mass; Oct 1716; a sailmaker; he came with a wife and children, intending to settle in Arrowsic, Main, in the spring.-Boston Rec. Com Vol 13

Lendsey, Margaret, see Adam Templeton.

Lennox Partick of Newcastle, Maine; before 1785; a sea captain; b. April 1750; m. Margaret McNear at Newcastle, 1785, d. May 17 1844; Children: Robert, Thomas, Patrick;d. Aril 17 1831.-Cushman's Ancient Sheepscott and Newcaste p 399  

Pg. 112
Le Regle, John of Boston; from the Paris of Toin, Jersey, before 1752; a mariner. -Goldthwait Records ms., Boston Athenaeum.

Lermond, ___, of Milton, Mass; from Ireland, cir 1719; Children: Ann, John, William, Alexander. -Eaton's Warren, p. 74, 407

Lermond, Alexander, of Warren, Maine; from Londonderry, cir. 1719; b. cir 1707; m. Mary Harkness, in Warren 1735, d. April 1, 1790; Children: John, Margaret, Alexander, William, Mary, James Elizabeth; d. December, 1790.-Eaton's Warren, Me., 571

Leslie, The Rev. George, of Ipswich, Mass; from Ireland, with his father, who d. May 12, , 1763; cir. 1728; educated at Harvard; m. Hepsibah Burpee, Oct 26, 1756, d. 1814; Children: George, David, James, William, Hepsibah, Joseph, Jonathan, Mehitable, Elizabeth; d. Sept. 11, 1800.-Childs' Cornish, Vol 2 pp256-7, Ipswich Vital Records Vol. 1 p238

Leslie, James of Londonderry, N.H.;' from Ireland, before 1722; m. Mary __,d. April 8, 1722.-Parker's Londonderry, p. 90

Leslie, James of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, before March 17, 1730; m. Mary ___; Children: Janet, Sarah, Barber, Daniel, James.
-Documentary History of Maine, p.20 Londonderry Vital Records, p 78

Leverit, Simon, Portsmouth, N.H. from the Parish of Santua, Jersey, before 174-;m. Elizabeth Hepworth, April 27, 174-.-N.E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol 27

Levit, George, Boston, Mass; before 1720; int. m. Anie Paden, Dec 3 1720.-Boston Rec. Com Vol 28

Lewin, William, before 1712; int. m. Sarah Simons, Jan y 1712.-Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Lewis, Maudlin, to New England1699, in the "Virginia"; fifteen years old, with seven years to serve.-N.E. Hist. Gen Reg. Vol 64

Linch, Eugin, Boston Mass; from Virginia to Beverly, Mass., and then to Boston, Nov 20 1714; m. Martha Eliott, int. Oct 17 1714, in Beverly, Mass; warned out of Boston, Jan 25 1715; Children: Elizabeth, Eugene.-Boston Rec. Com Vol. 11

(Lindsay) Lindsey, Alexander, Portsmouth, N.H.; from "fforfaine," before 1719; m. Lydia Cross, Dec 3 1719.-N.E. Hist. en Reg. Vol. 24

Lindsey, Margaret, see Templeton, Adam

Linsy, Martha, Boston, Mass; from Ireland, on the ship "Elizabeth"; warned out of Boston, Nov 3 1719.-Boston Record Com. Vol. 13

Litch, Thomas, of Londonderry, N.H.,, and Winchendon, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1750; b. 1720, the son of James and Janet Litch; m. Jane Kennedy, Sept 19 1750, in Lunenburg, Mass.; Children: John, Samuel, Sarah? Jane? Elizabeth?; d. Feb 28 1792, in Winchendon, Mass.-Sterns' Ashburnham, p 799; Winchendon Vital Records, pp 49 139 202

Lithgow, Robert, of Topsham, Maine; from Glendermoth, County Derry, Ireland, 1719, in ship "Olive"; m. Jane McCurdy; Children; Martha, Margaret, Mary, Janet, William, {Susan}; Robert Lithgow, with Susan, William, Jean, and Susan were warned from Boston August 12 1722, having come from the "Eastward."-Ms. Of the Lithgow Family in the N.E. Hist. Gen. Soc.  

