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DALY to DYSART Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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DALY to DYSART Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

DALY John Mrs.

20 Sep 1834

On Wednesday last, in Ballyshannon, after a severe and lingering illness, Mrs. Daly, wife of Mr. John Daly, woollendraper.

DALY William

26 Dec 1835

On the 22nd inst., Mr. William Daly, of Tully [?], aged 25 years.

DALY Patrick

18 Apr 1865

April 9, Patrick, eldest son of Mr. John Daly, Port, Ballyshannon, aged 16 years.

DALY William

26 Jun 1866

June 23, at Tully[?], Mr. William Daly, aged 85 years.

DARCUS Benjamin Rev.

02 Aug 1867

July 31, at Wood Lodge, the Rev. Benjamin Darcus, Incumbent of Mountcharles, county Donegal. His remains will arrive at the Derry Terminus of the Irish North Western Railway on Monday evening, the 5th of August, at a quarter past two o'clock, and be conveyed

from thence to the Cemetery for interment.


16 Dec 1848

Of typhus fever, on the 9th ult., at Portsmouth, Ensign Darley, of the 77th Regiment, grandson of the late William Thornton Todd, Esq., of Buncrana Castle, county Donegal.


13 Jan 1844

At Lifford, on Saturday, the 6th inst., Maria Jane, aged 7 years, the second daughter of George Russell Dartnell, Esq., Surgeon of the 1st Royals.


03 Jul 1841

On the 1st inst., at Burnfoot, county Donegal, Matilda, relict of the late Mr. Edward Davenport, of this City.


06 Apr 1844

At Malin, on the 31st of March, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Davenport, of

Malin, aged 73 years.


05 Sep 1865

August 24, at her father's residence, Claggan, Culdaff, Rebecca, second daughter of Mr. Andrew Davenport.


07 Aug 1866

August 5, at Malin, Mr. Charles Davenport, aged 93 years.


08 Aug 1851

On Monday, June 2nd, at Alabama, Ranch, Sutter County, after a lingering illness, Mr. Robert A. Davidson, of Huntsville, Alabama, and formerly of Cairn, Ramelton, Ireland.


04 Dec 1863

On the 27th November, at Ramelton, Samuel Davidson, Esq., aged 76 years.

DAVIDSON James Young

23 Jun 1865

June 16, at his residence, 12 Wickham Road, Lewisham Road, London, James Young Davidson, Esq., of Ballycurra, county of Donegal, Ireland.

DAVIS Matthew Mrs.

21 Mar 1835

At Ballyshannon, on Wednesday morning, after a lingering illness, the lady of Matthew Davis, Esq., J.P.

DAVIS Isabella

09 Sep 1843

At Lifford, on Tuesday, the 29th ult., Isabella, wife of Mr. John Davis, of that Town, aged 73 years.


07 Mar 1846

At Lifford, on the 27th ult., Mr. John Davis, aged 84 years, after a long and tedious illness.

DAVIS William

15 Aug 46

On Thursday, the 6th inst., at his residence, in Aughliard, Manorcunningham, of scirrhus of the stomach, William Davis, aged 43 years.


14 Jul 1854

On the 9th inst., at his mother's residence, Ballybofey, in the 42nd year of his age, James Davis, M.D., Esq.

DAVIS Alexander

23 Dec 1859

At Donegal, on the 5th inst., Mr. Alexander Davis, in the 87th year of his age.

DAVIS Catherine

28 Sep 1860

September 18, at Ballybofey, Catherine, relict of the late James Davis, Esq., aged 74.

DAVIS Elizabeth

18 Apr 1862

April 9, at the residence of Mr. Hugh A.Bradshaw, Enniskillen, in her 88th year, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. James Davis, merchant, formerly of Ballyshannon and Sligo.

DAVIS Margaret

22 Nov 1864

November 15, at Aughlinard, near Manorcunningham, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Davis.


16 Mar 1866

March 2, at Grey's Hospital, London, of typhus fever, Mr. John Davis, Clerk of the firm of Cook & Co., 22 St. Paul's Churchyard, and second son of Mr. James Davis, Chief Boatman in Charge, Mulroy, county Donegal, aged 22 years.

DAVISON Saunderson

25 Jan 1850

On Monday 21st inst., at Letterkenny, Saunderson Davis, Esq., aged 84 years.

DAVISON Samuel Mrs.

06 Feb 1836

At Ramelton, on Wednesday, the 3rd inst., Mrs. Davison, wife of Mr. Samuel Davison, merchant. Her demise is not only regretted by her bereaved husband and children, but all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.


