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Urney Parish Death Announcements 1815-1869

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Urney Parish Death Announcements 1815-1869
Deaths recorded in Urney Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY STANDARD AND LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Note: Urney Parish lies between Strabane and Castlederg and straddles the Tyrone-Donegal County line. This file includes births recorded in both Counties.

April 25 1815

CUTHBERTSON. After a short illness, on the 24th inst. at Ballycolman, near this town [Strabane], WILLIAM CUTHBERTSON, ESQ., for many years surgeon in the Royal Navy. His suavity of manners had endeared him to a numerous and respectable acquaintance, by whom, and his relatives, he will long be remembered

May 28 1822

HAMILTON. On the 7th instant, at her son’s house, Mount Barnard [sic], county of Tyrone, MRS. HAMILTON, relict of the late THOMAS HAMILTON, ESQ. of Mulnagore Lodge, Dungannon, aged sixty-nine, deservedly regretted by all who knew her, as having fulfilled the relative duties of daughter, wife, mother, and friend, in an exemplary manner

December 17 1822

BROWN. At Carricklee, on the 10th inst. after a long and tedious illness, MISS JANE BROWN, much regretted

January 17 1823

ENTREKAN. On Saturday evening, MRS ENTREKAN , wife of MR JOHN ENTREKAN , of Gortlougher, parish of Urney, after having been shortly delivered of three children, two of which are still living. She was sincerely lamented by a most respectable acquaintance, as was strongly testified by the number which attended her remains to the grave

July 29 1823

GILLESPIE. On the morning of yesterday, the REV. JOHN GILLESPIE, Presbyterian Minister of the Parish of Urney

February 15 1825

GWYNNE. Deeply lamented by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintance, on Wednesday last, MRS. GWYNN, wife of MR. JOHN GWYNN, of the Glebe, Urney, after a long illness, borne with the greatest patience and resignation to the will of God

August 21 1827

WOODS. On Saturday the 18th inst. MR ROBERT WOODS of Sion, aged 89 years

October 30 1827

SHEILLS. At Cariclee, on Tuesday last, very suddenly, MR JOHN SHEILLS

December 24 1827

ADAMS. Suddenly, at Carriclee, on Monday last, the REV. JOHN ALEXANDER ADAMS

January 15 1828

CUNNINGHAM. On Saturday last, MRS CUNNINGHAM, relict of the late MR WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM of Liggartown, at the advanced age of 90 years

April 22 1828

RAWLINS. On Thursday last, at Castletown, MISS RAWLINS

May 13 1828

GWYNNE. At his father’s house, Urney Glebe, on the 18th inst. MR JOHN GWYNNE, T. C. D. in the 18th year of his age. It may be truly said, that he possessed in a most eminent degree, those qualities of head and heart, that endeared him to his Friends, and leaves him sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who knew him

May 20 1828

BROWN. At Carriclee, very suddenly, on Wednesday last, MR JOHN BROWN

July 22 1828

SPROULL. On Friday last, at Castletown, MRS SPROULL relict of the late ROBERT SPROULL, ESQ. of Bombay, at the advanced age of 80 years

September 2 1828

SMYTH. At Magheragar, near this town, on Wednesday last, MISS SMYTH at an advanced age

November 11 1828

HAY. On Friday last, MR JAMES HAY, of Half Town, Ballyfatten, near this town

November 11 1828

PATTERSON. In Canada, lately, MR JOHN PATTERSON, late of Liggartown, in the parish of Urney

December 30 1828

PATTON. On Thursday last, very suddenly, MR JOSEPH PATTON, of the Holm, Sion, aged 70

May 12 1829

SPROULL. Yesterday morning, ROBERT SPROULL, ESQ. Inchany

This young man so suddenly removed by the bitter shaft of death, was distinguished by that urbanny of manner, cheerfulness of disposition, and those inner feelings of our nature which interest and delight.

Haste, haste, he lies in wait, he’s at the door,

Insidious Death! Should his strong hand arrest,

No composition sets the prisoner free.

