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EAKIN to EWING Surnames County Londonderry Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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EAKIN to EWING Surnames County Londonderry Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[?] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key -ult. last month – inst. this month – spellings as printed.


03 Jul 1847

On the 28th inst., at his residence, Letterlougher, near Cumber, Claudy, county Londonderry, Mr. James Eakin, at the advanced age of 83 years.

EAKIN Margaret

03 Aug 1860

July 27, in the 22d year of her age, after a short illness, Margaret, second daughter of Mr. Marshal Eakin, of Letterlougher, Cumber Claudy.

EAKIN Margaret

28 Nov 1862

November 22, at Tirglassen, Margaret Eakin, aged 65 years.

EAKIN Andrew

07 Nov 1865

November 2, at his residence, Tyrglasson, Andrew Eakin, aged 77 years.

EAKIN Ellenor

10 Nov 1865

November 8, at Drumcovitt, after a tedious illness, Ellenor, the beloved wife of Mr. William Eakin, aged 58 years.

EAKIN Benjamin

20 Apr 1866

April 15, at Fountain Place, Londonderry, Mr. Benjamin Eakin, aged 70 years.

EAKIN Margaret

10 Aug 1866

August 3, at her residence, Tyrglassan, Margaret Eakin, aged 29 years.

EAKIN Margaret

14 Aug 1866

August 8, Margaret, wife of Mr. John Eakin, Carnamuff, Ballykelly, aged 58 years.

EAKIN Margaret

22 Nov 1867

November 18, at her residence, Tyrglassen, Margaret Eakin, aged 85 years.

EAMES Chetham

24 Dec 1858

On the 20th inst., at the residence of his father, Derry, Chetham Eames, Esq., a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, aged 23 years.

EAMES Rebecca

31 Jan 1865

On the 21st January, at Killeagh, Rebecca, relict of J.B. Eames, Esq., M.D., aged 78 years.

EARNES Elizabeth Anne

21 Jul 1868

July 16, Elizabeth Anne, beloved wife of W.J. Earnes, Esq., of this city, aged 63 years.


11 Sep 1868

September 5, at his father's residence, Adverness, Mr. James Eaton, late Clerk of Newtownlimavady Union, aged 49 years.

EATON Anne Jane H.

20 Apr 1869

April 16, at her father's residence, Waterside, Derry, Anne Jane Houston, only daughter of Oliver Eaton, aged 5 years.


07 Dec 1855

At the Diamond, Coleraine, on the 28ult., Mr. Samuel Eccles, bookseller, aged 32 years.


25 Jan 1856

At St. John's, N.B., on the 23rd ult., Mr. Robert Eccles, second son of Mr. Patrick Eccles, late of Tullans, near Coleraine, and brother of the late Mr. Samuel Eccles, bookseller, aged 34 years.

ECCLES Patrick

11 Jul 1856

At Brooklyn, June 7, Mr. Patrick Eccles, formerly of Newmills, Coleraine, aged 76 years.


19 Feb 1831

On Thursday morning, the 17th inst., Mr. James Edgar, of this City, aged 86. He was for some time High Constable, particularly during the troublesome period of the Rebellion of 1798.

EDGAR Alexander

15 Sep 1832

Of cholera, Mr. Alexander Edgar, of the Diamond, he was quite well on Thursday morning, attacked about nine o'clock, died at four, and buried by nine that night.

EDGAR Dennis

02 Nov 1855

At Society Street, Coleraine, on the 21st ult., Dennis, fourth son of Mr. Samuel Edgar, aged 20 years.


05 Mar 1858

On the 2nd inst., at Society Street, Coleraine, Mr. James Edgar, aged 26 years.

EDGAR William

23 Jun 1863

June 19, at Upper New Row, Coleraine, William, youngest son of Mr. Samuel Edgar, aged 21 years.


15 Oct 1869

Oct. 11, suddenly, at 6 Foyle View, Derry, James, eldest son of Mr. Robert Edgar, aged 8 years.


28 Dec 1833

At Newtownlimavady, on Friday week, the 20th inst., Miss Edie, formerly of Strabane.

EDIE Thomas

18 Apr 1862

At Terrydremont, near Newtownlimavady, on the 11th inst., at an advanced age, Thomas Edie, Esq., son of the late Nathaniel Edie, Esq., J.P., Strabane, county Tyrone.


13 Feb 1857

On the 9th inst., at Culmore, Ann, wife of Mr. James Edmiston, teacher, aged 31 years.

EDMISTON Robert McIlwaine

16 Aug 1861

August 9, at Culmore, Robert McIlwaine, fourth son of Mr. James Edmiston, teacher, in his fourth year.


21 Apr 1863

April 15, at Killowen, Coleraine, James, son of Mr. John Edmiston, aged 13 years.


25 Oct 1867

On the 23rd October, at his residence, Culmore, John Edmiston, aged 81 years.

EDMISTON Elizabeth

13 Mar 1868

March 7, at the residence of her son, Culmore, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. John Edmiston, aged 83 years.


