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HACKETT to HYNES Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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HACKETT to HYNES Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

HACKETT Archibald H.

21 Aug 1847

At Dunfanaghy, county Donegal, on the 6th inst., Archibald Hamilton Hackett, aged 5 years, second son of Mr. Francis Stephen Hackett, Officer of Excise.


19 Jul 1861

July 15, Anne, third daughter of Mr. William Hagan, Creevagh [?], aged 19 years.


09 Dec 1853

On Friday, the 2nd inst., at the residence of his father, Rathmullan, county Donegal, Mr. John Haire, late clerk at the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Offices, Derry.

HAIRE John Captain

08 Mar 1861

February 22, at Glasslough, county Monaghan, Captain John Haire, of the 2nd R.G. Battalion, in the 86th. year of his age. He was the grandfather of Rev. H.P. Charlton, Burt.

HALL Richard

05 Dec 1829

At Spring Hill, on the 19th Nov., Mr. Richard Hall, aged 88, a native of Yorkshire, the faithful and highly respected Steward of William Lennox Conyngham, Esq., in whose family he had lived 33 years.

HALL William

29 Dec 1863

December 21, at his residence, Hall Place, Bundoran, Mr. William Hall, aged 47 years.

HALL James

12 Jul 1867

July 8, at his residence, Greevagh [?], James Hall, aged 75 years.


09 Jun 1868

June 7, at Castletown, St. Johnston, of whooping cough, Mary,youngest child of Mr. John Hall, aged one year and two months.

HALL Samuel

12 May 1838

On Thursday, the 10th inst., at Letterkenny, of inflammation of the liver, Mr Samuel Hall, of that Town, painter and glazier, he was the Inspector of Weights and Measures for the county of Donegal, and was for many years in connexion with the Methodist Society.


29 Sep 1868

September 6, in Brooklyn, United States, of consumption, Mary, only daughter of Mr. John Hamilll, formerly of the Chemical Works, Buncrana.


26 Mar 1831

At Trentaugh, on the 19th inst., aged 62, Mary, relict of the late Mathew Hamilton, Esq.


17 Mar 1832

On Sunday last, at Bullocktown, Miss Hamilton, daughter of Mr. Babington Hamilton, parish of Lifford.


03 Aug 1833

On Sunday, the 28th ult., at 8 Rutland Square, in her 89th year, Isabella, widow of the late John Hamilton, Esq., of Brown Hall, county Donegal.

HAMILTON William Mrs.

30 Aug 1834

At Coolaghy, near Raphoe, on Wednesday, the 20th inst., Mrs. Hamilton, relict of the late Mr. William Hamilton, aged 82 years.


29 Aug 1835

On Tuesday last, at Carricknahorna, near Ballyshannon, after a lingering illness, Peter Hamilton, Esq., father of the late Colonel Hamilton.

HAMILTON Elizabeth

19 Sep 1835

On the 2nd inst., at her residence, Ballybrack, Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, aged 85 years.


25 Mar 1837

At Strabane, on Friday last, James Hamilton, Esq., Magistrate of the counties of Tyrone and Donegal.

HAMILTON Alexander

07 Jul 1838

On Wednesday last, at Killoughs, near Ballyshannon, Alexander Hamilton, Esq., aged 45 years.


04 May 1839

At Ballintra, on the 30th April, Mrs. Hamilton, relict of the late John Hamilton, of Coxtown, Esq., in her 79th year.


16 May 1840

May 3, at Lausanne, aged 14 years, Isabella, eldest daughter of John Hamilton, Esq., of St. Ernan's, county Donegal.


14 Nov 1840

At his residence, Fahan, on the 1st inst., the Rev. David Hamilton. In the 62nd year of his age, and 42nd of his ministry.

HAMILTON Catherine

01 Oct 1842

September 24th, at Rathmines, Catherine, the beloved wife of the Rev. Richard Hamilton, of Redfort, county Donegal.


30 Sep 1843

On the 28th inst., at Dulargy, county of Louth, Abraham Hamilton, Esq., late of Ballintra.


14 Oct 1843

On Friday, the 6th inst., in the 79th year of his age, Charles Hamilton, Esq., of Ballyfatton, county Tyrone, eldest and last surviving son of the late James Hamilton, Esq., of Fortstewart, Ramelton, county Donegal.

HAMILTON Catherine

11 Jul 1846

On Friday evening, the 3rd inst., at Fahan Cottage, Catherine, wife of Micah Hamilton, Esq.

HAMILTON Richard Rev.

21 Aug 1847

August 17th, suddenly, at Redford Glebe, the Rev. Richard Hamilton, for 24 years Rector of the parishes of Culdaff and Cloncha.


01 Jan 1848

On Christmas night, at the residence of her son, Mr. Richard Hamilton, of Raphoe, Mrs. Maria Hamilton, aged 70 years. Also on the 28th ult., her granddaughter, Sibella Smith, aged 4 years and 10 months, after an illness of 18 months.

HAMILTON Caroline Maria

31 Mar 1849

On Tuesday, the 20th inst., aged 14 years, Caroline Maria, fifth daughter of James Hamilton, Esq., of Fintra House, near Killybegs, county Donegal.


14 Sep 1849

On the 5th September, at Fintra House, near Killybegs, county Donegal, James Hamilton, Esq., aged 47 years.


15 Mar 1850

On Thursday, the 28th ult., at the advanced age of 81 years, Andrew Hamilton, Esq., of Loughside, county Donegal.


13 Aug 1852

At Rossyveolan [?], on the 9th inst., of consumption, in the 18th year of her age, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Hamilton, Esq., R.N.

HAMILTON Edward William

19 Nov 1852

November 11, at Crew Railway Station, on his way to Ventnor, aged 22, Edward William, eldest son of the Rev. Edward M. Hamilton, of Brown Hall, county Donegal.

HAMILTON Frances Helena

03 Dec 1852

At Greencastle Coast Guard Station, on the 26th November, Frances Helena Hamilton, infant daughter of Mr. James Ezekiel Hamilton, aged 11 months.

HAMILTON James Ezekiel Mrs.

