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BABINGTON to BYRNE Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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BABINGTON to BYRNE Co. Donegal Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Rob Doragh, UK

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

BABINGTON, Mary 24 Jan 35 On the 19th inst., at Prospect Hill, in the 64th year of her age, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Humphrey Babington, of this City, sincerely regretted by her family and friends.
BABINGTON, Eliza 13 Aug 36 At Prospect Hill, Dunmore, county Donegal, on Sunday, the 7th inst., of rheumatic fever, Miss Eliza Babington, daughter of the late Humphrey Babington, of this City, Esq., merchant.
BABINGTON, Humphrey 24 Dec 36 On Saturday, the 17th inst., at his residence, Greenfort, county Donegal, Humphrey Babington, Esq., late Captain in the 26th Regiment.
BABINGTON, Murray 07 Sep 39 At Bonny Glen, on Tuesday the 3rd September, Murray Babington, Esq.
BABINGTON, Dora 14 Jan 43 On Thursday, the 5th inst., Dora Babington, the beloved wife of W.H. Babington, Esq., of this City, and third daughter of the late Murray Babington, Esq., of Bonnyglen, county Donegal.
BABINGTON, Margaret 19 Sep 46 At her residence, Bishop Street, in this City, on Friday, the 4th Inst., Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Murray Babington, Esq., Bonny Glen, in the county of Donegal.
BABINGTON, Catharine G. 03 Apr47 At her residence, in Richmond Street, in this City, on Friday morning, the 2nd inst., Catharine Gordon, fourth daughter of the ate Murray Babington, Esq., Bonnyglen. Her remains will be interred in the Cathedral burying ground, on Monday morning, 4th inst., at 10 o'clock.
BABINGTON, Isabella 03 May 61 April 25, aged 63 years, Mrs. Isabella Babington, of Greenfort, county Donegal, relict of the late Captain Humphrey Babington, of the same Place.
BAILIE, Eleanor 23 Aug 45 On the 10th inst., Eleanor, daughter of the late Robert Bailie, Esq., of the 2nd (or Queen's) Regiment, and sister of the Rev. Dr. Bailie, Fannet Glebe, Ramelton.
BAILLIE, William Rev. 09 Sep 59 September 1, at Fannet Glebe, county Donegal, the Rev. William Baillie, LL.D., Rector of the Parish of Clondevaddock, in the Diocese of Raphoe.
BAIRD, John 06 Dec 34 On Saturday, the 22nd ult., at Lisnoble, near Raphoe, in the 82nd year of his age, Mr. John Baird, 50 years precentor to the Presbyterian Congregation of Raphoe.
BAIRD, Andrew 24 Oct 35 Suddenly, on the 10th inst., at the residence of his son in law, the Rev. Mr. Maxwell, of Castlederg, Mr. Andrew Baird, of Castlefin.
BAIRD, Robert 29 May 41 On Thursday, the 27th inst., about the hour of one o'clock, p.m., Robert Baird, aged 20 years, the son of James Baird, junior, of Magherablade, near Creeslough, was drowned while in the act of bathing, with his two uncles, in the neighbourhood of Doe Castle, county Donegal.
BAIRD, Isabella 07 Apr 49 On the 27th ult., at the residence of her son in law, the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, Castlederg, Isabella, relict of the late Mr. Andrew Baird, Castlefin, aged 81 years.
BAIRD, Samuel 18 Apr 56 On the 7th inst., at his residence, in Moville, Mr. Samuel Baird, aged 64 years.
BAIRD, Dr. 23 Oct 57 Suddenly, of disease of the heart, at Strabane, on the 20th inst., Dr. Baird, Cloughfin, Carrigans, county Donegal.
BAIRD, Jane 24 Oct 62 October 13, at her mother's residence, Moville, Jane, fourth daughter of the late Samuel Baird, aged 28 years.
BAIRD, Catherine 30 Oct 63 October 22, at Moville, Catherine, second daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Baird.
BAIRD, Susanna 25 Jul 62 July 12, at Moville, Susanna, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Baird.
BAKER, William 01 May 57 William Baker who had accompanied John C. McKelvey on the evening of the 19th March, and whose body has as yet not been found is presumed to have been drowned on that date in Sheephaven Bay.
BALDRICK, Mary A. 01 Jun 39 On the 28th May, Mary Anne, wife of Mr. Thomas Baldrick, Linsfort, in the 52nd year of her age.
BALDRICK, Isabella 09 Jan 47 On the 4th inst., of fever, Isabella, youngest daughter of Mr. John Baldrick, Linsfort, aged 7 years.
BALDRICK, John 18 Apr 51 Suddenly, on Friday morning last, at his residence, Linsfort, Mr. John Baldrick.
BALDRICK, Matthew 24 Apr 57 Lately, at Buncrana, Mr. Matthew Baldrick.
BALDRICK, James Dr. 12 Apr 61 April 6, at his residence, Messmount, James Baldrick, Esq., M.D., medical officer of Fannet Dispensary.
BALFOUR, Frederick H. 28 Sep 55 At Lifford, on Tuesday, the 18th of September, Frederick Hamilton, the infant son of Dr. Robert Balfour, Blairgowrie, Scotland.
BALL, Isabella 15 Oct 42 Suddenly, on the 5th inst., at her aunt's , Rathmullan, Isabella, second daughter of James C. Ball, Esq., of Shannon, in the 15th year of her age.
BALL, Catherine 28 Jan 59 January 24, at 22 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, Catherine, third daughter of the late Samuel Ball, Esq., of Grouse Hall, in the county of Donegal, aged 74 years.
BALL, Grace 28 Sep 60 September 19, at her residence, 22, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, Grace, last surviving daughter of the late Samuel Ball, Esq., of Grouse Hall, county Donegal.
BALL, Mildred 14 Apr 65 April 10, at St. Katherine's, Killybegs, the residence of her brother, Rev J.G. Ball, Mildred, the eldest daughter of the late William Ball, Esq., of Buncrana, in the county of Donegal.
BALL, Barbara 21 Feb 68 February 15, at Sharon Glebe, Barbara, the beloved wife of Mr. J.W. Ball, and fifth daughter of the late Captain J. Lewin, of her Majesty's 30th Regiment, Mill View Lodge, county Galway.
BARCLAY, Jane 17 Sep 36 On Friday, the 9th inst., after a severe and protracted illness, Mrs. Jane Barclay, relict of the late Mr. James Barclay, of Raphoe, aged 64 years.
BARCLAY, William 17 Feb 38 At Figart, near Raphoe, on the 28th ult., in the 38th year of his age, Mr. William Barclay.
BARCLAY, Mary A. 28 Dec 44 On the 20th inst., aged 23 years, at the residence of her father, Dr. Foster, Ballybofey, Mary Annabella, the beloved wife of Robert Barclay, Esq., Ardarva House, county Tyrone.
BARCLAY, Miss 13 Mar 66 February 22, at her residence, Stranorlar, Miss Barclay, aged 82 years.
BARNES, Elizabeth 02 Feb 55 On the 25th ult., at Creeslaughkeil, Fahan, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes, aged 73 years.
BARNHILL, Joseph 01 Mar 67 February 22, Joseph, seventh son of Mr. John Barnhill, Ballylawn, Manorcunningham.
BARNHILL, John 02 Jun 68 May 30, at Ballylawn, county Donegal, Mr. John Barnhill, aged 80 years.
