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FAIRBROTHER to FYFFE Surnames County Londonderry Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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FAIRBROTHER to FYFFE Surnames County Londonderry Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[?] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key -ult. last month – inst. this month – spellings as printed.


11 Dec 1847

On Wednesday, the 8th inst., at 95 York Street, Belfast, in the 60th year of her age, Margaret, the beloved wife of Abraham Fairbrother, Esq., and sister of the late John Hill, Esq., merchant, The Diamond, Londonderry.


08 Feb 1856

On the 2nd inst., at Muff, Sarah, wife of Mr. Robert Fairly.

FAIRLY Sarah Catherine

09 May 1856

May 3, at Muff, county Derry, Sarah Catherine, second daughter of Mr. Robert Fairly, aged 25 years.


15 Apr 1859

At her residence, Shipquay Place, on Sunday, the 10th inst., Miss Lydia Fairly, aged 89 years.


09 Dec 1864

December 3, at Eglinton, Robert Fairly, Esq., aged 84 years.

FAIRVAN[?] Joseph

25 May 1866

May 24, at the residence of his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Devenney, Largy[?], Mr. Joseph Fairvan, aged 20 years.

FALCONER Catherine

09 Sep 1859

August 17, at New York, Catherine, wife of William Falconer, Esq., and formerly of this City, in the 63d year of her age.

FALLS Alexander

09 Nov 1839

On the 29th ult., at his residence near Maghera, in the county of Londonderry, Mr. Alexander Falls, aged 75 years.


15 Jul 1843

On the 30th ult., the Rev. John Farnham, P.P., Cappagh, formerly curate in this City.


07 Jul 1854

At Portstewart, June 20th, of decline, David Hill Creighton Farquharson, son of the late Alexander Farquharson, Esq., Edinburgh, and grandson of the Rev. D.H. Creighton, Dublin.

FARRAN Catherine

13 Oct 1863

October 9, in Londonderry, Catherine, daughter of William Farran, aged 17 years.


07 Mar 1865

On the 2nd March, at her residence, 9 George's Lane, Belfast, Jane, relict of the late Mr. James Farrell, of Coleraine.


22 Mar 1867

March 18, at 22 North Boundary Street, Belfast, Mr. Michael Farrelly, a native of Nobber, county Meath, lately of Killybasky, Moneymore, county Derry, aged 67 years.


04 Jun 1869

May 30, at Nailor's Row, Derry, Mr. James Ferren, aged 38 years.

FEENEY Catherine

12 May 1868

May 11, at the residence of her mother, 10 London Street, Derry, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. John Feeney, aged 31 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in the New Cemetery, on Wednesday morning, the 13th inst., at ten o'clock.


26 Mar 1869

March 23, at 10 London Street, Derry, John, only son of the late Mr. John Feeney, of this City, aged 6 years.

FEENY Patrick

18 Jul 1862

July 8, at Culmore, in the 90th year of his age, Mr. Patrick Feeny, one of the last of Nelson's tars.


11 Aug 1863

On the 5th August, at the Waterside, Derry, aged 29 years. Mr. John Feeny.


27 Jan 1865

On the 21st January, at Long Bogside, Londonderry, Agnes Feeny, aged 12 months.

FENWICK Isabella

06 Feb 1836

Jan. 20th, at the Lodge, Newtownlimavady, Isabella, the wife of Lieutenant Fenwick, Royal Engineers.


04 Apr 1835

On Saturday morning last, in Bishop Street, at the advanced age of 72 years, Mr. John Ferguson. A resident and tradesman of this City for more than thirty years.


11 Apr 1835

At the house of her son in law, John G. Smyly, Esq., K.C., in Great George's Street, Dublin, on Wednesday last, the 8th inst., Lady Ferguson, relict of the late Sir Andrew Ferguson, and mother of Sir R.A. Ferguson, Bart, M.P., for this City, in her 72nd year.


30 Mar 1839

At Lislea, on the 20th of March, Mr. Thomas Ferguson, aged 86 years.


27 Apr 1839

On Sunday last, after a tedious illness, in her 15th year, Rebecca, third daughter of Mr. John Ferguson, builder, Strand Road.

FERGUSON Christopher G.

08 Jan 1842

On Sunday, aged 5 years, Thomas, and on Monday, Christopher George, aged 8 months, sons of Mr. John Ferguson, architect.


