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Drumragh Parish (including Omagh) Death Announcements 1860-69

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Drumragh Parish (including Omagh) Death Announcements 1860-69
Deaths recorded in Drumragh parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

February 10 1860

BURNS. February 4, at his residence, Main Street, Omagh, MR. SAMUEL BURNS, merchant

March 9 1860

BESSEL. February 29, at the residence of his son in law, RICHARD STACK ESQ., Omagh, CHARLES BESSEL, ESQ., aged 66 years

May 18 1860

KELLY. May 12, MR. JOHN KELLY, merchant, Main Street, Omagh, age 60 years

May 18 1860

MOSS. May 8, at Omagh, MRS. MOSS, relict of the late HUGH MOSS, ESQ

May 18 1860

McGOWAN. May 8, at the Lunatic Asylum, Omagh, of apoplexy, MR. THOMAS McGOWAN, aged 60 years, formerly a grocer of Omagh

June 8 1860

HEPBURN. On the 27th May, at the residence of her son in law, Drybridge Street, Omagh, MARY, relict of the late MR. FRANCIS HEPBURN, aged 75 years

September 21 1860

YOUNG. September 15, of effusion of the brain, ROBERT W., the beloved son of MR. JAMES YOUNG, Master of Omagh Union Workhouse, aged ? years and 6 months

November 23 1860

LOVE. November 7, at Mullaghmena, near Omagh, MISS MARY LOVE, aged 87 years

November 23 1860

McCONKEY. November 6, at Rylands, near Omagh, MR. GEORGE McCONKEY, aged 81 years

November 23 1860

WILSON. On the 11th November, at Clapham [London], MARGARET, widow of JAMES WILSON, ESQ., of Gortmore, formerly Clerk of the Crown for the county of Tyrone

December 14 1860

SPITTAL (WILSON)On the 20th of September last, at Streth, Castlemaine, Australia, in child birth, MARGARET, wife of F.C. SPITTAL, N.B. [New Brunswick?], and youngest daughter of the late JAMES WILSON, of Gortmore, Omagh, formerly Clerk of the Crown for county Tyrone

February 15 1861

McMASTER. January 31, in Castle Street, Omagh, JOHANNA, wife of MR. ROBERT McMASTER, aged 45 years

March 22 1861

GILDEA. March 8, at the Military Barracks, Omagh, CHARLES GILDEA, late Staff Sergeant Major, Chelsea Outpensioners, Omagh district, aged 60 years

June 7 1861

SHELBOURNE. June 7th, of scarletina, MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. SAMUEL SHELBOURNE, Head Constable, Omagh, aged 18 years

June 21 1861

McKENNY. June 16, at her residence, in Omagh, MRS. ANNE McKENNY, at the advanced age of 82 years

July 5 1861

WHITE. June 28, at Omagh, MISS ISABELLA WHITE, third daughter of the late DR. WHITE, aged 21 years

July 19 1861

MORTLAND. On the 18th inst., at his father's residence, Tivney, near Castlederg, after a short illness, MR. CHARLES MORTLAND, woollen drapers' assistant, Omagh, aged 22 years

September 6 1861

ALCORN. August 20, at Lough Muck, near Omagh, BESSY, wife of MR. JOSEPH ALCORN, aged 55 years

September 27 1861

ORR. September 23, at Alma Terrace, Londonderry, ANNE, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM ORR, Omagh

October 18 1861

JOHNSTONE. On the 2nd October, at New Brompton, Kent, of dysentery, MR. JAMES F. JOHNSTONE, late clerk of Works at St. Mary's Island, H.M. Dockyard, Chatham, and formerly of Omagh, aged 57 years. His funeral was attended by officers and men of the Dockyard Government Works

December 20 1861

GRAHAM. On Tuesday morning at his residence, George's Street, Omagh, WILLIAM GRAHAM, ESQ., M.D., late Staff Surgeon R.N., and principal Naval Storekeeper and Examiner Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford, London, aged 52 years. His remains will be removed for interment at Cappagh on Friday Morning, at eleven o'clock

January 3 1862

BUCHANAN. December 30, at Omagh, JOHN BLACKER BUCHANAN, ESQ., for many years Deputy Clerk of the Peace for county Tyrone, and agent to the Earl of Charlemont