Little, Alexander, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland, before 1769.-Deed of Belfast, Maine, 1769.

Little, Archibald, Newcastle, Maine; from Ireland, cir. 1731; Children: James, John, Henry, Alexander, Samuel, and two daughters.-Cushman's Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle, p401.

Little, Edward, Newbury, Mass.; before 1727; b. cir 1705; m. Elizabeth Gurney, of New York (b. 1708), September 21 1727, in New Hampshire. -Newbury Vital Records, Vol. 2

Little, Thomas, of Shirley, Mass; from Ireland, cir. 1737; b. 1688; m. Jean, d. Sept. 29 1783, aet 81; Children: William, Peggy, Thomas, Jean, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary; d. Jan. 2 1767, "supposed to be in the 79th year of his age." -Chandler's Shirley, p. 501, Shirley Vital Records p 198

Little, Thomas, of Shirley, Mass; from Ireland, cir. 1737; b. 1727; son of Thomas and Jean Little; m. Susanna Wallace, of Peterborough, d. Mar. 6 1822; Children: William, Esther, Elizabeth, Susana, Joseph, Thomas, John, Walter; d. June 6 1808. -Chandler's Shirley, p. 507 er seq., Shirley Vital Records, pp 61 62 198

Little, William of Shirley, Mass; from Ireland, cir. 1737; b. July 19 1730; son of Thomas and Jean Little; m. Elizabeth Wallis, daughter of Matthias Wallis of Worcester, Dec 1 1748, d. August 3, 182, aet 84; Children: Wallis, William, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Thomas; d. July 20, 1797, aet 77. -Chandler's Shirley, p 502 et seq., Shirley Vital Records, pp 61 62 198 Lunenburg Records, p 261

Livenston, Elizabeth of Boston, Mass; from North Carolina, 1725, on the sloop "Adventure." -Court of Sessions of the Peace, 1725-32, p 10

Lloyd, Andrew, from Ireland; m. Mary Lawless; Child; Frances Maria, mother of William Lloyd Garrison, editor of the Liberator.
-Amer. Ances., Vol 3 p83

Lloyd, Thomas, Boston, Mass; in Boston, before 1724; m. Isabella Ayres, Aug. 16 1724.-Boston Rec. Com., Vol 28 Lortheridge, Robert of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland, in 1718.-Lincoln's Worcester p 49, Parmenter's Pelham, p.17

Loveridge, Benjamin, Boston, Mass; from Newfoundland, Oct 1716; butcher; warned out Oct 31 1716; m. Mary Mugeridge, Aug 27 1720, in Boston. -Boston Rec. Com, Vol. 13

Lowden, Thomas, of Leicester, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1738; he had a family and was alive as late as 1764.-Parmenter's Pelham, pp 17,99,102,118.

Lowther, John, of "New Famouth in Casco Bay,: Maine; before 1768; he was a brother of Dr. George Lowther of Savana La Mar, Jamaica; a surgeon.-Misc
Mss. In the Boston Athenaeum

Lucas, George, Boston Mass; from Ireland, with Captain Carrell, 1736; he brought a wife and child; they lodged with Mr. James Wimble in 1736.-Boston Rec. Com., Vol. 15

Lucas, William, Boston Mass before 1713; int. n. Ruth Pitman, Feb 23 1714.-Boston Rec. Com., Vol. 28

Lunt, John of Newbury, Mass; from Poolton, before 1747; . Mrs. Hannah Moodey, Aug 17 1717, in Newbury, Mass. -Newbury Vital Records p 490

Lusk, John, Tomas, William of Newington, Conn.; from Ireland early in the 18th century.-Ancient Wethersfield, p 490

Lyle, John of Boston, Mass; from Belfast, Ireland, before 1731; m. Mrs. Hannah Newton, of Boston, in Newbury, June 29 1731.-Newbury Vital Records Vol. 2

Lynch, Maurice, of New Boston, N.H.; from Ireland; b. 1738; m. Catherine Sheehan; Children: John, a child, Mary Ann; d. 1779, aged 70.-Cochran's Antrim p 579  

McAdams, Samuel, of Windham, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, cir. 1740; b. cir. 1716; m. Mary ___, d. Feb 21 1791; aet 58; Children: Jane, John, Margaret, James, Samuel, Robert, Gawin, Mary, Sarah; d. Jan., 1790, ages 74.-Morrison's Windham p 625.

