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The Fermanagh Mail And Enniskillen Chronicle
Thursday May 18 1865

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Petty Sessions
The Fermanagh Mail And Enniskillen Chronicle
Thursday May 18 1865

Transcribed BY Robyn


Presiding Magistrate - Captain BUTLER, R.M.


Terence and James McGRORY were brought up in custody by Constable DUFFY, charged with assaulting a young man named Charles McCABE, and tearing his clothes on the night of 10th last.

Charles McCABE said: on the above named night I went into Martin's public house, West Bridge, for a boy that was there to accompany him home, when one of the defendants (James) went up to a lad name McLOUGHLIN, and asked if it was at him he was laughing? McLOUGHLIN said it was not; he came up to me afterwards and asked me if I knew McLOUGHLIN? I said I did not; he called me a liar and said he knew me, that I was McCABE the "jumper," said he was a better man than either McLOUGHLIN or myself; gave me a blow and knocked me down, and his brother Terence came up and tore my clothes between them.

Captain BUTLER - Do you know the defendants?

McCABE - I never saw them before the night they assaulted me.

Captain BUTLER - Well, what have you to say to this charge?

Defendants - It all occurred by taking "a glass".

Constable DUFFY - When I arrested them they said RODGERS was their name first, and the reason they called complainant a "jumper" was that he was the greatest leaper about the country.

James McGRORY fined 10s, and 2s costs, and a 10s compensation to complainant, or 14 days hard labor, and Terence McCRORY fined 40s and costs, 5s compensation to complainant, or 14 days hard labor.


Sub Constable DALY charged a wretched-looking woman with being drunk. She said that she had only taken a wee dhrop, and hoped his honour would look over it this time.

Captain BUTLER - You are discharged now, but if brought up again you shall be imprisoned, you are starving your child.


Sub Constable SHERLOW charged a young man names Richard NESBITT, with being drunk and with attempting to commit suicide by throwing himself into the lake at the foot of Abbey Street, on the ?


The same charged John McCARROL with being drunk and incapable of taking care of himself, on the same night. Fined 5s and costs.


Mr George BLACK charged George CROOKE and John FORD with fighting in his home, ? street, on the 10th inst.

CROOKE said he was drinking in Mr BLACK's public house on the fair day, and when he was coming down the stairs he heard FORD call out " to h-with the Pope," and when he remonstrated with him he knocked him down, and he returned it is self-defence.

To Captain BUTLER - I have a witness who can prove what I said.

James HIGGINS said he was in Mr BLACK's; saw FORD strike CROOKE, but did not hear any party expressions made use of, but heard CROOKE say he was one of the "Lisbellaw Rocks" and would let CROOKE soon know that.

Captain BUTLER - I believe that FORD did incite CROOKE to commit a breach of the peace, and made use of party expressions, and there for CROOKE and FORD are to be kept at hard labour for 14 days.

The court then adjourned.

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