07 Jun 1850

On the 27th ult., at the age of 12 years and 8 months after a short illness, Samuel, youngest son of Mr. Samuel Davison, Ramelton, county Donegal.

DAVISON Isabella

12 Sep 1856

At Ardnaree, near Ramelton, on Tuesday, the 2nd inst., of fever, in her 19th year, Isabella, daughter of Mr. John Davison.


25 Dec 1857

On board the "Commodore Perry", on the 4th September last, of inflammation of the lungs, brought on by smallpox, and on his way to Sydney, and within eight days' sailing of that Port, Mr. William Davison, son to Mr. John Davison, of Ardnaroe, near Ramelton, in the 19th year of his age.

DAVISON Elizabeth

02 Jul 1858

On the 24th ult., suddenly, at Ardnaree, near Ramelton, Mrs. Elizabeth Davison, aged 78 years.

DAVISON Catherine

21 Mar 1862

March 18, at Ramelton, Catherine, wife of Mr. Samuel Davison.


16 Jan 1863

January 9, at his residence, Drummay, William Davison, Esq., aged 78 years.

DAVISON William Mrs.

22 Sep 1863

September 17, at her brother's residence, Garshooey, Mrs. Davison, relict of the late Mr. William Davison, of Drummay.

De BURGH Walter

21 Nov 1862

November 18, at Rathmullan, county Donegal, Walter De Burgh, M.D., son of the Rev. William De Burgh. D.D., aged 28 years.

DEACON John Robert

07 Oct 1864

October 1, at the Carndonagh Constabulary Barrack, John Robert, son of Mr. Richard Deacon, aged five days.


01 May 1866

April 27, at Fahan, Mary Dean, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Dean, Burnfoot, aged 80 years.

DEANS Samuel

17 May 1864

May 15, at Londonderry, Samuel Deans, aged 24 years, youngest son of Mr. John Deans, Tonduff.


11 Aug 1863

August 4, at the residence of his uncle, Mr. William Jack, Balyholey, Mr. James Deeny, aged 10 years.

DELAP Andrew

10 Dec 1836

On the 23rd ult., Mr. Andrew Delap, of Ballybofey, aged 37 years. His illness was short. He superintended a Sunday School, in Stranorlar from its commencement till his decease. He left a very disconsolate widow to deplore his premature death.

DELAP Samuel

16 Jun 1849

June 7, at Monellan, in the 73rd year of his age, Samuel Delap, Esq., D.L., J.P., county Donegal.

DELAP Rebecca

27 Sep 1850

On the 6th inst., Rebecca, youngest daughter of Mr. James Delap, Ramelton, after a lingering illness.


08 Mar 1864

March 1, at 21, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, London, Jane, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Francis Delap, of Monellan, county Donegal.


26 Jun 1857

On Wednesday, the 24th inst., Eliza, the beloved wife of the Rev. James Denham, D.D. Her remains will be removed from Fahan, on Monday morning, at seven o'clock.

DENISTON Letitia Coll

26 Sep 1862

On the 23rd August, at Carrigart, county Donegal, aged 83 years, Letitia Coll, otherwise Deniston, widow, for forty years sextoness of the Parish Church of Mevagh. She was the grand-daughter of the 'noted' Dr. Wilder, who was Oliver Goldsmith's tutor in Trinity

College, Dublin.


19 Mar 1867

On Wednesday last an inquest was held by Minchin Lloyd, Esq., Coroner, on the body of William Dennison, aged about 15 years, and who was in the service of Captain Hamilton, Castleforward. On the 23rd ult., the deceased accompanied by some others had come from Rathmullan by boat to Inch Island. Whilst visiting the Battery deceased disappeared, following a search he was found by Thomas Ennet, one of the Artillery men, in the ditch of the Fort. He was conveyed to the County Infirmary where, according to the evidence of Dr. Maturin, he died on Tuesday last from a fracture of the spine, as a result of falling some fourteen feet. A verdict was returned in accordance with the facts and no blame was to be

attached to anyone.


04 Jan 1840

On the 29th ult., at the residence of Thomas Hastings, Esq., of Creeslough, near Dunfanaghy, Miss Denniston, aged 99 years. She was sister to Captain James Denniston, and niece to the Rev. John Denniston, who was for many years, Rector of the parish of


DENNY Eleanor

18 Jan 1850

On the 7th inst., at Sharcloon, near Ballindrate, Mrs. Eleanor Denny, aged 33 years.

DESPARD Isaac William

08 Jun 1860

June 2, at Killygordon, of scarletina, Isaac Willam Despard, eldest son of the Rev. A. Sinclair Humphreys, aged four years.


08 May 1847

On Sunday, the 2nd inst., Rosana, daughter of Mr. John Devenny, Drummany, near Raphoe, aged 23 years.


