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Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal, Volume 1

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Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal, Volume 1
John Falconer, 1868
Extracts of Items re Co. Tyrone Residents

Extracted, Transcribed & Submitted by Teena

NOTE - Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal, Volume 1 - click here to view complete book

ATTORNEYS, APPRENTICES who have duly Enrolled their Indentures pursuant to the 29th & 30th Vic. cap. 86 sec 15 .


Date of Enrollment    / Name and Abode of Apprentice           / To whom bound

24 Dec 1866                    William GLASS Strabane                   Robert WILSON Strabane



from 1st to 8th February 1867

4 Feb /3710/ Robert SCOTT/Anne BUCHANAN and others/ Tyrone/ 31. 10s 0d /Thomas C DICKIE/ LYNCH

from 9th to 15th February 1867

11 Feb/ 3723 / Joseph EATON / John WILSON / Tyrone/ Not given/ W.E. ARMSTRONG/ DOBBS

from the 16th to 22nd February 1867

18 Feb / 3737 / Robert SCOTT / Margaret ANDREWS / Tyrone / 128. 6.s 3d / A. ELLIOTT/ DOBBS

from 24th to 31st May 1867

May 30 /3864  /John STEVENSON  / The Owner  / Tyrone /112. 7s. 1.d  /MARTIN & KING /LYNCH

from 1st to 7th June 1867

5 June / 3879 / John Creighton McINTYRE / Robert Jas. McINTYRE and another/ Tyrone   /   46. 18s 8d NEWTONS & ARMSTRONG /DOBBS

from 6th to 12th of July

July 11 / 3911 / Mathew KNOX senior / David JOHNSTON/ Tyrone / 26. 13s 2d /Cecil MOORE/ DOBBS

from the 18th to 24th January 1868

Jan 22 /4075 / William FALLS   / of John MOORE LITTLE, and others / Tyrone / 443 9 9 /    C GAUSSEN &  Son/ DOBBS

Jan 24 / 4078/ Margaret Browne administratrix of Charles M COLGAN deceased and others/ John DALY/ Tyrone /Not known /ANDERSON and LEE /LYNCH



QUINN, Michael county Tyrone provision, dealer

TYNAN, Hamilton county Tyrone ,grocer

COOKE, Daniel co Tyrone, farmer

HUTTON, Joseph county Tyrone, watchmaker

McKENNA, William county Tyrone, grocer

INSOLVENTS DISCHARGED ON BAIL until the hearing of their petitions


CAROLIN, Francis co Tyrone, grocer

McELROY, Joseph co Tyrone, farmer

McDOWELL, John co Tyrone, builder



McFARLAND Robert of Crockatugal county Fermanagh, farmer, previously of Moneygoan, county of Tyrone, farmer, a prisoner in the gaol of Enniskillen, MARTIN solr.

INSOLVENTS To be heard in the Country

CARLIN Francis, Drumnaforbe otherwise Drumquin co Tyrone Grocer, Spirit, Dealer and Labourer, At Omagh, April 5 at 10.

McELROY Joseph, Augharonan co Tyrone, not now in business; arrested as Farmer , formerly Builder; Joiner, Contractor, and Farmer; At Omagh April 6 at 10 Solicitor.  DICKIE

GUY James of Goland, previously of Ganvaughan, both in the co of Tyrone labourer, formerly of Monnellan co Donegal, farmer and corn mill owner Hearing at Omagh April 5 at 10. Solicitor  DICKIE

McMENAMIN William of Mallinabreen co Tyrone, farmer, Hearing at Omagh April 6 at 10. Solicitor  DICKIE

TYNAN Hamilton of Newtownstewart co Tyrone, grocer Hearing at Omagh April 5 at 10. Solicitor M. COLGAN

YOUNG James of Tattykeel co Tyrone farmer Hearing at Omagh April 5 at 10. Solicitor M. COLGAN

McDOWELL, John of Cookstown Co Tyrone builder, Hearing at Omagh June 29th at 10. MOORE Solr

KILPATRICK, Thomas of Invaugh CO Tyrone not now in business previously farmer and road contractor, Hearing at Omagh June 29 at 10 T.C. DiCKIE Solr.

ROGAN, Michael of Carricklee Co Tyrone, Farmer, Hearing at Omagh June 29th at 10. M. COLGAN Solr.

REID, James junr. of Cadian county of Tyrone, farm labourer, previously farmer arrested as intermeddler in the goods of John REID deceased Hearing at Omagh June 29 at 10. DICKIE solicitor

QUINN, Michael of Strabane county Tyrone provision dealer, previously of Castlefin county Donegal, spirit dealer and road contractor, Hearing at Omagh October 17 at 10. VICKIE solicitor

COOKE, Daniel of Casorna co Tyrone farmer Hearing at Omagh 17th October at 10. DICKIE solr.

WHITE, James of Grange county of Tyrone, labourer, sued and arrested as farmer Hearing at Omagh October 17 at 10, DICKIE solr

FULTON, Joseph of Aughnacloy county Tyrone, watchmaker previously watchmaker and farmer, Hearing at Omagh January 4 at 10 o clock. MOORE solr.

