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Gortin Petty Sessions, July 1864

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Gortin Petty Sessions, July 1864
Extracted from the Londonderry Standard, July 16 1864

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

GORTIN PETTY SESSIONS – At these sessions held on the 8th instant - Magistrates present, MAJOR COLE HAMILTON, chairman; R. D. COULSON, W F. BLACK, Esqrs., and Rev. E. M. CLARKE.

JOHN McCRORY and CORNELIUS McCULLOGH, against CHARLES O’NEILL and others for assault and rescue. The magistrates, after a lengthened enquiry into this case, returned the informations to Omagh Assizes.

JAMES GREER, sen., Esq., Omagh, prosecuted JOHN McCRORY of Broughderg, for trespassing in pursuit of game with a dog on the lands of Tievenameen. The case having been clearly proved, McCRORY was fined 10 shillings, and in default, to be imprisoned in Omagh gaol; for one week.

The Board of Guardian of Gortin Union against NEAL McCULLOGH, of Glenmacoffer, for neglecting to pay the sum of 6.8s.6d, due for the support and maintenance of his father, ROGER McCULLOGH, in Gortin Workhouse. Decreed in the sum of 4.

WILLIAM McKERNON, of Plumbridge, a civil bill officer, prosecuted PATRICK and PETER MURPHY for an assault and rescue. Informations returned to Omagh Assizes.

Constable MICHAEL McCURDY, and Constable ROBERT HANLY, against PATRICK McGINLEY, of Edenfore, for being drunk and disorderly on Gortin Street, on the night of June 1st last and for an assault on Constable HANLY. For an assault on the constable, McGINLEY was committed to gaol for two months, with hard labour.

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