24 Feb 1860

February 20, at his residence, the Cross, Taughboyne, Mr. John Devenny, aged 68 years.


02 Mar 1860

February 20, at his residence, the Cross, Taughboyne, Mr. John Devenny, aged 78 years.

DEVENNY Robert John

01 Feb 1861

January 18, at his father's residence, Cross, Mr. Robert John Devenny, aged 33 years.


10 Jul 1866

July 9, at his residence, Swilly, Mr. Samuel Devenny, aged 78 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Burying Ground of Taughboyne, on Wednesday morning, the 11th inst., at 10 o'clock, a.m.


04 Dec 1868

November 21, at Swilly, Rebecca, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Devenny, aged 64 years.


05 Jan 1869

Dec 24, at her residence, Cross, Sarah Devenny, aged 69 years.


06 Dec 1845

On Thursday, the 27th ult., at Cloghan Lodge, county Donegal, in her 60th year, Unity, wife of Mr. Richard Devine, of this City.

DEVINE Michael

13 Feb 1866

February 1, at his residence, Meenidamph, Donagheady, aged 68 years, Mr. Michael Devine, father of Rev. Mr. Devine, C.C., Iskaheen.

DEVLIN Elizabeth

22 Jul 1853

At Buncrana, county Donegal, on Sunday, 17th inst., Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Jeremiah Devlin, and mother of the Rev. Philip Devlin, of said Place.


05 Aug 1853

At Bank Head, Moville, on the 27th ult., in his 24th year, Mr. John Devlin, formerly cashier in the Ulster Bank in this City, and eldest son of the late Mr. R. Devlin, merchant, Foyle Street.

DEVLIN Bernard

14 Jul 1868

On the 2nd July, at his father's residence, Cabry, Quigley's Point, Mr. Bernard Devlin, late of Philadelphia, U.S. of America, aged 40 years.


24 Jul 1866

At Milford, county Donegal, the wife of Mr. J.A. Drummond, aged 20 years.


12 Jan 1866

January 3, at Gortahork, John Dick, Esq., late Lieutenant in the Donegal Militia, aged 78 years.


08 Apr 1837

At Killybegs, county Donegal, on the 19th Inst., James Dickey, Esq., formerly of Randalstown, aged 84.

DICKEY William Rev.

18 Sep 1841

On Wednesday, 8th inst., aged 73, at his residence in Carnone, the Rev. William Dicky, for about 46 years minister of the Seceding congregation of that Place, latterly in connection with the General Assembly.


21 Apr 1849

On the 16th inst., aged 73 years, Hester Dickey, only surviving sister of the late Rev. William Dickey, Carnone.

DICKEY William

25 Apr 1862

March 4, at Mercer, Mercer county, U.S., William Dickey, Esq., second son of the late Rev. William Dickey, Carnone, county Donegal.


21 Jul 1854

An inquest was held yesterday, on the body of Captain Dickson, who died in the Horsepool, Bundoran, on Wednesday last. He was from Inishmore, county Fermanagh. The cause of death being apoplexy, a verdict of 'died from a visitation of God' was returned

by the jury.


29 Jul 1859

July 10, at Bundoran, Hester, relict of the late William Dickson, Esq., of Ennismore, county Fermanagh, and formerly of Cavan House, Fintona, aged 65 years.


24 Jan 1862

January 17, at Ballymore, near Ards, Dunfanaghy, Mr. William Dickson, aged 60 years.


20 Sep 1864

August 11, of diptheria, George, aged 5 years and 3 months, son of Mr. Henry Dickson, Buncrana, county Donegal.

DICKSON Margaret

20 Sep 1864

September 5, of diptheria, Margaret, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr. Henry Dickson, Buncrana, county Donegal.


20 Sep 1864

September 5, of diptheria, Isaac, aged 7 years and 5 months, son of Mr. Henry Dickson, Buncrana, county Donegal.


20 Sep 1864

September 11, of diptheria, Edward, aged 3 years, son of Mr. Henry Dickson, Buncrana, county Donegal.

DICKSON Emily Carleton

20 Sep 1864

September 11, of diptheria, Emily Carleton, aged 8 months, daughter of Mr. Henry Dickson, Buncrana, county Donegal.

DICKSON Charlotte

22 Sep 1868

September 17, at her residence, Dunfanaghy, Charlotte, relict of the late Mr. William Dickson, Ballymore, aged 74 years.


17 Sep 1831

On Tuesday, the 5th inst., Mark Dill, of Springfield, in the county of Donegal, Esq., aged 89 years.