Eternity’s inexorable chain

Fast binds, and revengeance claims the full arrear

December 16 1828

DOHERTY. Thursday morning the body of CHARLES DOHERTY of Alt [Co Donegal], in the parish of Urney (who had been missing since the preceding Tuesday) was found in a drain, in a field at the Bridge-end [Strabane]. A Coroner’s Inquest was held on the body the same day, and it appearing from the testimony of some witnesses, that he was seen on Tuesday evening, rather intoxicated, the Jury brought in a verdict of Accidental Death

June 16 1829

SPROULE. On the 30th of May, at Cheltenham, SAMUEL SPROULE, ESQ. recently First Member of the Medical Board at Bombay, and formerly of Tullymoan, Parish of Urney

September 4 1830

HUNTER. At Sion, on Thursday week, after a lingering illness, MR. GEORGE HUNTER

September 25 1830

KNOX. At Drumeagle, in the parish of Urney, on Sunday last, MR. WILLIAM KNOX aged 77

December 7 1830

BAIRD. At Inchany, on Sunday last, after a long and severe illness, MRS BAIRD, relict of the late MR WILLIAM BAIRD, at the advanced age of 67 years

January 25 1831

KNOX. On Wednesday last, MRS KNOX, wife of MR ROBERT KNOX, of Larkfield aged 69 years

February 19 1831

WOODS. Very suddenly, on Wednesday morning week, the 9th February, MRS. WOODS, wife of MR. JOHN WOODS, Sion, near Strabane

April 5 1831

PATTON. On Tuesday, the 29th ult. MR NATHAN PATTON of Sion, aged 32 years

May 15 1832

SPROULE. After a lingering illness, on Thursday last, MR JOSEPH SPROULE of Castletown, deservedly regretted by his numerous acquaintance

January 3 1832

MAGILL [FODIE].On Friday last, at Castletown, MRS MAGILL, formerly MRS FODIE, of this town

December 26 1832

KNOX. On Thursday 20th inst. ELIZA, wife of MR DAVID KNOX, of Ballaught, parish of Urney

January 15 1833

SPROULE. On Friday, the 4th inst. MISS SPROULE of Tullymoan aged 30

February 26 1833

HUNTER. On Thursday last, of consumption, MR HUGH HUNTER, son of the late MR GEORGE HUNTER, Sion

March 30 1833

PATTON. On Thursday, the 21st inst., at Sion, Holy Hill, MR. WILLIAM PATTON, aged 93 years

June 15 1833

HUNTER. At Sion, near Strabane, on Monday, the 10th inst., of a rapid decline, MISS ANNE JANE HUNTER, daughter of the late MR. GEORGE HUNTER, of said place

January 7 1834

BLAIR. On Thursday 26th ult., MISS ELIZABETH BLAIR, aged 14 years, daughter of MR SAMUEL BLAIR, Bridgend, Strabane

February 8 1834

PATTON. On Thursday last, at Sion, MRS. PATTON, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM PATTON, sincerely and deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of friends

May 31 1834

FLEMING. On Tuesday, at Galloney, the seat of JOHN SMYTH, ESQ., after a tedious illness, MATILDA, daughter of the late PATRICK FLEMING, ESQ of Strabane

July 4 1834

SHEALS. At Inchany, near this town, very suddenly, MR J. SHEALS

December 27 1834

PATTON. At Sion Holm, near Strabane, on Saturday last, MR. JOHN PATTON

February 28 1835

SPROUL. On the morning of the 19th inst., MISS SPROUL, daughter of MR. ANDREW SPROUL, o Tullymoan, near Strabane

April 18 1835

GAMBLE. At Foyfin, near Castlefin [Co Donegal], on the 3rd inst., MR ANDREW GAMBLE, SEN., at the advanced age of 87. On the Sunday following, his remains were accompanied to the graveyard at Urney by a vast number of friends and acquaintances

March 21 1835

JONES. Suddenly, at Urney House, on Tuesday last, the 17th inst., the REV. JAMES JONES, Rector of the parish of Urney, in this diocese, and father of CAPTAIN JONES, M.P., for this County

May 26 1835

WOODS. On Saturday last, MRS WOODS, wife of MR JOHN WOODS, Sion, near this town

November 21 1835

SCOTT. On Tuesday week, MRS. SCOTT, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM SCOTT, of Ballycolman, near Strabane

December 29 1835

BLACKBURN. At Maghrigar, on the 5th inst., MR BENJAMIN BLACKBURN

January 9 1836

SCOTT. On the 13th ult., at her residence, Park Cottage, near Strabane, MRS. SCOTT, relict of the late MR. ROBERT SCOTT, of Ballycolman

