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ECCLES to GRIER Co. Antrim Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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ECCLES to GRIER Co. Antrim Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869
(Belfast City covers both Counties Down & Antrim and are listed in both.)

Original Information Compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Teena

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.


21 Sep 55

On the 18th inst. in the 83rd year of her age Mary relict of the late Mr. William Eccles, Belfast.


15 Mar 64

March 9 at Priestland Bushmills, Jane eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Edgar, aged 22 years.

EDGAR James Downes

12 Nov 67

November 9, at his residence, 19 Thomas Street, off Great George's Street Belfast, Mr. James Downes Edgar, Sub Editor of the "Banner of Ulster".

EDGAR John Rev.

28 Aug 66

August 26, at Cremorne Rathgar, Dublin, the Rev. John Edgar D.D. LL.D. Professor of Theology, Presbyterian College, Belfast, aged 60 years. His remains will be removed for interment from the Belfast Terminus of the Ulster Railway, at one o'clock, on Wednesday, the 29th inst.


09 Aug 64

August 3, at Portrush, Mr. William Edmundson in the 52nd year of his age.


29 May 66

May 17, at The Cottage, Kilcroagh, Robert Edwards Esq. in his 75th year.


26 Nov 52

On the 20th November, at his residence in Arthur Street, Belfast, S. McDowell Elliott Esq. (Seneschal of Belfast) after a brief illness


06 Nov 66

October 29, at Brackenhill, near Ballyclare, Mr. John Elliott aged 100 years.


12 Sep 56

On the 16th ult. at his residence, Broadway, New York, Mr. Josias A. Ellison formerly of Ballymena, aged 31 years.

ELLISON Isabella

26 Nov 58

On the 22nd inst. Isabella Ellison the beloved wife of Mr. John Ellison of Clooney, aged 40 years


17 Mar 49

At Claggin, the residence of Mr. Andrew Kirkpatrick, his son in law, Mr. Isaac Erskine, aged 82 years. Upwards of thirty years a ruling Elder in Knowhead Presbyterian Church


07 Oct 37

On 14th July last, at Peterboro, Upper Canada, aged 20, William the eldest son of Mr. William Falconbridge, formerly of Lisburn


07 Mar 65

On the 2nd March, at her residence, 9 George's Lane Belfast, Jane, relict of the late Mr. James Farrell, of Coleraine.

FARRELL James Overend

07 Mar 65

On the 4th March, James Overend, infant son of Mr. John H. Farrell, 'Portadown News' Office, aged fourteen months


22 Mar 67

March 18, at 22 North Boundary Street, Belfast, Mr. Michael Farrelly a native of Nobber, county Meath, lately of Killybasky, Moneymore, county Derry, aged 67 years.

FAUSSET Simon James Rev.

29 Oct 69

Oct. 21 at Carrickfergus, county Antrim, the Rev. Simon James Fausset, youngest son of the late Charles Fausset Esq. of Lisbofin, county Fermanagh.


15 Feb 56

At his residence Watche's Glen House, Carrickfergus, John Feeny Esq. aged 72 years.

FENTON Samuel Greame

04 Dec 63

November 29, at Upper Norwood, London, Samuel Greame Fenton Esq. J.P., of Belfast


09 Mar 33

On Sunday last, the 4th inst, John S. Ferguson Esq. of Donegall Place Belfast, in his 72nd year.


18 Mar 53

At Ballogharredan Point, Banagher, Mr. Thomas Ferguson, at the extraordinary age of 115 years. He was burried at the old Church of Straid.

FERGUSON John Creery

27 Jun 65

June 24, at 14, Howard Street, Belfast, John Creery Ferguson M.B. Professor in the Queen's College, aged 62 years.


06 Dec 67

November 27, at her late residence, Killylane, Margaret Ferguson aged 73 years.


23 May 62

May 16, at Holloway, near London, Jane wife of Mr. Frederick Ferrar, formerly of Belfast


30 May 56

On the 25th inst., at Ballaghbeddy, Parish of Finvoy, county Antrim, Mr. Thomas Ferier, aged 60 years.


27 Apr 60

April 16, at Killymaddy, Parish of Finvoy, county Antrim, Miss Letitia Ferrier aged 54 years.


05 Apr 64

March 28, at Tullyrep (?) Rebecca Findlay.


03 Feb 54

On the 21st ult. at her residence, the Rock Farm, Toome Bridge, Mary relict of the late Samuel Finiston Esq. of Brecart House.


03 Feb 54

On the 21st ult., at the Rock Farm, Toome Bridge, Samuel Finiston, the fourth son of the late Mary and late Samuel Finiston, Esq., of Brecart House, by the excitement consequent on his mother's death.