DILL Marcus

09 Mar 1833

Of fever, on the 26th ult., in the 54th year of his age, Marcus Dill, of Springfield, second son of the late Marcus Dill, of the same place, Esq.

DILL Catharine

19 Jan 1839

At Cairne, on the Sabbath evening, the 6th ult., Catharine, eldest daughter of the late Marcus Dill, sen., Esq., Springfield.


13 Dec 1845

On Thursday, the 27th ult., Mary, youngest daughter of the Rev. Samuel Dill, Donoughmore.

DILL Samuel Rev.

20 Dec 1845

On the 10th inst., at his residence, Berwick Hall, in the 74th year of his age and 47th of his ministry, the Rev. Samuel Dill, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Donoughmore, county Donegal.

DILL Hester

21 Mar 1846

On the 2nd inst., Hester, third daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Dill, of Donoughmore.

DILL Susan

28 Apr 1849

On the 17th inst., Susan, the beloved daughter of Moses Dill, Esq., of Springfield.

DILL Richard Rev.

22 Nov 1850

On Thursday, the 14th inst., at the residence of his son in law, Dr. Thompson, of this City, in the 81st year of his age, the Rev. Richard Dill, Minister of Knowhead for many years.


13 Nov 1857

At Ramelton, Mrs. Anne Dill, aged 90.

DILL Rebecca

24 Apr 1863

April 22, at Burnside, Raphoe, Rebecca Dill.

DILL Hester

08 May 1863

May 6, at the residence of her son, Rev. Dr. Dill, Ballymena, Hester, relict of the Rev. Samuel Dill, of Donoughmore, county Donegal, aged 88 years.

DILL Moses

05 Aug 1864

On the 30th July, at Killygarvan, Rathmullan, Mr. Moses Dill, aged 82 years.


10 Oct 1840

Sept. 5, after a short illness, at the house of Mr. Edward Dillon, county Donegal, Mary B. Dillon, wife of Thomas Dillon, formerly of New York.

DILLON Redmond

16 Sep 1843

After a short illness, at the advanced age of 90, Mr. Redmond Dillon, of Ballylawn, near Newtowncunningham. His remains were attended to the graveyard of Balleighan.


15 May 1847

In Donegal, on Saturday last, after a few days illness, to the expressible regret of her family and relations, Mrs. Dillon, relict of the late Mr. Dillon, of the Arran Arms Hotel.

DILLON Anthony Rev.

30 Dec 1848

Of typhus fever, on the 21st inst., at the house of Mr. Joseph Mooney, Waterside, Londonderry, where he had been on a visit, the Rev. Anthony Dillon, R.C.C. of Donegal, aged 31 years.

DILLON Catherine

19 Oct 1849

On Wednesday morning week, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. William Dillon, Bundoran, and sister of the Rev. J. Cassidy, of that place.

DILLON Eleanor

04 Nov 1853

On Monday, the 31st ult., at her residence in Donegal, Eleanor, the beloved wife of John H. Dillon, Esq., aged 27.

DILLON Theobald Augustus

13 Sep 1861

September 4, at 38 Eccles Street, Dublin, Theobald Augustus Dillon, Esq., of Mount Dillon, county Roscommon, R.M., Donegal, aged 57 years.


11 Sep 1841

On the 30th ult., aged 79 years, Mr. Samuel Dinsmore, of Dunfanaghy, county Donegal.

DINSMORE Catherine

14 May 1842

On the 6th inst., at the residence of her son in law, G.E. Spencer, Esq., Chief Officer of the Coast Guard on Rathlin Island, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Dinsmore, of Dunfanaghy, county Donegal.


14 May 1852

In Ballintra, on Wednesday morning, suddenly, after a lingering illness, Mr. Henry Dinsmore, woollendraper.


19 Dec 1856

At Buncrana, on the 7th inst., aged 60 years, after a lingering illness, Eleanor, the beloved wife of Mr. Abraham Dinsmore.


09 Aug 1864

August 4, at his residence, Caramullan, Mr. Samuel Dinsmore, aged 60 years.

DISSET Margaret

26 Mar 1852

March 13, Margaret Disset, of Ballybofey.


18 Jun 1831

A few weeks since, an old man, nemaed James Diver, in a state of mental derangement, threw himself over Ramelton bridge, he lingered a few days and then expired.


20 Jul 1839

At Donegal, on the 17th inst., John H. Diver, Esq., M.D., surgeon, 91st Regiment.


23 Feb 1864

February 16, Mary Diver, aged 102 years, relict of the late Mr. Michael Diver, Whitehouse, Whin Park, near Carndonagh.


15 Mar 1867

March 10, at Letterkenny, James Diver, Esq., father of the Rev. Mr. Diver, Parish Priest of Clondahorkey, county Donegal.