08 Jan 1842

On Sunday, aged 5 years, Thomas, and on Monday, Christopher George, aged 8 months, sons of Mr. John Ferguson, architect.


23 Jul 1842

On the 16th inst., at her residence in Pump Street, in this City, Miss Ferguson, a lady whom genuine piety, Christian virtues, and an amiable disposition, endeared to all who knew her.


23 Sep 1843

On Friday, se'nnight, in Wapping Lane, Mr. William Ferguson, of this City, bricklayer.


08 Mar 1845

On Wednesday, the 26th ult., at her residence, in Pump Street, in this City, Miss Dorcas Ferguson, last surviving daughter of the late Andrew Ferguson, of Burt, Esq.


15 May 1847

On Wednesday, the 12th inst., John Hastings, eldest son of Mr. John Ferguson, of this City. The interment will take place this morning, at half past 9.


09 Nov 1849

Of dysentery, at Jullundur, on the 15th September, Lieutenant Robert Ferguson, of the Bengal Native Infantry, in the 23rd year of his age, third son of John Ferguson, of Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, and of this City, Esq.


16 Nov 1849

On the 10th inst., at his residence in Pump Street, David Ferguson, Esq., in the 70th year of his age.


08 Aug 1851

On Tuesday, the 5th inst., in Pump Street, after a long and severe illness, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Ferguson, of this City builder.


26 Sep 1851

On the 19th inst., at his residence, Kennaught, Newtownlimavady, Mr. William Ferguson, aged 82 years.


09 Apr 1852

On Friday, April 2, Mr. James Ferguson, of this City, slater, aged 72 years.


13 May 1853

On Thursday evening, the 5th inst., aged 14 years, William, second son of Mr. James Ferguson, Bridge Street.

FERGUSON Alexander

16 Sep 1853

On Sunday 11th inst., Mr. Alexander Ferguson, carpenter, aged 24 years.


24 Mar 1854

Suddenly, on the 20th inst., at his residence, 25 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, John, second son of the late Andrew Ferguson, of Burt House, Londonderry, Esq.


24 Aug 1855

At Gibraltar, on Sunday the 19th July, Letitia, the wife of Mr. N. Ferguson, clerk of works, Royal Engineer Department, formerly of this City.


14 Aug 1857

On the 1st inst., at Gortree, in the neighbourhood of Derry, Matilda, wife of Mr. John Ferguson, aged 30 years.


21 Oct 1859

On the 16th inst., at his residence in this City, James Ferguson, Esq., last surviving son of Andrew Ferguson, Esq., formerly of Burt House, county Donegal.

FERGUSON Robert A. Sir

16 Mar 1860

March 13, at the house of his brother in law, J.G. Smyly, Esq.,Q.C., Dublin, Sir Robert Alexander Ferguson, Baronet, Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the county, and member for the City of Londonderry.


12 Jul 1861

On the 9th July, at Fountain Street, William, youngest son of Mr. Alexander Ferguson, Builder. His remains will be removed for interment in the Cathedral Burying Ground, this (Friday) evening, at half past six o'clock.


02 Oct 1863

September 29, at 15 William Street, Derry, Louisa Ferguson, aged 36 years.


15 Jul 1864

June 25, at Philadelphia, William A. Ferguson, aged 8 years, son of Mr. Archibald Ferguson, formerly of this City.


30 Jun 1865

June 28, at 97 William Street, Londonderry, Mr. John Ferguson, brewer, aged 59 years. His remains will be removed for interment to the Glendermott burying ground, on Saturday morning, the 1st July, at nine o'clock.


25 Aug 1865

August 19, at her residence, Raspberryhill, Margaret Ferguson, aged 75 years.


06 Mar 1866

March 1, in Edinburgh, Margaret, only surviving daughter of the late Major Stark, Kilrea, county Derry, and widow of James Ferguson, Esq., of Belfast.


29 Mar 1867

On the 24th December, at Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, William Ferguson, formerly of Newtownlimavady, county Londonderry, aged 60 years.


06 Dec 1867

November 27, at her late residence, Killylane, Margaret Ferguson, aged 73 years.

FERGUSON Robert John

17 Jan 1868

January 15, at his residence, Pump Street, Londonderry, Robert Ferguson, builder, aged 70 years. His remains will be removed, for interment in the Cathedral Burying-ground, on Saturday morning, the 18th inst., at the hour of 10 o'clock.


01 Sep 1868

August 25, at Coleraine, Mr. Robert Ferguson, of this city, aged 42 years.