FINLAY Mary Georgina

26 Nov 52

Nov. 16, at 1 Adelaide Place, aged ten years, Mary Georgina youngest child of Mr. F. D. Finlay Belfast

FINLAY Marianne

26 Oct 66

October 24, at 1 Donegall Square South, Belfast, Marianne, widow of the late Francis Dalzell Finlay.


12 Jun 66

On the 6th June, at the residence of his uncles, Messrs. W and J.G. Keers, Slavney House, Ballymoney, George W. Flavelle, aged 16 years.


08 Mar 61

February 26, Richard, youngest son of the Rev. James Fleming, Albert Place Ballymena, aged 25 years.

FLEMING Agnes Matilda

17 Oct 62

October 18, at the residence of her father, Agnes Matilda relict of the late Mr. William Fleming and daughter of George White Esq. Ballymena, aged 24 years

FLINTER William Rev.

06 Feb 36

On the 17th Jan., in the 49th year of his age, the Rev. William Flinter, Minister of the Independent Church, Carrickfergus. For a period of nearly 18 years, he discharged, with faithfulness, the sacred duties of the Ministry.


14 Jul 54

On the 1st inst. at Ballymena, Captain Flinter County Inspector of the Antrim Constabulary aged 60 years.


30 Dec 53

On the 25th inst., at his residence, Queen Street, Belfast, aged 79 years, Joseph Folingsby Esq., late Collector of Customs, Ballyshannon


17 Jul 66

On the 14th June, at Antigua, West Indies, John Foreman Esq. merchant and member of the Honourable House of Assembly, eldest surviving son of the late John Foreman Esq. of Belfast aged 46 years.


09 Oct 47

On the 1st September last at New Orleans, America, of yellow fever, then very prevalent in that city, Mr. John F. Forsythe, eldest son of the late Dr. Forsythe of Antrim.


02 Jan 57

On the 27th ult., in High Street Carrickfergus, George Forsythe Esq. M.D. aged 75 years.


14 Feb 65

February 11 at Ballymena, Mr. James Forsythe, solicitor

FORSYTHE Thomas Rev.

21 Sep 66

On the 16th September, at Macosquin, Coleraine, the Rev. Thomas Forsythe B.A. Presbyterian Minister of Ballyweany, in the county of Antrim.

FORSYTHE Alexander

13 Aug 67

July 1 at Upper Canada, of chronic bronchitis, Mr. Alexander Forsythe formerly of Ballyhome county Antrim, aged 46 years.


18 Dec 47

On the 10th inst., aged 63, Mr. James Foulis, for upwards of 30 years a compositor in the office of the Belfast Chronicle

FRASER Elizabeth Fanny

11 Feb 59

On the 5th February, at Gooseberry Cottage, Belfast, Elizabeth Fanny daughter of Mr. James Fraser C.E. aged 4 years and 10 months.

FRASER Elizabeth

22 May 63

May 20, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James Fraser C.E. Woodstock Road Belfast.

FRASER Elizabeth Fanny

11 Feb 59

On the 5th February, at Gooseberry Cottage, Belfast Elizabeth Fanny daughter of Mr. James Fraser C.E. aged 4 years and 10 months.

FRASER Elizabeth

22 May 63

May 20 Elizabeth wife of Mr. James Fraser C.E. Woodstock Road, Belfast.

FRASER Rebecca

25 Oct 64

October 16 at Belfast, Rebecca, third daughter of John Fraser Esq. County Surveyor for Cavan aged 23 years.


22 Aug 51

On the 8th inst., at Portrush, Fanny daughter of the late Charles Frazer Esq. of Hazlebrook, Malahide

FRY Sarah

12 Aug 48

At her residence, Newhill, near Ballymoney, on the 6th inst. Sarah wife of John Fry in the 60th year of her age.

FRY John

28 Jun 67

On the 20th June at his residence Ballymoney, Mr. John Fry aged 80 years


06 Mar 66

February 3 at 703 Walnut Street Philadelphia, James Fulton Esq. attorney at law and late of Carmegram, Portglenone, county Antrim, Ireland, aged 36 years

GAGE Amelia

01 Aug 46

In the island of Rathlin, on the 21st ult., Amelia, fourth daughter of the Rev. Robert Gage.


28 Jun 50

On the 25th February, at sea, on his passage home from India, in the 21st year of his age, John Gage Esq., 23rd Regiment, M.N.I., youngest son of the Rev. Robert Gage, of Rathlin.

GAGE Catherine

29 Oct 52

October 21, at Ballycastle, Catherine, wife of the Rev. Robert Gage, of Rathlin Island, county Antrim and daughter of the late E.D. Boyd, Esq., of Ballycastle.

