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EAKIN to EWING Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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EAKIN to EWING Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

EAKIN Margaret

05 Feb 1867

On the 29th January, at her residence, Cleggan, Margaret Eakin, aged 51 years.

EAKIN Robert

01 Mar 1867

On the 25th February, at his residence, Cleggan, Robert Eakin, aged 67 years.


28 Oct 1848

In Ballyshannon, on Monday last, at an advanced age Mr. Thomas Earles, formerly of the Customs department.

EARLS Thomas

23 Sep 1854

On the 18th inst., in Dublin, after a few days illness, Thomas Earls, Esq., of Queensbury, New Brunswick, formerly of Waterloo Cottage, Ballyshannon, aged 57 years.

EARLY Daniel Rev.

28 Jan 1853

At Glenties, county Donegal, at the advanced age of 106 years, the Rev. Daniel Early, late Parish Priest of Killymard, in the Diocese of Raphoe.

EDGAR Isabella

23 Sep 1837

On Thursday, aged 21 years, Isabella, seventh daughter of Edward Edgar, Esq., Buncrana.


17 Aug 1839

At Augusta, Georgia, on the 12th June, John, second son of Edward Edgar, Esq., of Buncrana.

EDGAR Samuel P.

02 Nov 1839

On Saturday, the 26th inst., of lingering consumption, Samuel Peoples, Esq., eighth son of Edward Edgar, Esq., Buncrana, aged 23 years.


19 Nov 1842

In Buncrana, on the 19th inst., to the inexpressible regret of her family, Mary, fifth daughter of Edward Edgar, Esq.

EDGAR Edward

14 Dec 1844

On the 19th inst., at Buncrana, Edward Edgar, Esq., in the 81st year of his age.

Edgar Mary A.

07 Jun 1845

On the 4th inst., at Newtownstewart, county Tyrone, at the house of her son in law, Mr. Mathewson, where she had been on a visit, Mary Anne, relict of the late Edward Edgar, Esq., of Buncrana, county Donegal.


25 Aug 1838

On Thursday, the 16th inst., Robert Edwards, of Drumgowan, Burt, aged 82 years.


06 May 1853

Suddenly, at Pettigo, on 29th April, Robert P. Edwards, who discharged the duties of Petty Sessions Clerk, at Pettigo, for the last eight years.

EDWARDS Richard Alexander

30 Mar 1860

March 27, Mr. Richard Alexander, eldest son of Mr. Peter Edwards, of Burt.


05 Dec 1862

On the 15th November, at his residence, Three Trees, Mr. Thomas Edwards.


10 Nov 1863

November 4, at his residence, Raphoe, Mr. Matthew Edwards, aged 58 years.


08 Mar 1864

On the 4th March, at Drumgowan, Burt, Mr. Robert Edwards, aged 65 years.


16 Jan 1866

January 9, at Dundrain, Mr. Andrew Edwards, aged 74 years.


05 Feb 1867

On the 2nd February, at Drumgowan, Burt, Rebecca Edwards, aged 77 years.

EDWARDS Anna Elizabeth

18 Jun 1869

June 16, at Beach Road, Sandymount, Anna Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Rev. William Edwards, Rector of Clonleigh, Lifford, and youngest daughter of the late Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. Her remains will be removed from the Derry Terminus of

the Irish North Western Railway, tomorrow morning, for interment in the Cathedral burial ground.


06 Nov 1847

At Montreal, Canada, after having reached the residence of his uncle, Samuel Matthewson, Esq., John James, eldest son of Mr. Andrew Elder, of Roughan, in the parish of All Saints, of fever, on the 26th of July last.

ELDER Oliver

06 Nov 1847

At Montreal, Canada., after having reached the residence of his uncle, Samuel Matthewson, Esq., Oliver, third son of Mr. Andrew Elder, of Roughan, in the parish of All Saints, of dysentery, on the 20th September last.

ELDER Andrew

28 Nov 1865

November 23, at Roughan, Mr. Andrew Elder, aged 87 years.

ELDER Oliver Mathewson

31 Aug 1866

June 24, at Melbourne, Australia, of inflamation, Oliver Mathewson, son of Mr. Robert B. Elder, formerly of Rohan, Newtowncunningham, aged 6 years.