FERRIER Elizabeth

23 Nov 1833

On Monday, the 7th ult., Elizabeth, of rapid consumption, only daughter of Dr. Ferrier, of Kilrea.


23 Nov 1833

On Monday, the 14th ult., Robert, suddenly, of inflammation of the brain, the elder son of Dr. Ferrier, of Kilrea.

FERRIER Margaret

23 Nov 1833

On Thursday morning, the 31st ult., Margaret, wife of Dr. Ferrier, of Kilrea.


05 Jun 1841

On the 17th ult., at his residence in Kilrea, John Ferrier, Esq., surgeon, in his 49th year.

FERRIS Charlotte L.

17 Oct 1840

On Saturday, the 10th inst., after a protracted illness, aged 24, Charlotte Letitia, youngest daughter of Mr. John Ferris, of this City.


12 Dec 1846

On the 9th inst., at his residence, Victoria Place, Mr. John Ferris, aged 76 years.

FERRIS George W.

26 Apr 1850

This morning, of scarletina, aged 3 years, George Washington, second son of Mr. William Ferris, of this City.

FERRIS Elizabeth

17 Feb 1854

On Monday, the 13th inst., at the age of 37, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. William Ferris, merchant, of this City.


13 Dec 1864

December 10, Jane, relict of the late Mr. John Ferris, of this City, aged 86 years.


28 Jan 1868

January 20, at Cross Lane, Coleraine, Mr. John Ferris, coachbuilder, aged 52 years.

FIELD Thomas

04 Jun 1836

May 26, at 14 Caroline Row, aged four years, Thomas, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Field.


10 Sep 1852

On Sabbath, the 5th inst., in the full possession of all her faculties and in the 91st year of her age, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Matthew Filson, of Londonderry


12 Feb 1831

On Wednesday last the 9th February, at Culmore, after an illness of 30 hours, Mr. William Findlater, aged 38 years. He has left a young wife and three helpless children to mourn his loss.

FINLAY Margaret

21 Jun 1861

June 20, at White Cottage, Waterside, Derry, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. J.E. Finlay, aged twenty-one years.

FINLAY William

03 May 1864

April 26, May 7, Lyle Street, Greenock, William, aged 10 years, oldest son of Mr. William Finlay, Examining Officer, H.M.'s Customs, Greenock, formerly of Londonderry.

FINLAY Margaret

08 May 1868

May 7, at White Cottage, Waterside, Londonderry, Margaret, wife of J.E. Finlay, Esq., L.L.B., Editor of the Sentinel. Her remains will be removed for interment in the Cemetery, at half Past nine o'clock, on Monday morning, the 11th instant.

FINN Hugh Mrs.

19 Feb 1831

On Monday evening, the 14th February, in Abbey Street, after a severe and tedious illness, Mrs. Finn, wife of Mr. Hugh Finn, Revenue Officer.


23 May 1835

On the 20th inst., Mr. James Fisher, Bishop Street.

FISHER Matilda Jane

07 May 1836

On the 19th ult., of Inflammation of the brain, Matilda Jane, eldest daughter of Archibald Fisher, of Garvagh, Esq., aged five and a half years.

FISHER Margaret

06 Jun 1840

On the 22nd ult., at Whitehill Cottage, the residence of her mother, Margaret, the beloved wife of Archibald Fisher, of Garvagh, Esq.


13 Jan 1844

On Tuesday, the 9th inst, at Tergoland, near Dungiven, Mr. John Fisher, aged 65 years.


23 Nov 1849

On the 19th inst., at 45, Low Hill, Liverpool, John, second son of the late James Fisher, Esq., of Londonderry.

FISHER Richard P.

11 Jan 1850

On the 23rd ult., at Magherafelt, formerly of Rathfriland, in the 38th year of his age, Mr. Richard P. Fisher.


19 Mar 1852

At Ballyougry, on the 13th inst., Mr. James Fisher, aged 73 years.

FISHER Margaret Ann

18 May 1860

May 3, of croup, Margaret Ann Fisher, aged 4 years and 9 months, daughter of Mr. Robert Fisher, of Tullylinn House[?].


21 Jul 1863

July 18, at Moville, Mr. Robert Fisher, Londonderry, aged 58 years. His remains will be removed from Moville, for interment in the New Cemetery, Derry, on this, Tuesday, morning, arriving on the Strand, by the Racecourse Road, about eleven o'clock.

