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Baronscourt Parish, Church of Ireland Death Index Cards Pre-1965

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Baronscourt Parish, Church of Ireland Death Index Cards Pre-1965

Scanned, Compiled and Submitted by Malcolm Houston

Family Name List - Compiled and Submitted by Jim McKane

In the early 2000's volunteers created a card index of the church records directly from the register. These cards list the names and dates of the event.
Later this year, we will be adding a copy of the complete register.

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We wish to thank the Rev Ivan Dinsmore for graciously allowing access to the church records.


Family Names List - Aiken, Barton, Boyd, Bradley, Caldwell, Colhoun, Crimpton, Crompton, Crowe, Cummings, Cummins, Curran, Davis, Denny, Dickson, Doak, Duncan, English, Evans, Finlay, Funston, Gallagher, Hair, Hamilton, Humphreys, Hyndman, Johnston , Johnstone, Kilpatrick, Laird, Maturin, McBeth, McCormick, McFarland, McFarlane, McLarne, McLaughlin, McNally, Mitchell, Montgomery, Mowbray, Murphy, Nelson, Oliver, Patterson, Reid, Richardson, Robson, Scott, Sharkie, Simpson, Smiley, Smyth, Soutar, Sproule, Stephens, Stevenson, Stinson, Thompson, Walker, Wasson, Webb, White, Wilkinson, Woods, Woodward


This pdf file contains scanned images of these cards which is fully every-word-searchable for your convenience.


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