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Elders of Donemana

Transcribed & Compiled by Teena

Names of the Elders of Donemana with the date they were ordained.

Joseph KEYS 1834
William FOSTER 1834
Robert POLLOCK 1834
James CRAIG 1855
John EATON 1855
William SMYTH 1855
Robert HANNA 1855
James Stewart McCREA 1855
Moses TAIT (installed) 1855
Joseph ARBUCKLE 1865
Robert DONNELL M.A. B.L. 1865
Henry McLOUGHLIN 1865
William James AIKEN 1889
Samuel EATON J.P. 1889
William ARBUCKLE 1889
Samuel McCLEA 1889
Samuel BARR (installed) 1889


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