FISHER Ann Gault

25 Dec 1866

December 23, at Alma Terrace, Derry, Ann Gault, relict of the late Robert Fisher, merchant, Londonderry. Her remains will be removed for interment in the New Cemetery, on Wednesday, the 26th inst., at eleven o'clock.


09 Oct 1868

August 14, at Melbourne, Eliza Fisher, relict of the late James Fisher, Londonderry.

FLANAGAN Richardson

13 Dec 1861

November 19, at 10 Montgomery Street, New York, Richardson Flanagan, of Clover Hill, Londonderry, Ireland, aged 40 years.


07 Nov 1856

On the 1st inst., at the residence of her father, Slanvey, near Kilrea, Mrs. Flavell, daughter of John Keers, Esq.


12 Jun 1866

On the 6th June, at the residence of his uncles, Messrs. W and J.G. Keers, Slavney House, Ballymoney, George W. Flavelle, aged 16 years.


31 Oct 1846

On Tuesday, the 27th inst., Eleanor, the beloved wife of Charles Fleming, of this City, tailor, aged 24 years.


30 Jan 1847

At his father's residence, Newtownlimavady, on the 17th inst., Henry Fleming, M.D., aged 23 years.


24 Jun 1848

On the 23rd inst., in this City, of consumption, after a lingering illness, Mr. James Fleming, aged 26 years.


23 Sep 1848

On Friday, the 22nd inst. at Orchard Street, after a lingering illness, John Fleming, youngest son of Mr. George Fleming, aged 23 years, being the fourth member of that family to have died in the last twenty months.


26 Jul 1850

On Tuesday, the 23rd inst., at his residence, in Society Street, Mr. Thomas Fleming, aged 26 years.

FLEMING Charles Mrs.

07 Oct 1853

On Thursday, the 20th ult., the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Fleming.


05 May 1854

On the 30th ult., of consumption, at the residence of his father, John, third son of the Rev. James Fleming.


15 Feb 1856

On Monday last, at his residence, Great James Street, Derry, Mr. Charles Fleming, sen., aged 68 years.


20 May 1859

On the 12th inst., at her residence, Coshquin, aged 86 years, Ann, relict of the late Abraham Fleming.


10 Feb 1860

February 5, Agnes, infant daughter of Mr. Charles Fleming, Castle Street, Derry.


10 Nov 1863

November 6, Joseph, son of Mr. Samuel Fleming, Bishop Street, aged 2 years.


17 Nov 1863

November 12, at the residence of his mother, Mountsandel, Mr. M. Fleming, of H.M.'s Customs, Portrush, aged 31 years.


31 Mar 1865

March 27, at her husband's residence, Claudy, Matilda, the beloved wife of John Fleming, jun., aged 29 years.


18 Sep 1866

August 21, at Coshquin, Mr. Abraham Fleming, aged 26 years.


18 Sep 1866

September 15, Mr. Joseph Fleming, of Coshquin, aged 66 years.


09 Nov 1866

September 3, at the residence of her brother, in Allahabad, India, of cholera, Kate, daughter of the late Isaac Fleming, Esq., Grilla House, county Derry.

FLEMING Robert Patterson

11 Oct 1867

September 17, at Montreal, Canada East, after a long and severe illness, Robert Patterson, eldest son of the late Isaac Fleming, Esq., Maghera, county Londonderry.


15 Oct 1867

October 11, at Main Street, Newtownlimavady, of Bright's disease of the kidney, Maggie, wife of Dr. S. Fleming.


28 Apr 1868

On the 27th April, at his residence, Bishop Street, Derry, Mr. Samuel Fleming. His remains will be removed for burial in the Glendermott New Churchyard on Wednesday morning, 29th inst., at ten o'clock.


22 Oct 1869

Oct. 21, at his mother's residence, Bishop's Gate, Derry, James Fleming, aged 3 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the New burying ground, Glendermott, on Saturday 23rd inst. at 10 o'clock.

FLEMING Isabella

09 Nov 1869

Nov. 5, at her residence, 37 Lower Baggot Street, Isabella, widow of the late Isaac Fleming, Esq., Grillen House, Maghera, county Derry.


03 Aug 1855

On the 21st July, Mr. William Fleming, of Drumnahay, aged 83 years, for forty years he was a ruling elder in the Congregation of Magilligan.