20 May 1853

On the 14th inst., at Greencastle Coast-Guard Station, after a long and protracted illness, aged 41, the beloved wife of Mr. James Ezekiel Hamilton, and the last surviving daughter of the late Captain Philip Thomas Moore, of the Royal Manx Fencibles, also

grand-daughter of the late Deemster Moore, Esq., and also of the late James Johnston, Esq., Drumkeen, county Fermanagh.


09 Jun 1854

May 28th, at Eden, county Donegal, aged 94 years, Mary, relict of J. Hamilton, Esq., J.P.


15 Sep 1854

At her residence, on the Mall, Ballyshannon, on Monday, the 4th inst., in the 39th year of her age, Mary Anne, relict of John Hamilton, of Mill View, Esq.

HAMILTON Alexander H.

20 Jul 1855

17th July, at Coxtown, Donegal, after only three days' illness of scarlet fever, Alexander Henry Hamilton, the only child of the late Abraham Hamilton, of Delargy, county Louth, aged 12 years.


23 Nov 1855

On the 6th inst., at Sea View, county Donegal, Hannah, wife of John Hamilton, Esq., R.N., in her 74th year.


29 Aug 1856

May 24, at Plymouth, William Hamilton, Esq., M.D., eldest son of the late Rev. William Hamilton, D.D., Rector of Clondavaddock, county Donegal.


05 Dec 1856

November 28, at Clooney [?], the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Simpson, Margaret, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Hamilton, Claudy, Strabane, aged 78 years.


23 Jan 1857

On the 14th inst., of disease of the lungs, George Hamilton, of Eden, county of Donegal, Esq., J.P.


15 May 1857

At Baltimore, United States, on Sunday, the 22nd March, Eleanor, relict of the late Mr. George Hamilton, of Castletown, near St. Johnston, at the advanced age of 90 years.


18 Sep 1857

At Hobart Town, N.S.W., to which she had been removed to be contiguous to her medical advisers, on the 20th May, Mrs. Jane Galt Hamilton, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Hamilton, formerly of Tullyowen, in the county Donegal, Ireland.


05 Mar 1858

On the 26th ult., at Glanmore, county Longford, the residence of Noble Armstrong, Esq., in the 89th year of her age, Margery, last survivor of the family of James Hamilton, Esq., Fortstewart, county Donegal.


04 May 1860

May 1, at Burt Cottage, Andrew Hamilton, Esq., M.D., late of this City.


22 Jun 1860

April 4, at Bendigo, Victoria, of diptheria, Mary, aged four years, only daughter of the late H.W. Hamilton, Esq., formerly of Ballymoney [?], Ireland.


03 Aug 1860

July 31, at her residence, Gort House, Jane, relict of the late Rev. David Hamilton, of Fahan, aged 78 years.


15 Nov 1861

November 10, at his residence, Kildrum, Mr. James Hamilton, sen., aged 84 years.


30 Jan 1863

January 28, at her residence, Drumanaile, Jane Hamilton, aged 57 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in the buryingground of Muff, on Friday, this day, at one o'clock.


20 Feb 1863

February 14, at Blessington Street, Dublin, Kate, third and youngest daughter of Micah Hamilton, Esq., late of Fahan Cottage, county Donegal, aged 12 years and 7 months.


01 May 1863

April 27, at his residence, Kildrum, Joseph Hamilton, sen., aged 78 years.

HAMILTON Edward Michael

05 Jun 1863

May 31, at St. Ernan's, Donegal, Edward Michael, infant son of John Hamilton, Esq.

HAMILTON Alice Frances

01 Sep 1863

June 17, at Ladismith, Port Natal, S.A., immediately after giving birth to a daughter, during an attack of fever, Alice Frances, wife of Captain R. Hamilton, Blue Bell Farm, Coleno, county Weenan, and late of Fintra House, Killybegs, county Donegal.


16 Oct 1863

October 11, at her residence, Raphoe, Miss Fanny Hamilton, aged 51 years.

HAMILTON John Johnston

12 Aug 1864

August 6, at Lurgan, of bronchitis, John Johnston Hamilton, Inland Revenue Officer, only son of James E. Hamilton, R.N., late of Greencastle, county Donegal, aged 28 years.


13 Dec 1864

December 8, at Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran, Mr. Hazlett Hamilton, in the 63rd year of his age.


27 Mar 1866

March 20, at Killybegs, county Donegal, Frances, relict of the late Captain James Hamilton, aged 74 years.


25 May 1866

Drowned at Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, in March, whilst bathing, three days after landing, Mr. John Hamilton, son of Mr. James Hamilton, of Moneymore [?].


10 Aug 1866

August 7, at his residence, Kildrum, Mr. Hance Hamilton, aged 65 years.


22 Jan 1867

January 11, at Tyrhomin, Milford, Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Matthew Hamilton.


22 Feb 1867

February 17, at his residence, Ballymoney [?], Mr. Hugh McC. Hamilton, aged 66 years.


01 May 1868

April 20, at Gortaquigley, near Raphoe, Henry Hamilton, Esq., aged 85 years.

HAMILTON James Douglas

22 Dec 1868

December 13, at his residence, Corrin Lodge, James Douglas Hamilton, aged 32 years, second son of the late James Hamilton, Esq., J.P., of Fintra House, county Donegal.


01 Oct 1858

On the 20th ult., at Drumhorey, Parish of Drumhome, Mr. William Hammond, aged 76 years.


09 Dec 1864

December 4, at Donegal, Joseph W. Hammond, youngest son of Mr. James A. Hammond, Donegal, aged 19 years.


08 Oct 1867

September 29, at Green Hills, Convoy, after a protracted illness, Mr. John Hammond, aged 55 years.


09 Oct 1863

October 6, at Ardmore [?], Mr. Samuel Handcock, aged 20 years.

HANDCOCK William Alexander

10 Jun 1864

June 8, at the residence of his father, Gobnascale [?], William Alexander Handcock, aged 14 years.


08 May 1866

May 3, at Carrickmagrath, Stranorlar, Miss Jane Hanklin, aged 60 years.

HANLON Patrick

25 Oct 1867

October 11, at Glenties, Mr. Patrick Hanlon, aged 35 years.

HANNA Samuel

17 Nov 1832

On Sunday last, Mr. Samuel Hanna, of Whitehouse, near St. Johnston, aged 61 years

HANNA Margaret

18 Jan 1850

At Whitehouse, near Carrigans, at an advanced age, Margaret, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Hanna.