29 Sep 1868

September 24, at Ferryquay Street, Coleraine, Betty, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Edmundson, at the advanced age of 103 years.

EDWARDS Sarah Maria

09 Jul 1836

On the 1st inst., at Strath House, in the county of Londonderry, Sarah Maria, relict of the late Edward Augustus Edwards, Esq.

EDWARDS Elizabeth

04 Dec 1847

On the 1st inst., aged 60 years, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William Edwards, of this City.


13 May 1848

On the 10th inst., in this city, in the 75th year of his age, Mr. William Edwards, late Farrier Major of her Majesty's 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.


11 Sep 1857

In New York, on the 22nd ult., of consumption, aged 31, Mr. Matthew Edwards, late of this City.


11 Nov 1859

November 7, in this City, after a few days' illness, Mr. James Edwards, aged 87 years.


02 May 1862

April 28, Letitia, the beloved wife of Mr. Richard J. Edwards, Catherine Street, Newtownlimavady, aged 20.


29 Aug 1862

August 19, Jane, second daughter of John Ekin, Esq., Rockspring, Moneymore, aged 23 years.


18 Feb 1837

At Ligg, Ann Elder, wife of the late Rev. H. Elder, Presbyterian Minister, aged 90 years.

ELDER Frances

04 Apr 1846

At Waterloo Place, on Wednesday, the 1st inst., Miss Frances Elder.


29 May 1866

May 26, at Burnfoot, Mr. David Elder.

ELDER Elizabeth Anne

30 Aug 1867

August 28, at Burnfoot, Elizabeth Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Elder, aged 34 years.


17 Jun 1853

At her brother's house, Fountain Street, on Monday evening, the 13th inst., after a tedious illness, Miss Mary Elkin, aged 32 years.


20 Jan 1860

November 13, at Newbridge, Victoria, Mr. John Elliot, formerly of Coleraine, Ireland.

ELLIOTT James Mrs.

10 Aug 1844

On Sunday night week, aged 54, the beloved wife of Mr. James Elliott, clerk of the market, Coleraine.

ELLIOTT Catherine

26 Sep 1851

On the ship 'Harry Lorrequer', in February last, on their way to join their brother, Mr. John Elliott, Catherine and Martha Anne Elliott, late of Coleraine.

ELLIOTT Martha Anne

26 Sep 1851

On the ship 'Harry Lorrequer', in February last, on their way to join their brother, Mr. John Elliott, Catherine and Martha Anne Elliott, late of Coleraine.

ELLIOTT Lucy Sweet

22 Aug 1856

On the 18th inst., at Foyle College, Londonderry, Lucy Sweet, daughter of the Rev. W.S. Elliott, aged 23 years.


19 Sep 1862

July 23, in Montreal, John Elliott, a native of Coleraine, aged 65 years.

ELLIOTT Elizabeth

31 Jul 1866

July 26, at Portstewart, Elizabeth, relict of the late William Elliott, Esq., of Strabane.


31 Aug 1866

August 27, at his father's residence, 5 Foyle Alley, Derry, Mr. William Elliott, aged 26 years.


12 Mar 1867

On the 10th March, at 1 Chamberlain Place, Londonderry, Anne, the daughter of Mr. Thomas Elliott, aged 27 years. Her remains will be removed this, Tuesday, morning, at ten o'clock, for interment in the Cemetery.

ELLIS Thomas Mrs.

19 Oct 1833

On the 8th inst., at Templeogue House, Mrs. Ellis, relict of Thomas Ellis, Esq., Master of Chancery, and sister to the Archdeacon of Derry.

ELLIS George

30 Mar 1839

On the 9th July last, at Tornate, East Indies, Mr. George Ellis, of this City, surgeon in the Dutch Army.

ELLIS Conyngham Mrs.

07 Oct 1843

On the 5th inst., at Dunboe Parsonage, the lady of Conyngham Ellis, Esq.

ELLIS William

13 Dec 1845

On Sunday afternoon, William Ellis, Esq., Coroner for the city and county of Londonderry.


16 May 1851

On the 4th inst., at Cranbourne, Berks., Diana, the beloved wife of the Rev. Conyngham Ellis, and only daughter of the late Ven. Thomas Bewley Monsell, Archdeacon of Derry.

ELLIS Elizabeth

10 Feb 1860

January 30, at Gracehill, Elizabeth, relict of the late Hercules Ellis, Esq., of Innishrush House, Deputy-Governor and J.P. for the county of Londonderry.


14 Jun 1861

June 6, at her residence, Gortyclanney, near Kilrea, Mary, relict of the late Daniel Ellis, aged 36 years.

ELLIS Mary Lindsay

23 Jan 1863

January 15, at her father's residence, Waterside, Mary Lindsay Ellis, aged 14.

ELLIS John James

19 May 1863

May 15, at Clooney Terrace, John James Ellis, aged six years and nine months.


22 May 1863

May 14, at the residence of his uncle, George Hauson, Esq., Ballylintagh, James, son of the late Mr. Daniel Ellis, Gorticlany, near Kilrea, aged 16 years.

