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FAIRMAN to FYFFE Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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FAIRMAN to FYFFE Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

FAIRMAN Matthew Mrs.

05 Dec 1865

November 27, at Treanamullin, the wife of Mr. Matthew Fairman, aged 38 years.

FAIRVAN[?] Joseph

25 May 1866

May 24, at the residence of his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Devenney, Largy[?], Mr. Joseph Fairvan, aged 20 years.


08 Mar 1834

On the 28th inst., at Burrough House, Burt, county Donegal, after a protracted and severe illness, Mary, wife of Mr. Falconbridge, Officer of Excise. This lady was the author of Veritas Vincit, a work highly esteemed.

FARREN Bridget

20 Nov 1866

November 11, at Ture, county Donegal, aged 40 years, Bridget, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Farren.


14 Oct 1859

October 9, Charles Fausset, Esq., of Letterbreen, Fermanagh, and Rossgull Lodge, Donegal, aged 85 years.


04 Apr 1846

At Gopaug, 25 miles from Hyderabad, in Seinde, on the 2nd November, on medical certificate to Kurrachee, Ensign W. F. Fawcett, 4th Bengal Infantry, youngest son of the late Edward Fawcett, of Rowantree Hill, Esq., county Donegal.

FEE Robert

04 Feb 1868

February 1, at the Constabulary Barrack, Carrigans, Robert, infant son of Constable Alexander Fee, aged 18 months.

FEELY Margaret

04 Oct 1834

In Donegal, on the 29th ult., in the 28th year of her life, Margaret, wife of the Rev. John Feely.


08 Nov 1864

November 2, in Ballyshannon, Mr. James Feely, aged 59 years.

FENTON William J.

18 Dec 1847

At Valparaiso, South America, on the 7th day of August last, Mr. William John Fenton, son of Mr. William Fenton, Governor of Lifford Gaol, aged 29 years.

FENTON Fanny Ann

03 Jun 1848

At Letterkenny, on Friday, the 26th ult., after a lingering illness, Fanny Ann Fenton, aged 15 years, daughter of Mr. John Fenton, of St. John's.

FENTON William

07 Jan 1853

At his residence, Cottage, Lifford, on Saturday, the 1st inst., William Fenton, Esq., aged 70 years.

FENTON Mary Anne

21 Jan 1853

On the morning of the 12th inst., after a lingering illness, Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late William Fenton, Esq., Cottage, Lifford, in the 21st year of her age.

FENWICK Elizabeth

10 Oct 1846

On the 2nd inst., at Greenhill, in the county Donegal, Elizabeth Fenwick, relict of William Fenwick, Esq., and sister of the late Bishop of Raphoe, in the 90th year of her age.


12 Oct 1839

On the 1st inst., of typhus fever, at Ballyarl, near Killygordon, Miss Isabella Ferguson, youngest daughter of the late Hugh Ferguson, of Ballyarl.


12 Oct 1839

On the 12th ult., at Ballyarl, near Killygorgon, of typhus fever, in the 50th year of his age, Hugh Ferguson, Esq., formerly an officer of the Derry Militia.


23 Apr 1842

April 10th, in Ballyshannon, universally regretted, Captain Charles Ferguson, a very old magistrate for the counties of Leitrim and Donegal.


08 Mar 1845

On Wednesday, the 26th ult., at her residence, in Pump Street, in this City, Miss Dorcas Ferguson, last surviving daughter of the late Andrew Ferguson, of Burt, Esq.


18 Mar 1853

At Ballogharredan Point, Banagher, Mr. Thomas Ferguson, at the extraordinary age of 115 years. He was buried at the old Church of Straid.


19 Oct 1855

On the 11th inst., at his residence Burt House, county Donegal, Andrew Ferguson, Esq., D.L., J.P., in the 82nd year of his age.


15 Aug 1856

August 6, at Cornakelly, the residence of his grandfather, Mr. James Taylor, Charles Ferguson, aged 29 years, eldest son of the late Charles Ferguson, Esq., Excise Officer, Wexford.


