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JEFFERS to JOYCE County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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JEFFERS to JOYCE County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

JEFFERS Elizabeth

14 Feb 1862

February 8th, aged 86, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr Charles Jeffers, of Enniskillen.

JOHNSTON Thomas Rev.

09 Jul 1831

On Thursday, the 30th June, at his house in Enniskillen, aged 72 years, the Rev. Thomas Johnston, Rector of the Parish of Boho, Protestant Chaplain and local Inspector of the Gaol, and Chaplain to the Garrison.


25 Mar 1837

In Italy on the 25th Feb. last, William John Johnston, Esq., aged 25. The eldest son of the late Robert Johnston, Esq., K.C., of Maghremana, county Fermanagh. Burial was in the family vault at Castlecaldwell Church.

JOHNSTON Robert Captain

30 Nov 1839

On Wednesday evening last, Captain Robert Johnston, J.P. of Brook Hill [?].


06 Feb 1847

On the 22nd ult., at Lowtherstown, Mr. James Johnston, merchant, in his 25th year, after a long and painful illness.


24 Apr 1847

At Leck, county Fermanagh, on the 16th inst., of fever, Mr. John Johnston, aged 55.

JOHNSTON Catherine

18 Sep 1847

On the 10th inst., at Lack, County Fermanagh, of typhus fever, in the 55th year of her age, Catherine, relict of the late John Johnston, Esq.


24 Feb 1854

At Lowtherstown, on the 17th inst., aged 32 years, Mr. John Johnston, eldest son of Mr. William Johnston, merchant, Lowtherstown.


02 Nov 1855

On the 19th ult., at Emaroo, county Fermanagh, aged 17 years, Hugh Archibald, eldest son of Robert Johnston, Esq.

JOHNSTON William Captain

23 Nov 1855

At the camp before Sebastopol, of fever, Captain and Adjutant William Johnston, of the 41st Regiment, and of Mullaghree, near Enniskillen. He had been wounded at Inkermann and had served throughout the Crimean campaign.


13 Nov 1857

At Knockrow, on the 6th inst., at the advanced age of 102 years, Mr. William Johnston, father of Mr. William Johnston, of Lowtherstown.

JOHNSTON Jones Captain

20 Sep 1861

August 1, at Havanna, of yellow fever, caught after his arrival, Captain Jones Johnston, youngest son of the late Mr. James Johnston, of Irvinestown, county Fermanagh.


15 Aug 1862

July 30, at his residence, Springfield, near Enniskillen, Mr. John Johnston, aged 45 years, and brother to Mr. Robert Johnston, merchant, of this City.

JOHNSTON Francis Grayden

23 Feb 1864

February 18, at the residence of his brother in law, the Rev. William Johnston, Antrim Road, Francis Grayden Johnston, Esq., M.R.C.S.E., formerly of St. Angelo, county Fermanagh and late of Charlton, London.


06 Dec 1864

November 22, at Swanlinbar, county Cavan, Captain John Johnston, formerly of the 70th Regiment, J.P. for the counties of Fermanagh and Cavan.

JOHNSTON Francis Andrew S.

23 Jun 1865

June 17, at 5 High Street, Enniskillen, aged 17 months, Francis Andrew Spencer, son of Thomas Johnston, Esq.


02 Jan 1866

December 28, at Kesh, county Fermanagh, William Johnston, Esq., M.D., in his 70th year.


09 Mar 1866

February 24, at 142 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin, of bronchitis, Thomas Johnston, Esq., son of the late John Hamilton Johnston, Esq., of Farncassidy, county Fermanagh.


17 May 1867

May 13, at Sligo, Barbara, widow of the late Thomas Johnston, of Ballyshannon, and Lowry, county Fermanagh.


29 Aug 1840

August 5, at Ballyrankin House, county Wexford, (the seat of his father in law, Major Devereux) of inflammation of the bowels, James Douglas Johnstone, Esq., eldest son of John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., of Snow Hill, county Fermanagh.

JOHNSTONE John Douglas

01 Aug 1862

July 22, at Lower Bullingate, the residence of his brother in law, William Braddel, Esq., in the twenty-third year of his age, after a short illness, John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., only son and heir of the late James Douglas Johnstone, Esq., of Snow Hill, county Fermanagh,

and grandson of the late Major Devereux, of Ballyrankin House, county of Wexford.

JONES Eleanor

16 Jan 1830

At Castle Irvine, on the 1st instant, Eleanor Jones, at the advanced age of 105. She retained all her faculties till within the last six months, and was only confined to her bed one day before her death. No person can remember her having a day's sickness.

JONES Elizabeth

06 Aug 1858

On the 29th ult., at her residence, Russian, county of Fermanagh, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, widow of Charles Jones, formerly Captain in the 90th Regiment, aged 76 years.


24 Jun 1859

June 15, at Cregg House, county Sligo, Mary, wife of Michael Jones, Esq., D.L., county Fermanagh.


09 Jun 1838

On the 1st inst., at his house in Enniskillen, in the 65th year of his age, Captain John Joyce, formerly of the 60th Rifles, and late Sub Inspector and Paymaster of the Constabulary of the county of Fermanagh. Captain Joyce served with distinguished credit during the Peninsular war and was for 7 years attached to the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington.


31 Jul 1857

At Amesbury, state of Massachussets, America, on Sunday, the 28th ult., Miss Mary Joyce, formerly of Portadown, and niece of the late Captain Joyce, R.M., county Fermanagh, aged 27 years.

JOYCE John Mrs.

21 Aug 1863

August 17th, the wife of Mr. John Joyce, Brookeboro.

JOYCE Rosetta Letitia

23 Aug 1867

August 18, at Maguiresbridge, Rosetta Letitia, second daughter of the late Mr. John G. Joyce, aged 17 years.

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