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Aghaloo Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms 1846-1901

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Aghaloo Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms 1846-1901
From PRONI Film

Extracted, Transcribed & Compiled by Josephine McBride

This film was extremely poor quality and written in Latin; therefore, no doubt errors exist.

1846 Eliza McKenna Patrick Mary Trenor Patrick Mallon Mary Jane McGinn
1846 Morris Marlow John Catherine Quin Peter Quin Margaret McSharry
25/1/1846 Mary Mullen John Ann Marlow Peter McGuigan Mary Devlin
9/2/1846 Arthur McNally Henry Sarah Cassidy Patrick Treanor Mary Trenor
22/4/1846 Anne
Patrick Isabella Connal? John Hughes Sarah Hughes
24/4/1846 James Gahan Hugh Mary Ann Boyle James Hughes Sarah Byrne
6/5/1846 Joseph Hughes John Mary Carroll James Hughes Mary Hughes
29/3/1846 George Mulhern George Betty Wilson James Trenor Mary Gormley
17/6/1846 Mary Hughes James Mary Carroll? James Carroll Margaret Carroll
2/6/1846 Patrick Rodgers John Sarah Hughes Patrick Coogan Margaret Bloomer
10/05/46 Margaret Gormall Patrick Catherine McQuade Mary Rice Josephine
8/8/1846 Patrick Trenor John Mary McKenna Peter Hughes Catherine Neill
1846 James Reilly Charles Elizabeth Con?Y John McGronan Sarah Grimes
26/9/1846 John Cassidy David Ann Trenor Hugh McKenna Alice Hughes
1/10/1846 Patrick McKenna Bernard ? ? Patrick McKenna ? Maginn
17/1/1847 Catherine Cassidy Thomas Mary Connolly James Murphy Molly? Kingsbury
27/2/1847 Charles? Soraghan Patrick Mary Trenor James McKenna Catherine Trenor
7/3/1847 Bridget Mulrine Patrick Mary Trainor James Trainor Ann McKenna
6/6/1846 Hugh Coyle James Kate Marlow Thomas Connolly Ann Coyle
6/6/1847 Bridget McKenna Patrick Bridget Trenor John McMahon Catherine Trenor
2/5/1847 Margaret Soraghan James Bridget Mallon Owen Soraghan Ellen Soraghan
28/11/1847 Ellen Grimes Hugh Ellen Quinn Henry Quinn Ann Grimes
23/8/1847 Mary Henderson James Catherine Hennessy

Hannah Coyle
20/1/1848 Peter Soraghan Peter Catherine Mcil? James Sandys? Ellen Donaghy
7/2/1848 John Smith John Mary Grimes

Jane Mc?
9/1848 Mary Hughes Thomas Isabella Marley?

6/9/1848 Robert Henderson Robert Catherine McGonnell Thomas Loughran Ellen McGonnell
July1848 Mary Marlow Peter Anne Marlow

29/11/1848 John Henderson John Mary Morrison

Catherine Mackin
14/10/1848 Mary Marlow John Catherine Quin Thomas Quin Bridget Quin
1849 William McGinn? Neal Teresa Quin William Quinn Teresa Marlow
17/2/1849 Catherine McKenna John Catherine McMahon James McIlheny? Ellen McKenna
18/3/1849 Thomas Henderson John Mary McKenna James McKenna Margaret McGovern
13/4/1849 ? Connor ? Ellen McGarrity Felix Connor Ellen Hughes
24/4/1849 Ally Grimes Hugh Ellen Quin Patrick Quin Mary Quin
13/5/1849 Patt Connor Owen Ellen McGarrity Felix Connor Ellen Hughes
14/10/1849 Thomas Henderson Philip Mary Gormley Thomas Cassidy Mary McKenna
30/11/1847 John Brawley Francis Anne McGahey John Conway Rose Ann Conway
8/1/1850 Mary Ann McKenna William Mary Traynor Felix McKenna Bridget Traynor
12/1/1850 James Coyle James Catherine Marlow Mary Grimley

9/5/1850 Mary Ann Marley Patt Sarah McKenna Margaret McGinn

10/6/1850 Francis Soraghan Peter Catherine Mclmeel Peter McGowan Rose Ann Caulfield
20/9/1850 Bridget Grimes Hugh Ellen Quin Edward Grimes Mary Donnell
1/1/1851 Ann Jane Henderson James Ann Turley Ann Corrigan

