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ADAIR to DUNBAR Co. Monaghan Deaths
As Reported in The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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ADAIR to DUNBAR Co. Monaghan Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

15 Dec 1865
December 7, at her father's residence, Carrickaslane, Sarah, fourth daughter of Mr. Samuel Adair, aged 16 years.

10 Apr 1857
On the 2nd inst., at Killegally Glebe, in the 63rd year of his age, the Rev. James Alexander, LL.D., second son of Nathaniel, Lord Bishop of Meath.

28 Nov 1840
Nov. 20, suddenly, of internal aneurism, at his house, in Clones, in his 73rd year, Thomas Armstrong, Esq., for 45 years a highly respectable medical practitioner in that town, and a member of the Primitive Wesleyan Society.

20 Jan 1844
On the 11th inst., aged 76, at her home, in Clones, Anne, relict of the late Dr. Armstrong, of that Town.

22 Nov 1850
On the 11th inst., Mr. Charles Armstrong, of Drummaculter, near Monaghan, aged 91 years.

04 Mar 1837
It is our painful to announce the death of Dr. Atkinson, of the Newbliss Dispensary, aged 29 years.

04 Aug 1838
At his residence, co. Monaghan, George Barclay, Esq., attorney, late of Summer Hill, Dublin. He has bequeathed his extensive estates to his nephew, and 1,000 to different charities in Dublin.

26 Mar 1858
On the 24th ult., of consumption, in New York, U. S., where he practised as a lawyer, in the prime of life and 29th year of his age, James Beatty, Esq., son of the late Robert Beatty, Esq., formerly of Forphy, county Fermanagh, latterly of Woodbine Cottage, county Monaghan.

BOYLE Elizabeth Sarah
18 Aug 1838
On the 7th inst., after a tedious illness, in the 19th year of her age, Elizabeth Sarah, eldest daughter of H. Boyle, Esq., of Rush Hall, county Derry.

BROOKE Basil George
09 Nov 1869
Nov. 3, at Castleblaney, Basil George Brooke, Esq., J.P., aged 56 years.

08 Sep 1854
August 27th, at Rockfield, county Monaghan, aged 5 years, Mary, daughter of Isaac Butt, Esq., M.P.

18 Sep 1830
In Lurgan, at the age of 100 years, Mr. Thomas Carter, formerly of Emyvale, county Monaghan.

CHARLES Catherine
02 Jul 1852
On the 22nd ult., at the residence of her brother in law, Mr. Michael Ross, Drumean, county Monaghan, Catherine Charles, third daughter of the late Rev. John Balfour, rector of Temple Errigle, in the diocese of Derry, and grand daughter of the late Samuel Moore, Esq., M.D., of the City of Londonderry.

24 Dec 1858
On the 8th inst., suddenly at Douglas, Isle of Man, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Cochrane, Esq., formerly of Strabane, and daughter of the late William B. Tenison, Esq., county Monaghan.

COOTE Thomas
20 Feb 1836
Feb. 12, at Coote Hill, county of Cavan, Thomas Coote, Esq., late Major of the Monaghan Militia.

30 Jun 1832
In Ennis, of cholera, Mr. Martin Costelloe, a respectable shop keeper.

CROOKSHANK Charles Henry Rev.
20 Aug 1836
August 8th, after a few hours' illness, aged 60 years, the Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, 24 years Rector of the parish of Tyhollan, in the diocese of Clogher.

17 Dec 1858
On the 9th inst., at Sandycove, Kingstown, Easie, daughter of the late Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, of Tyhollan Glebe, county Monaghan.

27 Jul 1860
July 24, at Toome House, county of Antrim, Thomas Crookshank, Esq., eldest surviving son of the late Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, of Tyhollan Glebe, county Monaghan.

27 Mar 1868
March 21, at Portrush, Harriett, relict of the Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, late of Tyholland Glebe, in the county of Monaghan, aged 78 years.

06 Dec 1861
On the 29th November, Miss Crumly, of Clones, in the 89th year of her age.

CUMMING James S. Lieut.
13 Aug 1842
On the 5th April last, on the highest hill to the right of the Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, aged 23 years, Lieutenant James S. Cumming, of the 9th Regiment, eldest son of the Rev. P.M. Cumming, Incumbent of Magheraclune, County Monaghan.

28 Jan 1868
January 15, at her residence, Creaghan[?], Jane, relict of the late David Dove, aged 52 years.

28 Feb 1851
On the 18th inst., at the house of her uncle, Dr. Halahan, 12 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Helena, second daughter of the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballibay.

DUNBAR John H. Killigrew
14 Oct 1853
On the 31st August, at New Orleans, of yellow fever, John H. Killigrew, fourth son of the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballibay, county Monaghan.

17 Sep 1858
On the 13th inst., at the Rectory, Ballybay, Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Dunbar.

DUNBAR Frances Holmes
08 May 1863
May 2, at the Rectory, Ballybay, Frances Holmes, wife of the Rev. John Dunbar.

DUNBAR Frederick Killigrew
20 Oct 1863
On the 1st June, at Calcutta, from sunstroke, Frederick Killigrew Dunbar, Esq., Bengal Pilot Service, son of the Rev. John Dunbar, Ballybay.

21 Feb 1868
February 18, at Gulistan, Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue, Dublin, the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballybay, eldest son of the late Major Dunbar, of Garrison, county Fermanagh.

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