HANSON James Brown

02 Apr 1858

On the 24th ult., at Rosehill, Fahan, James Brown, aged two years and nine months, third son of the Rev. David Hanson.


15 Apr 1859

April 11, at Rose Hill, Fahan, of hooping cough, the infant son of the Rev. David Hanson.


18 Apr 1831

On Monday morning, the 11th inst., at Ballyshannon, Maria, daughter, of Captain Hardinge, of the Donegal Militia Staff.

HRDINGE Patience

16 Sep 1837

In Ballyshannon on the 3rd inst., Patience, beloved wife of Captain Hardinge, aged 73 years.


04 Dec 1841

November 29th, in Ballyshannon, Mary Anne, third daughter of John Hardinge, Captain and Adjutant of the Donegal Militia.

HARKIN John Rev.

28 Aug 1847

On the 19th August, at the residence of his father, in Derryconer, of consumption, in the prime of life, the Rev. John Harkin, C.A., of the Parish of Gartan, near Letterkenny.

HARKIN Michael

30 May 1865

May 24, at Crieslough, of decline, Mr. Michael Harkin, grocer and spirit dealer.

HARKIN Bernard

29 Jan 1867

January 22, George, aged 6 years, second son of Mr. Bernard Harkin, Massinass, Cresslough.


08 Dec 1868

November 27, at Ballinabrine, Ballindrate, Mr. James Harkin, aged 64 years.


27 Aug 1836

On Tuesday morning, in this City, where he had resided for some time previous under medical treatment, Mr. Thomas Harper, of Ards, in the county of Donegal, aged 60 years.

HARPER Elizabeth

19 Oct 1839

On Thursday the 3rd inst., at her residence, Ards, county Donegal, Elizabeth, wife of the late Mr. Thomas Harper, aged 58 years.


15 Jan 1842

On the 3rd inst., after a short but severe illness, which she bore with patient resignation to the will of God, Mrs. Jane Harper, in the 82nd year of her age. [no place given]

HARPER William

26 Feb 1842

On the 17th inst., Mr. William Harper, of Dromohill, aged 88 years.

HARPER Margaret

29 Jan 1858

At Killygordon, on Tuesday, the 19th inst., in the 60th year of her age, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Harper.


02 Nov 1860

October 26, after a lingering illness, James Harper, second son of Mr. Henry Harper, Brookstown, Carnone.


23 Jun 1863

June 11, at Meenlogher, Castlefin, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Harper, aged 19 years.

HARPER William James

09 Sep 1864

August 30, at Raphoe, William James, youngest son of Mr. William Harper, merchant, aged 19 years.

HARPER William

18 Sep 1866

August 18, at Whitchurch, Canada West, Mr. William Harper, formerly of Killygordon, county Donegal.

HARPER Alexander Mrs.

14 Jun 1867

June 12, at Carnone, Mrs. Alexander Harper, aged 55 years.


25 Aug 1863

August 24, at his residence, Stedevage, near St. Johnston, Mr. Joseph Harrigan, aged 64 years.


25 May 1839

On the 6th inst., at St. John's Point, county Donegal, in the 56th year of his age, Mr. Peter Harris, Chief Officer of Coastguards, which office he filled for upwards of 25 years.


09 Dec 1843

On the 28th October, at 2 Parke Place, Walworth, London, Mr. John Harris, (son to the late Mr. Peter Harris, Chief Officer of Coastguards).

HARRIS Richard John J.

14 Jun 1864

June 13, at Lifford, Richard John Joseph, infant son of Colour Sergeant William Harris, P.W.O. Donegal Militia, aged 16 days.


27 Feb 1863

February 16, at Letterkenny, Mr. John Harron, aged 70 years.

HART Michael

22 Jan 1831

On Monday last, the 17th January, Mr. Michael Hart, Clerk of Muff Church, county Donegal, these last 36 years.

HART General

16 Jun 1832

At his seat, Kilderry, on Thursday morning last, at eight 0'clock, after a protracted illness, General Hart, Govenor of the City of Derry and Culmore Fort, aged 80 years.


17 Mar 1838

On the 15th inst., at his residence, Doe Castle, county Donegal, John Hart, Esq., a Magistrate of that County, and an Alderman of the city of Londonderry. Captain Hart was the eldest son of the late General George Vaughan Hart, Govenor of Derry and Culmore,

and many years the highly respected representative in Parliament for the county of Donegal.

HART G.V. Mrs.

29 Jan 1848

On the 19th inst., at Aughnageddy Rectory, where she had been on a visit, in the 77th year of her age, Mrs. Hart, of Glenalla, county Donegal, relict of the late Rev. G.V. Hart, and daughter of the late Dean Hume.

HART Elizabeth Jane

24 Aug 1849

At Kilderry, on the 18th inst., aged nine years, Elizabeth Jane, daughter of G.V. Hart, Esq.

HART Maria Henrietta

27 Jul 1860

July 22, in the twenty-third year of her age, Maria Henrietta, eldest daughter of George Vaughan Hart, Esq., of Kilderry, in the county of Donegal.


02 Nov 1866

September 12, at Quebec, Mr. M. Harty, late of Ramelton, Donegal, aged 40 years.

HARVEY Elizabeth

24 Oct 1840

At Buncrana, on the 21st inst., in the 73rd year of her age, Miss Elizabeth Harvey, youngest daughter of James Harvey, Esq., late of this City.


21 Nov 1840

At Fairfield House, Cheltenham, after a long indisposition, the Rev. W.H. Harvey, of Linsfort House, county Donegal, and son of the late Sir Robert B. Harvey, of Langley Park, Bucks.

HARVEY Marianne H.

15 May 1841

On the 7th inst., Marianne Hatton, third daughter of John Harvey, Esq., of Goorey, county Donegal.

HARVEY George Morewod

05 Sep 1851

August 31st, at the Lodge, Culdaff, George Morewood, aged 10 years, second son of Edward Harvey, Esq.

HARVEY Barbara Frances

04 Sep 1857

On the 23rd ult., at Malin Hall, in the 80th year of her age, Barbara Frances, relict of the late Robert Harvey, Esq., of Malin Hall, county of Donegal.