6/8/1851 Catherine Kyle George Margaret Muldoon Mary Muldoon

5/9/1851 Bridget McKenna William Bridget Quin John McKenna Mary Grimes
29/12/1851 Elizabeth Marlow Peter Ann Marlow Felix Marlow Ann Corsgadden
23/2/1851 James Henderson John Mary McKenna Catherine McKenna

1851 Catherine Soraghan Peter Catherine McElmeel Peter Smyth Rose Conway
1/2/1852 Francis McCaul Daniel Mary Hughes Henry Hughes Bridget Hughes
26/2/1852 Francis Hughes John Mary Carroll Henry Hughes Maryann Hughes
26/2/1852 Francis Henderson Philip Mary Gormley Rose Gormley

20/9/1852 James Henderson William Mary Cullen Rose McLoughlin

12/2/1852 Catherine Soraghan William Catherine McKenna Sara Hartfield?

6/4/1853 Rose Ann Hackett William Letitia Cullin Mary Marlow

18/3/1853 Patrick Hamill Harris? Anna Curley? Catherine Conroy

11/4/1853 Patrick McKenna Patrick Bridget McKenna James McCaffrey Anna Traynor
16/4/1853 Mary Ann McGuigan John Ellen Hughes Patrick McGuigan Mary Hughes
4/9/1852 Rose Ann Mckenna Bernard Catherine Bryden? Michael Coyle Mary Ann Branyan?
7/7/1853 James Henderson James Catherine Hendry Sara Dougherty

1854 Michael Marlow Eugene Catherine Boyle John Rogers Teresa Marlow
12/7/1854 Felix/Philip? Grimes Hugh Ellen Quin Patrick Boyle Joanna? McBride
25/2/1855 Eliza McKenna James Catherine Traynor Wm Marlow Mary Traynor
29/6/1855 Eliza Henderson James Catherine Hendry Margaret McKenn

29/7/1855 Joseph Marlow James Anna McGovern/McGahan? Felix Marlow ? Grimes
30/10/1855 Mary Ann Kelly Thomas Catherine Coyle Hugh Marlow Mary Ann Coyle
25/7/1856 Mary Ann Marlow Henry Catherine Traynor Peter Cullen Ellen Cullen
13/11/1857 Sara Grimes Michael Martha Whiteside Peter Grimes Rose Grimes
18/12/1857 Mary Ann Daly Francis Anne Marlow Jacob Daly Mary Hughes
1858 Francis? Mack Henry Sarah Lunny

Anna Marley
23/2/1858 Mary Ann Henderson James Catherine Hendry Mary McCann

1/8/1858 Mary Ann Marlow Patrick Ellen Hughes John McKenna Mary Ann Askin
13/3/1859 Patrick Brady James Rose Grimes Mary Grimes

29/5/1859 Mary Ann Marlow Mchael Catherine McKenna Eugene Marlow Ellen McKenna
30/5/1859 Mary Ann Sturgeon? ? Isabella Marlow Elizabeth Irwin

22/2/1860 Catherine Lambe James Catherine McDonn? Anne Marley Ellen McCann
22/2/1860 Sarah Lambe James Catherine McDonn? Anne Marley Ellen McCann
4/1/1863 Catherine Marlow Patrick Ellen Hughes Andrew Boyle Catherine McKenna
16/8/1863 Bridget Marlow William Anna Fee Bridget Fee

17/3/1865 Ellen Marlow Patrick Ellen Hughes Eliza Murray Died 20/3/1865
17/6/1865 Patrick Marlow James Anna Gavan Patrick Marlow Ellen Marlow
25/12/1866 James Henry Marlow Patrick Ellen Hughes James Marlow Anna Marlow
4/4/1867 Catherine Henderson James Catherine Hendry

Jane Corrigan
4/2/1869 Ellen Marlow Patrick Ellen Hughes Mary McKenna

1870? Catherine Marlay Robert Elizabeth McKenna William Trainor Ann Trainor
22/9/1879 Amy? McCaughey James Mary Marlow James Marley ? Murphy
23/9/1877 Henry Henderson Marshall Mary McCrory Thomas Hagan Sara Roper
11/5/1879 Mary Kate Marlay Patrick Ellen McKenna Francis Hamill Mary McKenna
29/3/1880 William Henderson Marshall Mary McCrory

Bridget Flood
12/5/1883 John Henderson Marshall Mary McCrory

Catherine McKenna
21/9/1891 Mary Jane Henderson James Catherine Regan

Mary Jane Hughes
6/5/1893 Elizabeth Henderson James Catherine Regan

Mary Jane Hughes
15/2/1901 John Henderson John Molly Barker Thomas McSorley Mary Jane Mallon

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