BARR, John 05 May 38 On Friday last, at Craig, county Donegal, at the advanced age of 85 years, Mr. John Barr.
BARR, Andrew 28 Jan 43 At Magherasollis, near Raphoe, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., in the prime of life, Mr. Andrew Barr, for many years a resident of this City.
BARR, Margaret 11 Nov 43 On Friday, the 3rd inst., after a tedious and severe illness, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. John Barr, of Glenalla Farm, near Ramelton.
BARR, Mary 01 Aug 46 At Admirand, near Stranorlar, on the 16th ult., Mary, the eldest daughter of Mr. William Barr.
BARR, Hannah 09 Oct 47 At Admirand, Stranorlar, on the 3rd inst., in her 23rd year, Hannah, daughter of Mr. William Barr.
BARR, William 19 Feb 48 At Admirand, Stranorlar, on the 11th inst., aged 18, William Barr, jun.
BARR, Thomas 04 Nov 48 On the 11th Sept., in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Mr. Thomas Barr, eldest son of Mr. William Barr, Admirand, Stranorlar, consumption has thus entombed, in less than two years and a half, no fewer than five of Mr. Barr's children.
BARR, Samuel 16 Apr 52 At Admirand, Stranorlar, aged 19 years, of consumption, Samuel, son of Mr. William Barr.
BARR, Annie 05 Jul 61 On the 14th June, in New York, Annie Barr, daughter of William and Ann Barr, a native of Donegal, Ireland, in the twenty fourth year of her age.
BARR, Margaret 26 Sep 62 September 18, at Muff, Donegal, Margaret Barr, aged 81 years, wife of Mr. James Barr.
BARR, Henry A. 17 Oct 62 At Admiran, Mr. Henry A. Barr, aged 21 years, seventh son of Mr. William Barr.
BARR, James 16 Jun 65 June 12, at his residence, Muff, county Donegal, Mr. James Barr, aged 79 years.
BARR, Mary 20 Jun 65 June 16, at Moville, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Owen Barr.
BARRETT, Alicia 16 Aug 34 On the 2nd inst., Alicia, third daughter of the Rev. John Barrett, Rector of Inniskeel, county Donegal.
BARRETT, Lyndsay 23 Jan 57 On the 15th inst., at Bruckless House, near Killybegs, county Donegal, Lyndsay Barrett, Esq.
BARRETT, John George 24 Dec 58 On the 9th inst., at the residence of his uncle, Sir John R. Blois, Bart., Cockfield Hall, Suffolk, John George Barrett, Esq., in his 57th year, eldest son of the late Rev. John Barrett, Rector of Inniskeel, county Donegal.
BARRY, Sarah Jane 16 Aug 34 At Grange, Burt, on Friday, 8th inst., in the 23rd year of her age, after a severe and lingering illness, Sarah Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Paul Barry.
BARRY, Paul Mrs. 14 Mar 35 On Thursday, 26th ult., after a severe illness, Mrs. Barry, relict of the late Mr. Paul Barry, of Grange, Burt.
BARRY, Thomas 16 Feb 39 On the 14th inst., at Grange, Burt, in the 80th year of his age, Thomas Barry, Esq., formerly of this City.
BARRY, Rebecca 27 Apr 39 On the 21st inst., after a protracted illness, in the 25th year of her age, Rebecca, sixth daughter of the late Mr. Paul Barry, of Grange, Burt.
BARTON, Baptist J. 15 Aug 51 August 3rd, at his residence, Portsalon, county Donegal, Baptist J. Barton, Esq., J.P., aged 34 years.
BARTON, Sarah Elizabeth 30 Jul 67 On the 24th July, at Stormount, county Donegal, Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Major Baptist J. Barton, Fort Singleton, county Donegal.
BATEMAN, Mary 08 May 47 At Buncrana, on the 30th ult., after a protracted illness, Miss Mary Bateman, aged 90 years.
BATEMAN, Maria Ruth 19 Feb 58 On the 17th inst., at Ranerana [Buncrana], Mrs. Maria Ruth Bateman, wife of William T. Bateman, Esq., and daughter of the late Captain John Price, of the East India Company's Naval Service, aged 61 years.
BATEMAN, William John 10 Jul 68 July 6, at his residence, Buncrana, William John Bateman, Esq., aged 78 years.
BATESON, Anne 26 Aug 59 On the 20th inst., at Southam Villa, Leamington, Miss Anne Bateson, eldest sister of Sir Robert Bateson, Bart., of Castruse, aged 70 years.
BATESON, Robert Lady 25 Jun 67 June 24, at Castruse, Lady Bateson, wife of Sir Robert Bateson, Bart., aged 78 years.
BATT, Thomas 16 Oct 57 At Rathmullan House, county Donegal, On the 12th inst., Thomas Batt, Esq., aged 82 years.
BATTERSBY, Robert 21 Jun 34 On Sunday evening, at Moville, Mr. Robert Battersby, of this City, aged 21 years.
BAXTER, Warren 29 Jul 43 On the 18th inst., Mr. Warren Baxter, of Ballybolother, county Donegal, in the 51st year of his age. He has left an inconsolable widow and five children to lament his loss.
BAXTER, John 10 Mar 49 At Conyburry, near Lifford, after a lingering illness, on Monday, 26th ult., Mr. John Baxter, Deputy Road Surveyor, aged 29 yrs.
BAXTER, Catherine 16 Jan 52 On Monday, the 5th inst., at her son's residence, Coleraine, Catherine Baxter, relict of the late John Baxter, Esq., merchant, Letterkenny
BEARDSHAW, Letitia 13 Oct 54 At Londonderry, on the 12th inst., of gastric fever, Letitia, wife of Charles C. Beardshaw, Esq., Shellfield, aged 22 years.
BEATTIE, Alexander 28 Sep 66 September 20, at Rathmullan, Alexander, eldest son of Mr. John Beattie, of Bunbeg, aged 25 years.
BEATTIE, Jane 23 Oct 68 October 15, Jane, the beloved daughter of Mr. John Beattie, of Bunbeg, aged 16 years.
BEATTY, Thomas Thomas Mrs. 25 Sep 47 In Bundoran, county Donegal, on Friday morning week, after a lingering illness, Thomas Beatty, Esq., of Newtownbutler; and on Friday night, Mrs. Beatty, wife of the above gentleman, died at Bundoran also, where the old couple had been staying for a change of air. Mr. Beatty was in his 80th year, and Mrs. Beatty in her 75th. They were much respected and beloved by all who knew them. They had regularly visited Bundoran for the good of their health every summer for the last 54 years. On Saturday evening their remains were conveyed to the family burial ground, near Newtownbutler, for interment.
BEATTY, Esther 12 Feb 48 On the 7th inst., in Bishop Street, Esther, relict of the late Ezekiel Beatty, Buncrana.
BEATTY, Elizabeth 05 May 49 On the 28th April, at Convoy, in the house of her son, the Rev. John Beatty, Elizabeth, relict of the late Andrew Beatty, Esq., of this City, aged 64 years.
BEATTY, Mary Jane 18 Jan 50 On the 10th inst., at her father's residence, at Millbrook, Fahan, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Beatty.
BEATTY, Archibald 01 Feb 50 On the 25th ult., at his residence, Letter, Fahan, Mr. Archibald Beatty, aged 61 years.