16 Oct 1857

On the 14th inst., at Goorey Lodge, county Donegal, Susan, wife of John Harvey, sen., Esq., in the 81st year of her age.


12 May 1863

May 9, at Goorly Lodge, in the county Donegal, John Harvey, Esq., in his 91st year.


21 Mar 1865

March 17, after a short illness, at Malin Hall, the residence of John Harvey, Esq., Anne, wife of the Rev. Robert Harvey, of Leck Glebe, near Letterkenny.

HARVEY Barbara Frances

08 Dec 1868

December 2, at 13, Hardwicke Place, Dublin, Barbara Frances, daughter of the late Robert Harvey, Esq., Malin Hall, county Donegal.


29 Oct 1869

Sept. 12, at Massimpore, Cachar, India, of fever, John, aged 25 years, third son of Commander Edward Harvey, R.N., Culdaff.


29 Jun 1839

At Malin Hall, on Saturday last, the 22nd inst., Emily, wife of John Harvey, Esq., Malin Hall.


12 Dec 1840

On Thursday, the 3rd inst., aged 63 years, Mr. Samuel Haslett, of Sappaugh, county Donegal.


01 Jun 1869

May 28, at his residence, Carrownaff, Moville, William Haslett, Esq., J.P., aged 73 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Chapel of Ease, burying ground, on Tuesday morning, the 1st inst. at 10 o'clock.

HASLETT John Irvine

20 Jul 1869

July 15, at his residence, Carrownaff, Moville, John Irvine Haslett, Esq., eldest surviving son of the late William Haslett, Esq., J.P.

HASSARD Alexander

04 Oct 1845

On the 21st ult., at Bundoran, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, Alexander Hassard, Esq., J.P., and formerly Captain in the Enniskillen Dragoons.


20 Jan 1844

At Creeslough, on the 11th inst., Mr. John Hastings, second son of Thomas Hastings, Esq.


20 Jan 1849

At Lettergull, at the house of his son, Mr. Robert Hastings, on Tuesday, the 9th . Inst., Mr. John Hastings, at the advanced age of 88 years.


12 Sep 1856

At Lettergull, near Raphoe, on Monday, the 8th inst., Mr. Robert Hastings, aged 58 years.


29 Jan 1858

On Tuesday, the 26th inst., at the residence of her father, Margaret, the beloved daughter of Mr. Robert Hastings, Dunwiley, Stranorlar.


05 Feb 1858

At Creeslagh, county Donegal, on Sabbath, the 24th ult., Mr. Thomas Hastings, senior, aged 72 years.

HASTINGS Anthony Rev.

04 Nov 1864

October 29, at the Glebe House, Kilmacrenan, county Donegal, the Rev. Anthony Hastings, A.M., J.P., Rector and Vicar of the Parish of Kilmacrenan, Diocese of Raphoe, aged 84 years


03 Aug 1869

July 31, at Dunwiley, Robert, eldest son of Mr. John Hastings, aged 4 years and 11 months.


24 Aug 1869

August 20, at Dunwiley, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Hastings, aged 6 years.


05 Nov 1836

July 31, on his passage to England, between Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena, William Hawkins, Esq., second son of James late Lord Bishop of Raphoe.

HAWKINS Mary Henrietta

10 Aug 1844

On the 2nd August, at Maryville near Raheny, Miss Mary Henrietta Hawkins, second daughter of the late Rev. John Hawkins, of County Donegal.


29 Apr 1853

April 21, at 13, Pembroke Place, Dublin, Mrs. Hawkins, relict of the Rev. John Hawkins, of the county Donegal, aged 86.


08 Apr 1848

In this City, on the 25th March, Eliza, third daughter of the late Rev. Richard Hawkshaw, formerly Rector of Fahan, in the county Donegal.


27 May 1848

At Derry, on the 26th inst., Margaret, relict of the late Rev. Richard Hawkshaw, some time Rector of Fahan.


19 Feb 1858

On Wednesday, the 27th ult., at her residence, Great James Street, Louisa, sister of the late Rev. William Hawkshaw, Rector of Fahan.

HAXWELL Vincentia

22 Aug 1851

At Blairstown, on the 18th inst., Vincentia, fifth daughter of the late Lieutenant William Henry Haxwell, H.P., 72nd Regiment.

HAY Thomas

14 Feb 1846

At Letterkenny, on Wednesday, the 4th inst., Mr. Thomas Hay, of that town, at the advanced age of 86 years. In the various relations of husband and father his conduct was exemplary.

HAY C. Mrs.

15 May 1847

At Milford, on the 9th inst., Mrs. C. Hay, aged 53 years.

HAY Charles

03 Jul 1847

On the 16th ult., at Milford, County Donegal, Charles Hay, jun., Esq., in the 23rd year of his age.

HAY Robert

20 Jan 1849

On the 14th inst., Mr. Robert Hay, of Aughadreenagh, in the 73rd year of his age. He was, for upwards of forty years, a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Fannet, of which his son , the Rev. P. Hay, is at present Minister.

HAY Thomas

19 Apr 1850

On Wednesday, the 17th inst., Thomas Hay, Esq., of Millford, of apoplexy, aged 55 years.

HAY Catherine

10 Dec 1852

On the 2nd inst., at Springfield, Fannet, after a short illness, Catherine, the beloved wife of the Rev. Patrick Hay, aged 33 years.

HAY Thomas

17 Sep 1869

Sept. 7, at his residence, Letterkenny, Mr. Thomas Hay, aged 62 years.


05 Nov 1852

On the 11th ult., at Aughadreenagh, Fannet, Mr. Moses Hay, in his 69th year.

HAYDON Charlotte Lucinda

18 Jul 1851

On the 7th inst., at Letterkenny, Charlotte Lucinda, the beloved wife of Lieutenant R.L. Haydon, aged 54 years.


20 Feb 1857

At Letterkenny, on Tuesday, the 10th inst., Jane, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Hayes, of said place, at the advanced age of 96 years.

HAYS Samuel Lady

24 Mar 1836

March 18, in Fitzwilliam Square, Lady Hays, relict of the late Sir Samuel Hays, Bart., of Drumboe Castle, county of Donegal.


08 Mar 1834

At Ramelton, on Tuesday, the 18th ult., Dr. Hazlett, aged 89 years.


