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GAILBRAITH to GUNNING County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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GAILBRAITH to GUNNING County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.


07 Aug 1847

On the 23rd ult., at Allan Park, Stirling, the residence of his father in law, John Galbraith, Esq., solicitor, Enniskillen, in the 35th year of his age.

GALLOGLY John Forsythe

09 Dec 1859

On Monday, the 5th inst., Mr. John Forsythe Gallogly, aged 69 years. Mr. Gallogly had been governor of Enniskillen jail for many years, and enjoyed a retiring allowance from the county of Fermanagh for a considerable time.


14 Nov 1856

On the 7th inst., Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Gamble, merchant, of Enniskillen.


12 Dec 1856

On the 7th inst., Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Gamble, Lenaghan.

GAMBLE Rebecca

24 Apr 1857

On the 19th inst., at the house of R. Marrable, Esq., R.E. Department, Dundalk, of water on the brain, Rebecca, only child of Mr. Samuel Gamble, merchant, Enniskillen, aged seven years.


08 Jan 1858

On the 1st inst., at 1 Ann Street, Enniskillen, Mr. Samuel Gamble, merchant. He was an active and intelligent member of the Town Commissioners and Board of Guardians.

GAMBLE Elizabeth

08 Apr 1859

On Monday, the 4th inst., at 1, Anne Street, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Edward Gamble, merchant, Enniskillen.

GAMBLE Elizabeth

02 Aug 1861

On the 28th July, at Bridge View Cottage, Enniskillen, Miss Elizabeth Gamble.

GAMBLE Christopher

23 Aug 1864

August 19, at Wellington Place, Enniskillen, after a long and painful illness, Christopher Gamble, Esq., aged 57 years.

GAMBLE Rebecca

24 Apr 1866

April 18, at Lenaghan, near Enniskillen, in the 76 th year of her age, Rebecca, relict of the late John Gamble, of Lenaghan, Esq.

GAMBLE Frederick Elson

03 Apr 1868

March 31, at 1 Anne Street, Enniskillen, Frederick Elson, the infant son of Edward and Alice E. Gamble, aged three months.


02 Apr 1869

March 26, suddenly, at Lisaderney, near Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, William, second son of John Gardiner, aged 50 years.

GEDDINGS Frederick

18 Oct 1845

On the 11th inst., at his residence, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, Frederick Geddings, Esq., aged 62, Ordnance storekeeper, and acting Barrack Master.


05 Jun 1857

On the 27th ult., Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. John Gibson, Tempo, aged 66 years.


15 Feb 1861

February 7, at her residence, Garvary [?], Martha, wife of Mr. John Gibson.


14 Feb 1862

February 8th, at 6 Great George's Street, Belfast, John P. Gibson, Esq., grandson of John Gibson, Esq., of Tempo, county of Fermanagh, aged 30 years.


09 Aug 1867

August 2, of consumption, Eliza, youngesr daughter of John Gibson, Esq., Tempo, county Fermanagh.


24 Jul 1868

July 20, at Tempo, John Gibson, Esq., aged 86 years.


11 Oct 1861

September 28, at her residence, Caroline Cottage, Old Kent Road, Surrey [England], Sarah, relict of the late Frederick Giddings, Esq., late Her Majesty's Ordnance Storekeeper and Barrackmaster, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, aged 74.

GIVEN Alicia

07 Aug 1830

In Ramelton, on the 19th ult., aged 37 years, Alicia, wife of John Given, of Ramelton, Esq., and second daughter of the late John Aiken, of Pettigo, in the county of Fermanagh, Esq.

GIVEN William

01 May 1847

At Pettigo [?], on the 24th ult., of consumption, Mr. William Given, jun., aged 27.

GIVEN John Caldwell

25 Apr 1851

At Pettigo [?], on the 22nd inst., in his 38th year, John Caldwell Given, Esq.

GIVEN William

05 Nov 1852

At Pettigo [?], on the 28th ult., in his 72nd year, William Given.


11 May 1866

April 26, at the Manse, Pettigo [?], the residence of his son in law, the Rev. J. Donaldson, John Given, Esq., late of the Excise, aged 86 years.

GLENN Elizabeth

20 Feb 1866

February 10, at East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Robert Glenn, aged 75 years.

GOUGH Mary Ann

11 Nov 1864

November 9, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. John Gough, of Lisnaskea.

GRAHAM Christopher Mrs.

26 Aug 1837

At Bundoran, on Sunday 19th inst., Mrs. Graham, wife of Christopher Graham, of Goblusk, Esq., aged 42 years.


02 Jul 1842

On Friday, the 17th inst., at Woodville Cottage, Enniskillen, after a short and severe illness, Miss Graham, late of Maguiresbridge, sincerely regretted.

GRAHAM William

12 Jul 1850

At Beechmount, Canada West, Captain William Graham, formerly of the 71st Regiment, and son of the late Christopher Graham, Esq., of Kilmore, county Fermanagh.

GRAHAM Barbara

30 Apr 1858

On the 24th inst., at Gledstown, Maguresbridge, Miss Barbara Graham, aged 73 years.


09 Dec 1859

At Stephen's Green, Dublin, on Sunday last, Robert Graham, Esq., of Drumgoon, county Fermanagh.

GRAHAM William

13 Dec 1864

December 2, at Milltown, near Enniskillen, William Graham, Esq., aged 78 years.


19 Jan 1866

January 14, at his residence, Darling Street, Enniskillen, aged 53 years, Mr. James Graham, T.C.

GRAHAM Henry Mrs.

25 Dec 1866

December 17, at Gola [?], Mrs. Graham, relict of the late Mr. Henry Graham, aged 103 years.

GRAHAM Christopher

30 Jul 1869

At his residence, Irvinestown, Christopher Graham, Esq., aged 78 years, 53 years of which he was High Constable of the Barony of Lurg, county Fermanagh.

GRAY Susanna

14 Jun 1861

June 11, at 75, St. Stephen's Green South, Dublin, Susanna, wife of Roderick Gray, Esq., Surveyor of the county Fermanagh.


28 Feb 1862

February 23, at Enniskillen, of disease of the heart, Amy, eldest daughter of Frederick Gray, Esq.

GRAY John W.

28 Dec 1855

On the 21st inst., at his father's residence, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, aged 21 years, John Waldron Gray, Esq., Lieutenant, 89th Regiment, and eldest son of Roderick Gray, Esq., County Surveyor, for Enniskillen.


03 May 1834

On the 24th ult., after five weeks of severe suffering, Mr. John Gregaten, printer and proprietor of the Impartial Reporter, Enniskillen.

GUGSTEN Margaret

29 Oct 1869

Oct. 21, at Brookborough, Margaret, youngest daughter of the late John Gugsten, Esq., of Enniskillen.

GUNNING Ellen Jane

10 Dec 1867

December 5, at Enniskillen, after a lingering illness, Ellen Jane, the fourth daughter of Mr. John Gunning, aged 5 years.

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