10 Oct 1856

On the 1st inst., at Burt House, county Donegal, Jane relict of the late Andrew Ferguson, Esq.


21 Oct 1859

On the 16th inst., at his residence in this City, James Ferguson, Esq., last surviving son of Andrew Ferguson, Esq., formerly of Burt House, county Donegal.

FERIS William

27 Aug 1858

Of inflamation of the bowels, at Bundoran, county Donegal, Mr. William Feris, aged 30 years, son of Matthew Feris, of Miltown, county Fermanagh.

FERRIS William John

05 Mar 1867

March 3, at Tubberslane, near Carrigans, William John, son of Mr. William Ferris, aged 21 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Cemetery, Derry, at twelve o'clock noon, on this day, Tuesday.

FERRY Margaret

04 Jul 1862

June 18, at New York, Mrs. Margaret Ferry, of Stranorlar, county Donegal, aged 50 years.


17 Jul 1830

On the 8th instant, at Millmount, near Gortahork, in the county of Donegal, Mr. John Finlay, son of the late Elijah Finlay, Esq.


04 Apr 1856

March 19, Mary Ann, relict of the late Mr. Robert Finlay, Lisfanan, aged 63 years.


23 Jan 1857

An inquest was held on the 13th inst., by Dr. Long, coroner, at Legnaduff, near Carrigans, on the body of a woman, named Jane Finlay, who came by her death on the day previously in a flax mill situate in that townland. On the evidence it appeared that the arm

of the deceased had been caught by the gearing at the end of the rollers for breaking the flax, which was instantly torn from her body and crushed to atoms. The chest was also shockingly mutilated. Death was instantaneous. A verdict of accidental death was



05 Apr 1864

March 28, at Tullyrep, Rebecca Findlay.


28 Dec 1864

December 22, at 7 Lyle Street, Greenock, Mr. Thomas Finlay, late of Carroreagh, county Donegal, aged 84 years.

FINLAY Isabella

06 Jan 1866

January 1, at Carrowreagh, Isabella, wife of Mr. Thomas Finlay, aged 72 years.


05 Mar 1869

March 1, at Tullyrap, near Raphoe, Mr. Andrew Finlay, aged 69 years.

FINNY Elizabeth

19 Jan 1833

On the 10th inst., at the residence of her father, the Rev. H. Maturin, in Fannet, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Thomas H.C. Finny, Dunleer, county Louth, in the 30th year of her age.

FINUCANE Joseph Edward

08 May 1857

On the 2nd inst., near Manorcunningham, Mr. Joseph Edward Finucane, in the 21st year of his age.


29 May 1830

On Saturday, the 22nd instant, at the advanced age of 79 years, Mr. Samuel Fisher, of Drumbuoy.

FISHER William H.

11 Apr 1840

On the morning of the 3rd inst., of inflammation of the chest, aged one year and eleven months, William Henry, the beloved son of Mr. William Fisher, merchant, Letterkenny.

FISHER William

08 Aug 1846

At his residence in Letterkenny, on Tuesday, the 4th inst., William Fisher, Esq., merchant, of that Town.

FISHER William

19 Sep 1846

At Donegal, on Friday, the 11th inst., Mr. William Fisher, Sub Constable, aged 22 years.


15 Jul 1848

On the 24th ult., at Drumbuoy, parish of All Saints, aged 76, Mr. David Fisher.


21 Jul 1863

July 18, at Moville, Mr. Robert Fisher, Londonderry, aged 58 years. His remains will be removed from Moville, for interment in the New Cemetry, Derry, on this, Tuesday, morning, arriving on the Strand, by the Racecourse Road, about eleven o'clock.


17 Jan 1865

January 12, at Letterkenny, Anne, daughter of the late Samuel Fisher, Esq., Drumbuoy, aged 84 years.