February 7 1862

LUNDIE. On Sunday, 2nd inst., at Castle Place, Omagh, WILLIAM, the eldest son of CAPTAIN WILLIAM LUNDIE, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, aged 25 years

February 7 1862

ROBINSON. February 27, at Liverpool, MR. JOSEPH ROBINSON, compositor, youngest son of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON, Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 27 years

March 7 1862

JOHNSTON. January 26, on the river St. Clair, Township of Moore, Canada West, MARY, wife of HUGH JOHNSTON, ESQ., late of Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 68 years

April 4 1862

SCARLETT. March 31, at his father's residence, Bridge Street, Omagh, MR. ROBERT SCARLETT, printer, aged 26 years

April 11 1862

HEALY. April 2, at her residence, 1 Abbey Street, Omagh, MRS CATHERINE HEALY, aged 64 years

May 16 1862

CUNNINGHAM (MURPHY). May 8, at the residence of her father, MR. PATRICK MURPHY, Market Street, Omagh, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN CUNNINGHAM, hide merchant, aged 24

June 20 1862

TAGGART. June 17, at 15, Napoleon Place, Belfast, Mr. M.TAGGART, late of Omagh, aged 60 years

August 22 1862

SPROULE. August 15, at Brookhill, near Omagh, SARAH, relict of the late MR. A. SPROULE, aged 74 years

October 3 1862

CHARLTON. September 8, of consumption, at her residence, New York, ISABELLA JANE, aged 27 years, eldest daughter of MR. ROBERT CHARLTON, of Omagh

November 7 1862

PAUL. October 11, at New York, MRS. JANE PAUL, relict of MR. JOHN PAUL, of Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 56 years

November 21 1862

MARKS (BUCHANAN). November 16, at Carlisle House, Kingstown [Co. Dublin], Mrs. SARAH CAROLINE MARKS, relict of the late JAMES MARKS, ESQ., of Fitzroy Square, London, and daughter of the late JOHN BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Omagh, aged 72 years

December 12 1862

LOVE. December 3, at Omagh, ELIZABETH JANE LOVE, pupil teacher of the Omagh Model School, aged 18 years

January 30 1863

WADE. January 24, at her residence, Gortmore, Omagh, of bronchitis, WILHELMINA ANNE, relict of the late GEORGE WADE, ESQ., C.I., aged 75 years

February 13 1863

YOUNG. February 8, at 2 South Anne Street, Dublin, ANNE, widow of the late MR. WILLIAM YOUNG, of this City [Londonderry], and Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 65 years

February 20 1863

GALBRAITH. On the 10th February, at Clifton [Bristol], Susannah, eldest daughter of the late JAMES GALBRAITH, ESQ., of Omagh, county Tyrone, and great niece of the late SIR JAMES GALBRAITH, BART., of Urney Park, in the same County

February 27 1863

WHITE. February 5, at Gortmore, Omagh, MARY, relict of the late DAVID WHITE, SEN., ESQ., aged 77 years

March 20 1863

CHARLTON. February 22, at 191 East Twentieth Street, New York, U.S., of consumption, ELIZA, second daughter of MR. ROBERT CHARLTON, of Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 25 years

March 31 1863

WILLIAMSON. March 22, at Queen's Bridge Place, Belfast, MR. WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, aged 41 years, formerly stationmaster, Omagh

April 14 1863

HENRY. April 7, at the residence of MRS. BOOTH, near Omagh, WILLIAM HENRY, ESQ., brother of the President of Queen's College, Belfast, aged 68 years

May 5 1863

SIMPSON. April 27, at Relagh [?], near Omagh, after a short illness, WILLIAM, son of MR. JOHN SIMPSON, aged 35 years

May 22 1863

FLEMING. On the 15th May, at Omagh, SARAH, the beloved wife of HANS FLEMING, ESQ., M.D.