BEATTY, William 15 Mar 50 On the 7th inst, at his residence, Millbrook, Fahan, Mr. William Beatty, aged 63 years.
BEATTY, Hector 30 Jan 52 On the 29th inst., at Buncrana, Mr. Hector Beatty, aged 49 years. His remains will be interred in Fahan churchyard at eleven o'clock on Saturday morning, the 31st instant.
BEATTY, Emily 18 Jan 56 On the 14th inst., at Millbrook, Fahan, Emily, daughter of the late Mr. William Beatty, aged 20 years.
BEATTY, Robert 12 Dec 56 At Kentucky, U.S., on the 20th October, Robert, eldest son of the late Mr. William Beatty, Millbrook, Fahan.
BEATTY, William Mrs. 27 Apr 60 April 21, Mrs. William Beatty, of Millbrook, Fahan, aged 68 years.
BEATY, William 28 Feb 35 At Buncrana, on the 21st inst., of paralysis, after an illness of four years, Mr. William Beaty, aged 77. For many years a respectable merchant of this City, a Lieutenant in the Londonderry Legion, and one of the first to join the Volunteers in 1778.
BEAUFOY, Susan 20 May 59 May 7, after a protracted illness, Susan, the beloved and lamented wife of Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Beaufoy, and last surviving daughter of the late John Hamilton, Esq., of Coxtown, county Donegal.
BEERS, Jane 04 Jan 34 On the 27th ult., in the 69th year of her age, Jane, relict of the late William Beers, of Ballyward Lodge, county of Down, Esq., and only daughter of the late Archdeacon Leslie, of Kincraigie Castle, county of Donegal.
BELDEN, Nathaniel 24 Nov 38 On Saturday, the 17th inst., at Kilgool Cottage, Ardara, in the county of Donegal, Captain Nathaniel Belden, R.N., an old and meritorious British Officer.
BELDEN, Eleanor 06 Apr 44 On the 23rd ult., at Carrickfin, parish of Templecrone, Eleanor, relict of the late Commander Belden, Royal Navy.
BELL, John 13 Feb 36 At the Two Mile Water, on Tuesday last, Mr. John Bell, an old and respected inhabitant of Ballyshannon.
BELL, Martha 17 Jan 46 On the 7th inst., at Ballyboe, near Newtowncunningham, in the 43rd year of her age, Martha, wife of Mr. John Bell.
BELL, William 08 Aug 56 At Evansville, America, on Wednesday, the 11th June, William Bell, Esq., merchant, third son of William Bell, Esq., Dunwiley, near Stranorlar.
BELL, Samuel 24 Apr 57 At Rochester, Monroe County, New York, U.S., on the 16th ult., after a protracted illness, aged 20 years, Mr. Samuel Bell, eldest son of Mr. Robert Bell, formerly of Gortfad, near Garvagh [?].
BELL, Thomas 07 May 58 On the 28th ult., aged 88 years, Thomas Bell, Esq., Dunwiley, Stranorlar.
BELL, Jane 06 Nov 63 October 30, at Dunwiley, near Stranorlar, Jane, relict of the late William Bell, Esq., aged 79 years.
BELL, William Captain 24 Aug 66 On Thursday, the 16th inst., two females discovered a body floating in the water on the western side of Horn Head. An inquest was subsequently hels in Dunfanaghy before F.G. Long, Esq., coroner for the baronies of Raphoe and Kilmacrenan, from the clothing and a gold earring on the body it was established that it was that of Captain William Bell, master of the schooner "Tartar", of Maryport. This vessel was was shipwrecked in the vicinity of Innishboffin Island, some three weeks previous. A verdict was returned of "found drowned".
BELL, Stewart 29 Jun 69 June 21, at Stranorlar, of typhus fever, after a few days illness, Mr. Stewart Bell, aged 42 years.
BELL, Mark 19 Oct 69 Oct. 7, at his residence, Craig [?], Mr. Mark Bell, aged 86 years.
BELLINGS, Mary 15 Oct 69 Oct. 7, at Portnoo Coastguard Station, Mary, the beloved daughter of Mr. William and Ellen Bellings, aged 23 years.
BERESFORD, George Rev. 17 Sep 42 At Bundoran, county Donegal, on Saturday, the 10th inst., in the 66th year of his age, universally loved and respected, the Honourable and Rev. George De La Poer Beresford, second son of the late Lord Decies.
BERESFORD, Bessie 18 Dec 47 At Fanagh Glebe, Leitrim, Bessie, the beloved wife of of the Rev. G.D. Beresford. [wife of above?]
BERKLEY, Margaret 21 Dec 55 At 26 South Frederick Street, Edinburgh, on the 18th inst., Margaret, the wife of the Rev. John Berkley, Knowhead, county Donegal.
BEST, Mrs. 04 Apr 62 March 26, at The Cairns, Ramelton, Mrs. Best, aged 75 years.
BIGGER, Sarah 31 Jul 57 At Moville, on the 25th inst., aged 28 years, Sarah, the beloved wife of William F. Bigger, Esq., Londonderry.
BINNS, Margery 13 Jul 60 On the 2nd inst., aged 75 years, Margery, relict of the late Joseph Binns, Esq., of Knockmany [?], Ennishowen.
BIRD, Richard Mrs. 24 Nov 32 On Saturday night last, in Ballyshannon, of cholera, after a few hours illness, Mrs. Bird, wife of Mr. Richard Bird, shopkeeper of the Main Street.
BIRD, Richard 21 May 36 In Ballyshannon, on Monday last,, after a lingering and painful illness, Mr. Richard Bird, grocer and seed merchant.
BIRNEY, Thomas Rev. 11 Sep 47 At Templecrone Glebe, in County Donegal, the Rev. Thomas Birney, Rector of the parish of Templecrone. His death was occasioned by malignant fever, caught by him in the discharge of his ministerial duties.
BIRNEY, James 09 Mar 66 February 25, at Letterkenny, the wife of Mr. James Birney, aged 56 years.
BIRNEY, Alexandrina 14 May 67 May 4, at Scotswood Terrace, Newcastle of Tyne [England], Alexandrina, only child of Mr. Alexander Birney, merchant, Letterkenny, aged two years.
BIRNIE, Jane 16 Dec 43 On Monday, the 4th inst., in Lifford gaol, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. John Birnie, aged 15 years.
BLACHWOOD [or BLACKWOOD], William 20 Jan 38 At Letterkenny, on Monday the 8th inst., of paralysis, William Blackwood, merchant, aged 64 years. In the various relations of life, as husband, father, and friend, Mr. Blackwood's conduct was exemplary.
BLACK, James 17 Nov 32 On the 5th inst., at Slieve Bann, county Donegal, Mr. James Black, formerly Lieutenant in the 48th Regiment.
BLACK, William 06 Feb 41 On the Sabbath, the 17th ult., at his residence, Ballgreen, in the 63rd year of his age, Mr. William Black, sen. He had for a period of 20 years discharged his duties of Ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Congregation of Ramelton.
BLACK, Joseph 15 Nov 50 On the 9th inst., at Ballylin, near Ramelton, Mr. Joseph Black, aged 58 years.
BLACK, William 18 Jul 56 On the 9th inst., aged 73, Mr. William Black, of Churchhill, in the Parish of Gartan, late High Constable of the Barony of Kilmacrenan, county Donegal.