FISHER Rebecca Risk

30 Nov 1869

Nov. 13, Rebecca Risk, late of Crumin, county Donegal, the beloved wife of the Rev. Joseph Fisher, D.D., of 37 West Square, Southwark, London.


06 Mar 1868

On the 27th February, at Ballyshannon, Mrs. Anne Fitzpatrick, aged 61 years.


29 Oct 1852

In Ballyshannon, on Tuesday evening week, Mrs. Flanagan, wife of Mr. John Flanagan, of Back Street.


17 Oct 1856

In Bundoran, on the 2nd inst., Mr. William Fleming, an old and respectable inhabitant of that Town.


05 Oct 1860

August 17, at his late residence, in Philadelphia, Mr. Joseph Fleming, at the age of 65 years, deeply regretted. The deceased was a native of Bonemaine, in the county Donegal, Ireland, and emigrated to this City about 35 years ago. He was connected with several of the Presbyterian Churches in Philadelphia, and, at the time of his death, was a member of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.- Banner of Covenant

{Philadelphia paper.}


28 Nov 1865

August 18, at Melbourne, Australia, of asiatic dropsy, James, second son of the late Mr. John Fleming, Drum, Inch, county Donegal.

FLEMING Mary Marshall I.

10 Aug 1866

August 3, at her father's residence, Inch, Mary Marshall Irvine, daughter of Mr. Samuel Fleming, aged 10 months and 4 days.


25 Dec 1866

December 20, at his son's residence, Buncrana, William Fleming, aged 83 years.


18 Jun 1867

June 12, at Carthage House, Culdaff, Mr. George H. Fleming, aged 25 years.


23 Apr 1869

April 20, at his residence, Cloughglass, Inch, William Fleming, Esq., aged 76 years.

FLEMING John Joseph

03 Sep 1869

Sept. 2, at his father's residence, Strawback, Inch, John Joseph, youngest son of Mr. Fitzgerald Fleming, aged 4 years.

FLEMMING Lizzie Gordon

05 Apr 1864

March 28, at Buncrana, Lizzie Gordon, daughter of Mr. Thomas Flemming, aged 3 years.


28 Dec 1833

On the 16th inst., at Admorand, Mrs. Fletcher, wife of Mr. John Fletcher, aged 62 years.


11 Dec 1841

In Ballyshannon, on the 2nd inst., of decline, Mr. Edward Fletcher, late of New York, the son in law of Mr. Thomas Thompson, of Ballyshannon.


11 Jun 1842

At Ardmirand, near Stranorlar, on Tuesday, the 7th inst., Mr. John Fletcher, aged 82 years.


27 Jul 1866

July 24, at Feddyglass, Mrs. Ellen Fletcher, aged 80 years, relict of the late Mr. William Fletcher.

FLOOD Francis

26 Aug 1859

August 16, at Henneys, near Donegal, Mr. Francis Flood, aged 84 years.


05 Jul 1864

On the 28th June, at Heneys, near Donegal, Mrs. Ann Flood, aged 79 years.

FLOYD Samuel

27 Mar 1830

On Tuesday, the 23rd instant, Mr. Samuel Floyd, formerly of Letterkenny, for many years a resident of this City, at the great age of 112 years. Deceased was born at a place called the Bog, in the neighbourhood of Ramelton, where his ancestors had resided for a long period.


24 Feb 1849

On the 19th inst., after a protracted illness, John, son of Samuel Floyd, of Ards, aged 29 years.

FLOYD Isabella

12 Aug 1853

At Ramelton, on the 5th inst., Isabella, the beloved wife of Mr. Andrew Floyd, of this City, after an illness of four days and a half, of purpura, aged 27 years.

FLOYD Samuel

22 Jul 1859

July 17th, at Ards, Ramelton, Mr. Samuel Floyd, for many years a ruling elder in the First Presbyterian Church, aged 76 years.


27 Nov 1866

November 15, at the Ards, near Ramelton, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Floyd, aged 85 years.