28 Oct 1837

At Carnisk, near Ramelton, on 23rd inst., John Harris Hazlett, Esq., J.P., for the county of Donegal, aged 54 years.


08 May 1857

On Wednesday morning week, in the 78th year of his age, Mr. William Hegarty, of Manorcunningham.

HEARD Caroline Louisa

27 Nov 1863

November 22, at Greenville Street, Dublin, Caroline Louisa, wife of Richard Heard, Esq., late Inspector of Coast Guards, Killybegs, county Donegal.


26 May 1832

On Saturday, the 19th inst., at Fahan, Mrs. Heathe, relict of the late Admiral Heathe.

HEEKIN Bridget

04 Jan 1867

December 27, at her residence, in Malinbeg, Mrs. Bridget Heekin, relict of the late Mr. William Heekin, aged 60 years.

HEGARTY Charles Stewart

04 May 1844

On Thursday morning, the 2nd inst., aged 9 years, Charles Stewart, only son of Mr. William Hegarty, Letterkenny.


27 Sep 1864

September 19, at Drung, county Donegal, Mr. Daniel Hegarty, aged 72 years.


19 Dec 1865

December 6, Mr. James Hegarty aged 52 years, teacher of the Commons National School, Killybegs, for the past 27 years.

HEGARTY Margaret

22 May 1866

May 10, Miss Margaret Hegarty, daughter of Mr. John Hegarty, Castlefin.


29 Nov 1867

November 21, at Lemacrosson, from effects of a fall, Mr. John Hegarty, aged 55 years.


01 Feb 1840

At the age of 21 years, at Langhill, on the 26th ult., Charles Hemphill, son of Mr. Charles Hemphill, sen., after a protracted illness.


10 Apr 1830

In Letterkenny, on the 31st March, in the 39th year of his age, Mr. Gustavus Henderson, after a tedious illness.


07 Feb 1835

At the Tops, near Raphoe, on Saturday 31st ult., in the 78th year of her age, Mrs. Henderson, relict of the late Mr. Henderson.


09 May 1835

At Green Lee, on the 22nd ult., of a short illness, Mr. Richard Henderson.


13 Aug 1836

22nd July, aged 68 years, Hannah, beloved wife of William Henderson, Esq., of Rathmullan.


29 Mar 1845

At Greenlees, on Wednesday, the 19th inst., at the advanced age of 103 years, Mrs. Henderson, relict of the Mr. James Henderson, of the Laught.


17 Jan 1851

At Culdaff, on the 11th inst., Mr. William Henderson, postmaster, aged 75 years. He had been permanent sergeant of the Culdaff Yeomanry from its formation in 1796.


31 Jan 1851

On the 23rd inst., at Ramullan, William Henderson, Esq., aged 83 years.


09 Dec 1853

At Lifford Town Parks, on the 1st inst., aged thirty-one years, Maria, wife of Mr. Robert Henderson, surveyor to the Most Noble the Marquis of Abercorn.


06 Aug 1858

On the 1st inst., at Kindroyhead, near Culdaff, of effusion of the brain, George Gill, eldest son of Mr. Robert Henderson, aged 22 years.


26 Nov 1858

At Rathmullan, on the 20th inst., Robert, second son of Mr. Samuel Henderson, postmaster, aged 9 years and 7 months.


01 Feb 1861

January 28, at her son's residence, Rathmullan, Mary Ann, rellict of the late Mr. John Henderson.


13 Sep 1861

On the 8th September, at Fern, near Claudy, Mr. John Henderson, aged 77 years.

HENDERSON Catherine Dunn

24 Mar 1863

On Saturday, 21st March, at Linsfort, Catherine Dunn, only child of Mr. Robert Henderson, of this City. Her remains will be removed from Linsfort, for interment in the Cemetry, on Tuesday, this

morning, at nine o'clock.


13 Jan 1865

On the 21st December 1864 at South Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Francis Henderson, aged 62 years, formerly a native of Rathmullan, county Donegal.

Henderson Samuel

05 Sep 1865

August 26, aged 2 years, Samuel, beloved son of Mr. Samuel C. Henderson, Rathmullan.


03 Apr 1866

March 26, at Ballymaleel, but formerly of Drumnashaw, Ballindrate, Mr. James Henderson, aged 88 years.


10 Jul 1866

July 5, at Drumnahaw, Ballindrate, Mary Jane, the beloved child of Mr. Alexander Henderson, aged nine years.


04 Sep 1866

August 28, at Trimra, Rebecca, the beloved wife of Mr. James Henderson.


21 Jun 1867

June 12, the infant son of Mr. Robert Henderson, of Letterkenny, aged 3 days.


01 Dec 1868

At his residence, Rathmullan, Samuel, the beloved son of Samuel C. Henderson, aged 3 years and 6 months.


03 Nov 1838

At Lifford, at an advanced age, on the 31st ult., Mary, relict of the late William Hendrick, Esq.

HENRY William Capt.

17 Apr 1841

On Sunday last, the 11th inst., at his residence, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, Captain William Henry, aged 60 years, County Inspector of Constabulary, and formerly Captain in the Donegal Militia.


28 Oct 1847

On the 11th inst., at Lifford, County Donegal, Mary, wife of Captain Clifford Henry, 48th Regiment, aged 25.

HENRY Anne Jane

23 Mar 1849

March 5, at Arco, in the Italian Tyrol, of fever, Anne Jane, wife of James Henry, formerly of Fitzwilliam Square, Esq., M.D., and daughter of the late John Patton, of Castlefin, in the county of Donegal.

HENRY William Rev.

13 Aug 1852

On the 7th inst., in Letterkenny, the Rev. William Henry, D.D., in the sixty fourth year of his age, and the fortieth year of his ministry in the Reformed Presbyterian Church.


27 Aug 1858

On the 20th inst., at Ballybracken House, Moville, Hugh Henry, Esq., contractor, aged 57 years.

HENRY William

08 Oct 1858

On the 2nd inst., at Ballybrack, William Henry, Esq., Mountjoy Square, Dublin, aged 76 years.

HENRY Robert Beresford

22 Aug 1862

August 14, at Ballyshannon, county Donegal, Robert Beresford, infant son of William Henry, Esq., S.I., aged 9 months.

