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St. Luran's, Derryloran Rectors

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St. Luran's, Derryloran Rectors

Transcribed & Compiled by Teena

Dates  Name
1622   William Darragh
1633   William Fullerton
1689   Andrew Robertson
1694   John Richardson, B.A.
1709   John Stronge, M.A.
1738   Thomas Staples
1762   Caulfield Byrne Caulfield, B.A.      

1764   Henry Cole, M.A.
1771   Charles Humble, M.A.
1771   Henry Coghlan, M.A.
1774   Charles Woodward, D.D.
1776   Hon. James Hewitt, B.A.
1796   Hon. William Montgomery Cole, B.A.
1797   John Caulfield, D.D.
1816   William Mauleverer, M.A.
1830   Charles Bardin, D.D.
1841   William Quain M.A.
1844   Arthur Molony, M.A.
1859   Francis Crawford, LL.D.
1879   Henry Byran Carter, D.D.
1895   Edward Waller Hobson, M.A.      

1896   Robert Smyly Greer Hamilton,M.A.
1906   Francis Meredith Moeran, M.A.      

1915   Percy Marks, M.A., B.D.
1925   John Pim Barcroft
1931   James Bloomer
1939   Henry Francis Osborne Egerton, M.A.
1941   Robert Dougherty
1955   Robert Matthew Wilkinson, M.A.      

1974   Thomas Percival RobertKenny, M.A.
1983   John Michael Barton, B.A.
1998   Robert John Norman Porteus, M.A.

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