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James McCormack Death Of The Oldest Man In The USA Was From Co. Cavan

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James McCormack
Death Of The Oldest Man In The USA Was From Co. Cavan

Transcribed by Teena
From The Derry Journal 20 Dec. 1865

James M'CORMACK, who was without a doubt, the oldest man in the United States, died in Newburg, N.Y., on the 11 Nov. [1865] at the good old age of 114 years, 3 months and 5 days.

He was as remarkable for health and strength, as for longevity, and his life was an excellent temperance argument.

He was born Aug. 6, 1751, in the County of Cavan, Ireland. His age was accurately fixed by the fact that in the Irish Rebellion of 1798, when ages became as important there as they were here during the recent draft, he was then 47 years old. In his youth he was not remarkable for anything, except health and strength. He was a very early riser, often going to his work before daybreak. He would work all day, and coming home night very tired, naturally sought his bed early. When a young man, he lifted, on one occasion, a stone weighing 700 pounds. He was also quite a pedestrian in his younger days. On one occasion, he walked to Dublin from a place 52 miles from it, and the next day he walked back to the place, in less than 13 hours. "If there was a fair," said he once, "within 80 miles, I went to it; for you know, walking was a way we had of sailing in those days."

He was not married until he was 45 years old. He was the father of 14 children, 5 of whom died in Ireland, and the other 9 came over to this country [USA]. He was among the last to come over, and arrived in this country in the latter part of 1816, and, with the exception of 3 years spent out West, he has always lived at New Windsor.
-New York Tablet

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