30 Oct 1868

October 24, at Malin, Mr. John Elder, aged 83 years. He had been 53 years a ruling elder at Malin Presbyterian Church.

ELKIN George

01 Mar 1845

On Thursday, the 20th ult., at Carnagarive, near Moville, at the residence of his son, Mr. George Elkin, aged 86 years.


30 Apr 1869

April 24, at her residence, Carnagrove, Moville, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. John Elkin, aged 62 years.


24 Oct 1840

Suddenly, of inflammation, on Tuesday, the 20th inst., Mr. Robert Elliot, of Drummurphy, near Castlefin, aged 42 years. His remains were conveyed to Donoughmore church yard, by a large concourse of persons of all ranks.


07 Jul 1868

June 28, at her residence, Drumurphy, near Castlefin, Sarah, relict of the late Robert Elliot, aged 76 years.


14 Dec 1839

At Letterkenny, on Monday night, the 9th inst., Mary Anne, beloved wife of Mr. William Elliott, of that Town, aged 22 years.


07 Apr 1849

On the 20th ult., at his residence, Drimnacrosh, county Donegal, Mr. Andrew Elliott, aged 73.


06 Aug 1852

On Tuesday morning, the 3rd inst., at Letterkenny, after a long affliction, Mrs. Elliott, aged 83 years.


06 Feb 1857

On Wednesday morning, at two o'clock, at his residence, Letterkenny, Mr. John Elliott, at the advanced age of 86 years.

ELLIOTT Catherine

19 Mar 1858

On the 12th inst., at her residence, Drumawark, Pettigo, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. John Elliott, aged 60 years.


12 Aug 1859

August 7, of consumption, at his father's residence, Carrigans, Mr. John Elliott, aged 21 years.


10 Nov 1865

November 6, at Carrigans, Thomas, fifth son of Mr. Patrick Elliott, aged 19 years.


23 Jan 1866

January 18, at his residence, Monglass, Mr. William Elliott, aged 22 years.


20 Nov 1868

November 19, at his residence, Carrigans, Patrick Elliott, aged 58 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Newtowncunningham Burying ground, on Sunday morning,

November 22, at ten o'clock


20 Nov 1868

November 12, at Mienlogher, Mr. Thomas Elliott, aged 86 years.

ELLIS Martha

10 Jan 1835

On Tuesday, the 30th Dec., last, at Mr. Andrew Magee's, woollendraper, Ballybofey, Miss Martha Ellis, aged 77 years.


30 Nov 1869

Nov. 26, Isabella Mary, aged 2 years and 8 months, daughter of Mr. Richard Ellis, Buncrana.


10 Nov 1832

On Tuesday, the 30th ult., Rosanna, wife of James Ellison, of Breagey, after a short illness.


09 Nov 1833

At Allison's Town, near Lifford, on Friday week, the 1st inst., Mr. James Ellison, at an advanced age.

ELLISON Anna Maria

26 Jul 1850

On the 17th inst., Anna Maria, daughter of the late Rev. John Ellison, of Killymard, county Donegal.


23 May 1856

On the 14th inst., at Castleshanaghan, near Ramelton, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. James Ellison.

ELLISON Anne Amelia

27 Jun 1862

June 21, Anne Amelia, the beloved daughter of John W. Ellison, Esq., Millbrook, aged 18 years.


10 Apr 1866

April 4, at her residence, 33 Waterloo Road, Dublin, in the 85th year of her age, Amelia, relict of the late Rev. J. Ellison, Rector of Killymard, Diocese of Raphoe.

ELLISON Isabella Eliza

11 Dec 1868

December 4, Isabella Eliza, infant daughter of Mr. James Ellison, Care, near Dunkineely, county Donegal.

ERSKINE William Mrs.

20 May 1837

On Monday 15th inst., Mrs. Erskine, lady of William Erskine, Esq., of Ballyshannon.


17 Mar 1849

At Claggin, the residence of Mr. Andrew Kirkpatrick, his son in law, Mr. Isaac Erskine, aged 82 years. Upwards of thirty years a ruling Elder in Knowhead Presbyterian Church.

ERSKINE William Mrs.

24 Aug 1855

At the house of Samuel Fyffe, near Donegal, Mrs. Erskine, wife of the late William Erskine, Esq., of Ballyshannon, aged 95 years.