February 9 1836

GWYNNE. At Urney Glebe, on Sunday morning last, MR JOHN GWYNNE, aged 62 years, who, through life, bore the character of an upright and honest man

April 12 1836

SPROULE. At Inchany, near Strabane, on Sunday, the 3d inst. aged 22 years, ANNE, third daughter to the late JAMES SPROULE, ESQ. Her health for a considerable time had been gradually becoming more infirm, but as “heart and flesh faded” it was evident to all who had the privilege of her intimacy, that “the Lord was becoming more and more the strength of her heart, and her portion forever”

May 7 1836

RIPPAY. On the 29th ult., at her residence, Castlegore aged 21, LOVEY, the beloved wife of MR. THOMAS RIPPAY

July 12 1836

JACK. At Ballycolman, near this town, on Monday last, MRS JACK, wife of MR SAMUEL JACK

August 30 1836

BROWN. At Inchany, near this town [Strabane], on Wednesday last, MR SAMUEL BROWN, brother of the late MR ROBERT BROWN, of this town

September 6 1836

PURSS. On Monday se’nnight, the REV. JAMES PURSS, for a number of years Presbyterian Minister of the Parish of Urney, very sincerely regretted by his parishioners and everyone who had the pleasure of his acquaintance

September 6 1836

MELDRIN. At a very advanced age, on Thursday last, MR HENRY MELDRIN, of Carricklee

October 1 1836

KENNEDY. On Saturday morning last, at Ballymullarty, near Douglas, after a very short illness, MR. FREDERICK KENNEDY, aged 54 years. His remains were followed to the graveyard of Urney, a distance of seven miles by a numerous concourse of persons of all denominations

December 6 1836

GALLAGHER. At Ballyfatton, on Sunday last, MR ANDREW GALLAGHER, very much respected by all who knew him

December 31 1836

KERNAGHAN. On Wednesday last, at Shanony, the REV. THOMAS KERNAGHAN, Presbyterian Minister of Clady Hill, near Strabane

January 10 1837

BAIRD. At Inchany, near this town, after a lingering illness, ELIZABETH, daughter of MR JOHN BAIRD

March 28 1837

YOUNG. On Saturday last, at a very advanced age, MRS YOUNG, relict of the late MR JAMES YOUNG, Dunnyloop

June 3 1837

HAMILTON. On the 1st June, GALBRAITH HAMILTON, ESQ., of Ballyfatton, county Tyrone, formerly of the city of Dublin, merchant

April 28 1838

SPROULE. On Wednesday, the 18th inst., at the residence of his brother, MR. MOSES SPROULE, Inchany, MR. H. SPROULE, merchant, Strabane

May 5 1838

SPROULE. At the residence of her father, on the morning of Sunday, the 29th ult., MATILDA, youngest daughter of MR. ANDREW SPROULE, of Tullymoan, near Strabane

June 9 1838

O’DONNELL. On Thursday, the 31st ult., at his residence, the REV. N.J. O'DONNELL, P.P., of Urney, in the 60th year of his age, after a lingering illness

August 1 1838

SPROULE. At the residence of her brother, MOSES SPROULE, ESQ., Inchenny, Strabane, SARAH, aged 26 years, 2nd daughter of the late JAMES SPROULE, ESQ., near Strabane, on the 30th July, at her brother's residence, MISS SARAH SPROULE

December 22 1838

SPROULE. At Inchaney, near Strabane, on the 14th inst., JAMES, youngest son of the late JAMES SPROULE, ESQ.

January 5 1839

BROWN. On Wednesday week, at Magheragar, near Strabane, MRS. BROWN, aged 80, relict of the late ALEXANDER BROWN, of the same place

April 20 1839

MAGUIRE. On Monday last, at Backtown, Carricklee, near Strabane, MR. FRANCIS MAGUIRE

August 31 1839

ENTRICAN. At Gortlougher, near Strabane, on Tuesday last, MRS. ENTRICAN, relict of the late JAMES ENTRICAN, of Strabane, aged 81

September 18 1839

HUGHES. On Saturday se’nnight at Greenfield near Strabane, JOHN, son of SAMUEL HUGHES, ESQ

September 28 1839

GAYLEY. At Gortlougher, in the parish of Ardstraw [sic], MR. GAYLEY, at an advanced age

December 14 1839

BAILEY. At Derrygalt, near Strabane, on Friday last, MRS. BAILEY, relict of the late MR. JOHN BAILEY, of Carricklee

February 8 1840

SPROULE. At Inchany, on the 4th Feb., SARAH, relict of the late JAMES SPROULE, ESQ.

