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Londonderry People Who Owned Land In Co. Tyrone In 1876

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Londonderry People Who Owned Land In Co. Tyrone
In 1876

Information Reproduced Here
With Permission of Jean Rice
Per a genealogy library reference book
the following individuals owned one acre or more of land in
Co. Tyrone, Ireland in 1876

The information appeared initially on the web on a Tyrone Message Board that Ancestry took over years ago and has since closed down. Therefore the link to the original post has been removed from this page.
Wm. H Ashe, Reps. of,
address: Ashbrook, Londonderry
owned 1,111 acres

William Finlay Biggar
address: Foyle-street, Londonderry
owned 330 acres

Oliver Bond
address: Londonderry
owned 59 acres

Robert Bond
address: Glenview House, Londonderry
owned 353 acres

Arthur L. Carey
address: Castle Carey, Derry
owned 411 acres

Stewart Christie
address: Londonderry
owned 38 acres

Eliza Curry
address: Londonderry
owned 8 acres

Rev. P. Devlin
address: Londonderry
owned 6 acres

Thomas Hanna, Reps. of,
address: Draperstown, Co. Derry
owned 513 acres

James Henderson,
address: Lisdillon, Londonderry
owned 265 acres

Robert J. Henry
address: Castledawson, Co. Derry
owned 4,361 acres

David Johnston
address: Londonderry
owned 1 acre

Robert Johnston
address: Miro, Co. Derry
owned 158 acres

Eliza Kane
address: Maghera, Co. Derry
owned 91 acres

Oliver Kelly
address: Waterside, Londonderry
owned 180 acres

William McCluskey
address: Altaroney, Co. Derry, (Londonderry)
owned 756 acres

Robert McGuckian
address: Ballygillan, Magherafelt, Co. Derry
owned 110 acres

Rev. P. B. Maxwell, Reps. of,
address: Birdstown, Derry
owned 1,261 acres Catherine Moore
address: Londonderry
owned 533 acres

Mary Jane Moore
address: Londonderry
owned 533 acres

R. Moore Orr
address: Londonderry
owned 1 acre

William Orr, Reps. of,
address: Londonderry
owned 93 acres

Jane Posten
address: Kilkatten, Co. Derry
owned 89 acres

"Londonderry, and Enniskillen Railway Co.,"
address: no address given
owned 333 acres

Andrew Spottiswoode
address: Manor Ho., Bellaghy, Co. Derry
owned 1,412 acres

John Stephenson
address: Londonderry
owned 3 acres

Hamilton Thompson, Reps. of,
address: Londonderry
owned 1,111 acres

Mary S. Trench
address: Loughfeigh, Co. Derry
owned 37 acres

Thomas Wilson
address: Magherafelt, Co. Derry
owned 347 acres

Our Original document for this information can be found here.

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