03 Aug 1844

On the 24th July, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, Mary, eldest daughter of Edward Fletcher, late of Milton Lodge, Londonderry, Esq.

FLOYD Margaret

10 Sep 1831

On Tuesday evening last, the 6th inst., at the Shipquay, Mrs. Margaret Floyd, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Floyd, aged 94 years. Her husband, who deceased within these two years, attained the great age of 112 years.

FLOYD Mary Anne

14 Jan 1843

On Thursday, the 12th inst., at her residence, Shipquay Street, Mary Anne, wife of Mr. John Floyd.

FLOYD John Dr.

08 Nov 1845

At Shiraz, Persia, on the 23rd July last, Dr. John Floyd, of the firm of Messrs. Floyd, Mills, and Co., and only son of Mr. John Floyd, of this City.


29 Nov 1861

November 22, at No. 2, Shipquay Street, Mr. John Floyd, late Hotel Proprietor, aged 90 years.

FLOYD Margaret

27 Feb 1863

February 17, of hooping cough, Margaret, infant child of Mr. A. Floyd, of this City.


20 Mar 1863

March 17, Sarah, the beloved child of Mr. A Floyd, pianoforte tuner, of this City.

FLOYD Harriet Moran

24 Apr 1863

On the 22nd April, Harriet Moran, the beloved daughter of Mr. A. Floyd, being the third during the past two months. Her remains will be removed for interment from her father's residence, Magazine Street, to the New Cemetery, on Friday evening, the 24th inst., at

five o'clock.

FLOYD Lizzie

16 Jul 1869

July 14, Lizzie, the beloved daughter of A. Floyd, pianoforte tuner, Magazine Street, Londonderry, aged 11 years.

FOGARTY Frances Marlene

13 Oct 1868

October 9, at the Diamond, Derry, aged one year and eight months, Frances Marlene, daughter of James Fogarty.


21 Mar 1862

December 27, at Redfern, Australia, in her forty-fourth year, the wife of Mr. R. Forbes, late of the county of Londonderry.


19 Nov 1858

On the 15th inst., at her residence, Orchard Street, Mrs. Forest, at the advanced age of 83 years.


13 Jul 1849

On Monday evening, 9th inst., at the residence of her father, Mr. John Floyd, East Wall, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. Christopher Forrest, captain of the Foyle steamer, formerly of this Port.


27 Jul 1849

On Sunday morning, 22nd inst., Mary Anne, the infant daughter of Mr. C. Forrest, Captain of the Foyle steamer, late of this Port.

FORREST Christopher

02 Sep 1853

On the 29th ult., in this City, Captain Christopher Forrest, for many years connected with the shipping trade of the port of Londonderry.


23 May 1856

On the 9th inst., at Dromore, near Newtownlimavady, Mr. James Forrest.

FORREST Richard B. Mrs.

18 May 1866

March 31, in Boston, U.S. America, the beloved wife of Mr. Richard B. Forrest, formerly of Londonderry, aged 63 years.


16 Mar 1860

March 5, very suddenly, at Dromore, county Derry, Mr. David Forrest.


27 Mar 1841

On the 17th inst., at Clover Hill, county Londonderry, aged 89 years, Mrs. Rebecca Forrester, relict of the late Anthony Forrester, Esq., of Clover Hill, aforesaid.


28 Feb 1846

On the 14th inst., of scarletina, at the early age of 14, Rebecca Young Singleton, second daughter of Robert Forrester, of Cloverhill, Esq.


22 Aug 1846

On the 12th inst., of typhus fever, after a few days illness, in his 8th year, Anthony, eldest son of Robert Forrester, of Clover Hill, Esq. This the second child to die within the last 6 months.

FORRESTER George Church

04 Mar 1859

On the 27th ult., of scarlatina, deeply lamented, George Church, eldest surviving son of the late Robert Forrester, of Clover Hill, Esq., aged 25.

FORRESTER Catherine Jane

25 Oct 1864

October 13, at Cloverhill, Maghera, Miss Catherine Jane Forrester, only surviving sister of the late Robert Forrester, Esq., J.P., of Cloverhill.


14 Apr 1868

At the family residence, Clover Hill, Maghera, Catherine, second daughter of the late Robert Forrester, Esq., J.P.


