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2nd Castlederg Presbyterian Church, Urney Parish Marriages 1845-9

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2nd Castlederg Presbyterian Church, Urney Parish Marriages 1845-9
Extracted from various FHL films of Civil Registration of Irish Marriages

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


May 2 1845

HIGGINS-McCARREN. Archibald Higgins full age bachelor farmer Raws. Father: Patrick Higgins farmer


Anne McCarren full age spinster Coolnaherin. Father: William McCarren farmer

Witnesses: James Smyth & John McCarren


June 30 1845

LONG-FORBES. Mathew Long 19 years bachelor carpenter Tiveny, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Mathew Long, Sen., labourer


Margaret Forbes 22 years spinster Tiveny, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Robert Forbes weaver

Witnesses: Charles Forbes (Clare) & Andrew Forbes (Clare)


July 15 1845

MITCHELL-McCORMIC. William Mitchell 26 years bachelor farmer Pollyarnon. Father: Robert Mitchell farmer


Margaret McCormic 18 years spinster Kilklean. Father: John McCormic farmer

Witnesses: William McCormic & James Mitchel


September 18 1845

GALEY-GALEY. John Galey full age bachelor farmer Glen...k? (illegible) Father: Charles Galey farmer


Ruth Galey 18 years spinster Carncorn. Father: John Galey farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Brown (Creevy) & John Hunter (Letterkenny)


October 8 1845

WAUCHOB-THOMPSON. John Wauchop full age bachelor farmer Goland. Father: Andrew Wauchop farmer


Jane Thompson full age spinster Ganvaghan. Father: John Thompson farmer

Witnesses: James Mitchell (Sassaugh) & Andrew Wauchop (Clare)


December 15 1845

DUNBAR-WAUCHOB. David Dunbar full age bachelor farmer Carrickadortins. Father: Mathew Dunbar farmer


Mary Wauchop full age spinster Goland. Father: Mathew Wauchop farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wason (Castlegore) & James Fyffe (Carrickadortins)


June 9 1846

IRVINE-McCORMIC. Richard Irvine 21 years bachelor shoemaker Killeter. Father: John Irvine clerk in Killeter Church


Seragh McCormic 21 years spinster Froughlough. Father: James McCormic farmer

Witnesses: Richard Irvine (Castlederg) & John McCormick (Froughlough)


July 26 1846

DUNCAN-PORTER. James Duncan 21 years bachelor farmer Goland. Father: William Duncan farmer


Elizabeth Porter 21 years spinster Erganagh. Father: John Porter farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wilson (Whitehouse) & William Porter (Erginagh)


November 17 1846

HAMILTON-COLHOUNE. John Hamilton full age bachelor farmer Luremore Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: Charles Hamilton farmer


Ann Colhoune full age spinster Castlegore. Father: James Colhoune farmer

Witnesses: Charles Hamilton (Luremore) & James Colhoune (Castlegore)


December 14 1846

HUTCHESON-McCUTCHEON. John Hutcheson 21 years bachelor labourer Dartins. Father: Patrick Hutcheson weaver


Mary McCutcheon 21 years spinster Kilkroagh Father: John McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Hamilton (Dartins) & Alexander Fox (Kilkroagh)


June 21 1847

WALLACE-BOGGS. James Wallace 26 years bachelor farmer Dartins Father: Robert Wallace farmer


Mary Boggs 19 years spinster Drumrain. Father: Robert Boggs farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Clarke (Doortans) & Alexander Wallace (Doortans)


December 15 1847

SMITH-HAMILTON. Hugh Smith 35 years bachelor farmer Killin. Father: Robert Smith farmer


Catherine Hamilton 24 years spinster Tullyard. Father: Thomas Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: John Smith (Killin) & William Hamilton (Tullyard)


March 18? 1847

YOUNG-YOUNG. James Young full age widower labourer Castlegore Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: Mathew Young farmer