McAdams William of Pelham, Mass, Windham and Londonderry, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, cir 1740; Children: Samuel, William. -Morrison's Windham p 625

Macannis, John of Boston, Mass.; from Ireland, 1719; m. ____; Children: four. -Cullen's Irish in Boston, p 51.

McAfferty, Charles, of Bristol, R.I.; from Londonderry, Ireland cir. 1777; b. cir. 1748.-Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p 51.

McAlister, Randall, of Peterborough, N.H.; soldier and deserter, 1775; b. 1744; m. Mary Blair, B 1749, d. 1833; Child: Mary; d. 1819, aged 75. -Smith's Peterborough pt. 2 p140

McAllister, Angus, of Lancaster, Mass., and Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, in 1718; m. Margaret Boyle; Children: William, David, John, Mary Ann and four others. -Cochran's Antrim p 581; N.H. Genealogies p 473.

McAllister, Archibald, of Wiscasset, Maine; from Ireland, 1738/9; son of Richard and Anne (Miller) McAllister. -Woodbury's Bedford, p 971

McAllister, David, of Londonderry, N.H.; son of Angus and Margaret (Boyle) McAllister; m. Eleanor Wilson, of Charlestown, Mass, daughter of Alexander Wilson; Children: Alexander, John, Archibald, George, Janette, Margaret; d. 1750, aet 46.-N.H. Genealogies p 473

McAllister, John of New Boston M.H.; from Ireland, in 1748; Children: Archibald, Angus, Daniel, Mary; d. in Francestown. -Cogswell's New Boston p386

McAllister, Richard, of Bedford, N.H.; from Ireland, 1738-9; m. Anne Miller, in Ireland, d. March 12 1776, in her 67th year; Children: "Archy," John, William, Mary, Ann, Susannah, Richard, James , Benjamin.-Cochran's Antrim p 582

McAllister, William, of Lancaster, Mass, and Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, 1718; son of Angus and Margaret (Boyle) McAllister; m. Janette Cameron; Children: Margaret, John, David, William, Peter, Hugh, Thomas; d. 1755, aet 55.-Lancaster Vital Records pp  

McArthur, John of Limington, Me; m. Margaret Miller. -Saco Valley Families p897

McBride, Alexander, of Concord, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1725; m. Mary ___; Children: William, John, James Mary. -Lancaster Vital Records p 284

McBride, Edmund, Portsmouth, N.H.; from Danfenihana, County Donegal, before 1431; m. Sarah Devett, widow, Oct 28 1731.- N.E. Hist. Gen Reg. Vol 25

McBride, James of Brunswick, Maine; from Ireland, before 1723; soldier,1723-4, under Capt. John Giles. -Wheeler's Brunswick, p 875.

McCallum, John of Warren Maine; m. Mary Miller. Eaton's Warren p 578

McCarter, William of Rutland, Mass; from Irealnd, before June 1720; m. Elizabeth ___; he and wife were church members in Rutland; Children: Andrew, Sarah, William. -Rutland Vital Records, p 62

McCarthy, William of Newbury, Mass; from Kinsale, Ireland, before 1729; m. Margaret Pulsafer, of Boston in Newbury, June 25 1729.-Newbery Vital Records, Vol 2

McCase, James of Newport, R.I.; from Ireland.-Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders p 42

McCauley, Alexander, of Hillsborough, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1741; b. 1707; m. Mary Pinkerton, b. Ireland, 1712, d. Jan 20 1791; Children: James, Robert, Sarah; d. Oct. 11 1788, in Merrimac, N.H. -Cochran's Antrim, p 590

McCauley, James of Hillsborough, N.H.; from Ulster, Ireland, cir 1741. Cochran's Antrim p 590