McKENNA, William of Gorey county Tyrone labourer, Hearing at Omagh January 4 at 10 o clock. Moore solr .



Estate of William WRIGHT and his assignees, owners: Benjamin BABCOCK and another, petitioners

Lot 1 Dwelling house and shop Castle street in the town of Strabane held in fee farm net rent 3 Sold to Mr WILSON in trust at 30

Lot 2 Store and shop Castle street same town Bought by Mr WILSON in trust at 100

Lot 8 Dwelling house and shop Martin street same town Sold to Mr WILSON at 100 .

Lot 4 The lands of Curly Hill 4a Mr James GORMLEY purchased at 255

Lot 5 The Holme of Strabane 2a 3r 15p Mr GORMLEY purchased at 170 Townsend solicitor


SHARPE Thomas, of Strabane co Tyrone, grocer trading as "Thomas SHARPE and Co." /To sur. Fri Mar. 8 1867 /Pet. Feb 12 1867 /C.H. JAMES Official Assignee /Solicitor S. BLACK Upper Sackville street /

CLEMENTS Robert of Beragh county of Tyrone grocer and publican, Petition for arrangement filed Feb 7 1867 ,To sur Friday April 26 and Tuesday May 14,  C.H. JAMES Official Assignee/ T.C. DICKIE Solr.

TEMPLETON, John Fleming White of city of Londonderry and Strabane co Tyrone, tobacconist and pipe manufacturer Petition for arrangement filed 24th April .1867 To sur. Friday June 7th and Friday June 21st /C.H. JAMES official assignee/ LARKIN solr

Certificate Allowed Unless appeal filed within 31 days from date March 29

GRAHAM John of Strabane co Tyrone merchant, but now of Ballintra co Donegal grocer and farmer, M. LARKIN Solr.

Certificate Allowed Unless Appeal filed within 30 days from date May 24

SHARPE Thomas of Strabane county Tyrone grocer, trading under the firm of "Thomas SHARPE and Company" a bankrupt, BLACK, solr.

Certificates Allowed

June 28 TEMPLETON John Fleming White, of Londonderry and Strabane county Tyrone tobacconist and pipe manufacturer, a bankrupt PERRY solr.


At Omagh co Tyrone April 5th Before James ROBINSON Q.C. Chairman

CARLIN Francis Discharged

DONNELL Fanny Adjourned to next Quarter Sessions

GUY James Discharged

McELROY Joseph Do

McMENAMIN William Adjourned to next Sessions

STARS John Petition dismissed

TYNAN Hamilton Adjourned to next Sessions

YOUNG James Discharged

CASES DISPOSED OF IN THE COUNTRY At Omagh co Tyrone June 29 Before James ROBINSON Q.C Chairman

DONNELL Fanny, Adjourned to next sessions

KILPATRICK Thomas, Adjourned to next sessions

McDOWELL John, Discharged

McMENAMIN William, Adjourned to next sessions

REID James jun. ,Discharged

ROGAN Michael, Adjourned to next sessions

TYNAN Hamilton, Adjourned to next sessions

At Omagh co Tyrone January 4 1868 Before James ROBINSON Q.C. Chairman

COOKE Daniel Discharged

FULTON Joseph Discharged

McKENNA William Adjourned to next Sessions

TYNAN Hamilton Discharged




26 Apr 1857 / CLEMENTS Robert of Beragh co Tyrone grocer and publican,/ Thomas McCONNELL of Londonderry Grocer / IRVINE



NEWLAND and SMYLY June 11 at St Stephen's Church Dublin by the Ven. the Archdeacon of Ossory, uncle to the bride ,assisted by the Rev A Ferguson SMYLY.  the Rev Edward NEWLAND incumbent of Collinstown, son of the late Rev Thomas NEWLAND, to Ellen Belissa second daughter of the late John George SMYLY Esq. Q.C. D.L. of Upper Merrion street and Castlederg County of Tyrone.

HEATLY and BLACKER Jun 11, at the Scotch Church Kingstown by tho Rev S HANSON, William Beaufort HEATLY of Parknashan Cottage. County Wicklow. son of the late Gabriel John HEATLY solicitor and cousin of Major General C.S HEATLY of Hydrabad Cottage, Madras to Frances M.A. BLACKER youngest daughter of the late William BLACKER Esq. of the County Tyrone


Specially reported for this Journal by the Reporters of the Council of Law Reporting in Ireland



Reported by Edward S TREVOR Esq. Barrister at law

In the Matter of SHUTER's Trust and the Trustee Acts 1850, 1852

June 17 Trustee Acts Appointment of a new Trustee in the place of a Trustee declining to act

By a deed dated the 10th of April 1861 Hugh HALLIDAY assigned to Edward Litton HOLMES lands in the county of Tyrone upon certain trusts. The deed contained no power to appoint new trustees. E. L. HOLMES was appointed trustee without his consent or approval and he refused to act. A petition was presented for the appointment of a new trustee under the Trustee Acts 1850 1852.

W. BOYD for the petitioner cited Re ROBINSON's will 11 WR 1035. The Master of the Rolls, after taking time to consider, made an order for the appointment of a new trustee, Solicitors for the petitioner ANDERSON and LEE.

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