FLYNN William Edward

15 May 1868

May 8, at Coxheath, Rosagull, William Edward Flynn, Esq., M.D., eldest son of the late Rev. Daniel Flynn, 87 Harcourt Street, Dublin, and Medical Officer of the Donegal Dispensary.


18 Dec 1841

In Jamaica, of fever, Mr. James Lewis Folingsby, in his 19th year, son of Joseph Folingsby, Esq., Collector of Customs, Ballyshannon, county Donegal. This young gentleman had not

been long in Jamaica when he fell a prey to the fatal disease so prevalent in that island.


30 Dec 1853

On the 25th inst., at his residence, Queen Street, Belfast, aged 79 years, Joseph Folingsby, Esq., late Collector of Customs, Ballyshannon.

FOLVIL Mary Ellen

18 Apr 1862

On the 10th April, at the residence of her son in law, William Barrett, Esq., Carricknagare House, county Donegal, Mary Ellen, the relict of the late Stephen Folvil, Esq., Post Captain, Royal Navy, aged 77 years.

FOVIL Robert G. D D'A

21 Mar 1865

March 15, at Carricknagore House, the residence of his brother in law, William Barrett, Esq., sessional crown solicitor for the county of Donegal, Robert Godfrey De La Tour D'Auvergne Folvil, Esq., aged 52 years, eldest son of Stephen Folvil, Esq., Post Captain,

Royal Navy.


12 Oct 1833

On Monday evening last, the 7th inst., after a long and tedious illness, Captain Folvill, of Glenties, R N.


14 Jul 1832

In Gort, of cholera, Mr. Forde, a respectable shop keeper.

FORDE Elizabeth

12 Mar 1842

February 26th, after a tedious illness, in Bundoran, Miss Elizabeth Forde, sister of Captain Forde, of Bundoran.

FORDE Edward

12 Jul 1864

July 4, at Bundoran, the residence of his brother, Edward Forde, Esq., late lieutenant in her Majesty's 27th Regiment.


02 Dec 1837

At St. Johnston, on the 23rd ult., Mrs. Rebecca Forrest, aged 82 years.


22 Jul 1837

June 29, at his father's residence, Rossheen Lodge, county Donegal, Samuel Forster, Esq., M.D., of typhus fever.


27 Jan 1844

At his residence, Roshine Lodge, on the 18th inst., Nassau Forster, aged 77 yrs, for many years, a magistrate for co. Donegal.

FORSTER Nassau William

17 Aug 1844

On the 11th of July, at St. Vincent, suddenly, Nassau William Forster, Esq., second son of the late Nassau Forster, Esq., of Rosshine Lodge, county Donegal.


30 Nov 1844

On Sunday the 17th inst., at Rosshine Lodge, Grace Forster, relict of the late Nassau Forster, Esq., of Rosshine Lodge, county Donegal.


01 Oct 1858

On the 14th ult., at Brighton, Francis Forster, Esq., J.P., aged 59 years. Deceased was an active magistate and grand juror for the county Donegal, and agent of Lord George Hill in the Gweedore district.

FORSTER Charlotte

27 Nov 1863

November 24, at Roshine Lodge, county Donegal, Charlotte, the widow of the late Francis Forster, Esq., J.P.


24 Oct 1851

At Philadelphia, on Thursday, the 2nd October, of dysentery, John Foster, second son of Mr. Thompson Foster, Bogay, county Donegal, aged 29 years.

FOSTER William

05 Mar 1852

March 1, at Drumfad House, Fannet, Mary, relict of the late William Foster, Esq., of Drumfad.


21 Jul 1854

On the 6th inst., aged 65 years, at her residence in Ballybofey, county Donegal, after a protracted illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Dr. Foster.

FOSTER Matilda

02 Jan 1857

On Christmas Day, of consumption, Matilda, fourth daughter of Mr. Thompson Foster, Bogay, aged 19.

FOSTER William

18 Nov 1859

On Saturday, the 12th inst., William, aged 16 years, youngest son of Mr. Thompson Foster, Bogay.