GAGE Susan

16 Sep 52

September 11 at Ballycastle, Susan daughter of the Rev. Robert Gage of Rathlin.

GAGE Marcus

29 Feb 56

At Portrush on the 25th inst., Marcus Gage Esq. of Strieve, county Derry, in his 60th year.


24 Sep 58

On th 16th inst., at Rathlin, in the 6th year of his age, John, second son of Captain Gage, 15th Regiment Madras N. I., and grandson of the Rev. Robert Gage, of Rathlin.

GAGE Barbara

05 Aug 59

July 24, at Hampstead, near London, Barbara, second daughter of the Rev. Robert Gage, of Rathlin Island.


27 Apr 60

April 20, at Portrush, Miss Gage, second daughter of the late Robert Gage Esq., Island of Rathlin.

GAGE Robert Rev.

10 Oct 62

September 30, at Rathlin, the Rev. Robert Gage aged 72 years.

GAGE Rachel Jane

28 Apr 63

April 22 at Portrush, Rachel Jane, relict of the late Marcus Gage Esq., of Strieve Hill, Newtownlimavady, county Londonderry, aged 78 years

GALT James

21 Jan 59

January 16, at Dirraw, Parish of Finvoy, James Galt, aged 69.


06 Jul 55

On the 27th ult., at Ballymena, Arthur, son of James Gamble Esq.


27 Aug 67

August 22, at his residence, High Street, Ballymena, Mr. Thomas Gardner, aged 40 years.


28 Feb 68

February 25, at Harryville, Ballymena, Susan, youngest daughter of Mr. W.J. Gardiner, aged 5 years and 11 months.

GAULT Robert

05 Sep 46

On the 26th ult., Mr. Robert Gault, merchant, Ballymoney, aged 63 years.

GEORGE George Gordon

10 Sep 52

August 26, at Dunadry, Mr. George Gordon George, Official of Inland Revenue, aged 32 years.

GETTY Edmund

11 Dec 57

On the 4th inst., at Antrim Road, Belfast, Edmund Getty Esq., Secretary of the Harbour Board, aged 58 years.


13 Dec 45

On the 1st inst., at Ballymena, Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Andrew Gibson Esq., in the 10th year of her age.


14 Feb 62

February 8th, at 6 Great George's Street, Belfast, John P. Gibson, Esq., grandson of John Gibson, Esq., of Tempo, county of Fermanagh, aged 30 years.


08 Mar 64

On the 5th March, at Clonavon, Ballymena, Andrew Gibson aged 66 years

GILMER John Mrs.

17 Oct 51

At 11 Ship Street, Belfast, Mrs. Gilmer, relict of the late Mr. John Gilmer.


08 Nov 64

November 1, at the residence of his father, James, second son of Mr. William Gilmer, Church Street, Ballymena, aged 25 years.

GILMORE Sarah Louisa

11 Mar 64

March 8, at 10 Church Street, Ballymoney, Sarah Louisa, wife of Mr. John G. Gilmore, and daughter of the late Richard Hamilton Esq., aged 27 years.


17 Dec 67

December 13, at Ballymena, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. David Gilmore, of Belfast.

GIVEEN Thomas Pelham

21 Apr 49

On the 10th February, at Kingstown, Jamaica, of fever, Thomas Pelham Hood, captain of the ship Chusan, of Belfast, and youngest son of the late James Stevenson Giveen Esq., of Cabin Hill, Coleraine


28 Feb 68

February 24, at her residence, Blackrock, Bushmills, county Antrim, Anne, relict of the late James Stevenson Giveen, of Cabin Hill, Coleraine, at an advanced age.


02 Mar 39

On Saturday, the 24th ult., in the 40th year of her age, Anne Charlotta, beloved wife of Robert Given, of Shellfield, Esq., and eldest daughter of Hugh McKay, of Knockmore (?) Esq.

GIVEN Alexander

01 Feb 45

On the 25th ult., at his residence, Ballymoney, after a severe and protracted illness, Mr. Alexander Given, baker, in the 27th year of his age

GIVEN Joseph

26 Aug 53

At Coulramoney, near Bushmills, of scarletina, on the 28th June, Joseph, aged 2 months, beloved son of Mr. John Given.

GIVEN Andrew

26 Aug 53

At Coulramoney, near Bushmills, of scarletina, on the 4th July Andrew, aged 14 months, the beloved son of Mr. John Given.

GIVEN William

26 Aug 53

At Coulramoney, near Bushmills, of scarletina, on the 10th August, William, aged 4 years and 8 months, the beloved son of Mr. John Given.

GIVEN John Courtney

20 Oct 63

On the 2nd October, in Quebec city, after a short illness, John Courtney Given, aged 33 years, a native of Ballymena, county Antrim, Ireland.