06 Feb 1841

During the late snow storm a man named Roddy Divver, went to the village of Creeslough, county Donegal, and remained drinking in a public house, till he became intoxicated to such a degree, unable to return home, he was made a bed for the night in that house. In the morning his body was found burned to a cinder, and could not be removed until it was placed in a coffin.


21 Jun 1864

June 5, at her residence, Ramelton, Mrs. Dobbin, aged 83.

DOBBS John Rev.

02 Dec 1837

On 26th ult., aged 67 years, at his residence, Carrickfergus, the Rev. John Dobbs, Rector of Clonmany, Diocese of Derry, county Donegal.


27 Aug 1842

In Killybeggs, on the 16th inst., Mrs. Jane Dodd, aged 61 years, relict of the late Lieutenant John Dodd.


29 Jul 1837

As Patrick Canning and Owen Doherty were employed yesterday on the edge of the Quay, in the rear of Captain's yard, they fell into the river, and drowned. Canning was from Buncrana, and left a wife and two children to mourn his untimely fate.


13 Jan 1838

On Sunday, the 7th inst., at his residence, Keelogs, county Donegal, Neal Doherty, Esq.

DOHERTY Isabella

21 Mar 1846

At the residence of her daughter Glen House, Ennishowen, on Saturday, the 14th inst., at the advanced age of 84 years, Isabella, relict of the late Mr. Edward Doherty, of this City.


14 Nov 1846

At Carndonagh, on he 30th ult., after a protracted illness, Mr. Patrick Doherty, in the 64th year of his age.


20 Feb 1847

On the 16th inst., at Strabane, Andrew Robert Charleton Doherty, son of Michael Doherty, Esq., of Glen House, Clonmany, aged 19 years.


24 Jul 1847

On the morning of the 20th inst., at Moville, whither he had gone for the recovery of his health, Mr. George P. Doherty, only son of Mr. Denis Doherty, of Shipquay Street, in this City.


14 Feb 1851

In Stranorlar, on the 18th inst., Andrew Doherty, aged 95 years, one of the few remaining members of the Old Irish Volunteers.


06 May 1853

On Thursday, the 31st March, at Newark, U.S., aged 56, Mr. Michael Doherty, of Donegal, Ireland.


25 Apr 1856

On the 18th inst., at Glen House, Carndonagh, Michael Doherty, Esq., aged 78 years.


30 Jul 1858

On the 26th inst., the Rev. John Doherty, P.P., of Clonmany, in the 58th year of his age.


28 Oct 1859

At his residence, on the Vista Bella estate, Trinadad, Richard Doherty, Esq., at the age of 56, much regretted by his family and friends. He was born at Ardahee, near Letterkenny, county Donegal, and emigrated at an early period to the West Indies.

DOHERTY Catherine

17 May 1861

May 12, aged 78 years, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. John Doherty, Malin.


24 May 1861

May 11, John Doherty, of Ballygorman, near Malin Head, of a ruptured blood vessel. He was aged about 60 years and is survived by a wife and six children.


11 Oct 1861

In Montreal, April 24th last, of disease of the heart, Neil Doherty, Esq., wharfinger, aged 50 years, eldest son of the late Michael Doherty, Esq., Glen House, Ennishowen, county Donegal.

DOHERTY James Walker

18 Apr 1862

April 15, after a brief illness, James Walker Doherty, Esq., solicitor, Londonderry, and Glen house, county Donegal, for many years Seneschal of Ennishowen.


22 Aug 1862

On the 18th August, at Carndonagh, Teresa, daughter of Mr. Charles Doherty.


04 Nov 1864

November 1, in Manchester, Rebecca, wife of Mr. John Doherty, Carndonagh.


22 Nov 1864

November 17, at Buncrana, Mr. P.B. Doherty.

DOHERTY William O'Donnell

16 Dec 1864

December 14, at 19 Brougham Street, Belfast, William O'Donnell Doherty, eldest son of Mr. William J. Doherty, C.E., aged one year and eleven months. His remains will be conveyed to the Roman Catholic Burying ground, Fahan, by the 9.30 train from Belfast on

the 16th inst., arriving at Derry at 2.30p.m.


28 Feb 1865

On the 20th February, at Glack, near Carndonagh, Mr. James Doherty, formerly teacher of the Craigtown National School , aged 50 years.


19 Oct 1866

October 10, at Carndonagh, Bridget, youngest daughter of Mr. Charles Doherty.


16 Nov 1866

November 9, at Glack, near Carndonagh, Mr. J. Doherty, aged 58 years.