March 25 1840

WAUCHOB. At Kinkitt on Friday last, JANE, the wife of MR. CHARLES WAUCHOB, at the advanced aged of 88, much and deservedly regretted on account of her many good qualities

July 18 1840

CUNNINGHAM. On Saturday, after a tedious illness which he bore with patience and resignation, MR. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, of Liggartown, near Strabane

October 3 1840

ALEXANDER. On the 24th ult., at Strabane, in her 70th year, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late REV. ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Urney

October 31 1840

COWPER. At Ballycolman, near Strabane, on Thursday last, MRS. COWPER, relict of the late JAMES COWPER, ESQ., aged 82

April 10 1841

PATTON. At the Holm, in the Parish of Urney, on Wednesday week, MISS PATTON

July 10 1841

ADAMS. On Friday, 2nd inst., ROBERT ADAMS, youngest son of the late DAVID ADAMS, of Ballyfatton, in the 14th year of his age

February 19 1842

BRIGHAM. On Sunday, the 6th February, at her son's residence, in Donegal, in the 81st year of her age, ANNE, relict of the late MR. ANDREW BRIGHAM, Urney

March 5 1842

SMYTH. On the 26th February, at his residence in Gallony, near Strabane, JOHN SMYTH, ESQ., aged 77 years

May 14 1842

GALBRAITH. At Urney Park, near Strabane, on Tuesday last, LADY GALBRAITH, relict of the late SIR JAMES GALBRAITH, Bart.

July 16 1842

McFARLAND. On Thursday, the 7th inst., at Kilclean, Castlederg, MR. JOHN McFARLAND, aged 106 years. The remembrance of the departed will be long cherished by all who knew him

October 29 1842

TORRENS. At Ballyfatton, near Strabane, on the 17th inst., after a few days' illness, MR. WILLIAM TORRENS, in the 23rd year of his age

December 24 1842

SEMPLE. On Wednesday, the 14th inst., at his residence, Castletown, near Strabane, in the 79th year of his age, MAJOR JOHN SEMPLE

February 11 1843

MICHAN. On the 27th ult., at Fyfin, near Castlederg, MARGARET, relict of MR. JAMES MICHAN, late of Gortfad, near Castlefin [Co Donegal]

April 29 1843

JACK. On Tuesday evening last, at Ballycolman, near Strabane, MR. SAMUEL JACK

April 29 1843

LECKY. On April 13 after several days illness of fever, CATHERINE, beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM LECKY, only daughter of the late OLIVER LECKY, ESQ., of Melmount, Strabane

August 5 1843

GAMBLE. On the morning of Wednesday, the 26th ult., in the 51st year of his age, MR. ANDREW GAMBLE, of Foyfin, near Castlefin [Co Donegal]

January 20 1844

KING. At Dartans, Castlederg, on the 6th inst., MR BEATHER KING, in the 35th year of his age, leaving a wife and an infant son to deplore his loss

May 15 1844

McCLENAGHAN. At Rabbstown, parish of Urney on Saturday last, MR ANTHONY McCLENACHAN

October 14 1843

HAMILTON. On Friday, the 6th inst., in the 79th year of his age, CHARLES HAMILTON, ESQ., of Ballyfatton, county Tyrone, eldest and last surviving son of the late JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., of Fortstewart, Ramelton, county Donegal

September 14 1844

McFARLAND. On Wednesday 28th August, at his father's residence, Kilclean, Castlederg, JAMES McFARLAND, aged 19 years, much regretted

February 5 1845

BLAIR. Tuesday 28th January in the 94th year of his age, MR JAMES BLAIR, Claudy Blair

February 22 1845

KNOX. At Glentimon, in the Parish of Urney, on Saturday week, MR. JOHN KNOX, eldest son of MR. DAVID KNOX, of said Place

March 22 1845

KNOX. At Glentimon, on Monday week, very suddenly, MR. JAMES KNOX

June 14 1845

MITCHELL. On the 4th inst., at Sion Mills, aged 73 years, MRS. MITCHELL, relict of the late MR. JAMES MITCHELL, Kirkton Mill, parish of Inverkeller, Fofarshire, Scotland

August 16 1845

INCH. At Inchany, Strabane, on the 5th inst., DOROTHEA INCH, aged 68 years, after a most protracted illness

November 8 1845

HAMILTON. September 20, at Hazel Green, America, FRANCIS HAMILTON, son of the late GALBRAITH HAMILTON, ESQ., of Ballyfatten, Strabane

May 16 1846

INCH. On the 8th inst., at Inchany, near Strabane, WILLIAM INCH, SEN.

