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Transcribed by Len Swindley

June 4 1822

On the 24th ult. at his Mansion-house, at Parkanour, near Dungannon, JOHN HENRY BURGES, ESQ.

May 27 1823

At Lurgan [Co. Armagh], on the 2nd inst. MRS DICKSON, wife of MR GUSTAVUS DICKSON, formerly of Dungannon

September 16 1823

At his home in Grange, near Dungannon, on the 6th of August, JOSEPH WILSON ESQ. aged 77

March 16 1824

Suddenly, on Monday the 1st inst. in consequence of a fall from his horse, as he was returning from a ploughing match in the neighbourhood of Stewartstown, ABRAHAM DAWSON, JUN., ESQ., of Bovain, near Dungannon, Attorney at Law - a gentleman greatly beloved and respected in life, and whose melancholy death is sincerely deplored by an extensive circle of relations and friends

May 28 1828

On the 7th instant, at her son’s house, Mount Barnard, county of Tyrone, MRS. HAMILTON, relict of the late THOMAS HAMILTON, ESQ. of Mulnagore Lodge, Dungannon, aged sixty-nine, deservedly regretted by all who knew her, as having fulfilled the relative duties of daughter, wife, mother, and friend, in an exemplary manner

December 22 1829

On the 4th inst., at his residence, Northland, near Dungannon, ROBERT BROWN, ESQ., aged 71 years. He was an affectionate husband, and a kind indulgent parent

April 24 1830

In Dungannon, on Wednesday, the 7th April, ANNE, wife of DAVID DUFF, ESQ., Constabulary Police, aged 25 years

June 12 1830

Of apoplexy, in the 64th year of his age, on the 28th ult., at Derry Vale, near Dungannon, ISAAC STEPHENSON, of Manchester, many years a Minister in the Society of Friends

February 19 1831

On Wednesday last, the 16th inst., in Dungannon, MARGARET GALBRAITH, third daughter of the late JAMES GALBRAITH, ESQ., of Roscavey, in the county of Tyrone

June 14 1834

In Dungannon, MRS. MARGARET CLEMENT, aged 87 years, niece to the late DOCTOR WILLIAM CLEMENT, Vice Provost, Trinity College, Dublin

January 10 1835

Jan. 3, at her sister's house in Dungannon, after a few days illness, HARRIET, youngest daughter of the late JAMES GALBRAITH, ESQ., of Roscavey, county Tyrone

August 19 1837

On the 7th inst., in Castle Hill, Dungannon, HARRIET JANE, only daughter of the late JOHN IRWIN, ESQ., of Tully O'Donnell, in the county Tyrone

September 16 1837

Of consumption, on 17th ult., WILLIAM HAMILTON, medical student, son of DR. HAMILTON, Dungannon

October 7 1837

On the 26th ult., SARAH, wife of MR. JAMES GRIBBEN, of Coleraine, and daughter of the late Surgeon Boyle, of Dungannon

November 18 1837

Nov. 11, in Paradise Row, MISS JANE IRWIN, aged 71, sister of JAMES MOORE IRWIN, ESQ., Drumglass, Dungannon

December 2 1837

On 22nd ult., MR. DAVID BROWN, of Donaghmore, county Tyrone, aged 60 years. His remains were conveyed to the burying ground of the family at Dungannon

September 8 1838

August 28, of fever, at Torrenhill, near Dungannon, in her 17th year, JANE, eldest daughter of JOHN STUART MURRAY, ESQ

December 1 1838

At Augharaney, near Dungannon, County Tyrone, MARY, the wife of HENRY IRWIN, on the 26th ult.

December 22 1838

On the 16th inst., at Dungannon, in the 63rd year of her age, FRANCES LETITIA, relict of the late WILLIAM MURRAY, ESQ.