12 Apr 1850

On the 31st, ult., of disease of the heart, Robert Forrester, Esq., late proprietor of Cloverhill. This deeply lamented husband and father of six surviving children, was bereaved of two promising children. Mr. Forrester's maternal relations are of the highest

families in the counties of Donegal and Tyrone. At Malross, on the River Tweed, or Muris, the Rev. Alexander Forrester possessed an estate of £3000 a year. At the time of the persecution of the clergy in Scotland, by the Covenanters, he had to flee from his family

estate, being a Clergyman of the Church of England, he came to Ireland and served as Curate in the Cathedral Church of St. Columbs, in Londonderry, from the Scottish rebellion, until after the siege of Derry in 1688, when he was appointed Rector of

Aughydoey. He married in Coleraine, Mary, daughter of Alderman Arthur Church. His son was William Forrester, Alderman of the Corporation of Coleraine, and his son Arthur, a Burgess. Robert Forrester, his second son, was grandfather of the late Robert Forrester and purchaser of Gloverhill, the present family residence.


08 May 1830

On Sunday morning, Mr. Philip Forsyth, of this City, tavern keeper, aged 38 years.


23 Sep 1853

At West Kilbride, Ayrshire, on the 3rd inst., Anna Grey, second daughter of the late James Forsyth, Esq., Supervisor of Inland Revenue, Coleraine.


16 Jan 1857

On the 8th inst., Letitia, wife of Dr. Forsyth, Culmore[?].

FORSYTH Helen Kirkpatrick

27 May 1859

In this City, of hooping cough, Helen Kirkpatrick, aged four months, daughter of Mr. William Forsyth, grocer.


06 Jul 1869

June 29, at the residence of her daughter, Drumquin, county Tyrone, Madge, wife of the late Sergeant James Forsyth, formerly of Londonderry.


08 Dec 1865

November 21, at his father's residence, Ballyleighery, Mr. Robert Forsythe, aged 26 years.

FORSYTHE Thomas Rev.

21 Sep 1866

On the 16th September, at Macosquin, Coleraine, the Rev. Thomas Forsythe, B.A., Presbyterian Minister of Ballyweany, in the county of Antrim.

FORTH Francis

01 Feb 1861

On the 28th January, at the residence of Mr. Thomas Hall, Society Street, Derry, Francis, second son of the late Charles John Forth, Esq., Civil Engineer and Surveyor for the county of Waterford, aged 24 years.

FOSTER Isabella

15 Oct 1842

At Dawlish, Devonshire, on Thursday, thr 6th inst., to which place she removed for the benefit of her health, Isabella, only child of George Foster, Esq., of this City, merchant. Her death is much regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends.


09 Dec 1843

At his residence, the Crescent, on the 8th inst., James Foster, Esq., an affectionate brother, his remains will be interred on Monday morning at ten o'clock in the Cathedral burial ground.


06 Feb 1847

On the 31st ult., at Termoncany Glebe, Maria, infant daughter of the Rev. Charles S. Foster.

FOSTER Frances Octavia

14 Apr 1849

At Termoneeny Glebe, on the 6th April, of mortification, from the effects of a burn, aged 4 years and 8 months, Frances Octavia, youngest and beloved daughter of the Rev. C. Sandes Foster, Rector of the parish of Termoneeny, county Derry.


16 Nov 1849

On Wednesday morning, at nine o'clock, at her residence, Strand, Martha, the wife of George Foster, Esq., of this City, merchant, aged 55 years.


16 Jan 1852

On the 9th inst., at Creevagh, in the 65th year of her age, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. George Foster.

FOSTER Patrick Mrs.

23 Sep 1853

Suddenly, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. Begley, Ferryquay Street, Londonderry, Mrs. Foster, wife of Mr. Patrick Foster, Strabane.


27 Jun 1856

On the 24th inst., at his residence, Sackville Street, Robert Foster, Esq., of this City, merchant.


08 Aug 1856

On Wednesday morning, 6th inst., George Foster, Esq., at his residence, Strand Road, Londonderry. His remains will be interred on Saturday morning, at 10 o'clock, in the Chapel of Ease, burying ground.

FOSTER William

02 Jul 1858

On the 29th ult., at Ballinacross, William Foster, Esq., in the 78th year of his age. His remains will be removed for interment to the Cemetery, Londonderry, on Saturday morning at ten o'clock.

FOSTER Thomas William

29 Jul 1859

July 25, after a few day's illness, of inflammation, Thomas William, youngest and well beloved son of the Rev. Charles Sandes Foster, Rector of Termoneeny.