HENRY Elizabeth

13 Apr 1866

April 11, at Moville Rectory, Elizabeth, relict of the late James Henry, Esq., of Drumlamph, county Londonderry.


03 Aug 1869

At his residence Main Street, Strabane, Mr. John Hepburn, carpenter, aged 64 years, formerly of Stranorlar.


06 Mar 1868

On the 1st March, at Moville, Ned Herald, at the advanced age of 105 years.

HERON William M.C.

16 Nov 1839

At Cincinnati, U.S. in the 28th year of his age, William M.C. Heron, son of the Rev. M. Heron, of Monreagh, county Donegal.

HERON Francis

25 Apr 1840

At Prospect Hill, county Donegal, on the 11th inst., Francis Heron, Esq., of the Hon. The Hudson Bay Company. Mr Heron emigrated from Ramelton in 1811, when 17 years of age. He worked his way up to become proprietor of the Hudson Bay Company. He died in

the 40th year of his age, leaving a widow and young family.

HERON Matthew Rev.

04 Apr 1846

At his residence, Ballougry, on the 26th ult., the Rev. Matthew Heron, senior Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Monreagh, aged 74 years.


18 Jul 1846

At Ballyougry, on the 10th inst., of liver complaint, Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Heron.


07 Sep 1849

in this City, on the 2nd inst., at his mother's residence, Fountain Place, Mr. John Heron, third son of the late Rev. Matthew Heron, Presbyterian Minister of Monreagh.

HERON Francis Mrs.

04 Oct 1850

In Bishop Street, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Francis Heron, second daughter of the late Rev. M. Heron, Monreagh.


18 Oct 1850

On the 14th inst., at Rock House, Jane Heron, relict of the late Rev. Mr. Heron, Presbyterian Minister of the congregation of Monreagh, after a lingering illness.


14 Apr 1865

On the 5th April, at Breakey, near Ramelton, Mr. David Heron, aged 52 years.


07 Sep 1844

On the 1st inst., at Ballyhaskey, Mary Hestor, infant daughter of the Rev. William Scott, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Newtowncunningham.


17 Aug 1869

August 13, at Lifford, Margaret, daughter of Mr. John Hetherington, aged 21 years.


22 May 1857

At Charleston, South Carolina, on the 19th ult., Hannah, the wife of Barry D. Hewetson, Esq., late of Rossgarrow, county Donegal.

HEWITT Mary Lady

22 Mar 1850

On the 13th inst., four days after the birth of a daughter, at Monellan, in the county of Donegal, the seat of the Rev. Robert Delap, the Lady Mary Hewitt, beloved wife of the Hon. James Hewitt, of Meenglas, in the same county, and eldest daughter of the late Earl of Gosford.

HEWITT Evelyn John

09 Jul 1867

July 4, at Cecil House, Wimbledon, Evelyn John Hewitt, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, second son of Viscount Lifford.


20 Apr 1860

April 17, at Malin, Mr. James Hewston, sen., aged 60 years.

HEWSTON Margaret

22 Jan 1864

January 19, at Malin, Miss Margaret Hewston, aged 80 years.


26 Apr 1867

April 21, at Malin, Mr. James Hewston, aged 80 years.


16 Oct 1857

On the 15th inst., at his residence, Crescent, Derry, the Rev. Robert Higinbotham, aged 33 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Fahan Church yard, on Saturday morning, the 17th inst., at the hour of eleven o'clock.

HILL George Lady

19 Mar 1842

On the morning of Tuesday, the 15th inst., at Gortlee, in county Donegal, the Lady George Hill.

HILL James William P.

20 Feb 1863

February 15, at Letterkenny, in the 15th year of his age, after a few days' illness, Master James William Pratt, the beloved son of James Ponsonby Hill, Esq., County Inspector of Constabulary, county Donegal.

HILL John A. H.

03 Jun 1864

May 31, at Letterkenny, in his 19th year, John Allen Hemsworth, Lieutenant in the Prince of Wales' Donegal Artillery, eldest and only surviving son of James Ponsonby Hill, Esq., county Inspector of Constabulary.

HILL James

09 Jul 1867

On the 1st July, at Drumearn, near St. Johnston, James Hill, Esq., aged 84 years.

HOGG James

24 Dec 1841

On the 13th inst., at Rathmullan, James Hogg, Esq., aged 75 years.

HOLLAND John Lieut.

11 Mar 1843

At Portrush, on the 7th inst., Lieut. John Holland, R.N., many years Chief Officer of Coast Guard at Rathmullan.


14 May 1831

On the 27th ult., at his son's residence in Killygordon, in the 70th year of his age, Mr. Robert Holmes.


23 Jul 1831

At Buncrana, on Wednesday, the 13th inst., in the 62nd year of her age, Anne, wife of John Holmes, Esq.


17 Dec 1831

On the 9th inst., at his father's residence in Carnone, Mr. John Holmes, aged 21 years, a Divinity Student under the care of the General Synod of Ulster.


02 Aug 1834

In Londonderry, on the 26th ult., at the residence of Messrs. Maxwell, aged 47 years, John Holmes, of Philadelphia, Esq., son of Mr. John Holmes, of Buncrana. A native of Ireland, he settled at Philadelphia about 30 years ago, and was an ardent lover of his country, where he died three days after his arrival.

HOLMES William

06 Dec 1834

At Killygordon, in the county Donegal, on Monday, the 1st inst., of a putrid sore throat, Mr. William Holmes, in the 22nd year of his age, brother of Surgeon James Holmes. A widowed mother and four daughters mourn his loss.


16 Jan 1841

On the 6th inst., at Buncrana, John Holmes, Esq., aged 81.


21 Sep 1849

On the 3rd inst., at Ballyderowen, Burt, Mrs. Mary Holmes, relict of the late Rev. John Holmes, of Donagheady, aged 84 years.


29 Oct 1852

September 22, at New York, after a short but painful illness, Phoebe Holmes, late of the town of Donegal.


09 Jun 1854

At Meenahoney, Carnone, on the 4th inst., Mr. Thomas Holmes, aged 83 years.

HOLMES William

20 Nov 1857

On the 16th inst., at Ballinacore, county Donegal, Mr. William Holmes, aged 83 years.


23 Dec 1859

On the 14th inst., at Carrickbrack, Mr. John Holmes, aged 50 years. He was a kind husband, a tender father.