June 16 1863

MEEKE. June 11, at the Ulster Bank, Omagh, ANNIE BROWNE, daughter of JAMES MEEKE, ESQ., aged eleven years

June 23 1863

ALCORN. June 19, at Brookside, Omagh, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the late MR. NATHANIEL ALCORN, Loughmuck, aged 76 years

July 17 1863

GREER. July 18, at the residence of her daughter, Castle Street, Omagh, ELIZABETH, relict of the late DAVID GREER, ESQ., aged 84 years

July 21 1863

WORTHINGTON. June 15, at the residence of his cousin, Chapel House, Egham, England, WILLIAM WORTHINGTON, of Kimbolton [?], late assistant teacher in Omagh Classical School, aged 26 years

August 18 1863

ADAMS. August 8, at Omagh, ELIZA, daughter of MR, ROBERT ADAMS, merchant, aged 11 months

October 20 1863

BALLENTINE. October 10, at Deer Park, near Omagh, MARY, wife of MR. ARCHIBALD BALLENTINE

November 6 1863

MORTON. November 3, of English cholera, MR. JOSEPH MORTON, Blackforth, Omagh, aged 46 years

November 24 1863

GAHAN. November 11, at Glencree, Omagh, CONSTANCE OLIVIA, the infant daughter of ALFRED GAHAN, ESQ.

November 27 1863

McMASTER. November 24, at his residence, Castle Street, Omagh, in a few hours, from the bursting of a blood vessel, MR. ROBERT McMASTER, painter aged 48 years

December 18 1863

KIRK. November 27, at Toronto, Canada West, MR. JOHN KIRK, late contractor to the Royal Engineer Department, Toronto, and formerly of Omagh, aged 42 years

January 5 1864

SMYTH. December 29, ELIZA ELLEN, eldest daughter of MR. JOSEPH SMYTH, Market Street, Omagh, aged seven years and four months

January 19 1864

DELAP. January 6, at Omagh, MRS. DELAP, aged 70 years

January 26 1864

RUSH. January 15, at his residence, Bridge Street, Omagh, MR. EDWARD RUSH, SEN.

January 26 1864

HACKETT. January 15, at Omagh, MR. FRANCIS HACKETT

February 2 1864

GREER. January 29, at Omagh, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of JAMES GREER, ESQ., aged 77 years

February 12 1864

FULLERTON. February 3, at Glasgow, of small pox, CHARLES JAMES, youngest son of JOHN FULLERTON, ESQ., Mayne House, Omagh

February 23 1864

KILLEN. January 17, at his brother's residence, Walnut Grove, Iowa, U.S. of America, after a protracted illness, MR. JOHN KILLEN, late of Belfast, in the 28th year of his age, son of MR. WILLIAM KILLEN, Mullaghmore, county Tyrone

February 23 1864

PERRY. February 11, at Drudgeon, near Omagh, in the 78th year of her age, JANE, relict of the late MR. JAMES PERRY

March 15 1864

LOVE. March 6, at Omagh, in the 81st year of her age, ANNE, relict of the late MR. JAMES LOVE, of Omagh, merchant

March 15 1864

DAWSON. March 11, at Gortmore, Omagh, Jane CONSTANCE BEATRICE, daughter of MAJOR DAWSON, Royal Staff Corps

March 29 1864

GALLAGHER. March 19, at Omagh, at the residence of her uncle, MR. P. GALLAGHER, MISS SARAH GALLAGHER, aged 71 years

April 15 1864

GRAHAM. On the 5th April, at Mullaghmore, Omagh, MR. THOMAS GRAHAM, aged 84 years

April 22 1864

JACK. April 17, at his residence, Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, in his 81st year, MR. GREER JACK

April 22 1864

LOWRY. February 7, at Buninyong, Victoria [Australia], WILLIAM JOHN, second son of WILLIAM LOWRY, ESQ., Drumragh, county Tyrone, aged 85 years

April 26 1864

HALCRO. On the 31st January last, at Melbourne, Australia, a few days after his arrival in that country, ROBERT, son of the late MR. JAMES HALCRO, Omagh

May 10 1864

HOLMES. May 4, at Omagh, MR. ROBERT HOLMES, aged 56 years

May 24 1864

CORE. May 15, at Omagh Barracks, RACHAEL, wife of MR. JOHN CORE, Quartermaster, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, aged 57 years