08 Jan 1867

On the 3rd January, at her residence, Letterhill, Mary Doherty, aged 27 years.

DOHERTY Eliza Jane

05 Feb 1867

January 30, at her residence, Backhill, Eliza Jane, wife of John Doherty, aged 20 years.


12 Feb 1867

On the 10th February, at Fahan, Mr. William Doherty, Surveyor. His remains will be removed for interment in the Roman Catholic Burying Ground, Fahan, on this, Tuesday, morning, the 12th inst., at ten o'clock.


19 Mar 1867

March 13, at Lifford Dummy Doherty, aged 70 years, faithful servant of Hugh Brady, Esq., for many years.


10 May 1867

On the 4th May, at his residence, Letterhill, Thomas Doherty, aged 66 years.


06 Sep 1867

September 2, at her residence, Glen House, Clonmany, county Donegal, Rebecca, relict of the late Michael Doherty, Esq.


03 Nov 1868

October 28, at Ruskey, parish of Ray, county Donegal, John Doherty, aged 55 years.


24 Aug 1869

August 15, at Kilcar, Madge, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick Doherty, innkeeper, Kilcar, aged 58 years.


12 Nov 1869

Nov. 3, in Buncrana, Mr. Bernard Doherty, aged 46 years.

DOHERTY Margaret

14 Dec 1844

On Tuesday the 3rd inst., aged 65 years, Margaret, the beloved wife of William Doherty, Esq., Port Ballyraine, Letterkenny.


08 Jun 1860

June 5, at her residence, Cross, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Donaghey.


29 Jun 1869

June 25, at her residence, Legacurry, Cherry Donaghey, aged 58 years.

DONAGHY James Stewart

24 Apr 1857

At St. Johnston, on the 21st inst., James Stewart Donaghy, aged four months.


25 Jun 1867

June 20, at his residence, Cross, John Donaghy, aged 55 years.


10 Nov 1863

November 4, at Lifford, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. John Donald, aged 70 years.

DONALD Elizabeth

28 Jun 1864

June 23, at Lifford, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John Donald, at Lifford, aged 38



12 Dec 1865

December 5, at her father's residence, Carnamoyle, Jane Donaldson, aged 24 years.

DONEGALL Marchioness

09 Jan 1830

Dec. 28, in Curson Street, London, the Dowager Marchioness of Donegall.


19 Dec 1846

On Friday, the 4th inst., after a few days illness, at his residence in Donegal, Arthur Gore Dunleavy, Esq.

DONLEVY Patrick J.

30 Jun 1838

On the 20th inst., Patrick J. Donlevy, Esq., of Donegal, and late of the Linenhall, Dublin.


12 Dec 1840

On the 30th ult., of consumption, at the residence of her brother, Alexander Porter, Esq., Leckagh, Nairn, county Donegal, Jane, the beloved wife of Arthur Gore Donlevy, Esq.


09 Mar 1866

March 5, at her father's residence, Killeney, Mary, the beloved daughter of James Donnel, Esq., aged 16 years.


30 Dec 1864

December 28, at Dunduff's Fort, Susan Donnell, relict of the late Charles Donnell, aged 88 years.


03 Jan 1862

December 22, at Malvern Wells, Samuel Donnelly, Esq., Staff Surgeon R.M., eldest son of Thomas Donnelly, Esq., of Ray, Ramelton, aged 46 years.


06 Jun 1862

May 10, at Ray, county Donegal, Mr.Thomas Donnelly, aged 76 years.


11 Jan 1867

An inquest held on Saturday, before G.H. Mitchell, Coroner, assisted by Pechell Irvine, Esq., J.P., on the body of a man named Donnelly. The jury deliberating for sometime found, "that the deceased died from exposure to cold". Donnelly who came from the neighbourhood of Greencastle, had, on Thursday, been drinking in a public house in Moville with his brother and John Farren, Henry Cavanagh and Valentine Devor. On the way home a dispute led to their comrades assaulting the Donnelly brothers. The police were informed that as a result of the fight there was a body lying on the road. A search was made and no body was found, the police arrested Farren, Cavanagh and Devor. On Thursday night Donnelly's body was found in the snow near Carrownaff Cottage, the residence of some of Donnelly's friends.

DORMER Richard

08 Sep 1832

At Fortstewart, on the 31st ult., Richard Dormer, Esq., aged 89 years. He was agent to Sir Ansley Stewart, and the late Sir James Stewart, Bart., for upwards of 50 years.

DORNIN Michael F.

21 Nov 1851

On the 11th inst., at his residence, in Mountcharles, county Donegal, after a short illness, Michael Fitzgerald Dornin, Esq., late of the Excise Department, aged 70 years.