August 21 1846

SPROULE. On Tuesday 18th inst. at Melmount near Strabane, MARGARET, the beloved wife of SAMUEL SPROULE, ESQ., M.D., Civil Surgeon H.E.I.C., deeply regretted by her family and friends

October 10 1846

HAMILTON. On the 5th inst., at Ballyfatton House, in the 87th year of her age, MARGARET, the beloved wife of JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ.

March 28 1847

HEMPHILL. On Sunday last at the residence of her son-in-law at Fawney, parish of Donagheady, MRS HEMPHILL, wife of MR. JOHN HEMPHILL, Tullywhisker in the parish of Urney

June 19 1847

SPROULE. On the 12th inst., at Glentimon, ANNE, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM SPROULE, and mother to SAMUEL SPROULE, ESQ., M.D., Surgeon of the Civil Service, Ahmeibad, Bombay

July 3 1847

HUNTER. In Bell's Park, in the parish of Urney, on Friday last, MR. ANDREW HUNTER

April 29 1848

HUNTER. On the 10th inst., aged 29 years, MR. JOSEPH HUNTER, of Hunterstown, parish of Urney

September 30 1848

JONES. Suddenly, on Sunday morning last, at his seat, Belmount, near Lifford, WALTER JONES, ESQ., son of the late REV. JAMES JONES, rector of the parish of Urney

December 30 1848

BRADDEN. At Flushtown, near Strabane, on Wednesday, the 27th inst., MRS. MARY BRADDEN, aged upwards of 100 years. The deceased maintained he mental and physical faculties to the last

March 23 1849

KERRIGAN. On Monday last, at Graffy [Co Donegal], near Strabane, the residence of his father, SURGEON HUGH KERRIGAN, late of Castlederg

April 14 1849

PORTER [LOVE]. On Monday the 2nd inst., MARY, the beloved wife of MR. JAMES PORTER, of Prospect, near Strabane, and daughter to MR. WILLIAM LOVE, of Devoar, after giving birth to a female child

May 10 1849

SPROULL. Died on the 6th inst., ELLEN, third daughter of the late JAMES SPROULL, ESQ., Mellmount, near Strabane

August 17 1849

KNOX. On Tuesday week last, at Bollaught, parish of Urney, MR. DAVID KNOX

August 31 1849

HUME. August 27, the REV. ROBERT HUME, Rector of Urney

September 21 1849

KERR [KNOX]. On the 12th inst., aged 30 years, Agnes, wife of MR. ALEXANDER KERR, Drumeny, and daughter of MR. HUGH KNOX, Urney, county Tyrone

October 19 1849

McFARLAND. At Ballycolman, Strabane, on the 15th inst., MR. JOHN McFARLAND, aged 55 years

January 25 1850

PATTON. At Sion, parish of Urney, on Monday last, MARGARET, wife of MR. THOMAS PATTON, aged 86

October 18 1850

CALLISON. October 7, at Urney Park, near Strabane, of scarletina, JOHN WESLEY, aged 7 years, eldest son of MR. JOHN CALLISON, land steward to A.F. KNOX, ESQ.

January 3 1851

PATTON. At Sion, on Monday, the 30th ult., MRS. JOSEPH PATTON, aged 45 years

March 14 1851

CUNNINGHAM. At Liggertown, near Strabane, on the 9th inst., at a very advanced age, ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, ESQ.

April 16 1851

TORRENS. Died at Ballyfatton near Strabane on Tuesday last, MR. ROBERT TORRENS aged 80 years

December 12 1851

HAYES. At Ballyfatton, near Strabane, on Friday last, MARTHA, relict of the late ROBERT HAYES, ESQ.