Maclain, John, Boston, Mass; in Boston, before 1721; m. Patience Norcott, April 12 1721.-Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 28

McClanathan, John of Rutland, Mass.; from Ireland, with Edward Savage, cir. 1720; m. Martha Shaw; Children: Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Eleanor, Thomas, William; he was probably son of Thomas McClanathan (C. K. Bolton); bondsman, 1746, for Duncan McFarland.
-Reed's Rutland, pp 155, 156

McClanathan, Deacon Thomas, of Palmer, Mass; from ___, brother of William; grantee, 1733; b. 1685; Children: Thomas, William; d. Jan 30 1764., aet 78. -Temple's Palmer, p 510

McClanthan, William of Palmer, Mass; from ___; brother of Thomas; he lived on the east side of Pottoquattuck Mountain; m. Jane ___, d. July 22 1783; Children: Samuel, Robert, Thomas, William. -Temple's Palmer, p 510.

McClenachan, The Rev. William; from Ireland in 1734; minister at Georgetown and Cape Elizabeth, Church of England, and was a missionary of the "Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts"; 1758 moved to Pennsylvania. -Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, Vol. 2

Maclannon, John Boston Mass; in Boston, before 1721, m. Susanna Norton, March 22 1721. -Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 28 McClary, Andrew of Nottingham and Epsom, N.H.' from Londonderry, Ireland, sailing from Port Rush to Boston, arriving Oct 8 1727; m. Ele ___; Children: John, Andrew, Margaret, Jane Ann; a selectman of Nottingham, N.H., 1733/4. -Curtis's Epsom, N.H., Cogswell's Nottingham pp 212, 217

McClary, David of Boston Mass; from Ireland, 1751; m. Rachel Strathearn; Children: David, Thomas, John, Molly, Sally, Betty, William; d. in Bedford, N.H. -Cochran's Antrim, p 591. Brown's Hillsborough, N.H. p 379

McClary, Thomas, of Windham N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland; b 1706; perhaps brother of Daniel McCleary; Children: David, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, John. -Morrison's Windham p 627

McCleary, Daniel, of Methuen, Mass; from Ireland cir 1718, with his father, whose name is unknown; b. 1708, in Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland; m. Mary

Mullican Feb 19 [1739?]; Children: Daniel, Martha, John, Mary, Jeane,Samuel, David, William, Thomas, Elizabeth; d Dec. 23 1788, in Methuen.-Methuen Vital Records pp 78, 225.

MacClehn, John, Boston Mass; in Boston, before 1723; m. Elizabeth Wardwell, April 11, 1723. -Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 28

McClellan, Bryce, of Portland, Maine; from Ballymoney, County Antrim, before 1720; m. __. D. 1771, aged 78; Children: Joseph, William, Alexander, James.
-Lewis's Gorham, pp.658,662

McClellan, Collin, Worcester, Mass; "a highlander, prisoner of war in this place," 1776; m. Elizabeth ___. Of the County of Inverness; Child: Elisabeth. -Worcester Vital Records, p172

McClellan, Hugh, of Gorham, Maine; form Ireland, 1733; m. Elizabeth McClellan, daughter of Carey McClellan, in Ireland, d. July 16 1807; Children: William Cary, Abigail, Mary, Alexander, Cary, Jane, Martha, Thomas, Martha; d. Jan. 2 1787, aet 77. Lewis's Gorham, pp. 658-660.

McClellan, James of Worcester, Mass., From Ireland, in 1718; m. Margaret ___ ("alias Thorne"); Children: William, James; d. Oct>, 1729. -Lincoln's Worcester, p 49, Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester, p 127, Perry's Scotch Irish, p 17

McClellan, James, of Worcester, Mass.; from Ireland, in 1718; son Of James and Margaret McClellan; m. Elizabeth Hall, of Sutton, Dec. 26 1722, the daughter of Percival Hall; Children: John, James , Moses, David, Rebekah, Mary; will probated March 12 1736. -Worcester Probate Records, Series A39770, Benedicts's Sutton, P 693

McClellan, John, called upon Rev. William Homes at Chilmark, Mass., m. Nov 3 1717. -Contributed by C.K. Bolton.