10 Aug 60

July 29, at Ballymoney, Mr. James Givin, aged 60 years.


06 Jun 40

Lately, at his residence in the neighbourhood of Portglenone, Mr. James Glass, at a very advanced age. Elder of the Presbyterian congregation of Portglenone for many years


11 Jan 40

On the 27th ult., in Belfast, John, second son of Mr. Samuel Glenn, Dundooan, near Coleraine, aged 22 years.

GLENN William

19 Sep 56

At Portrush, on the 10th inst., Mr. William Glenn, Innkeeper, aged 45 years.

GLENN William Mrs.

22 May 57

On the 8th inst., at Glenvale, near Portrush, Mrs. William Glenn.

GLENN R. Patterson

07 Feb 62

January 27, at the residence of his brother, Glenvale, near Portrush, Mr. R. Patterson Glenn, Indianopolis, America.


13 Jan 60

January 1, at Ballynease, near Portglenone, Mr. Thomas Godfrey, aged 84 years.


29 May 66

May 24, at 120 Richmond Terrace, Belfast, Eliza Godfrey, eldest daughter of the late William Godfrey Esq., formerly of Coleraine, aged 78 years.

GORDON Lizzie Dick

10 Nov 63

November 2, at Main Street, Ballymoney, Lizzie Dick, daughter of Mr. Joseph Gordon, aged 3 years.

GORDON Sarah Maria

23 May 65

May 21, at her mother's residence, Portglenone, Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of the late William Gordon Esq.


13 Jun 65

June 4, at Mullingar, Mr. Edward Gordon, Postmaster, in the 81st year of his age and 65th of his Post-office service.

GORDON Catherine

10 Oct 65

October 8, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. James Gordon, Ballyloughan, near Ballymena, aged 67 Years.

GORDON William Thomas

06 Aug 69

August 2, at 5 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road, Belfast, William Thomas, only child of the Rev. David Gordon, Presbyterian Minister of Sion Mills, aged 10 months.


27 Aug 69

August 23, at her brother's residence, Everton Terrace, Belfast, Maggie, wife of the Rev. D. Gordon, Sion Mills, and daughter of the late Mr. William Hieklin, Belfast.

GRAHAM Hugh McClelland

10 Feb 44

On the 18th of October last, on board the ship, James Dean, in Bonny river, Africa, of fever, Hugh McClelland Graham, aged 23 years, Member of the Royal college of Veterinary Surgeons, London, son of the Rev. Jackson Graham, Armoy.


18 Sep 47

On the 13th inst., at Blue Bell Hill, of typhus fever, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Graham, of Drumboe, near Belfast, aged 28 years.


13 Jun 56

At her father's residence Ballymena, May 31, Ann Jane Graham, in her 24th year.


09 Nov 55

On the 31st ult., at his father's residence Ballymena, John Graham, aged 19 years.

GRAY David


November 15, at Ballymena, David, son of Mr. Robert Gray of Belfast.

GREENE William

21 Jan 43

On Friday the 13th inst. at the Rectory House, Ballymoney, county Antrim, the Rev. William Greene, Rector of the Parish, in the 76th year of his age.

GREENE Robert H.

30 Sep 43

On the 21 inst. at College Square, Belfast, Robert Halliday, the infant son of William Francis Greene Esq.


26 Apr 45

On the 17th inst. at Torquay, Anne wife of William Francis Greene Esq. Ballymoney.


30 Apr 58

On the 26th inst. at Ballymoney, Jane fourth daughter of the late Rev. Dean Greene, formerly Rector of Ballymoney.

GREER William

07 Jun 45

On the 25th ult. at the house of his nephew, Mr. Greer, Ballymena, Mr. William Greer formerly of Backlees near Stranorlar, aged 83 years


31 Mar 49

At Kevlin near Omagh, the residence of his mother, on Monday the 10th inst. after a long illness, Mr. James Greer of Ballymena, county Antrim.


20 Feb 52

In this City (Londonderry) of dysentery on Friday, the 13th, James youngest son of the late Mr. James Greer of Ballymena


20 Feb 52

In this City (Londonderry) of dysentery, on the 14th February, Emily eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Greer of Ballymena.


18 Jun 52

June 10 after a tedious illness James Greer Esq. proprietor of the Adair Arms, Ballymena, aged 49 years.


16 Jul 58

May 13 near Mooltan, India, James only surviving son of the late James Greer, Ballymena, aged 22 years.

GRENA Maggie Rea

19 Jun 68

June 12 at Harryville, Ballymena, Maggie Rea youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Grena, aged 14 years.


19 May 68

May 16 at Newal, Ballymoney, Ellen daughter of the late Rev. James Grier of Finvoy.

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