27 Jul 1860

July 21, at Ballinacore, Killygordon, Martha, relict of the late Mr. William Holmes, aged 80 years.

HOLMES Thomas Mrs.

17 Jan 1862

January 1, at her daughter's residence, Lismoughery, Mrs. Holmes, relict of the late Thomas Holmes Esq., Glenfin, aged 88.

HOLMES Richard

24 Oct 1862

October 19, at Malin, Mr. Richard Holmes.

HOLMES John Robert

12 May 1868

May 4, at Dungloe, after a few hours illness, John Robert Holmes, Esq., S.I. Royal Irish Constabulary.

HOLMES Benjamin

18 Dec 1868

December 16, at Canone, Mr. Benjamin Holmes, aged 92 years.


05 Mar 1869

February 21, at Carnone, Mary, relict of the late Thomas Holmes, Esq., of Holmestown, and sister of the Rev. James Steel, D.D., of Stranorlar.

HOLT Elizabeth

25 Jun 1842

On Sunday, 19th inst., at Moville, (where she had been for some time), Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. W. Holt. architect of this City.

HOLTON William

11 Jan 1861

January 1, suddenly, at Claremont, Moville, William Holton, Esq., aged 80 years.


26 Mar 1831

On the 18th inst., at the residence of the Rev. H. Brooke, of Burt, after a protracted illness, Miss Hood, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John Hood, many years Presbyterian Clergyman of this City.

HOOD James

20 Aug 1836

At his residence in Moyle, in the county of Donegal, on the 6th inst., after a protracted illness, Mr. James Hood, aged 79 years. His remains were followed to the burying ground at Taughboyne by a vast concourse of friends and acquaintances.

HOOD Martha

11 Jul 1840

At Letterkenny, on the 7th inst., Martha Hood, widow of Mr. Henry Hood, late of the city of Philadelphia, and formerly of Moyle, county Donegal.

HOOD Archibald

25 Feb 1859

January 18, at Magheramore, near Manorcunningham, Mr. Archibald Hood, at the extraordinary age of 112 years.

HOOD Samuel

08 Jun 1860

June 4, at Moyle, Samuel Hood, aged 56 years.

HOOME Archibald

15 Nov 1850

At Letterkenny, on Friday the 8th inst., Mr. Archibald Hoome.

HORINGSTON Amelia Elizabeth

28 Feb 1862

November 25, at Brunswick, Australia, Amelia Elizabeth, wife of James Horingston, Esq., and second and beloved daughter of James E. Hamilton, Esq. Inspector of Coast Guards, Greencastle, county Donegal, Ireland, in her 30th year.


27 Aug 1868

August 24, at Waterstown Cottage, near Naas, county Kildare, William Houstin, Esq., formerly Inspector of Revenue Police, Morass Tamney, Ramelton, county Donegal.

HOUSTON James Rev.

28 Aug 1830

On the 21st inst., at Gortin, the residence of his father, in the 26th year of his age, the Rev. James Houston, son of the Rev. James Houston, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballindreat.

HOUSTON Alexander

28 May 1831

On the 19th inst., at Gorten, aged 24 years, Mr. Alexander Houston, Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, youngest son of the Rev. James Houston, Presbyterian Minister of Ballindreat Congregation.

HOUSTON James Rev.

30 Nov 1839

On the 27th November, in the 73rd year of his age, after a short illness, the Rev. James Houston, Presbyterian Minister of the parish of Lifford, county Donegal.


17 Feb 1849

On Wednesday last, at Murlog, near Lifford, after a lingering illness, Jane, beloved wife of James Houston, Esq.


20 Dec 1850

On the 17th inst., after a few hours illness, Mr. James Houston, of Killyverry near Newtowncunningham, aged 63.


10 Mar 1854

At her residence, Gortin, on the 28th ult., aged 76 years, Jane, relict of the late Rev. James Houston, of Ballindrate.


02 Dec 1859

On the 15th November, at Moyle, Newtowncunningham, of scarletina, Mary, the dearly beloved child of Mr. John Houston, aged five years.


21 Jun 1861

April 20, at Campo Secco, California, Hugh Houston, aged about 85 years, a native of county Donegal.


17 Nov 1863

November 11, at his residence, Killyverry, Mr. John Houston, aged 80 years.


04 Jun 1867

May 30, at her residence, Killyverry, Jane, wife of Mr. John Houston, aged 83 years.


24 Mar 1868

March 19, at Haw, near Lifford, after a lingering illness, Mr. John Houston, aged 76 years.


15 May 1868

May 10, at Ramelton, Sarah, wife of the late Mr. James Houston, aged 50 years.


15 Mar 1867

March 12, at Fahan House, Selina, daughter of the late Thomas Huddleston, Esq., Dublin.


24 Apr 1847

On Sunday, the 11th inst., at Moyle, near Newtowncunningham, aged 35, Matilda, the beloved wife of Mr. John Hueston, and second daughter of the late Mr. Robert Dunn, Ardstraw.

HUETT William

29 Aug 1835

On the 14th inst., at his father's residence, Borough House, Burt, aged 17, William, the only son of William Huett, Esq., Supervisor of Excise.

HUEY Alexander

08 Oct 1831

At Raphoe, on the 3rd inst., Alexander Huey, Esq., aged 85 years. Mr. Huey was a Freeman of Derry.

HUEY Margaret

24 Feb 1838

At Raphoe, on the 14th inst., in the 84th year of her age, Margaret, relict of the late Alexander Huey, Esq.

HUGHES Margaret

25 Feb 1853

On Tuesday morning last, in a decline, Margaret Hughes; the trustworthy and faithful cook, for about 20 years, to the Rev. J. Balfour, head master of the Royal School, Raphoe.

HUGHES Madeline

20 Jun 1856

June 7, of scarletina, Madeline, fourth daughter of the Rev. W. Hughes, Rector of Killymard.


26 Mar 1858

At Donegal, on the 17th inst., the beloved and much regretted daughter of Thomas Hughes, Esq., Government Surveyor, after a long and painful illness, aged 18 years.

HUGHES Charles

31 May 1864

May 21, at Ardrawer, near Letterkenny, of small pox, Charles, second son of Mr. George Hughes, aged 19 years.