25 May 1844

On the 20th inst., at the "Old Lodge," (the residence of his nephew, S. McDowell Elliot, Esq.,), John Evans, Esq., M.D., Surgeon, R.N., of the Cottage, Buncrana, county Donegal. His remains will be removed for interment in the New Burying ground on Thursday morning, 23rd inst., at half past 8 o'clock – Belfast Chronicle.

EVANS Robert Mrs.

02 Feb 1855

At Culdaff House, on the 27th ult., aged 76 years, Mrs. Evans, relict of the late Captain Robert Evans, R.N., brother of the late Sir John Evans, of Erbistock Hall, North Wales. Deceased was the youngest daughter of the late George Nesbitt, Esq., of Woodhill in the county Donegal.


18 Jan 1861

January 6, at Mill House, Ardara, in child birth, Eliza, the wife of Mr. James Evans, and daughter of Mr. Robert Smith, Chief Boatman in charge of Gweedore, aged 25 years.


22 Oct 1831

At Monea, Burt, on the 20th inst., Mr. John Ewing, aged 52 yrs.

EWING Thomas Anderson

08 Aug 1835

On the 21st ult., Mr. Thomas Anderson Ewing, of Bohullin, in the Island of Inch, in the 30th year of his age.


05 Oct 1839

On the 29th ult., Emma, fourth daughter of the Rev. William Ewing, Vicar of Donegal, aged 11 years.

EWING Isabella

26 Oct 1839

On the 20th inst., Isabella, fifth daughter of the Rev. Mr. Ewing, Vicar of Donegal, aged 3 years.


03 Apr 1841

In Burt, on the 29th ult., of cramp, Jane, the infant daughter of Mr. Ewing, aged 8 years and 3 months.

EWING William

31 Jul 1841

On the 20th inst., suddenly, at his lodgings, Carrowan, aged 39, William, eldest son of the late Samuel Ewing, Esq., Burt.

EWING Margaret

30 Oct 1841

Suddenly, on the 23rd inst., at Molenan, in her 74th year, Margaret, relict of the late Mr. George Ewing.

EWING Sophia

14 Jan 1843

On the 7th inst., at the Moor, in the 40th year of her age, Sophia, the beloved wife of the Rev. William Ewing, Vicar of Donegal, in her a young and interesting family of six children have lost an anxious and devoted mother.

EWING Eleanor

22 Feb 1845

In Inch, on the 17th inst., Mrs. Eleanor Ewing, aged 88 years.


03 May 1845

On Saturday, the 26th ult., at Braehead, the residence of her brother, Miss Ewing.

EWING Samuel

18 Oct 1845

At Molenan, on the 7th inst., Mr. Samuel Ewing, after a long and protracted illness, in the 54th year of his age.

EWING Sophia

15 Jan 1848

At the Moor, Donegal, on the 1st inst., Sophia, the eldest daughter of the Rev. William Ewing.

EWING Mary Anne

13 Jun 1851

At Burt, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Mary Anne Ewing.


18 Jul 1851

On the 12th inst., Jane, youngest daughter of the Rev. William Ewing.

EWING Rachel

11 Feb 1859

December 12, in Alleghany City, America, Mrs. Rachel Ewing, formerly of Dumbarnet, county Donegal, at an advanced age.

EWING Alexander

18 Jan 1861

On the 14th January, at Drumbarnett, Mr. Alexander Ewing, aged 86 years.

EWING James Reid

30 Jan 1863

December 18, killed in the battle of Fredericksburg, James Reid Ewing, 7th Michigan Regiment, and formerly of Molenan, near Londonderry[?], aged 19 years.

EWING William Rev.

07 Sep 1866

August 23, at the Vicarage, Donegal, the Rev. William Ewing, aged 78 years.

EWING Samuel

19 Mar 1867

March 10, at Green Cottage, near Manorcunningham, Samuel, eldest son of A. Ewing, Esq.

EWING Barber

16 Jul 1867

July 11, at Drumbarnett, Mrs. Barber Ewing, relict of the late Alexander Ewing, aged 76 years.

EWING William

24 Dec 1867

November 8, at New Orleans, William, second son of the late Rev. William Ewing, Vicar of Donegal, aged 35 years.

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