BLACK, Andrew 03 Apr 57 At Melbourne, Australia, on the 3rd December 1856, of colonial fever, Andrew Black, son of Mr. Samuel Black, of Drumaclohan, near Ramelton, aged 26 years.
BLACK, Gustavus 29 Oct 58 On the 2nd August, at Hawk Point, Lincoln county, U.S., Mr. Gustavus Black, aged 29 years, son of Mr. Samuel Black, Drimacloghan, Ramelton.
BLACK, Alexander 21 Jan 59 At Boghill Cottage, Rathmelton, on the 14th inst., Mr. Alexander Black, late of Ball Green, aged 79 years.
BLACK, Sarah 27 May 59 May 15, aged 19 years, at the residence of her brother, Churchhill, county Donegal, Sarah, youngest daughter of the late William Black, Esq.
BLACK, Robert 24 Feb 60 November 22, at Melbourne, Australia, Robert, seventh son of Mr. Samuel Black, Drimaclogan, near Ramelton, aged 26 years, deeply lamented by his bereaved parents and sorrowing friends and relatives.
BLACK, Richard 13 Sep 64 On the 3rd September, at Agheygalt, Convoy, Mr. Richard Black, aged 62 years.
BLACK, James 13 Sep 64 September 6, at Agheygalt, Convoy, Mr. James Black, aged 65 years, only surviving brother of Richard Black, deceased.
BLACK, James 03 Mar 65 On the 21st January, at his father's residence, Centrevale, Butler county, U.S. America, James, second son to Mr. Alexander Black, late of Glentidally, Ramelton, county Donegal, aged 24 years.
BLACK, Peter 03 Aug 66 July 9, at Philadelphia, Mr. Peter Black, aged 80 years, formerly of Ramelton, county Donegal.
BLACK, Sarah 17 Sep 67 September 16, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. George Cooke, Ramelton, Sarah, widow of the late Mr. Alexander Black, in the 84th year of her age.
BLACKBURN, Samuel 11 Oct 34 On Tuesday morning week, at Mullaghany, near Raphoe, Mr. Samuel Blackburn, farmer
BLACKBURN, Elizabeth 15 Sep 38 August 26, at the residence of her brother in law, Hugh Galbraith, Esq., Miss Elizabeth Blackburn, aged 60 years. [see Hugh Galbraith]
BLACKBURN, Mary 13 Dec 61 December 11, at Coolislin, Parish of Donoughmore, Mary, wife of Mr. James Blackburn, aged 22 years.
BLACKWOOD, Anna Margaretta 24 Jul 68 July 20, Anna Margaretta, the eldest and much beloved daughter of William Blackwood, Esq., Milford, aged 7 years.
BLAIN, Thomas 22 Feb 45 On Friday, the 14th inst., at Mr. William Blain's, of Killybegs, Thomas Blain, Esq., late of Liverpool, aged 63 years.
BLAIN, Charles 08 Feb 50 On Wednesday the 30th ult., of apoplexy, Charles eldest son of the late William Blain, Esq., merchant, Killybegs, aged 24 years.
BLAIR, Robert 16 Apr 36 On Monday last, at Argrey, in the parish of Clonleigh, Mr. Robert Blair, aged 57. He has left a wife and family to deplore his loss.
BLAIR, William 08 May 41 On the 19th ult., in his 67th year, at his residence in Orrstown, near Castlefin, Mr. William Blair, after a few days' illness.
BLAIR, Andrew 19 Mar 42 At Strabane, on Sunday last, Mr. Andrew Blair, son of Mr. Samuel Blair, Bridgend, county Donegal.
BLAIR, John Rev. 24 Sep 42 A few days since, after a severe and lingering illness, which he bore with the fortitude and resignation of a sincere Christian, at Donaghmore, the Rev. John Blair, A.M. Licentiate of the Raphoe Presbytery.
BLAIR, Isabella 13 Sep 45 At Ballyholey, near Raphoe, on Thursday, the 4th inst., after a tedious and painful illness, Miss Isabella Blair, in the 32nd year of her age, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Blair.
BLAIR, Margaret 27 Mar 47 At Killybegs, on Friday, the 19th inst., Margaret, relict of of the late Mr. Charles Blair, aged 77 years, universally regretted.
BLAIR, Martha 18 Dec 47 On Thursday, the 9th inst., at Ballyholly, near Raphoe, aged 32 years, Martha, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Blair.
BLAIR, William 23 Dec 48 On Saturday, 16th inst., at his residence in Killybegs, after a few days illness, William Blair, Esq., aged 49 years.
BLAIR, Mary 26 Apr 50 On the 22nd inst., at Ahansaltagh, near Newtownlimavady, Miss Mary Blair, aged 59 years.
BLAIR, Mary 21 Feb 62 February 18, at Ballyholy, near Raphoe, Mrs. Mary Blair.
BLAIR, Alexander 06 Feb 63 February 5, at Murlog, Parish of Clonleigh, Mr. Alexander Blair, aged 70 years.
BLAIR, Susan 16 Jan 66 January 10, at Kilcashel, Ardara, Miss Susan Blair.
BLAKENEY, George 09 Sep 53 On the 28th ult., at Moville, county Donegal, George Blakeney, Esq.
BLANCY, Bridget 20 May 53 On the 17th inst., at the residence of her son in law, John Ward, Esq., Lennonvale House, Ramelton, Mrs. Bridget Blancy, aged 85 years.
BLYTH, Charles Lieut. 30 Nov 55 On the 20th inst., at Sea View, Killybegs, after only a few hour's illness, Lieutenant Charles Blyth, R.N., Inspecting Officer of Coastguards, aged 60 years.
BOAL, Sarah Anne 23 Sep 53 On Monday, the 12th inst., of cramp in the stomach, after two hours' illness, Sarah Anne, wife of Mr. James Boal, of Drumduffsfort, and youngest daughter of the late Rev. James Rentoul, of Ray.
BOAL, James R. 05 Apr 61 On the 10th March, at his father's residence, Dunduff's Fort, Manorcunningham, in his 19th year, Mr. James R. Boal.
BOGGS, John 03 Nov 65 October 24, at his residence, Bree, Malin, Mr. John Boggs, aged 92 years.
BOGLE, James 10 Apr 66 April 5, at Magherard, James Bogle, aged 65 years.
BOND, Jane 26 Mar 36 On Sunday, the 13th inst., Jane, third daughter of Mr. Oliver Bond, of Lisky [?], in the 26th year of her age.
BOND, Oliver 31 Jul 41 On the 18th inst., aged 68 years, after a lingering illness, Mr. Oliver Bond, of Liskey.
BOND, Thomas 28 Aug 41 Suddenly of pleuritic fever, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., at the house of Messrs. Robert Bond & Co., Mr. Thomas Bond, son of Mr. George Bond, of Ramelton, aged 23 years.
BOND, George 30 Mar 60 March 22, Mr. George Bond, of Ramelton, aged 85 years.
BONNER, James 29 Nov 67 November 1, at Philadelphia, in four days' of illness, of yellow fever, Mr. James Bonner, second son of Mr. Charles Bonner, of Drung, near Moville.
BORELAND, Elizabeth 22 Jun 44 At Tamney, on Saturday, the 1st inst., of consumption, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Boreland, aged 21 years.
BORLAND, Robert 27 Dec 45 At his residence, Tamney, on Thursday, the 25th inst., Mr. Robert Borland, aged 75 years.