December 12 1851

McELWAIN. At Magir, near Strabane, on Friday last, JOHN McELWAIN, ESQ., aged 86 years

January 22 1852

KNOX. On the 15th inst. at the residence of his son-in-law, MR WILLIAM KNOX of Stonewalls, parish of Ardstraw, MR JAMES KNOX, late of Glentimon, parish of Urney at the advanced age of 80 years

June 25 1852

PLUNKETT. On the 14th inst., at the residence of his brother in law, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, Sion, Strabane, MR. JAMES PLUNKETT, late of Belfast, aged 33 years

July 9 1852

KNOX. On the 2nd inst., at Urney, MR. HUGH KNOX, father of the REV. ROBERT KNOX, of Belfast, at the advanced age of 85 years. Throughout his long life, almost to its close, he was most regular in attending to the public ordinances of religion and has left an example worthy of imitation by professing Christians

June 17 1853

PORTER. At Prospect, near Strabane, on Sunday week, SARAH, wife of MR. WILLIAM J. PORTER

February 25 1853

ADAMS. At Galloney, on the morning of the 19th inst., in the 38th year of her age, JANE, second daughter of the late MR. DAVID ADAMS, of Ballyfatton

October 13 1854

RUSSELL. On the 9th inst., of whooping cough, at Castletown House, SAMUEL MARCUS, infant son of the REV. W.C. RUSSELL, Strabane, aged one year and five months

January11 1856

HERDMAN. At Sion Mills, on the 5th inst., GEORGE HERDMAN, ESQ., aged 43 years

August 15 1856

FERGUSON. August 6, at Cornakelly [Co Donegal], the residence of his grandfather, MR. JAMES TAYLOR, CHARLES FERGUSON, aged 29 years, eldest son of the late CHARLES FERGUSON, ESQ., Excise Officer, Wexford

December 12 1856

RUSSELL. In Strabane, on Friday last, MR. JOSEPH RUSSELL, formerly of Cloghfin, near Claudy

January 30 1857

BROWNE. At Fern [Co Donegal], near Castlederg, on the 22nd inst., JOHN BROWNE, ESQ., aged 65 years

February 13 1857

WAUCHOB. At Kinkitt, near Strabane, on the 9th inst., MR. SAMUEL WAUCHOB, aged 76 years

March 6 1857

BOAK. At his residence Peacock Bank, near Strabane, on Friday, the 27th ult., MR. AARON BOAK, aged 76 years

September 18 1857

BLACKBURN. At Drumeagle, parish of Urney, on Tuesday last, ELEANOR, relict of the late MR. JOSEPH BLACKBURN, of Magheragar, aged 96 years

January 29 1858

WAUCHOB. On the 26th inst., at Fyfin, parish of Urney, MR. THOMAS WAUCHOB, aged 88 years

April 23 1858

SIMPSON. On the 17th inst., at Carricklee House, in her 79th year, SARAH, second daughter of the late THOMAS SIMPSON, ESQ., of Ballyards, county Armagh

May 28 1858

McINTIRE. On Monday week, suddenly, at Kinkitt, parish of Urney, MR. CHARLES McINTIRE

March 4 1859

PORTER. At Prospect, Parish of Urney, on Saturday last, after a short illness, MR. JOHN PORTER, aged 12 years

May 6 1859

MOODY. At Parks, Parish of Urney, on Monday last, MR. MATTHEW MOODY

May 6 1859

PATTON. At Sion, near Strabane, on Saturday last, MR. THOMAS PATTON aged 93 years

July 1 1859

BAIRD. June 28, at Inchany, near Strabane, after a lingering and painful illness, MR. JOHN BAIRD

September 30 1859

PORTER. September 24, at Carricklee House, Strabane, after protracted suffering, in the seventy-first year of her age, JANE, the beloved wife of ROBERT PORTER, ESQ.

December 23 1859

BLAIR. December 18, in Liverpool, MR. ROBERT BLAIR, son of the late MR. JOHN BLAIR, of Strabane. His remains will be removed from his mother's residence, Strabane, for interment in the burying yard of Urney, on Friday (this) morning, at ten o'clock

March 2 1860

KNOX. February 26, at Urney Park, the REV. WILLIAM KNOX, J.P., Rector of Clonleigh, aged 70 years

June 8 1860

MAGUIRE. At Claudy, Parish of Urney, MR. FRANCIS MAGUIRE, teacher of Rabstown National School

August 17 1860

WOODS. August 11, at Sion, near Strabane, in the 94th year of his age, MR. DAVID WOODS, SEN.