February 2 1839

January 24, at her brother's house, Northland Row, Dungannon, ELIZABETH, wife of HUGH GORE EDWARDS, of Raveagh, near Fintona, county Tyrone

April 20 1839

On the 1st inst., at his residence, Prospect, near Dungannon, THOMAS GREER, aged 80 years

July 6 1839

At Dungannon on the 27th June, MISS MARY RODGERS, in the 79th year of her age

October 19 1839

At her residence, Ranfurley Terrace, Dungannon, on the 13th inst., MARTHA, daughter of the late JAMES GALBRIATH, ESQ., of Roscavey, in the county of Tyrone

January 11 1840

Of consumption, on Tuesday, 24th ult., in the 35th year of his age, after a long and protracted illness, MR. HARRINGTON DICKSON, of Ballygawley, fourth son of the late MR. DAVID DICKSON, merchant, Dungannon

February 1 1840

Jan. 21, at Dungannon, ELIZA McCORD, wife of the late LIEUTENANT McCORD, of the 27th Regiment, who was killed at the siege of Badajos

February 22 1840

At Dungannon, on the morning of the 17th inst., after giving birth to a fine boy, MRS. HOLMES, wife of WILLIAM HOLMES, ESQ., formerly of Londonderry

March 14 1840

At his residence, Dungannon, on Saturday, the 7th inst., of fever, in the 57th year of his age, SURGEON WILLIAM McCLEAN

August 29 1840

At Dungannon, on the 20th inst., aged 39 years, the REV. THOMAS MURRAY, for many years curate of the parish of Ballygawley, county Tyrone

October 31 1840

October 25, at Myrtle Grove, near Dungannon, HANNAH, relict of JOHN GILMORE, ESQ., of Lisrona, county Tyrone


At Dungannon, on the 18th ult., MR. JAMES WILSON, Actuary of the Loan Fund

July 31 1841

At Cranny, near Omagh, on Thursday, the 15th inst., MR. SAMUEL SCOTT, formerly of Drummuck, in the neighbourhood of Dungannon, aged 76 years. In the various relations of husband, father and friend, his conduct had been most exemplary

October 2 1841

At Alder Lodge, Rock, Dungannon, on Saturday morning, DR. ROBERT DICKSON, R.N.

December 11 1841

November 20th, aged 70 years, at his residence near Dungannon, ALEXANDER McCLEAN, ESQ., a distinguished and respected officer of one of the corps of the Killyman Yeomanry, during the rebellion of '98

May 14 1842

May 9th, at Dungannon, County Tyrone, MISS PETTIGREW, to the inconsolable affliction of her numerous friends and relatives, and to the severe loss of the poor of her neighbourhood, over whom she watched with parental care

July 16 1842

On the 23rd ult., in the 70th year of her age, after a short illness, REBECCA, wife of MR. JOHN STOREY, of Innish, near Dungannon

July 8 1843

On Tuesday, the 27th ult., at Dungannon, in the prime of life, MR. ANDREW VANCE, merchant

September 9 1843

On the 25th ult., at Joy Lodge, near Dungannon, MR. ALLEN BLAIR, aged 32

May 11 1844

On the 6th inst., at his residence, in Dungannon, MR. THOMAS LILBURN, senior, aged 84 years

September 14 1844

September 5th, at his residence, Donaghmore House, Dungannon, ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, ESQ, J.P., aged 81 years

December 14 1844

December 6th, at Gortmerron House, Dungannon, SARAH MARIA, the beloved wife of EDWARD EVANS, ESQ., in her 73rd year

December 28 1844

On the 15th inst., at Dungannon, of disease of the heart, aged 26 years, ANNE, the beloved wife of MR. GEORGE MOON, and daughter of MR. JOSEPH IRWIN

January 18 1845

At an advanced age, of apoplexy, at her residence, Northland Row, Dungannon, MISS ISABELLA GRAVES, last surviving sister of the late ADMIRAL SAMUEL, SIR THOMAS, JOHN and RICHARD GRAVES

April 19 1845

On the 4th inst., MR. JOHN PEEBLES, merchant, Dungannon

December 24 1846

On the 15th inst., at Larchmount, Dungannon, the residence of his son in law, WILLIAM ROBSON, ESQ., SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of the firm of KING AND NEWTON, Coalisland Mills, and for many years a leading merchant in Dungannon