BORLAND, Rebecca 24 Mar 68 March 18, at Tamney, Rebecca, youngest daughter of the late Robert Borland, aged 40 years.
BOVAIRD, Alexander 10 Oct 46 On Tuesday morning, the 8th inst., at Elaghbeg, near this City, Mr. Alexander Bovaird, aged 26 years.
BOVAIRD, Henry 25 Jan 61 January 10, at the residence of his father, Ballybolother, near Letterkenny, Henry, youngest son of Mr. Charles Bovaird, aged 48 years.
BOVIARD, James Steel 08 Jan 69 January 5, at the residence of his father in law, W. Johnston, 1 East Wall, Derry, James Steel Boviard, aged 29 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Letterkenny, today, Friday, at 9 o'clock.
BOWEN, James Hamilton 23 Sep 53 On the 10th June,1853, at Tongho, Burma, of dysentery, in the 24th year of his age, James Hamilton Bowen, Lieutenant 1st Madras Fusiliers, fourth son of the Rev. Edward Bowen, Rector of Taughboyne, county Donegal.
BOWEN, William Thomas 17 Feb 54 In London, on the 9th inst., in his 31st year, William Thomas, second son of the Rev. Edward Bowen, Rector of Taughboyne, county Donegal.
BOWEN, Jane 15 Mar 64 March 6, Jane, wife of the Rev. Edward Bowen, Rector of Taughboyne, county of Donegal.
BOWEN, Edward Rev. 23 Aug 67 August 18, the Rev. Edward Bowen, Rector of Taughboyne, county Donegal, in his 89th year.
BOYCE, Hugh 17 Sep 58 On the 11th inst., aged 23 years, Hugh, son of the late James Boyce, Esq., merchant, of Donegal.
BOYCE, Ellen 24 May 61 May 9, of disease of the heart, at Donegal, Ellen, second daughter of the late Mr. James Boyce, aged 14 years.
BOYCE, Jeremiah 24 May 61 May 14, of dropsy, at Donegal, Jeremiah, youngest son of the late Mr. Jeremiah Boyce, aged 40 years.
BOYD, John 29 Oct 36 October 22, in Dublin, John Boyd, Esq., Accountant General to the Court of Chancery, and Treasurer of the county Donegal.
BOYD, Gardiner 26 Feb 42 At Grosvenor College, Bath, in his 16th year, Gardiner, the seventh son of General Boyd, of the Bengal Army, and nephew of Daniel Chambers, of Lough Veagh, county Donegal, Esq.
BOYD, Frances 19 Oct 49 October 15, at Woodpark, near Kingstown, Frances, relict of John Boyd, Esq., late of Stephen's Green, and of Ballymacool, county of Donegal.
BOYD, William 25 Mar 59 March 16, at Kiltoe, in the county of Donegal, the Rev. William Boyd, aged 86 years.
BOYD, Isabella 06 Jul 60 July 4, at her residence, Cross [?], Isabella Boyd, aged 78 years.
BOYD, Elizabeth 08 May 68 May 2, at her father's residence, Cross [?], Elizabeth Boyd, aged 11 years.
BOYLE, Ellen 15 Jun 60 June 6, at Arnoganon, near Killygordon, Miss Ellen Boyle, teacher of Crossroads National School, aged 28 years.
BOYLE, James 26 Jul 61 July 23, at Moville, Mr. James Boyle, of Bishop Street, Londonderry, aged 63 years.
BOYLE, Mary 30 Sep 64 September 11, at New York, Mary, wife of John Boyle, and only daughter of James Slaven, of Ballyshannon, county Donegal, aged 17 years.
BOYLE, Mrs. 14 Oct 64 October 10, at Ballybofey, Mrs. Boyle, mother of Mr. James Boyle, of Ballybofey, at the advanced age of 106 years.
BOYLE, Patrick 06 Oct 65 September 24, at Daisyhill, Stranorlar, at the advanced age of 88, Mr. Patrick Boyle, brother to the Rev. E. Boyle, P.P., and Rev. J. Boyle, C.C., Dollingstown.
BOYLE, Jane 29 Jun 66 June 24, at her residence, Raphoe, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Philip Boyle, aged 73 years.
BOYLE, James 25 Jan 67 On Saturday last, James Boyle, whilst, with some friends had been drinking in the house of Mrs. Unity Toland, Buncrana. He when coming down the stairs, missed his footing and fell heavily to the ground unconscious. Dr. Hunter rendered medical attention and Boyle was subsequently taken to his own residence at Ardvaren, where he died the following night. An Inquest held on Monday, before George H. Mitchell, Esq., Coroner, when a verdict of "Accidental death", was recorded.
BOYLE, Mrs. 26 Nov 67 November 13, at Curraghafehan, near Killybegs, Mrs. Boyle, mother of the Rev. Joseph Boyle, C.C., Inver.
BOYLE, Daniel 12 Nov 69 Nov. 3, Daniel Boyle, fourth son of Mr. James Boyle, Ballybofey, aged 16 years.
BOYTON, Robert 18 May 44 May 9th, at Convoy, aged three months, Robert Montgomery Chambers, second son of the late Rev. Charles Boyton, D.D.
BRADFORD, Margaret Catherine 07 Feb 65 On the 31st January, at Charlemont Mall, in her 70th year, Margaret Catherine Bradford, widow of the late Robert Lowry Bradford, Esq., county Donegal.
BRADLEY, George 07 Jan 53 A coroner's inquest was held at Moville, on Monday, the 3rd, and Tuesday, the 4th inst., on the body of a male infant child, name George Bradley. Sub-Constable, Cornelius Lee, who has charge of the Moville station, hearing that the body of a child was discovered in a pool of water, in the townland of Cooley, parish of Moville, proceeded to the place indicated, on Saturday night last, and finding that a strange woman was seen getting off the Derry and Moville car on Thursday last, proceeded in search of the female, in coloured clothes, and arrested her in a friend's house, about five miles from the station. On his questioning her, she could not give a satisfactory account of herself; and he, therefore, conveyed her to the barracks, and detained her there until an inquest should be held. Dr. Noble deposed that the female had been delivered of a child. After hearing the evidence of various parties, the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against the mother, Jane Carlin, and she has been committed to stand for trial at Lifford assizes.
BRADLEY, Mary Jane 18 Apr 56 On the 17th inst., at Beech Cottage, Redcastle, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late George Bradley, Esq., of Omagh. Her remains will be conveyed through Derry, on their way to Omagh, for interment, on Monday morning, at ten o'clock.
BRADLEY, Hannah 24 Apr 68 April 18, at Gortgore, Three Trees, Hannah Bradley.
BRADSHAW, Isabella 01 Apr 43 At the residence of her son, Mr. H.A. Bradshaw, merchant, Donegal, Isabella, aged 78 years, relict of the late Mr. William Bradshaw, and only surviving sister of the late David Crawford, Esq., Spamount. She was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Society for many years. [see Fermanagh for BRADSHAW]
BRADSHAW, Sarah Jane 20 Jan 44 At Donegal, at the residence of her brother, H.A. Bradshaw, merchant, on the 7th, inst., Sarah Jane, daughter of the late William Bradshaw.
BRADY, James 26 Dec 35 Lately in the Island of Antigua, of yellow fever, Mr. James Brady, son of Mr. Hugh Brady, Lifford.