May 31 1864

O’DONNELL. May 20, at Gortmore, Omagh, MARGARET, second daughter of MR. H.L. O'DONNELL, aged 15 years

June 3 1864

FOX. March 17, at Melbourne, Australia, MR. PATRICK FOX, late of Omagh, aged 38 years

June 14 1864

DENNY. May 31, at Omagh, REBECCA, eldest daughter of MR. HENRY DENNY, Commercial Hotel, John Street, aged 17 years

July 12 1864

McALEER. July 6, at Omagh, the wife of MR. JOHN McALEER, Bridge Street, aged 80 years

September 2 1864

McCROSSAN. August 29, at his residence, Abbey Hall, Omagh, in the county of Tyrone, in the prime of life, JOHN McCROSSAN, ESQ., solicitor

December 9 1864

McGREW. December 8, at his residence in James Street, Liverpool, after a week's illness, MR. JAMES McGREW, merchant, aged 54 years, formerly of George Street, Omagh

December 9 1864

TAYLOR. November 25, at his residence, Carrickshandrum [Co. Donegal], MR. JOHN TAYLOR, formerly of Omagh, aged 88 years

December 20 1864

McMASTER. November 22, at St. John's Convent, Birr [Co. Offaly], in the 27th year of her age, MARY CECILIA, eldest daughter of the late MR. ROBERT McMASTER, Castle Street, Omagh

January 20 1865

MEEKE. On the 18th January at the Ulster Bank, Omagh, WILLIAM McELRATH MEEKE, eldest son of JAMES MEEKE, ESQ., aged 11 years

January 31 1865

GRAY. On the 24th January, at Omagh, WILLIAM, youngest son of MR. DAVID GRAY, of Omagh, aged 25 years

February 10 1865

HALCRO. On the 8th February, at Spiller Place, Omagh, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. JAMES HALCRO

March 21 1865

CUNNINGHAM. March 8, at her residence, Lisnagir, Omagh, ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, aged 90, formerly of Donagheady

April 4 1865

ELLIOTT. March 30, at Omagh, after a protracted illness, MARY, wife of MR. WILLIAM ELLIOTT, merchant, Omagh, in the 72nd year of her age

May 19 1865

JACK. May 12, at his residence, Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, MR. ROBERT JACK, aged 80 years

May 23 1865

MEENAN. May 5, at High Street, Omagh, of croup, ROSANNA JOSEPHINE, infant daughter of MR. JOHN MEENAN, draper

June 20 1865

ROBINSON. June 12, at Camowen, near Omagh, JANE ANNE, only daughter of the late MR. FRANCIS ROBINSON, aged 20 years

July 11 1865

CUNNINGHAM. June 30, at Coneywarren, near Omagh, MR. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, in his 67th year

August 15 1865

HUNTER. July 27, in New York, MARY HUNTER, aged 25 years, a native of Omagh, county Tyrone

August 29 1865

JOHNSTON. August 22, at Donaghanie, near Omagh, THOMAS JOHNSTON, ESQ., M.D., R.N., aged 64 years

September 19 1865

JOHNSTONE. August 22, at South Bell Street, St. Andrews, Scotland, ELIZA WOODBURN, relict of JAMES F. JOHNSTONE, ESQ., architect, late of Omagh

October 20 1865

BUCHANAN. October 16, at Edenfell, Omagh, WILLIAM WHITLA, infant son of CAPTAIN BUCHANAN, aged 24 days

October 24 1865

SHERRY. October 19, at 35 Grosvenor Street, Belfast, MR. CHARLES SHERRY, SEN., late of Omagh, aged 73 years

December 5 1865

BEATTIE. November 25, after a lingering illness, in the prime of life, at Gillygooley, MATILDA, wife of MR. WILLIAM BEATTIE

December 12 1865

CHARLTON. December 9, at his residence, John Street, Omagh, CAPTAIN E.S. CHARLTON, Staff Officer of Pensioners, late 75th Regiment of Foot, aged 41 years

December 19 1865

McMASTER. In New York, James, third son of the late MR. CHARLES McMASTER, merchant, Omagh, Ireland

January 30 1866

WHITE. January 15, at London, very suddenly, ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late DAVID WHITE, ESQ., Omagh, county Tyrone