July 4 1846

Following the finding of the mutilated body of a young man in a pipe at the end of the town of Benburb some weeks ago. It is now supposed that the body is that of JAMES PATTERSON, who lived with his step-mother and her family, who go by the name of Loy, at Kingarve near Dungannon. He was rather sickly, and suffered from sore eyes, but had managed to save 20.0s.0d. Having been missing for some weeks his step-mother and family, who were preparing to go to America, stated that he had gone to the Infirmary in Armagh for treatment, these statements have now proved untrue. Patterson's step-mother and her two daughters have subsequently been arrested in Glasgow, and lodged in Dungannon Gaol on Sunday evening past. Two of her sons have also been arrested one in Liverpool, and the other in the neighbourhood of Dungannon, all suspected of murder

October 4 1845

On the 25th ult., at his residence, Summer Hill Parade, Dublin, aged 65 years, MARMADUKE J. RICHARDSON, ESQ., formerly a Lieutenant in her Majesty's Rothsay and Caithness Regiment, and youngest son of JOHN RICHARDSON, ESQ., of Farlough House, county Tyrone, deceased, sometime High Sheriff of that county, and Captain of the Dungannon Volunteers

November 7 1846

On the 21st ult., after a tedious illness, JANE, the beloved wife of JOHN WILSON, ESQ., Dungannon

November 21 1846

On the 28th September, at Peterborough, Canada West, in the 59th year of her age, ISABELLA, relict of the late MR. DAVID DICKSON, merchant, Dungannon, county Tyrone

December 5 1846

On Saturday morning, the 28th ult., WILLIAM MAXWELL, ESQ., merchant of this City [Londonderry]. On Tuesday, his remains were conveyed for interment to the family burying ground at Dungannon

December 19 1846

On the 2nd inst., ANN, eldest daughter of MR. W. BROWN, Castlecaulfield, Dungannon


At Dungannon, on the 5th inst., suddenly, SIDNEY, second daughter of MR. THOMAS MONAHAN

January 30 1847

At Dungannon on the 23rd inst., of fever, caught in the discharge of his duties as Medical Officer of the Workhouse there, WILLIAM DAWSON, ESQ., M.D., aged 53 years

April 10 1847

On the 20th ult., at the residence of his son, Bush Mount, near Dungannon, SAMUEL HUGHES, ESQ., late of Strabane

October 9 1847

On the 13th ult., in his 21st year, at the residence of JOHN G. COPLEY, ESQ., Richmond Hill, Manchester, WILLIAM, youngest son of the late SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of Coalisland Mills, Dungannon

December 11 1847

On the 29th September, at the Residence, Hyderabad, East Indies, in his 33rd year, after a protracted illness, of abscess on the liver, DR. WILLIAM MOREHEAD, late assistant surgeon 37th Grenadiers, and formerly of Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland

December 2 1848

On the 16th ult., at Boulogne sur Mer, THOMAS KNOX HANNYNGTON, ESQ., the Castle, Dungannon, aged 85 years

October 12 1849

On the 3rd inst., at George Street, Dublin, GEORGE, sixth son of DR. HAMILTON of Dungannon

November 2 1849

Suddenly, at Strabane, MR. JOHN HIGGINS, formerly of Dungannon

March 15 1850

On the 5th inst., at his residence, Ranfurley Terrace, DUNGANNON, JOHN IRVINE, ESQ., Supervisor of Inland Revenue

July 5 1850

July 1st, at Dungannon, after a few days’ illness, of fever, ANNE, the beloved wife of the REV. JOHN R. DARLEY, formerly Head Master of the Royal School of Dungannon

September 20 1850

September 11, at his residence, Dungannon, JOHN WILSON, ESQ., aged 81 years

November 1 1850

On the 23rd ult., at his father's residence, in Dungannon, MR. JOHN HAMILTON, surgeon

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