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BAKER to BURNS County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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BAKER to BURNS County Fermanagh Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

BAKER, William 23 Mar 66 March 19, at his residence, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, in the 52nd year of his age, William Baker, Esq., Quartermaster of the Fermanagh Light Infantry.
BALL, William 12 Nov 42 Of bilious fever, on Sunday last, the Rev. William Ball, Rector of Rossory. The Rev. gentleman is a public loss, for he was the mainspring of most of our auxiliary societies; but in him the parish oners of Rossory have lost more than a friend.
BALL, Francis 18 Apr 56 On the 11th inst., at Drumoon, county Fermanagh, Mr. Francis Ball, aged 79 years.
BALL, John 14 Feb 62 February 9th, Mr John Ball, aged 70 years, father to Mr. William Ball, postmaster, Enniskillen.
BALL, Richard 16 Jan 63 January 10, in his 79th year, Mr. Richard Ball, for a long time post-master of Enniskillen.
BALL, John 01 May 63 April 23, Mr. John Ball, Medical Hall, Enniskillen.
BALL, William 18 May 66 May 13, at his residence, Drumcoo, Enniskillen, Mr. William Ball, aged 54 years.
BALL, Jane 17 Aug 66 August 11, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Richard Ball, postmaster, Enniskillen, aged 72 years.
BANKS, Charles McCormick 18 Dec 66 December 13, Charles McCormick, second son of the Rev. E.M. Banks, Wesleyan Minister, Enniskillen, aged 14 years.
BANNON, Catherine 15 May 63 May 8, at Lisnaskea, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. P. Bannon, and daughter of Mr. J. Kerr, T.C., Enniskillen.
BARRY, Ellen 02 May 56 On Wednesday last, at Enniskillen, Ellen, the beloved wife of Mr. David Barry, and eldest daughter of the late Robert Sheehan, Esq., Collector of Customs, Newry.
BARTON, Edward G. 12 Feb 67 February 3, at Ryder Street, St. James's, London, Edward G. Barton, Esq., youngest son of the late William Barton, Esq., of Clonelly, county Fermanagh.
BATTY, John 18 Feb 68 February 11, at the residence of his father, Cappy House, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, after a short illness, Mr. John Batty, the beloved son of William Batty, Esq., in his 25th year.
BAXTER, Frances Jane 10 Jan 35 Suddenly, on Monday last, in the 21st year of her age, Frances Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Liddle Baxter, of Enniskillen.
BEACOM, Anne 20 Jul 60 July 14, at Killynure, near Enniskillen, in the 57th year of her age, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry Beacom.
BEATTY, Prudentia 24 Oct 35 On Wednesday morning, of small pox, aged 19 years, Miss Prudentia Beatty, eldest daughter of James Beatty, Esq., M.D., of Enniskillen.
BEATTY, Thomas Mrs. 25 Sep 47 In Bundoran, county Donegal, on Friday morning week, after a lingering illness, Thomas Beatty, Esq., of Newtownbutler; and on Friday night, Mrs. Beatty, wife of the above gentleman, died at Bundoran also, where the old couple had been staying for a change of air. Mr. Beatty was in his 80th year, and Mrs. Beatty in her 75th. They were much respected and beloved by all who knew them. They had regularly visited Bundoran for the good of their health every summer for the last 54 years. On Saturday evening their remains were conveyed to the family burial ground, near Newtownbutler, for interment.
BEATTY, Dr. 26 Feb 53 On the 16th inst., at Lowtherstown, deeply regretted, after a long and painful illness, Dr. Beatty, aged 52.
BEATTY, Samuel 06 Jul 55 On Monday, Mr. Samuel Beatty, of Enniskillen, aged 74.
BEATTY, William 22 Feb 56 On the 18th inst., at his residence, Cazoke, county Fermanagh, William Beatty, Esq., aged 76 years.
BEATTY, James 26 Mar 58 On the 24th ult., of consumption, in New York, U. S., where he practised as a lawyer, in the prime of life and 29th year of his age, James Beatty, Esq., son of the late Robert Beatty, Esq., formerly of Forphy, county Fermanagh, latterly of Woodbine Cottage, county Monaghan.
BEATTY, James 25 Oct 61 July 31, at Strawberry Hills, Australia, aged seventy two years, Mr. James Beatty, formerly of Fermanagh.
BEATTY, William 18 Dec 63 On the 11th December, at Maguiresbridge, Mr. William Beatty, aged 74 years.
BEATTY, H. Mr. 25 Aug 68 On the 19th August, at the Brook, Enniskillen, Mr. H. Beatty, aged 66 years.
BELL, Rodney 16 Sep 52 On the 5th inst., of paralysis, at Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, Rodney Bell, Esq., solicitor.