27 Jul 1860

June 21, at Portlough, Mary, daughter of the late Rev. George Dougall, of Magherafelt.


08 Mar 1864

March 5, at Alla [?], Mr. Joseph Dougall.


01 Nov 1867

October 29, at Portlough, William Dougall, aged 78 years.


12 Feb 1842

On Tuesday, the 8th February, at her son's residence, at Shipquay Gate, in the 90th year of her age, Mary, relict of Edward Dougherty, of Shrove, county Donegal.


13 Sep 1845

At Muff, county Donegal, on the 8th inst., Richard Dougherty, Esq., barrister at law.


19 Jun 1847

At his residence, Muff, County Donegal, on the 16th inst., Thomas Dougherty, Esq.


03 May 1850

On the 18th ult., at his residence in Muff, of rapid decline, Patrick Dougherty, Esq., eldest son of the late Thomas Dougherty, Esq., of Muff, and Redcastle.


06 Jun 1851

On the 29th ult., at his residence, in Muff, county Donegal, in the 25th year of his age, Mr. Patrick Dougherty, only son of Mrs. Dougherty, and nephew to the late T. Dougherty, Esq., of Redcastle, county Donegal.


24 Oct 1856

October 12, at her residence, Redcastle Villa, after a protracted illness, Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Dougherty, Esq., Redcastle, county Donegal.


11 Jul 1862

July 2, at the Park House, Londonderry, Susan, daughter of Mr. Charles Dougherty, Carndonagh, aged 24 years.


09 Jan 1863

December 31, at Redcastle, James Shiel Dougherty, Esq., J.P., aged 42 years.


12 Dec 1865

November 23, at Ballybofey, Mr. Patrick Dougherty, National School Teacher, aged 32 years.


05 Oct 1866

August 17, at Memphis, Tennessee, of congestive chills, Mr. Patrick Dougherty, son of Mr. Patrick Dougherty, merchant, Kilcar, county Donegal.


20 Mar 1868

March 17, at Crevagh, the beloved son of Bryce Douglass, aged 3 years and 3 months.


23 Mar 1860

On the 15th inst., aged 72, Jane, relict of the late Mr. William Downey, Ardmore[?].

DOWNING Lieutenant Colonel


At Londonderry, on the 21st inst., Lieutenant Colonel Downing, late of the 81st Regiment, aged 68 years, on his way from Broagh, in the neighbourhood of Bellaghy, to his residence at Townsend Lodge, Buncrana, county Donegal. Colonel Adam Jefferd Downing entered the army at he age of 16 years, and was engaged in battle with the enemies of his country in every quarter of the globe. A large part of the front of his skull was carried away by a musket shot at the battle of Corunna, where he fought under the command of the late General Sir John Moore.

DOWNY Archibald

25 Aug 1865

August 19, at the residence of his brother in law, Ardmore[?], Mr. Archibald Downy, aged 46 years.


11 Mar 1843

At Dromore, near Raphoe, county Donegal, in the 82nd year of her age, Mrs. Dudgeon.

DUFFY Anthony

15 May 1847

At Newtowncunningham, county Donegal, Mr. Anthony Duffy, in his 74th year.

DUFFY Anthony Mrs.

22 Feb 1848

At Newtowncunningham, county Donegal, on Friday, 11th inst., after a short illness, Mrs. Duffy, relict of the late Anthony Duffy, Esq., of that Town.


10 Apr 1868

April 1, at Ballyshannon, Mr. Hugh Duffy, publican.

DUFFY Margaret

02 Feb 1864

January 25, at Macmeens, Convoy, Margaret, wife of the late Mr. Thomas Duffy, aged 55 years.

DUGALL Isabella

05 Feb 1842

At All Saints, on the 27th January, in the 24th year of her age, Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. George Dugall.

DUGALL William

26 Apr 1845

At Willsborough, on Sunday, the 13th inst., aged 22 years, Mr. William Dugall, eldest son of Mr. George Dugall, All Saints, Newtowncunningham.


03 Jul 1847

On the 26th ult., at Portlough, the residence of her brother, Martha, daughter of the late Rev. George Dugall, of Magherafelt.

DUGALL Margaret

01 Nov 1850

At Portlough, at the residence of her son, on the 27th ult., Margaret, relict of the late Rev. George Dugall, of Magherafelt, aged 84 years.

DUGALL Elizabeth

12 Apr 1861

On the 4th April, at Portlough, near Londonderry, Elizabeth, the second daughter of the late Rev. George Dugall, of Magherafelt, aged 69 years.

DUGALL Thomas Rev.