FOSTER Catherine

24 Jan 1862

January 19, Catherine, third daughter of Mr. George Foster, tide water, St. Columb's Wells, aged 1 year and ten months.

FOSTER Charles

27 Jun 1862

June 19, aged 78 years, the Rev. Charles Sandes Foster, Rector of Termoneeny.

FOSTER William Sandes

24 Jul 1863

July 22, at his residence, Portstewart, Coleraine, William Sandes Foster, Esq., eldest son of the late Rev. Charles Sandes Foster, late Rector of Termoneeny, after a protracted illness.

Foster Margaret

12 Jan 1864

January 8, at Sackville Street, Derry, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Hamilton Foster, Strabane.

FOSTER William

25 Oct 1864

October 17, at his residence , Pitt Street, Mr. William Foster, painter, aged 24 years.

FOSTER Charles

02 Jan 1866

December 27, at his residence, North Ann Street, Belfast, Charles Foster, late of Coleraine, aged sixty seven years.

FOSTER John Chetham

19 Oct 1866

On the 13th October, at 14 Harvey Street, Derry, John Chetham, aged 7 years and 10 months, only son of Mr. Alexander Foster, of this City.


08 Mar 1867

March 6, at the Crescent, Hawkin's street, Londonderry, Miss Foster. Her remains will be removed from her late residence, for interment in the New Cemetery, on Saturday morning next, at half past ten o'clock.


04 Feb 1868

January 29, in Creevagh, Mr. George Foster, aged 79 years.


21 Apr 1868

April 20, at the Crescent, Derry, Miss Ann Foster. Her remains will be removed for interment in the new Cemetery, on Thursday morning, the 23rd inst., at the hour of ten o'clock.

FOSTER Samuel Alexander

16 Mar 1869

March 12, at Waterloo Place, Londonderry, Samuel Alexander, infant son of Mr. Samuel Foster, confectioner.

FOUNTAINE Mary Barbara

14 Jul 1868

July 8, at Sorrento, Hereford, Mary Barbara, wife of Thomas Fountaine, Esq., late 78th Regiment, and sister of John Barre Beresford Esq., Learmount.


08 Mar 1861

On the 27th February, at his residence, Drumsurn, near Newtownlimavady, after a long illness, Mr. Isaiah Fowler, at an advanced age.

FOX Sarah Kingston

12 Sep 1862

On the 11th inst., at Clarendon Street, Sarah Kingston, second daughter of Alexander Kingston Fox, Esq., County Inspector of Constabulary.

FOX Alexander Kingston

09 Dec 1864

December 5, at Clarendon Street, Derry, Alexander Kingston Fox, Esq., County Inspector, aged 68 years.

FOY Timothy

31 Dec 1842

At Meetinghouse Row, on Tuesday, the 27th inst., Mr. Timothy Foy, of this City, aged 93 years.

FOY George

07 Nov 1862

On the 2nd November, at the residence of his aunt, 4 South Wall, Londonderry, George Ellis Foy, for many years a resident in America.

FOY Hugh

12 Feb 1869

Feb 8, at his residence 13 Westland Row, Dublin, Mr. Hugh Foy, formerly of Londonderry, aged 76 years.


20 Feb 1866

February 18, at Butcher Street, Londonderry, Miss Jane Franks, sister of George Franks, Esq., solicitor, late of this City.


28 Dec 1866

December 25, at his residence, Sandymount, Dublin, George Franks, Esq., solicitor, formerly of Londonderry, aged 78 years.

FREEL Manasses

25 Feb 1843

At the Bogside, on Wednesday, the 22nd inst., Mr. Manasses Freel, of this City, at the advanced age of 103 years.


17 Jun 1837

On Tuesday, the 13th inst., Sarah Freeland, aged 75 years.


19 Aug 1843

On the 6th inst., Mr. Joseph French, White House, aged 75.

FRENCH Edward Rev.

07 Apr 1863

April 1, at the Rectory, Bellaghy, the Rev. Edward French, M.A., for more than thirteen years Rector of the Parish of Ballyscullion, aged 63 years.

FRIEL Rebecca J.

19 Nov 1842

On Friday, the 18th inst., at her father's residence, Shipquay Street, Rebecca Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Friel, aged 17 years.

FRIEL Eliza A.

14 Nov 1851

On the 1st inst., in Shipquay Street, aged 20, Eliza A. Friel, of spinal disease.