BELL, Bradshaw D. 12 Aug 59 At Fort Beaufort, Graham's Town, C.G.H., [South Africa] Bradshaw D. Bell, Esq., a native of Florencecourt, county Fermanagh.
BELL, Charles Lucas Mrs. 26 Jun 63 June 23, at the Cottage, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, Mrs. Bell, the wife of the Rev. Charles Lucas Bell.
BELL, Charles Lucas Rev. 20 Jan 65 January 14, at his residence, Willoughby Lodge, Enniskillen, the Rev. Charles Lucas Bell, late Chaplain Royal Navy.
BELL, Catherine 01 Nov 67 October 24, at the residence of her brother in law, A.B. Booth, Esq., Catherine, third daughter of the late George Bell, of Bellview, county Fermanagh, Esq.
BELL, Henrietta E. A. 08 Oct 69 Oct. 3, at Church Street, Enniskillen, Henrietta Edith Alice, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Charles L. Bell, R.N., aged 13 years and 6 months.
BETTY, Christopher S. 11 Aug 38 At the house of his brother, Stewart Betty, Esq., of Enniskillen, on the 6th inst., after a tedious illness, Christopher S. Betty, Esq., senior Lieutenant of the 35th Regiment. His remains were accompanied by the 38th Regiment, to the Churchyard, and interred with full military honours.
BETTY, Stewart 15 May 47 At Enniskillen, on Thursday, Stewart Betty, Esq. His death was caused by fever, contracted in the discharge of his duties as a Poor Law Guardian.
BETTY, Eliza Jane 04 Jul 56 On the 26th ult., Eliza Jane, wife of Mr. William Betty, Coolanees, county Fermanagh.
BETTY, Mary Ann 24 Oct 56 On the 20th inst., at Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, Mary Ann, eldest daughter of William Betty, Esq., Cappy House, county Fermanagh.
BETTY, Rebecca Louisa 05 Dec 56 On the 28th ult., at 2 Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, of water on the brain, Rebecca Louisa, youngest daughter of William Betty, Esq., of Cappy House, county Fermanagh.
BETTY, Mr. 28 Jan 59 Aged 19, of inflammation of the lungs, at the Waterside Distillery, Londonderry, where he was under instruction, as officer of Inland Revenue, Mr. Betty, Esq., son of William Betty, Esq., Coolaness, in the county Fermanagh.
BETTY, Christopher 20 May 59 May 12, at 26, Lower Rutland Street, Dublin, Christopher Betty, Esq., of Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, aged 82 years.
BETTY, William 30 Nov 60 November 1, of a lingering illness, William Betty, Esq., only son of William Betty, Esq., Ballinamallard, county Fermanagh, aged 22 years.
BETTY, George 29 Mar 61 March 26, at Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, George, youngest son of William Betty, Esq.
BETTY, Hezlet 15 Apr 64 April 6, at Floraville, Enniskillen, Hezlet Betty, Esq., Sub Sheriff, aged 54 years.
BICKERSTAFF, James Captain 05 Jun 57 On the 29th ult., at Liverpool, Captain James Bickerstaff, of Her Majesty's 35th Regiment.
BIGHAM, David Mrs. 10 Feb 65 On the 7th February, Mrs. Bigham, of Enniskillen, relict of the late Mr. David Bigham, pawnbroker, aged 58 years.
BIGHAM, Martha 05 Oct 66 September 20, at Townhall Street, Enniskillen, Martha, fourth daughter of the late Mr. David Bigham, aged 18 years.
BIRNEY, Anne 22 Aug 35 On Saturday last, from the rupture of a blood vessel, in the 18th year of her age, Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Birney, Rector of the parish of Aughavea.
BLACK, Anne 02 Sep 59 On Monday, Anne, the wife of Mr. Joseph Black, of Lisbellaw.
BLACK, Anne 29 Mar 67 March 23, at Springfield Cottage, Badoney, Anne, only daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Black, Lisbellaw, county Fermanagh, aged nine years.
BOWERS, Mary Louisa 18 Oct 64 October 12, Mary Louisa, widow of the late John M. Bowers, Esq., of Moneyeen, county Kilkenny, and youngest daughter of the late John H. Berkeley, Esq., Inspector of Stamp Duties, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, aged 53 years.
BOYD, Thomas 23 Feb 39 February 19th, in Prussia Street, Dublin, from the effects of several very severe wounds received at the memorable battle of Waterloo, Lieutenant Thomas Boyd, formerly Adjutant of the 6th Enniskillen Dragoons.
BRACKEN, Elizabeth 31 May 61 At Toam, Blacklion, on 26th May, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Hugh Bracken, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Copeland, Lisbellaw, aged 75 years.