BRADY, Jane Russell 07 Mar 51 At Dunlewey House, on the 27th ult., aged 3 months, Jane Russell, the infant daughter of Dr. G.T. Brady, of Heath Cottage, Gweedore, county Donegal.
BRADY, Fanny 13 Nov 57 At Lifford, on the 8th inst., Fanny, eldest daughter of Hugh Brady, Esq.
BRADY, Mrs. 01 Jan 58 At Lifford, on Monday last, Mrs. Brady, wife of Mr. Brady.
BRADY, Hugh 31 Dec 58 On the 24th inst., at Lifford, Hugh Brady, Esq., aged 77 years.
BRADY, Miss 27 Apr 60 April 21, the infant daughter of G.F. Brady, Esq., Dunlewey House, county Donegal.
BRADY, Jane 28 Jun 61 At the residence of her brother, Anthony Divir, Esq., Donegal, Jane, relict of the late Terence Brady, Esq., aged 66 years.
BRADY, Vaelentine Tole G. 15 Dec 68 December 10, at Falcaragh, county Donegal, aged 4 years, Valentine Tole Griffith, seventh son of Dr. George F. Brady, J.P.
BRANDON, William 22 Feb 67 On the 30th January, at 70 Laight Street, New York, Mr. William Brandon, in the 83rd year of his age, a native of Stranorlar, county Donegal.
BRANDON, Frances 09 Oct 68 September 17, at Newark, state of New Jersey, Frances Brandon, aged 4 years 9 months and 11 days, daughter of Mr. David Virtue, and granddaughter of Mr. John Scott, Donegal.
BRATTAN, Martha 15 Jun 66 June 8, at her residence, Ardmore Green [?], Martha Brattan, aged 64 years.
BRATTEN, William Allen 05 Jan 66 January 4, at Ardmore [?], William Allen Bratten, aged 23 years, son of Mr. John Bratten.
BRATTON, David Mrs. 05 May 38 On Friday, at Gaddyduff, parish of Clonmany, aged 64 years, Mrs. Bratton, relict of Mr. David Bratton.
BREADIN, Ezekiel 10 Jul 47 On the 5th inst., at his father's house, Ballymagrorty [?], Mr. Ezekiel Breadin, aged 22.
BREDAN, James 14 Sep 44 At Honermain, on the 8th inst., after a short illness, Mr. James Bredan, aged 72 years.
BREDIN, William 05 Nov 52 At Bonemain, on the 22nd ult., Mr. William Bredin, in the 85th year of his age.
BREDIN, Henry 16 Dec 59 December 11, at his late residence, Boneymaine, county Donegal, Mr. Henry Bredin, aged 84 years.
BREDIN, Martha 04 Feb 68 January 30, at Bonemain, Martha Bredin, aged 88 years.
BRENAN, Kitty 19 Oct 55 Kitty Brenan, who was from the Killygordon area, died in Donegal Workhouse, she had attained the advanced age of 108 years of age last week. She had given birth to some 16 sons all of whom she had outlived.
BRESLAND, John 16 Jan 66 January 1, at Alla [?], Mr. John Bresland, aged 63 years, father of Mr. James Bresland, second master of Galway Model School.
BRETTINGHAM, Thomas H. G. 15 Apr 53 At Bruncrana, on the 8th inst., aged 1 year and 9 months, Thomas Horace Gordon, younger son of Captain Richard W. Brettingham, Royal Artillery.
BRIDE, Edward Rev. 18 Apr 61 At Grove Lodge, county Donegal, the Rev. Edward Bride.
BRIEN, Mrs. 10 May 34 In Ballyshannon, on the 16th ult., after a short illness, the wife of Surgeon Brien.
BRIGGS, Sophia G. 01 Jun 39 At Madras, on the 21st of January, Sophia Gore Briggs, aged 34, wife of Captain James Briggs, 13th Madras Native Infantry, and daughter of the Rev. George Marshall, Rector of Donagh, county of Donegal.
BRIGHAM, Anne 19 Feb 42 On Sunday, the 6th February, at her son's residence, in Donegal, in the 81st year of her age, Anne, relict of the late Mr. Andrew Brigham, Urney.
BRIGHAM, Sarah L. 02 Apr 42 On the 27th ult., aged 13 months, of whooping cough, Sarah Letitia, fourth daughter of Mr. James Brigham, merchant, Donegal, being the third death in his family in less than five months of the same disease.
BRIGHAM, Elizabeth 11 Jul 51 At Donegal, on the 29th ult., Miss Elizabeth Brigham, aged 59 years.
BRIGHAM, Maggie 15 Feb 56 Of scarletina, on the 10th inst., aged 13 years, Maggie, the beloved daughter of Mrs. James Brigham, merchant, Donegal.
BRIGHAM, Sarah 17 Jun 59 June 4, Sarah, third daughter of Mr. David Brigham, Ramelton, aged 17 years.
BRIGHAM, Andrew 04 Nov 59 October 27, at Ramelton, Andrew, second son of Mr. David Brigham.
BRIGHAM, Margery 10 Feb 60 February 3, at Ramelton, Margery, daughter of Mr. David Brigham, aged 22 years.
BRISLAND, Patrick 30 Sep 59 September 24, at Edenmore, Patrick Brisland, at the advanced age of 90 years, upwards of 60 years of which times he lived as ploughman and outdoor servant in the family of John Cochrane, Esq., of Edenmore.
BRISON, John 13 May 43 At the Haw, near Lifford, on Wednesday, the 10th inst., Mr. John Brison, aged 84 years.
BRITTAIN, Alicia 06 Feb 57 On the 27th ult., at her residence Blindgate Street, Coleraine, Alicia, relict of the late John Brittain, Esq., for many years Collector of H.M.s Customs at Ballyshannon, aged 85 years.
BRITTIN, Elizabeth 08 Jan 69 Jan 2, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. David Brittin, Stranagor, Malin, aged 63 years.
BRITTON, B. Miss 01 Dec 32 On Wednesday last, after a few days illness, Miss B. Britton, Ballyshannon. The inhabitants kept their shops closed for two days, first when she took ill, and latterly on the day of her decease as a mark of respect.
BRITTON, Mary 08 Dec 32 On Thursday, in Ballyshannon, of cholera, Miss Mary Britton, daughter of Captain Britton, of Whitehill.
BRITTON, John 23 Mar 33 In Ballyshannon, on the 5th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mr. John Britton, aged 72 yrs, former Postmaster of Ballyshannon.
BRITTON, Thomas 24 Jan 35 At Surat, near Bombay, on the 3rd July last, Thomas Britton, Esq., a native of Ballyshannon.
BROOKE, Thomas 19 Jun 30 On the 17th instant, at Portstewart, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, Thomas Brooke, Esq., of Castlegrove, county Donegal, in the 57th year of his age.
BROOKE, Martha 10 Mar 38 On the 6th inst., at the residence of her father, Martha, youngest daughter of the Rev. H. Brooke, of Burt.
BROOKE, Hugh Rev. 22 Jun 39 On the 17th inst., at Burt, in the 83rd year of his age, the Rev. Hugh Brooke, for upwards of 55 years Presbyterian Clergyman of that Parish.
BROOKE, Margaret 27 Mar 41 At Brookhill [Londonderry], on the 23rd inst., aged 79 years, Margaret, relict of the late Rev. H. Brooke, of Burt.