McClellan, Michael, of Colrain, Mass; from Currin, Londonderry, Ireland, in 1749; m. Jane Henry; Children: Jeanette, Ann, Margaret, Hugh and six others.
-McClellan's Colrain, p 83, Amer. Ances., Vol. 3 p35

McClellan, William of Gorham, Maine; from Ireland, 1733; b. cir, 1724; son of Hugh and Elizabeth McClellan; m. Rebecca Haston of Falmouth, d. Oct 13, 1823, aet 81; d. Nov 19, 1812, aet 83. -Lewis's Gorham, pp. 660-662

McClery, John, Boston, Mass.; in Boston, before 1743; m. Mary Wire, Dec 15, 1743; m. 2? Sarah Campbell, Jan 1, 1750.-Boston Rec. Com., Vol 28 p340

McClery, Samuel, Boston, Mass; in Boston, before 1744; m. Elizabeth Foster, Sept. 25, 1744.-Boston Re. Com., Vol 28 p240

Macclewain, ___, of Rutland, Mass; from ___;m. ___Blair.
-Reed's Rutland, p120

Macclewain, Jane of Rutland, Mass; from Leicester, Mass; m. George Smith, June 9, 1752, and had issue; her "parents and four of their children drowned in the passage." -Reed's Rutland, p 120

McClintock, James of Marblehead, Mass; m. Margaret ___; Child: William, b. Marblehead, Aug. 30 1724.-Marblehead Vital Records, Vol 1 p328

McClintock, John, of Worcester, Mass; from Londonderry, Ireland, in 1718; laborer; d. insolvent and intestate, 1746.-Lincoln's Worcester, p 49, Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester, p 128

McClintock, Thomas, of Palmer, Mass; from Blandford: Children: William, Thomas, Sarah, James, Joseph, Margaret, John, Homer, Margaret, David. -Temple's Palmer, p 511, Palmer Vital Records, p53

McClintock, William of Medford, Mass (also McClintin); from Ireland, 1730; b. in Scotland; m. 1_____, m. 2 ____, m. 3_______, m. _______Children: William, Samuel, and 17 others, of these two were perhaps Aaron and Rachel; d. May 28, 1770.-Rambles in Portsmouth, Vol 2 p160, Hill's Rambles about Greenland p 215

McClure, David, of Chester and Candia, N.H.; from Edinburgh, Scotland, cir. 1720, and from Londonderry, Ireland, 1740; m. Martha Glyn or Martha Glenn, d. in a snowstorm, 1770; Children: David, James, Martha, Mary , Elizabeth; d. cir. 1762 in a snowstorm. -Chase's Chester, p 559, Hadley's Goffstown
p 296, Eaton's Candia, p 89, McClure Family, p164

McClure, Richard, Hillsborough, N.H.; from Ireland, 1727; Child: Robert, q. v. -Browns Hillsborough, p 383

McClure, Robert, of Hillsborough, N.H.; from Ireland, 1727; b. 1718, son of Richard McClure above; m. Martha Rogers; Children: James, Robert, Thomas, Peggy, Martha, Mary, John; d. cir. 1817, aged 99. -Brown's Hillsborough,
N.H.p383, Drummond's James Rogers of Londonderry, Merrill's Ackworth, p 242

McClure, Samuel, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland, 1728-9; son of John McClure; b. near Londonderry; said to have come over with William McClintock; Children: Jane, David, Anna, Samuel, Margaret, John.-Stiles Ancient Windsor,
Vol 2 p475, Diary of David McClure, The McClure Family, p 160  

Originally published by The Essex Institute Salem Massachusetts, 1931 Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1001 N. Calvert St.,Baltimore, Maryland 21202 First Printing 1966 Second Printing 1973 ThirdPrinting 1979 Fourth Printing 1997 Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number66-28669 International Standard Book Number 0-8063-0047-7 Made in the United States of America  (addded note-  For those who may be interested, the Publishing Company who did  the reprint of the 1931 book "Immigrants to New England" by Ethel Stanwood Bolton replied to my query.This book is in the public domain, and they do not hold a copyright to it.)  

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