BRADFORD, Robert 26 Jun 57 On the 21st inst., after a protracted illness, Robert, second son of the late Mr. Nathaniel Bradford, of Enniskillen, watchmaker, aged 23.
BRADFORD, Thomas 10 Jul 63 July 5, of consumption, at his brother's residence, London, Thomas Bradford, Esq., divinity student of Trinity College, Dublin, youngest son of the late Nathaniel Bradford, Esq., of Enniskillen.
BRADSHAW, Edward T. L. 02 Nov 55 On the 27th ult., at 29 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, Edward Thomas Law, second son of Mr. Hugh A. Bradshaw, merchant. [see Donegal BRADSHAW]
BRADSHAW, Alexander H. C. 25 Apr 56 On the 21st inst., Alexander Hugh Crawford, third son of Mr. H.A. Bradshaw, merchant, Enniskillen.
BRADSHAW, Infant son 16 Jul 58 On Sunday last, the infant son of Mr. H. Bradshaw, Enniskillen.
BRADSHAW, Ann Eliza Finlay C. 23 Aug 61 August 19, at 29 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, Ann Eliza Finlay Copeland, second daughter of Mr. H.A. Bradshaw, merchant, aged 10 years.
BRADSHAW, John 10 Apr 66 April 1, at Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, Constable John Bradshaw, of Whiteabbey Station, in the 37th year of his age.
BRADY, Mrs. 02 Feb 33 In Enniskillen, on the 19th ult., aged 63, Mrs. Brady, innkeeper.
BRETT, William 21 May 58 On the 11th inst., at Enniskillen, William Brett, Esq., for fifteen years Paymaster of Constabulary for Fermanagh and Tyrone.
BRIEN, John 14 Nov 56 November 3, at his residence, Castletown, Fermanagh, John Brien, Esq., J.P., and D.L., aged 74 years.
BRIEN, Elizabeth 27 Mar 57 At her residence, Wellington Place, Enniskillen, on the 20th inst., at an advanced age, Elizabeth, relict of the late James Brien, Esq., Captain, Royal Tyrone Regiment.
BROOKE, Henry Lady 12 Mar 36 On Friday, the 4th inst., at her residence, Nutfield, county Fermanagh, Lady Brooke, relict of the late Sir Henry Brooke, Bart. Her Ladyship's demise was occasioned by cold, which terminated in inflammation.
BROOKE, Arthur Sir 12 Aug 43 July 26, at his residence, George Street, Portman Square, London, Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Brooke, K.C.B., Colonel of the 86th Regiment of Foot, aged 71.
BROOKE, Marianne Lady 21 Nov 56 November 14, in Devonshire Street, Portman Square, London, Marianne Lady Brooke, widow of the late Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Brooke, K.C.B.
BROOKE, Ernest 30 Oct 68 Brooke Ernest 30-Oct-68 October 22, at Bundoran, Ernest, third son of Sir Victor Brooke, Bart., of Colebrook Park, aged 7 months.
BROOKE, Edward Basil 15 Dec 68 December 1, at Eaton Square, London, Major General Edward Basil Brooke Colonel 36th Regiment, son of the late Sir Henry Brooke, Bart., of Colebrooke.
BROOKE, Butler Rev. 19 Nov 69 Nov. 14, at Clarinda Park, Kingstown, the Rev. Butler Brooke, of Leeson Street, Dublin, second brother of the late Sir Arthur B. Brooke, Bart., of Colebrook, county Fermanagh.
BROWN, Mary Anne 26 Dec 35 In Enniskillen, on Sunday night, of scarletina, Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mrs. Captain Brown. Eight days only had elapsed since this aimable and afflicted lady was bereft of an interesting boy of three years old, by the same disease.
BROWN, Robert Rev. 29 Jul 59 July 18, at Belleek, county of Fermanagh, after a few day's illness, the Rev. Robert Brown, A.M..
BROWNLEE, Annie (Wilshire) 08 Aug 62 August 1, at the residence of her mother, 57 Upper Grangegorman, Annie [Wiltshire], the beloved wife of Mr. William Brownlee, of Enniskillen.
BRUCE, John 27 Dec 61 December 17, at his father's residence, Derrygonnelly, county Fermanagh, after a brief illness, Mr. John Bruce, of the Letterkenny Constabulary, aged 28 years.
BRYAN, Meade Denis 08 May 57 On the 4th inst., at the Royal School, Enniskillen, Meade Denis, son of Loftus A. Bryan, Esq., 27 Pembroke Road, Dublin.
BUCHANAN, William 30 Nov 39 At Silverhill, Enniskillen, after a short illness, in the 29th year of his age, Mr. William Buchanan.
BURNS, Thomas 01 May 63 April 26, Mr. Thomas Burns, of Gortmesson, near Enniskillen, in the 78th year of his age.

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