ELLIS Margaret

13 May 1864

May 11, at her father's residence, Waterside, Londonderry, Margaret, only daughter of Mr. George Ellis, aged 19 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in Glendermott New Burying ground on the morning of Saturday, the 14th inst., at the hour of ten o'clock.

ELLIS William

21 Jun 1864

June 14, at Derrylane, near Dungiven, Mr. William Ellis, formerly of Ballyhargan, aged 65 years.

ELLIS William

17 Sep 1869

Sept. 13, at the residence of his father, North Brook Street, Coleraine, William Ellis, compositor, aged 23 years.

ELLISON Thomas Rev.

09 Jan 1847

On the 6th inst., at his residence, Bellaghareden, the Rev. Thomas Ellison, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Banagher, aged 48 years.

ELLISON Isabella

26 Nov 1858

On the 22nd inst., Isabella Ellison, the beloved wife of Mr. John Ellison, of Clooney, aged 40 years.


24 Aug 1849

At Ballybrisland, parish of Faughanvale, at the advanced age of 106 Mary Elly. The deceased retained all her faculties to the last.

ENNIS Catherine

10 Mar 1838

Friday week, in Fountain Street, after a lingering illness, Catherine, wife of Mr. Melvin Ennis, aged 36 years.


11 Apr 1865

April 2, at Swansea, Mr. Thomas Enright, Tide Surveyor, H.M.C., for a number of years Tide Surveyor at the Port of Londonderry.


27 Jun 1856

June 20, at Coleraine, in the 32nd year of her age, Annie, wife of Mr. Joseph Esdale, carpenter and builder.

ESDALE Edward Joseph

25 Feb 1868

February 21, at his grandfather's residence, Boghill, Edward Joseph, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Esdale, Coleraine, aged 12 years and 11 months.


27 Feb 1866

A carpenter, named James Espie, of Maghera, lost his life during a disturbance in Swatragh. It appears that sheep belonging to a local farmer, Mr. McPeake, had trespassed on to land owned by the McGilligan family. James McGilligan hunted a dog on them, and a

fight arose which ended in a riot, stones were thrown, and Mr. Espie who had interfered to make peace, received such injuries on the head from a blow with a spade which caused his death. At the inquest, held by D. Kelly, Esq., Coroner, the brothers Daniel, James, and John McGilligan, have been committed for trial on the charge of homicide.

EVANS William

21 Oct 1837

On Saturday last, Mr. William Evans, of this City, painter. He was buried in the Cathedral graveyard on Sunday last.

EVANS Thomas

05 Mar 1842

At Bellaghy, on the 24th ult., aged 76 years, Mr. Thomas Evans. He was a man of the greatest truth and integrity, and in all his relations with the world, proved himself to be a true Christian.

EVANS Robert

13 Jun 1846

On the 30th ult., at his residence at Magherafelt, Robert Evans, Esq., M.D., surgeon, R.N.

EVANS Sophia

11 Nov 1859

At 74 Washington Street, Brooklyn, Mrs. Sophia Evans, aged 29 years, late of the City of Londonderry.

EVANS William John

30 Dec 1859

On the 24th December, at his father's residence, Pump Street, William John, eldest son of Mr. William Evans, aged three years and nine months.


07 Sep 1869

Sept. 1, at Magherafelt, Anne, wife of the late Robert Evans, M.D., Royal Navy, aged 76 years.

EWING Margaret

18 Apr 1831

On Tuesday, the 5th inst., Miss Margaret Ewing, William Street.


15 Jun 1833

On Tuesday, the 11th inst., John Ewing, Esq., of this City, aged 90 years, long a respected merchant.

EWING Elizabeth

10 Sep 1842

At Culmore, near this City, on Monday, the 29th ult, in the 89th year of her age, Elizabeth, relict of James Ewing, of Greenock, Esq., merchant.

EWING Elizabeth

12 Apr 1845

On the 7th inst., in Waterloo Place, Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of the late John Ewing, Esq.

EWING Samuel Mrs.

09 Jan 1857

On the 8th ult., at Montreal, Lower Canada, Mrs. Samuel Ewing, formerly of Lisdillen, county Londonderry.


08 Jun 1860

June 3, at his father's residence, Wapping, John, son of Mr. James Ewing, carpenter, aged one year.


13 Jul 1860

July 7, at her residence, William Street, Miss Jane Ewing.


26 Feb 1864

February 22, at an inquest held on Wednesday last at Muldoney, near Dungiven, on Sarah Ewing, aged about 4 years, as a result of accidental burning in her house on the previous Monday.

EWING Isabella

13 Jun 1865

On the 9th June, at 2 Seymour Terrace, Brixton, London, Isabella, youngest daughter of the late John Ewing, Esq., merchant, of Londonderry.


17 Jul 1866

July 16, at William Street, Derry, Miss Ann Ewing. Her remains will be removed for interment to the Cathedral Burial Ground, on Thursday morning, at ten o'clock.

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