FRIEL Eleanor

18 Nov 1859

October 31, at the residence of her nephew, Mr. John Dobson, of Culmore, Miss Eleanor Friel, at the advanced age of 90 years.

FRIEL Elizabeth

07 Dec 1860

December 2, at Middle Road, Elizabeth, only child of Mr. Manasses Friel.


11 Jan 1861

January 6, at St. Columb's Wells, Derry, after a long illness, Rose, the wife of Mr. James Friel, aged 60 years.

FRIEL Margaret

18 Jan 1861

January 14, Margaret, the wife of Mr. Manasses Friel, Middle Road, Derry.

FRIEL Thomas

26 Jul 1861

On the 21st July, at Liverpool, Mr. Thomas Friel, late of this City, aged 78 years.

FRIEL Elizabeth

17 Mar 1863

March 11, in Creggan Street, aged 55 years, Elizabeth, relict of the late John Friel.

FRIEL Charles

25 Aug 1863

August 20, at his brother's residence, 36 Creggan Street, Mr. Charles Friel, aged 21 years.


07 Oct 1864

On the 8th October, Anne Friel, aged 102 years, relict of the late Mr. William Friel.

FRIEL Mary Ann

21 Apr 1865

April 16, of croup, Mary Ann, infant daughter of Mr. Manasses Friel, Middle Road.

FRIEL William

01 Dec 1865

On the 28th November, at his father's residence, 9 Society Street, William, the eldest son of Mr. William Friel, cabinet-maker, aged 25 years.

FRIEL Manasses

15 Dec 1865

December 12, Mr. Manasses Friel, aged 58 years.


26 Mar 1869

March 22, at his mother's residence, 64 William Street, Londonderry, Mr. John Friel, aged 18 years.

FRIZELLE Archibald

31 Jul 1857

The body of Archibald Frizell, jun., who was drowned at the Bar Mouth, on the 22nd inst., was recovered on Friday last, on Downhill Strand. An inquest was held before D. Gailey, Esq., district coroner, when a verdict of death by drowning was returned. The jury considered that the prompt actions of the Coast Guard Officers of the Bar Mouth station are highly praiseworthy in saving the lives of the four survivors, who were clinging to the boat.


28 Aug 1841

In New York, of consumption, on the 22nd June last, in his 26th year, Joseph, second son of Mr. Joseph Frizzel, Waterside.


13 Mar 1841

On the 18th inst., Mary, wife of John Fulerton, Esq., Lisachrin, aged 63 years, the eldest daughter of the late Arthur Forrester, Esq., of Coolban.


05 Jun 1847

On Friday, the 28th ult., at Dullaghy, the residence of her uncle, Arthur Church, Esq., Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Archibald Fullarton, Lisaghrin, and third daughter of Henry Hunter, Esq., Castledawson.


16 Jun 1854

On Tuesday, the 18th ult., at his residence, Tivoli Cottage, Grenada, Robert Fullerton, Esq., M.D., aged 34 years, leaving a disconsolate wife and four young children. He was a native of Garvagh, county Londonderry, Ireland and had arrived in Grenada about 9 years ago, and from then till now he had been actively engaged in his profession.


04 Sep 1866

August 13, at Glasgow, Mr. Robert Fullerton, a native of, and many years resident in, the Parish of Aghadoey.


26 Apr 1867

April 23, at Lisachrin, near Garvagh, Rev. Arthur Fullerton, aged 75 years.

FULTON Abraham

31 Aug 1839

On the 9th inst., at Coleraine, Mr. Abraham Fulton, in his 45th year.


07 Feb 1846

On the 20th ult., of erysipelas in the head, Miss Anne Fulton, of New Row, Coleraine, aged 54 years.


10 Oct 1846

On the 1st inst., Mr. Andrew Fulton, of this City, aged 72 years.


04 Sep 1857

At Derrynoyd, Draperstown, on the 22nd ult., of bronchitis, Robert, son of Mr. Robert Fulton, in the 24th year of his age.


25 Jan 1861

January 20, at the residence of George Wilson, Coshquin, Mr. James Fulton, aged 86 years.


23 Apr 1867

April 17, at his father's residence, Fountain Street, Derry, Thomas Fulton, aged 7 years.


09 Jan 1847

At 4 Queen's Square, Dublin, Mrs. Mary Anne Johnston Fyffe, wife of Mr. John Fyffe, formerly of this City, and daughter of the late Archibald Johnston, Esq., of Coolislin, county Donegal.

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