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Coagh Religious Census 1775

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Coagh Religious Census 1775
Members of the Church of Ireland Congregation in Coagh 1775

Extracted, Transcribed and Submitted by
Ulster Ancestry
From PRONI Ref T808/15307

John. McClelland
James. Ledlie
Thos. Lawson
Robert. Brown
Josias Brown
William. Akin
James. Watt
Duncan McCarter
John Ekin
Thomas Walker
Thos. Hutchison
Wm. Vance
Robert. Morton
Wm. Corry
James Bryson
Robert. Ferguson
Thomas Archer
James Campbell
James Dunn
John Gibson
John Mackeral
Andrew. Moffet
Andrew Bell
James Brown
John Vance
Hugh McGaa
John Vance
Andrew. Taylor
John Johnston
John Murray
John Bell
John Wilson
William Wilson
Thomas Ferguson
John Ferguson
Robert. Bell
Thos. Bell
William Duff
James White
William McGaa
David Bridget
John George
Wm. Story
Wm. Ardley
John Given
John Duff
Thos. Petterson
William Young
Robert. Peterson
John Rea
Arthur Fair or Phair
James. Johnston
George. Ledlie
Samuel Taylor
Robert Shaw
John Means
William. Lawson
John McCormick
Robert. Bryson
John Bryson
Richard McGaa
James. Dixon
Alex. Woods
John Drennan
John Mitchell
Hugh Campbell
Samuel. Browne
Robert. Gillespie
Wm. Dunlap
John Dunlap
Andrew Edmiston
James Dixon Junior
Gabriel Miens
Geo. Johnston
Thos. Bell
James Glen
Michael Johnston
John Knipe
James Hutcheson
David Thompson
John Bell
William Thompson
Archibald Cook
John Cook
Thomas Hogg
Patrick McCurdy
M. Wilson
Thos. Wilson
Wm. Johnston
Hugh McCleary
Geo. Buck
David Sutter
James Coulter
Alex. Kennedy
Wm. Houston
Saml. Young
John. Delap
George Wilson
James Dunbar
John Bratton
James Hamilton
James Lawson
Michael Dunbar
Samuel Lawson
Joseph Vance
Wm. Stuart
Samuel Walker
Mathew George
Samuel. Boyle
Samuel. Britten
James Strean
Joseph Thompson

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