September 7 1860

WOODS. September 2, at Sion, JANE, relict of the late MR. DAVID WOODS, aged 81 years. It is only a few days since her husband departed

September 28 1860

WADE. September 20, at Gallony, near Strabane, after a short illness, MR. JOHN WADE, SEN.

October 26 1860

KNOX. October 20, at Glentimon, Parish of Urney, MISS JANE KNOX

January 25 1861

McENTIRE. January 21, at Kinkitt, Parish of Urney, MRS. McENTIRE

January 25 1861

McLAUGHLIN. January 25, at Churchtown, MARGARET, wife of MR. SAMUEL McLAUGHLIN, aged 32 years

September 13 1861

HENDERSON. On the 8th September, at Fern [Co Donegal], near Claudy, MR. JOHN HENDERSON, aged 77 years

September 27 1861

BESTALL. September 19, at the Forttown House, Castlederg, MARGARET, wife of MR. GEORGE BESTALL, aged 34 years

November 22 1861

SMYTH. On the 8th November, at Urney, the REV. VINCENT BEATTY SMYTH, aged 55 years

January 31 1862

HAMILTON. January 22, at Ballyfatten, county Tyrone, after a lingering illness, in the 24th year of his age, JOHN HAZLETT, second son of DR. JAMES HAMILTON

February 21 1862

BAIRD. Feb 18, at Sion, near Strabane, SUSAN, wife of the late MR. JAMES BAIRD, of Crew, Ardstraw, aged 65 years

February 21 1862

SMYTH. February 10, suddenly, at Dartans, near Castlederg, JOHN SMYTH, ESQ.

May 23 1862

GOURLEY. May 18, at Tullywhisker, Parish of Urney, MR. ALEXANDER GOURLEY, of Limerick, son of the late MR. SAMUEL GOURLEY

March 7 1862

HUME. On the 3rd inst., at Grove House, near Bristol, MARY, widow of the late REV. ROBERT HUME, of 63 Dawson Street, Dublin, and Rector of Urney, county of Tyrone

August 15 1862

PORTER. August 11, at Carricklee, Strabane, CAPTAIN PORTER

October 3 1862

SAYERS. September 17, AGNES REED, the beloved child of MR. GEORGE SAYERS, Castletown, near Strabane

November 21 1862

WATSON. November 11, at his residence, Flushtown, near Strabane, MR. JOSEPH WATSON, aged 86 years

May 30 1862

BROWN. May 16, at his residence, Fern [Co Donegal], after a short illness, BENJAMIN BROWN, ESQ., aged 66 years

January 2 1863

GALLAGHER. December 16, at Ballyfatton, near Strabane, MR. JAMES GALLAGHER

January 9 1863

PATTON. January 8, at Sion, MR. THOMAS PATTON

January 16 1863

STEVENSON. January 15, at Magheragar, Parish of Urney, MISS MARY STEVENSON, after a lingering illness

January 23 1863

MITCHELL. January 15, at Ballyfatton House, MARY, daughter of D. MITCHELL, ESQ., M.D., aged 15 years

May 26 1863

PATTON. May 18, at Sion, MARY, wife of MR. JAMES PATTON, aged 61 years

February 20 1863

GALBRAITH. On the 10th February, at Clifton, SUSANNAH, eldest daughter of the late JAMES GALBRAITH, ESQ., of Omagh, county Tyrone, and great niece of the late SIR JAMES GALBRAITH, BART., of Urney Park, in the same County

December 18 1863

MACFARLAND. October 24, at Yazoo City, Mississippi, of typhoid fever, brought on by his untiring exertions in the cause of his adopted country – the Confederate States of America - JOHN, second son of the late MR. JOHN MACFARLAND, Ballycolman, Strabane

January 29 1864

BROWN. January 23, at his residence, Magheragar, MR. ALEXANDER BROWN, aged 71 years

March 11 1864

ROGERS. February 24, at Coneglan Glen, Lower Badoney, after a lingering illness, the REV. MICHAEL ROGERS, late C.C. Urney

July 19 1864

SPROULE. July 9, at Broomfield, Clady, Strabane, JANE, the wife of ANDREW SPROULE, ESQ., aged 62 years

December 2 1864

SAYERS. November 23, SARAH BROWN, the eldest daughter of MR. GEORGE SAYERS, Castletown, near Strabane

March 7 1865

HEMPHILL. On the 24th February, at Tullywhisker, MR. JAMES HEMPHILL, aged 68 years

