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Donagheady Vestrymen 1870

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Donagheady Vestrymen 1870
Extracted from History of Donagheady Parish – E.T. Dundas (c1980)

Transcribed by Len Swindley

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Meetings were held at Donemana in May and June 1870 “for the purpose of receiving claims to be registered in the list of Vestrymen by male members of the Irish Church of the full age of 21 and who shall have signed a declaration that they are a member of the Church of Ireland”. They alone had the right to vote for Synodsmen to attend at Diocesan Synod:

1. JAMES DUNN of Donemana: Grocer and Publican

2. THOMAS THOMPSON of Binelli: Farmer

3. ANDREW DUNN of Glenagoorland: Farmer

4. DAVID ROBINSON of Donemana: Saddler

5. JAMES DUNN of Glenagoorland: Farmer

6. WILLIAM DUNN of Glenagourland: Farmer

7. GEORGE CALLAGHAN of Carnagribben: Farmer

8. JAMES CALLAGHAN of Carnagribben: Farmer

9. THOMAS ELLIS of Benowen: Farmer

10. WILLIAM McNAMEE of Creghan: Clerk and School-master

11. ROBERT EGAN of Benowen: Farmer’s Son

12. JOHN BROLLY of Benowen: Sexton and Shoemaker

13. JOHN HYLANDS of Creghan: Farmer

14. JAMES DUNN of Auchtermoy: Farmer

15. JOHN DUNN of Donemana: Publican’s Son

16. ANDREW McKIMMIN: Grocer and Publican

17. JOSEPH RAWLINS of Tullyard: Curate of this Parish

18. ANDREW DUNN of Glenagourland: Farmer

19. JAMES BAIRD of Creghan: Farmer

20. JAMES GALBRAITHE, of Stoneyfalls: Farmer’s Son

21. WILLIAM GALBRAITHE of Terkernaghan: Farmer’s Son

22. JAMES HONE of Church Hill: Labourer

23. JAMES COLHOUN of Donemana: Tailor

24. WILLIAM BLACK of Benowen: Farmer

25. HYLAND McCONNELL of Glenagourland: Farmer’s Son

26. JAMES HASLETT of Rusky: Farmer’s Son

27. CHARLES ROSS of Ballachalare: Labourer

28. ROBERT ELLIS of Benowen: Farmer

29. ROBERT THOMPSON of Glenagourland: Farmer

30. SAMUEL DUNN of Donemana: Grocer and Baker’s Son

31. JAMES TROAN (THRONE) of Terkernaghan: Farmer

32. JOHN WILLIAMS of Silverbrook: Farmer

33. ROBERT POLLOCK of Castlewarren: Farmer’s Son

34. JOSEPH HUGHEY of Acheyfad: Farmer

35. JOHN GALBRAITHE of Terkernaghan: Farmer’s Son

36. ROBERT McKAY of Castlewarren: Farmer’s Son

37. JOHN ELLIS of Castlewarren: Farmer’s Son

38. JAMES POLLOCK of Cavanacreagh: Farmer

39. JAMES HYLANDS of Creghan: Farmer’s Son

40. GORGE CAMPBELL of Fawney: Labourer

41. ROBERT GALBRAITHE of Terkernaghan: Farmer’s Son

42. JOHN McCONNELL of Glenaghourland: Farmer

43. ANDREW NIXON of Castlewarren: Farmer

44. JOHN ELLIS of Tyboe: Farmer’s Son

45. THOMAS ALFORD of Glenagourland: Farmer

46. ALEXANDER RODDY of Glenagourland: Farmer

47. JOHN SWAN of Donemana: Grocer and Publican

48. JAMES WHITESIDE of Lisnarragh: Horse Dealer

49. JOHN FORBES of Lisnaragh: Farmer

50. JAMES HOPKINS of Loughash: Farmer’s Son

51. THOMAS McGARRIGLE of Barron: Farmer

52. JAMES MEROIN (MARTIN?), of Tullyard: Shoemaker

53. JOHN MONTEITHE of Donemana: Labourer

54. DAVID ELLIS of Benowen: Farmer

55. THOMAS POLLOCK of Glenagourland: Shoemaker

56. JAMES JAMIESON of Glenagourland: Farmer

57. JOHN NIXON of Castlewarren: Farmer

58. GEORGE POLLOCK (BIG GEORGE) of Castlewarren: Farmer

59. THOMAS DUNN of Glenaghourland: Farmer

60. JAMES MONTEITHE of Drain: Farmer

61. JOHN MEHAFFY of Ballynenor: Farmer

62. WILLIAM WHITESIDE of Tyboe: Shoemaker

63. JOHN McCANE of Castlewarren: Farmer

64. ANDREW WALKER of Drain, Donemana: Farmer and Mason

65. BARRE BERESFORD HYNDMAN of Donemana: Watchmaker

66. WILLIAM ROBINSON of Donemana: Gardener

67. JOHN McDONALD of Drain

68. ANDREW FERGUSON of Creghan: Farmer’s Son

69. JAMES BROWN of Fawney: Blacksmith

70. DAVID McMICHAEL of Gortileck: Farmer

71. WILLIAM TROAN (THRONE) of Terkernaghan: Farmer

72. JAMES POLLOCK of Castlewarren: Farmer’s Son

73. THOMAS POLLOCK of Castlewarren: Farmer’s Son

74. SAMUEL RUTH of Tyboe: Farmer

75. JAMES ELLIS of Drain: Farmer

76. WILLIAM KELLY of Rusky: Shoemaker

77. JOHN KELLY of Donemanagh

78. ROBERT DUNN of Drain: Labourer

79. JOHN COLHOUN of Donemana: Tailor

80. JOHN HARRAN of Stonyfalls: Farmer

81. GEORGE POLLOCK of Castlewarren: Farmer

82. EDWARD DUNN of Tyrconnelly: Farmer

83. HENRY DANTON owner of a farm in Leitrim: Farmer

84. JAMES, DUKE OF ABERCORN of Baron’s Court: Owner of Property

(signed) JOSEPH RAWLINS, Curate

The meeting for the election of Synodsmen took place on June 6, 1870 and the following were elected:

MR HENRY DANTON of Raspberry Hill and Leitrim

MR ANDREW DUNN of Glenagoorland


CHARLES SEATON, ESQ., J.P., of Black Park

Election of a Select Vestry and Three Parochial Nominators was held January 13, 1871 and the following were elected:


MR ANDREW DUNN of Glenagoorland

CHARLES SEATON, J.P., of Black Park

MR JOHN DUNN of Donemana

MR JAMES TROAN (THRONE) of Terkernaghan


MR JAMES DUNN of Aughtermoy





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