BROOKE, Rebecca 27 Aug 52 On the 22nd inst., at Brookhill [Londonderry], the residence of her brother, J.H. Brooke, Esq., Rebecca, second daughter of the late Rev. H. Brooke, of Burt.
BROOKE, Sarah 06 Jun 56 On the 20th ult., at Morningside, near Edinburgh, Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Rev. H. Brooke, of Burt
BROOKE, Mrs. 06 Mar 63 February 24, at Castlegrove, county Donegal, Mrs. Brooke, in her 86th year.
BROOKE, Ernest 30 Oct 68 October 22, at Bundoran, Ernest, third son of Sir Victor Brooke, Bart., of Colebrook Park, aged 7 months.
BROOKENS, Annie 23 Mar 69 March 18, at Carrowkeel, Quigley's Point, Annie, daughter of Mr. Samuel Brookens, aged 3 years and 7 months.
BROOKENS, Richard 30 Mar 69 March 23, at Carrowkeel, Quigley's Point, Richard, son of Mr. Samuel Brookens, aged 1 year and 4 months.
BROWN, Arthur 06 Feb 41 On Friday, the 22nd ult., after a few days illness, at the patriarchal age of 104 years, Mr. Arthur Brown, of Upper Leiter, Kilmacrenan, county Donegal.
BROWN, Jane 01 Oct 42 At Cottown, near Raphoe, on Saturday, the 17th ult., much and deservedly regretted, Jane, wife of Mr. Joseph Brown, aged 30 years.
BROWN, Samuel 19 Jun 47 At Stranorlar, on the morning of Monday, the 14th inst., Mr. Samuel Brown, postmaster, aged 81 years.
BROWN, John 29 Nov 50 At Ramelton, on the 19th inst., John Brown, Esq., student of theology in the 20th year of his age.
BROWN, Elizabeth 03 Jan 51 On the 31st ult., Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas Brown, Esq., of Ramelton, county Donegal.
BROWN, Samuel 28 Mar 51 On the 15th inst., Mr. Samuel Brown, of Drumgreggan, near Letterkenny.
BROWN, Jane 01 Sep 54 At Cabra, near Ballymoney, on the 29th ult., of cholera, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. John Brown. She had just returned home from the funeral of her brother in law, Mr. Samuel Mann, who died of the same melancholy disease, at his residence, Tullyreagh, near Ballymena.
BROWN, Adam 26 Jun 57 At Woodhill, near Manorcunningham, on the 6th inst., Mr. Adam Brown, aged 80 years.
BROWN, John 11 Feb 59 On Wednesday, the 2d inst., in Ramelton, Mr. John Brown, reporter, aged 23 years.
BROWN, Mary 22 Apr 59 April 17, at Gortrest [?], Mary, relict of the late Mr. John Brown, aged 40 years.
BROWN, W. A. Mr. 10 Jun 59 May 26, at Greencastle, Moville, W.A. Brown, Esq., formerly of Liverpool.
BROWN, Catherine Anne 25 May 60 May 16, of scarletina, aged seven years, Catherine Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. William Brown, flax merchant, Ramelton, and sister of the late Mr. John Brown, reporter.
BROWN, Nancy 28 Dec 60 December 20, Nancy, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Brown, of Ballymagowan [?].
BROWN, Samuel 15 Feb 61 February 6, at Cottown, aged 23 years, Mr. Samuel Brown.
BROWN, Benjamin 30 May 62 May 16, at his residence, Fern, after a short illness, Benjamin Brown, Esq., aged 66 years.
BROWN, Francis Adam 05 Dec 62 November 29, at his father's residence, Whitehill [?], Francis Adam Brown, aged 18 months.
BROWN, Joseph 08 May 63 On the 4th May, at his residence, Tooban, Mr. Joseph Brown, aged 70 years.
BROWN, Robert 26 Jun 63 June 5, at New York, Mr. Robert Brown, formerly of Rathmullen, county of Donegal, aged 68 years.
BROWN, Rebecca 20 Nov 63 November 16, at her aunt's residence, Rossbracken, Rebecca, aged 5 years and 6 months, daughter of Mr. James Brown.
BROWN, Thomas Benjamin 18 Mar 64 On the 15th February, at Buncrana, Thomas Benjamin, aged 5 years and 4 months, son of Mr. Thomas Brown, of the coast guard station, Fahan.
BROWN, Harriet Elizabeth 18 Mar 64 On the 14th March, at Buncrana, Harriet Elilzabeth, aged six months, the daughter of Mr. Thomas Brown, of the coast guard station, Fahan.
BROWN, Matilda Ann 15 Nov 64 November 4, at Tullybogley, Matilda Ann, only daughter of Mr. Adam Brown, aged 10 years.
BROWN, Robert 02 Mar 69 Feb 25, at his late residence, St. Johnston, Mr. Robert Brown, aged 29 years.
BROWN, Margaret 13 Apr 69 April 2, Margaret, wife of the late James Brown, Esq., of Bonagee, near Letterkenny.
BROWN, James 01 Jun 69 May 28, at his residence, Cabrey, county Donegal, Mr. James Brown, aged 69 years.
BROWNE, Thomas 09 Jul 36 At Ramelton, on the 25th ult., Thomas Browne, Esq., aged 75 yrs.
BROWNE, Arthur 20 Feb 41 At Upper Leiter, near Kilmacrenan, county Donegal, Mr. Arthur Browne, aged 104 years.
BROWNE, Margaret 19 Jun 47 At Killybeggs, county Donegal, on the 3rd June, of typhus fever, caught whilst administering to the wants of the poor, Margaret, the wife of Alexander Browne, Esq., the commander of the 'Racer', Revenue Cutter, stationed there.
BROWNE, William Rev. 02 Aug 50 At Buncrana, on the 29th ult., the Rev. William Browne, Presbyterian Minister, in the 42nd year of his age, and 14th of his ministry.
BROWNE, John 30 Jan 57 At Fern, near Castlederg, on the 22nd inst., John Browne, Esq., aged 65 years.
BROWNE, Joseph 18 May 60 May 9, at Cottown, Mr. Joseph Browne, aged 57 years.
BROWNE, Fanny 18 Sep 63 September 14, at Stranorlar, Fanny, relict of the late Samual Browne, aged 79 years.
BROWNE, Adam 24 Oct 65 October 20, at Tullybogley, Mr. Adam Brown.
BROWNE, Mary 21 Aug 66 August 12, at the residence of her sister, in Carndonagh, of inflamation, after a short illness, Mary Browne, daughter of the late Mr. Matthew Browne, of Muff, county Donegal.
BROWNE, Francis 07 May 67 April 30, at Spamount, county Donegal, Francis Browne, Esq., late Commander of her Majesty's cutter "Stag", aged 45 years.
BROWNE, James 08 May 68 May 3, at Killybegs, county of Donegal, Mr. James Browne, son of the late Captain A. Browne, commander of her Majesty's Preventive Cutter Racer.
BROWNE, Eliza 09 Nov 69 Nov. 4, at her residence, Burnfoot [?], Eliza Browne, aged 25 years.
BROWNLEE, Elizabeth 17 May 67 May 12, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. Thomas Lindsay, Glengad, near Ballymoney [?], Elizabeth, widow of the late William Brownlee, Dundonald.