FOSTER Francis

12 Sep 1865

September 5, at his residence, Bogay, Mr. Francis Foster, aged 86 years.

FOSTER William Arthur

20 Mar 1866

March 13, at Belle Isle, county of Donegal, William Arthur, infant son of Arthur H. Foster, Esq.


25 Jan 1867

January 18, at his residence, Drumfad House, county Donegal, Joshua Foster, Esq., aged 68 years.


20 Jul 1869

July 14, at Castlecarey, county Donegal, Polly, daughter of Mr. David Foster, aged 2 years.

FOX Anne

03 Oct 1865

September 29, at Ballyshannon, Anne, wife of Mr. Edward Fox, aged 26 years.

FOY Margaret

20 Jul 1855

At her residence, near Carndonagh, on the 11th inst., aged years, Margaret Foy, the wife of George Foy, Esq., late Lieutenant, Revenue Police, Malin.

FOY George

15 May 1863

On the 5th May, at 18, Church Place, Church Street, Liverpool, after a long and painful illness, Mr. George Foy, aged 64 years. He served for 35 years as Lieutenant over the Revenue Police in the county of Donegal.


07 Nov 1862

November 4, at the residence of her son in law, Moses Spencer, Esq., Ramelton, Rachel, relict of the late James Fraser, Esq., Portalla, Downpatrick, and mother of John Fraser, Esq., Surveyor for county Donegal, aged 85 years.

FRAZER Maryanne

28 Sep 1855

September 15, at the residence of her sister, Miss Dunlop, Emyvale, Maryanne, wife of John Frazer, Esq., couny surveyor for Donegal, aged 47 years.

FREEL William

29 Feb 1840

At Castlefin, on Wednesday, the 24th inst., William Freel aged 76. He has left behind him three brothers and a sister, whose total ages, added to that of the deceased, amount to nearly 400 years.

FREEL Hugh Rev.

10 Mar 1849

On Saturday last, the third inst., after a very short illness, the Rev. Hugh Freel, P.P. Cloghaneely.

FRIEL Dennis

24 Jan 1868

January 15, at Dunfanaghy, from disease of the lungs, Mr. Denis Friel, aged 29 years.


17 Jul 1857

On Thursday week, at Salt Hill Pier, near Mountcharles, whilst attempting to save the life of Alexander Robert Russell, Mr. Porter Frizelle, himself was drowned, he was in the 30th year of his age. The funeral took place on the 11th inst., to Inver Church graveyard.


31 Mar 1832

On Wednesday, at Drumbarnett, aged 88, David Fulton, Esq.


17 Nov 1832

On Friday last, Mr. Thomas Fulton, of Bogay, aged 48 years.


05 Apr 1834

On the 14th ult., at Roughan, aged 69 years, Mr. John Fulton.


27 Oct 1838

At Buncrana, on the 25th inst., after a tedious illness, Miss Emily Fulton.


24 Feb 1849

At Roughan, on the 19th inst., Mr. Samuel Fulton, in the 42nd year of his age.


11 Mar 1853

On Monday evening, the 7th inst., much regretted, Mr. Samuel Fulton, sen., of Gortinleave, county Donegal, aged 87 years.


13 Apr 1860

April 9, at Gortinleave, James Fulton, Esq., aged 77 years.

FULTON James Mrs.

24 Dec 1863

December 22, Mrs. Fulton, relict of the late James Fulton, Esq., of Gortinleave, aged 76 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in the burying ground of Taughboyne, on this, Thursday, morning, at ten o'clock.


13 Mar 1866

March 5, at Letterkenny, the infant son of Sergeant W.H. Fulton, Donegal Artillery, aged 11 days.


09 Jan 1847

At 4 Queen's Square, Dublin, Mrs. Mary Anne Johnston Fyffe, wife of Mr. John Fyffe, formerly of this City, and daughter of the late Archibald Johnston, Esq., of Coolislin, county Donegal.

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