HUME William

23 Nov 1849

At Glen Lodge, county Donegal, on the 3rd inst., after a long illness, William Hume, Esq., J.P.

HUME Rebecca

10 Aug 1860

On the 31st July, at Kiltyferigal, Rebecca, wife of Mr. Charles Hume, aged 75 years.


21 Dec 1855

At New York, on the 14ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Mary Humes, formerly of Rossbracken, county Donegal, in the 77th year of her age.

HUMFREY Benjamin Geale

07 Feb 1865

February 2, in Dublin, after twelve hours' illness, aged 71 years, Benjamin Geale Humfrey, Lieutenant Colonel, of Cavanacor, county Donegal, J.P., for the Counties Tyrone and Donegal.


14 May 1831

At Lifford, on Monday, the 2nd inst., Mrs. Humphreys, relict of the late D. Humphreys, Esq., of Strabane.

HUMPHREYS Robert Stewart

25 May 1860

At Killygordon, on the 16th inst., of scarletina, Robert Stewart, youngest son of the Rev. A.S. Humphreys, aged 3 years.

HUMPHREYS Anne Sinclair

10 Apr 1863

April, 6, at Monellan, county Donegal, the seat of the Rev. Robert Delap, Anne Sinclair, the beloved wife of the Rev. A. Sinclair Humphreys, Killygordon, aged 85 years.

HUNTER William

22 Dec 1829

At Carnisk, near Ramelton, on the 30th ult., after a few weeks illness, Mr. William Hunter, aged 77 years.


16 Aug 1830

On Sunday, the 8th instant, John Hunter, Esq., of Ramelton, Coroner for county Donegal, aged 70 years, universally regretted. He possessed a highly cultivated mind, which added to a happy and social disposition, rendered him a most desirable companion, and a great favourite with an extensive circle of friends. His manners were affiable and conciliating, and he passed through a very active life, well fulfilling the duties of many important

avocations, without having made a single enemy.


10 Dec 1831

In Lifford Gaol on Thursday, the 1st inst., Mr. John Hunter, for upwards of 30 years Under Gaoler, at the advanced age of 65 years.


01 Feb 1834

On the 23rd January, aged 16 years, Martha, daughter of Mr. David Hunter, Glencarr, near Letterkenny.


07 Apr 1838

At her house, in Letterkenny, county of Donegal, on Friday, the 30th ult., aged 78, Mrs. Anne Hunter, relict of the late John Hunter Esq., of the same place.


06 Aug 1842

At Strabane, on Wednesday, the 27th ult., in the 58th year of his age, Doctor Hunter, of Ramelton.


18 Nov 1843

On the 13th inst., in the 56th year of his age, Mr. Nathan Hunter, of Breaghy, for many years an elder in the First Presbyterian Church, Ramelton.

HUNTER Isabella

08 Jun 1844

June 2nd, at Burt, Miss Isabella Hunter.


09 Jan 1847

At Drummay, on the 6th inst., James, son of Mr. William Hunter, of Cavanalee, aged 18 years.

HUNTER Margaret

13 Feb 1847

At Letterkenny, on the 2nd inst., after a severe and long protracted illness, aged 72, Margaret, the well beloved wife of Mr. Walter Hunter.

HUNTER Stephen

21 Apr 1849

April 1, at Manorcunningham, after a short illness, Mr. Stephen Hunter.

HUNTER Margaret

23 Jun 1849

On Monday, the 18th inst., at Glencar, near Letterkenny, Margaret, the eldest daughter of David Hunter, Esq.

HUNTER Isabella

09 Jul 1852

At Glencar, near Letterkenny, on the 7th inst., Isabella, last surviving daughter of David Hunter, Esq., after a painful illness of several months.


15 Oct 1852

On the 9th inst., Mr. Nathan Hunter, of Castleshanaghan, near Ramelton, aged 25 years.


20 Jan 1854

January 10th, at Glencar, near Letterkenny, Mr. David Hunter, aged 78 years.


25 Jan 1856

On the 17th inst., at Burt, Mrs. Hunter, relict of the late Dr. Hunter, of Ramelton, aged 63 years.

HUNTER Margaret

05 Dec 1856

On the 29th ult., at Glencar, Margaret, wife of the late David Hunter, Esq., aged 78 years.


27 Nov 1857

In St. John, N.B., in September last, after a short illness, Mr. John Hunter, merchant, and second son of the late John Hunter, Esq., M.D., formerly of Letterkenny, Ireland.

Hunter William

25 Mar 1859

March 21, William, infant son of Mr. George L. Hunter, Glencar, Letterkenny.


28 Dec 1860

December 15, at Letterkenny, Mr. Walter Hunter, at the advanced age of 87 years.

HUNTER Margaret

10 Jul 1863

June 28, at Drimmanaght, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. Alexander Hunter, aged 80 years.


06 Jun 1865

May 30, at Errity, David Hunter, aged 20 years.

HUNTER William

09 Aug 1867

On the 31st July, at his late residence, Carrick [?], William Hunter, aged 86 years.


20 Aug 1867

On Saturday evening last, Mr. Robert Hunter, a brother of Mr. William Hunter, who lately resided at Ray House, committed suicide by jumping into the water at Carraleena Point, near Rathmullan, county Donegal.

HUNTER Harriet

19 Oct 1855

On Monday, the 15th inst., Harriet, infant daughter of Mr. George L. Hunter, Glencar, near Letterkenny.


29 Mar 1861

Marcy 26, at his residence, Murlough, James Huston, Esq., aged 78 years.


05 Nov 1869

Oct. 31, at her residence, Tinkeraford, Jane, relict of the late James Huston, aged 72 years.


23 Jul 1869

July 21, at Malin Head, Isabella, infant daughter of Mr. William Hutcheson, of 5 Rossville Street, Londonderry, aged 6 months.


04 Apr 1851

On the 26th ult., at Rathmullen, in the 23rd year of her age, after a long illness, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. William Hyder.


01 Feb 1867

January 23, at her late residence, Ballymore [?], Mary Anne Hyndman, aged 64 years.


10 Aug 1866

On the 30th July, at her father's residence, Ballina, county Mayo, Kate, wife of Mr. C.M. Hynes, of the Constabulary, Castlefin, county Donegal.

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