BRUCE, John 27 Dec 61 December 17, at his father's residence, Derrygonnelly, county Fermanagh, after a brief illness, Mr. John Bruce, of the Letterkenny Constabulary, aged 28 years.
BRUMHALL, John 21 Oct 37 On Wednesday morning last in Duncan Street, Cork, John Brumhall, Esq., a retired Commander R.N., formerly a resident near Lough Foyle, in county Donegal.
BRYAN, Infant Daughter 12 Feb 58 On the 5th inst., at Fort Royal, Rathmullan, the infant daughter of Smith Bryan, Esq., aged 3 days.
BRYAN, Charlotte Mary 01 Jun 60 May 10, at Portrush, the residence of Mrs. Richardson, Charlotte Mary, the infant daughter of Smith Bryan, Esq., of Fort Royal, Rathmullen, aged 7 months.
BRYCE, Bridget 10 Dec 67 At Woodquarter, near Milford, county Donegal, Bridget, the beloved wife of Mr. James Bryce.
BRYCE, Nancy 13 Feb 63 January 17, at her husband's residence, Creevagh [?], Nancy Bryson, aged 50 years.
BRYSON, Samuel 18 Dec 68 November 3, at Savannah, U.S.A., Mr. Samuel Bryson, brother of Mr. Oliver Bryson, Haw, near Lifford. Mr. Bryson was shot in the discharge of his duty as a Police Officer, defending the Sheriff from a negro mob, at the election for the President.
BRYSON, John 02 Nov 55 On Monday, the 22nd ult., afte a prolonged illness, Mr. John Bryson, Raphoe, aged 74 years.
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth 01 Oct 42 At Millford, on Wednesday, the 21st ult., Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William Buchanan, aged 63 years.
BUCHANAN, Thompson 02 Jan 47 On the 25th ult., aged 21, Mr. Thompson Buchanan, youngest son of Mr. A. Buchanan, Glenmaquin, and brother of the Rev. A. Buchanan, First Glendermott Presbyterian Church.
BUCHANAN, Matthew 10 Apr 47 April 23rd, at Argrey, of pneumonia, Mr. Matthew Buchanan.
BUCHANAN, Jane 22 Apr 53 On the 15th inst., at Kildrum, Parish of All Saints, aged 78 years, Miss Jane Buchanan.
BUCHANAN, Sarah 20 Apr 60 On the 12th April, at Glenmaquin, Parish of Raphoe, county Donegal, Sarah, wife of Alexander Buchanan, Esq., and mother of the Rev. Alexander Buchanan, First Glendermott.
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth 11 May 60 May 5, at her sister's residence, Waterloo Place, Donegal, Mrs. Elizabeth Buchanan, aged 68 years.
BUCHANAN, John 15 Aug 62 August 9, at Milford, county Donegal, Mr. John Buchanan, Clerk of the Petty Sessions.
BUCHANAN, John 03 Nov 63 October 25, at his residence, Argry, of diabetis, John Buchanan, aged 74 years.
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth Ann 15 Jan 64 January 8, Elizabeth Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. William Buchanan, Ardara.
BUCHANAN, Alexander 10 Jun 64 On the 3rd June, at his residence, Glenmaquin, in the Parish of Raphoe and county of Donegal, Alexander Buchanan, father of the Rev. A. Buchanan, Presbyterian minister of First Glendermott, aged 72 years.
BUCHANAN, Edward 30 Jan 66 January 25, at his father's residence, Churchill, Mr. Edward Buchanan, aged 20 years.
BUCHANAN, Joanna 23 Mar 66 March 12, at Milford, county Donegal, Joanna, aged 28 years, only daughter of Mr. William Buchanan.
BUCHANAN, Sarah 27 Apr 66 On the 24th April, at her residence, Kildrum, Sarah Buchanan, aged 96 years.
BUCHANAN, William 02 Mar 69 At Glencolumkill, in the 88th year of his age, Mr. William Buchanan, the respected parish clerk and teacher of Colonel Robertson's School.
BULLOCK, Jane 31 Jul 57 On the 26th inst., aged 42 years, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. R. Bullock, Lifford.
BULLOCK, Jane 07 Aug 57 On the 26th ult., of consumption, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Bullock, stewart of Lifford Hospital, in the 47th year of her age.
BURKE, William Mrs. 25 Oct 34 At Ramelton, on Monday the 20th inst., aged 84 years, Mrs. Burke, relict of the late Rev. William Burke, who had been for upwards of 40 years Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation of that Town.
BURKE, William 16 Apr 42 At his residence, Sweetmount, Dundrum, near Dublin, on Monday, the 4th inst., in the 64th year of his age, William Burke, Esq., M.D., ex-scholar and graduate in Arts and Medicine, T.C.D., Licentiate of King and Queen's College of Physicians. He was the son of the late Rev. William Burke, Presbyterian Minister of Ramelton.
BURNS, John 04 Aug 38 Died after a dispute at Killygordon on the night of 3rd March 1836, with Thomas Murdoch, who after evidence from James Burns, brother to the deceased, was found not guilty at Donegal Assizes.
BURNS, Robert 01 Jun 66 May 30, at Edenmore, near Stranorlar, the seat of Joseph Cochran, Esq., Robert Burns, aged 68 years, a faithful and attached servant for fortyeight years in the family at Edenmore
BURNSIDE, Josias 08 Feb 61 January 30, at his residence, Aghadoey [?], after a painfull illness, Mr. Josias Burnside, aged 61 years.
BUSTARD, John 29 Jun 69 June 26, at Belville, near Dunkineely, county Donegal, John Bustard, Esq., aged 65 years.
BUTCHER, Jane Henrietta 01 Nov 50 At Calcutta, September 7, Jane Henrietta, the affectionate and beloved wife of Charles Butcher, Esq., and second daughter of the Rev. E.M. Clarke [qv].
BUTLER, William A. Rev. 08 Jul 48 At Sharon, near Manorcunningham, of typhus fever, on the 5th inst., in the 34th year of his age, the Rev. William Archer Butler, late Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Dublin, and Rector of Raymoghy, in the diocese of Raphoe.
BUTLER, Rachel 25 Jul 65 On the 20th July, at her residence, Armagh, Rachel, the relict of the late Norton Butler, Esq., of Grouse Hall, county Donegal, aged 89 years.
BUTT, Robert Rev. 03 Oct 29 At Stranorlar, on the 20th ult., the Rev. Robert Butt, aged 64, fifteen years incumbent of the Parish of Stranorlar.
BUTT, Elizabeth 19 May 49 May 13, at Cove, of decline, Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the late Rev. Robert Butt, of Stranorlar, in the county of Donegal, and sister of Isaac Butt, Esq., Q.C .
BUTT, Berkeley 18 Mar 53 March 12, at the residence of her son in law, Colonel Wesley, in London, Mrs. Berkeley Butt, widow of the late Rev. Robert Butt, of Stranorlar, in the county of Donegal, aged seventy five years.
BYRNE, Eliza 26 Feb 64 On the 21st February, at Carndonagh Constabulary Barracks, Eliza, second daughter of Constable James Byrne, aged one year and three months.
BYRNE, George 11 Aug 65 August 7, at Carrowkeel Constabulary Barrack, George, son of Constable James Byrne, aged 11 months.
BYRNE, Emma 22 Jun 69 June 18, at the Constabulary Barracks, Carrowkeel, Emma, daughter of Constable Byrne, aged 1 year and 11 months.

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