02 Dec 1864

On the 14th September last, at the residence of his son in law, Major Wilkinson, of Richmond, Tasmania, the Rev. Thomas Dugall, Presbyterian Minister of Sorrell, in that Colony, and formerly of Vinecash, county Armagh, and son of the late Rev. George Dugall,



07 Feb 1868

January 31, at his residence, Portlough, David Dugall, aged 62 years.


03 Aug 1855

At Portlough, on the 31st ult., George, second son of the late Rev. George Dugall, of Magherafelt.

DUGAN William

21 Jun 1861

June 14, at the Ulster Bank, Donegal, of inflammation of the bowels, William Dugan, Esq., manager, 30 years.

DUGGAN Alice Mary

26 Sep 1862

September 20, at the residence of her grandfather, F. Rogers, Esq., postmaster, Killybegs, Alice Mary, only child of C.W. Duggan, Esq., M.A., Inspector of National Schools, aged 2 years.


26 May 1854

On Monday, the 22nd inst., at Ballybigley, aged 66 years, Jane, relict of the late Mr. James Duncan, Magherafelt.

DUNCAN William

27 Jan 1865

January 20, at his residence, Carrickfoden, Mr. William Duncan ages 76 years. He was a valued member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

DUNCAN Matthew

10 Feb 1865

An inquest was held on the 1st inst., at Newtowncunningham by F.G. Long, Esq., coroner, and jury, on the body of Matthew Duncan, a railway labourer, who had been killed on that morning by the fall of a viaduct on the Letterkenny Railway. He was aged 26 years and has left a wife and young family.


17 Nov 1865

November 7, at his residence, Ballough, Malin, Mr. George Duncan, aged 66 years.

DUNCAN Margaret

16 Apr 1867

On the 12th April, at the residence of her brother in law, Robert Mitchell, Esq., Limefield House, Moville, Miss Margaret Duncan, aged 84 years.


07 Sep 1869

August 30, at the residence of his son, Tullyard, near Glenties, Mr. Andrew Duncan, formerly of Ballyara, near Killybegs, aged 85 years.

DUNDAS Hugh Mrs.

31 Dec 1836

In Ballyshannon, on Thursday, after a few days illness, Mrs Dundas, wife of Mr. Hugh Dundas, saddler. She was an affectionate wife, a kind parent, and a sincere friend.


01 Apr 1864

On the 28th March, at Ballyshannon, Mr. Hugh Dundas, saddler, aged 45 years.


04 Jan 1840

On the 12th ult., the infant son of Arthur G. Dunleavy, Esq., Donegal.


02 Oct 1841

At Coolderry, near Raphoe,on Friday, the 24th ult., after a painful illness, which came upon him very suddenly, and which he bore with exemplary patience and Christian fortitude, Mr. John Dunlop, aged 64 years.

DUNLOP William Alexander

28 Dec 1864

On the 22nd December, at Corncammon, William Alexander Dunlop, aged 2 years.


28 Jul 1865

June 30, at his uncle's residence, Philadelphia, Joseph, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Dunlop, Corncammon, county Donegal, aged 24 years.


01 Jan 1867

December 30, at Spenogue, Burt, Annie, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Dunlop.


18 Jan 1867

January 13, at the residence of her husband, Terbraken[?], Martha Dunlop, aged 60 years.


06 Nov 1868

November 2, at his residence, Corncammon, Joseph Dunlop, aged 57 years.

DUNN Andrew

10 Aug 1849

At Glenlough[?], on the 4th inst., Mr. Andrew Dunn, aged 82 years.

DUNN Joseph

17 May 1867

On the 14th May, at his residence, Legahurry[?], Mr. Joseph Dunn, aged 83 years.

DUNN Robert

14 Jun 1867

June 6, at Craghadoes, Mr. Robert Dunn, aged 90 years.


30 Mar 1839

On Sunday evening last, the 24th inst., Mr. James Dysart, of Burt, aged 83 years.


19 Oct 1839

At Mobile, Alabama, on the 15th of August, of congestive fever, Mr. James Dysart, son fo Mr. James Dysart, of Gallagh, aged 29. He left a widow and two children.


26 Nov 1842

At his residence, Carnamaddy, Burt, on Tuesday the 15th inst., John Dysart, Esq.,


27 Apr 1844

On the 23rd inst., at Gallagh, James Dysart, Esq., aged 72 years, late first Lieutenant, in the Londonderry Yeomanry corps.


11 Jul 1862

July 6, at the residence of his brother, Carnamaddy, Burt, after a long illness, Mr. Samuel Dysart, formerly of this City.


01 Jan 1867

December 22, at Carnamaddy, Burt, Ann, eldest daughter of the late James Dysart, Esq.

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