July 21 1865

YOUNG. July 14, in the 18th year of her age, of a severe and protracted consumption, FANNY, daughter of the late MR. THOMAS YOUNG, of Castlegore, near Castlederg

August 29 1865

FERGUSON. August 25, at Sion Mills, Strabane, MARY, wife of MR. ANDREW FERGUSON

October 27 1865

PATTON. October 22, at Sion Holme, ESTHER, relict of the late MR. JOHN PATTON, aged 83 years

November 28-1865

McELHINNEY. November 23, at his residence, Castletown, MR. SAMUEL McELHINNEY, aged 78 years

March 23 1866

PERRY. March 18, ELIZABETH BOYD, aged 14 years, second daughter of MR. SAMUEL PERRY, Clady, county Tyrone

June 8 1866

CUNNINGHAM. June 6, at Liggertown, Strabane, MISS MARGARET CUNNINGHAM, aged 91 years

October 12 1866

SPROULE. In September last, of dysentery, at the residence of his brother, ANDREW SPROULE, ESQ., Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo., United States of America, SAMUEL, youngest son of ANDREW SPROULE, ESQ., Broomfield, Clady, county Donegal

December 4 1866

HEMPHILL. November 28, at Castlesessaugh, Castlederg, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM HEMPHILL, aged 62 years

December 7 1866

INCH. December 4, at Inchany, MR. WILLIAM INCH, aged 77 years

January 4 1867

WALLS. December 30, at Doortans, near Castlederg, ELIZA, eldest daughter of MR. MATTHEW WALLS, Dunrain [Dunrevan], Castlederg

October 25 1867

SMYTH. October 23, at his residence, Millburn, Buncrana, MR. DAVID SMYTH, formerly of Artigarvan, aged 68 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Urney Churchyard, on Saturday, 26th inst., at the hour of six o'clock, a.m.

February 11-1868

PATTON. January 29, at Sion, Strabane, CAPTAIN DANIEL PATTON, aged 84 years

April 3 1868

HAMILTON. April 2, JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., M.D., Ballyfatton House, Strabane, aged 58 years

May 19 1868

FYFFE. May 12, at Castletown, near Strabane, DAVID, eldest son of MR. JAMES FYFFE, aged 37 years

June 19 1868

STEWART. June 16, at the Alt [Co Donegal], Castlefin, JANE, the beloved wife of the REV. SAMUEL STEWART

September 22 1868

BRADDEN. September 17, at his residence, Flushtown, HUGH BRADDEN, aged 70 years

December 15 1868

BAIRD. December 13, at Inchany, after a lingering illness, REBECCA, wife of MR. THOMAS BAIRD, aged 63 years

December 18 1868

McCURDY. December 8, at Magheracallaghan House, ELIZA, wife of JAMES McCURDY, ESQ., aged 70 years

January 5 1869

MOORE. Dec 27, at his residence, Gallony, FERGUS MOORE, aged 58 years

March 26 1869

YOUNG. March 22, at Castlegore, near Castlederg, in his 23rd year of his age, MR. THOMAS SPROULE YOUNG, late of Philadelphia

April 13 1869

McCURDY. April 10, at Magheracallaghan, MR. JAMES McCURDY, aged 85 years

August 6 1869

GORDON. August 2, at 5 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road, Belfast, WILLIAM THOMAS, only child of the REV. DAVID GORDON, Presbyterian Minister, of Sion Mills, aged 10 months

August 27 1869

GORDON [HICKLIN]. August 23, at her brother's residence, Everton Terrace, Belfast, MAGGIE, wife of the REV. D. GORDON, Sion Mills, and daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM HICKLIN, Belfast

August 27 1869

GAMBLE [HANDCOCK]. August 24, at Craig, Cumber Claudy [Co Londonderry], the residence of WILLIAM HANDCOCK, her brother, MARY, the beloved wife of THOMAS HANDCOCK GAMBLE, ESQ., Farm Hill, Omagh, and Foyfin, county Donegal

September 3 1869

HUNTER. Sept. 1, at Hunterstown, Urney, of inflammation, ANDREW HUNTER, aged 30 years

October 1 1869

MAHAN. Sept. 25, at Magir, Strabane, CATHERINE MAHAN, aged 25 years

November 9 1869

QUINN. Oct. 28, at Glentown, Urney, ANNE, wife of MR. JAMES QUINN, aged 54 years

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