Elener Young full age spinster Castlegore Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: James Young farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wilson (Castlegore) & Andrew Allison (Castlegore)


April 16 1848

McINTIRE-WASON. John McIntire 25 years bachelor farmer Ballylennon. Father: John McIntire farmer


Matilda Wason 18 years spinster Castlegore. Father: James Wason farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wason & Andrew McIntire


May 4 1848

McCLINTOC-BRUCE. Robert McClintoc full age bachelor labourer Ballylennon Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Alexander McClintoc school teacher


Elizabeth Bruce full age Spinster Dunrain Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Thomas Bruce labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & Robert Bruce


October 26 1848

LOVE-DUNCAN. James Love 30 years bachelor farmer Ballyfolliard. Father: Robert Love farmer


Mary Duncan 20 years spinster Lurganbuoy. Father: George Duncan farmer

Witnesses: Robert Love (Ballyfolliard) & William Duncan (Lurganbuoy)


March 21 1849

HATRICK-DUNCAN. John Hatrick full age bachelor farmer Glebe, Glendermott, Derry. Father: John Hatrick farmer


Catherine Duncan full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: William Duncan farmer

Witnesses: Ezekiel Hatrick........? (illegible) & Robert Duncan, Meahy


April 2 1849

MONTEITH-DOROUGH. David Montieth full age bachelor blacksmith Inniskillen. Father: John Montieth blacksmith


Jane Dorough 18 years spinster Fern. Father: John Dorough farmer

Witnesses: James Monteith, Dunrain & Alexander Dorough, Fern


May 14 1849

McCARRON-WILSON. John McCarron full age bachelor farmer Coolnaherin. Father: William McCarron farmer


Sarah Wilson full age spinster Scarvaherin. Father: Joseph Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Wilson & James Verner


May 29 1849

MONTEITH-RAY. John Montieth full age bachelor blacksmith Dunrain. Father: John Montieth blacksmith


Sarah Ray full age spinster Craigmonaghan. Father: James Ray labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & Andrew Nelson


August14 1849

BRUCE-JOHNSTON. Robert Bruce full age bachelor weaver Dunrain. Father: William Bruce weaver


Elizabeth Johnston 20 years spinster Kilkrough. Father: David Johnston farmer

Witnesses: James Montieth & George Johnston


Sept. 17 1849

DUNBAR-SPROUL. John Dunbar full age bachelor farmer Carrickadartins. Father: Mathew Dunbar farmer


Rosanna Sproul full age spinster Castlebane. Father: James Sproul farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Dunbar & William Wauchob


October 26 1849

McCUTCHEN-McCUTCHEN. James McCutchen full age widower carpenter Kilkleen. Father: James McCutchen farmer


Mary McCutchen full age spinster Breen. Father: John McCutchen pensioner

Witnesses: James Mitchel & William McCutchen


October 31 1849

JOHNSTON-McFARLAND. John Johnston full age widower farmer Killen. Father: William Johnston farmer


Mary Jane McFarland full age spinster Kilkleen. Father: James/ Thomas? McFarland farmer

Witnesses: William McFarland & James ....? (illegible)


November 27 1849

HARPER-NELSON. William Harper full age bachelor shoemaker Magheracriggan? Father: Alexander Harper labourer


Elizabeth Nelson 18 years spinster Greenville. Father: ..... ......? (illegible) mechanic

Witnesses: Andrew Sproul & ............ .......? (illegible)


November 29 1849

PARK-WAUGH. James Park full age bachelor farmer Skinboy, Ardstraw. Father: ......? (illegible) Park farmer


Elizabeth Waugh full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: John Waugh farmer

Witnesses: Charles Park & ...... .....? (illegible)


December25 1849

BLACK-McCARRON. David Black full age bachelor farmer Kilstrol, Ardstraw. Father: Thomas Black farmer


Mary McCarron full age spinster Coolnaherin. Father: William McCarron farmer

Witnesses: John McCarron & Thomas Montgomery

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