February 6 1866

HUNTER. December 25, at New York, CHARLES, third son of the late MR. ROBERT HUNTER, Beagh, county Tyrone, aged 45 years

February 20 1866

DONNELLY. February 11, at Omagh Barrack, MERVYN OSCAR ALLEN, son of COLOUR SERGEANT DONNELLY, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, aged two years and six months

March 6 1866

McKNIGHT. February 28, in his 76th year, MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, of Omagh

March 13 1866

TAGGART. March 7, at Belfast, MARY, relict of the late MR. MICHAEL TAGGART, late of Omagh, aged 50 years

April 10 1866

McNEILLY. April 2, at Bridge Street, Omagh, LIZZIE, youngest daughter of MR. RICHARD McNEILLY, sewing agent, aged 8 months

April 24 1866

DUNNE. April 16, at Mullaghmena, Omagh, MR. ISAAC DUNNE, late 52nd Regiment, in the 69th year of his age

June 12 1866

McCULLAGH. June 6, at Omagh, MR. GEORGE McCULLAGH, aged 35 years

June 19 1866

KELLY. June 14, at his residence, George Street, Omagh, PATRICK KELLY, ESQ., aged 81 years

June 22 1866

MORRIS. On Monday an inquest was held at the Omagh District Lunatic Asylum, before WILLIAM O. ORR, ESQ., coroner, into the death of MARY MORRIS, an asylum patient, who was married and had four children. She had had been admitted to the Asylum in March last and had on a number of occasions made attempts to take her own life. The verdict of the coroner was that the deceased had, on Saturday morning, the 16th June 1866, committed suicide by hanging herself in her cell

July 31 1866

LAUGHLIN. July 23, at Omagh, MARY LAUGHLIN, for the last three and twenty years Matron of the Tyrone Infirmary

September 11 1866

JOHNSTON. On the 14th August last, in the township of Moore, America, HUGH JOHNSTON, ESQ., coroner, aged 74 years. Deceased was formerly of Omagh, county Tyrone, he emigrated, with his family to America in 1832

September 25 1866

GREEN. September 15, at Meeting House Hill, Omagh, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES GREEN

October 12 1866

LEATHEM. On the 9th October, at Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, the REV. MOSES LEATHEM, Rector of Lower Badony, aged 56 years. His remains will leave Aughnamoyle at nine o'clock, on Friday, the 12th inst., on its arrival at the Railway Station, Derry, at 11.30, for interment in the family Burying Ground at Burt [Co. Donegal]

November 13 1866

ORR. On the 13th October, at his residence, near Colombia, Tennessee, U.S., JOHN ORR, SEN., ESQ., late of Beagh, near Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 68 years

November 16 1866

O’KANE. November 11, at Omagh, the REV. MANASSES O'KANE, Parish Priest of Drumragh

November 20 1866

CHAPMAN. November 17, at his residence, Riverland, Omagh, the REV. JOHN BLAIR CHAPMAN, Ex T.T.C.D., Rector of Drumragh, county Tyrone, aged 73 years

November 23 1866

McFELEMY. November 16, at Mullaghmore, Omagh, CATHERINE, eldest daughter, of MR. JOHN McFELEMY, aged 24 years

November 27 1866

WILSON. November 6, aged 93 years, JANE WILSON, widow of the late DANIEL WILSON, ESQ., of Omagh

January 15 1867

CRAWFORD, January 9, at Freughmore, near Omagh, the wife of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, aged 87 years

January 15 1867

PATTERSON. January 6, at her residence, High Street, Omagh, MRS. MARY PATTERSON

January 15 1867

CUNNINGHAM. January 6, at Omagh, MRS. CUNNINGHAM, aged 67 years

February 5 1867

GRAHAM. On the 28th January, at Omagh, of congestion of the lungs, FRANCIS JOHN, youngest son of MR. JOSEPH GRAHAM, aged seven years and six months

March 15 1867

DENNY. March 13, at her father's residence, John Street, Omagh, SARAH, second daughter of MR. HENRY DENNY, of the Commercial Hotel, aged 17 years

March 26 1867

HENRY. March 21, at Omagh, MARGARET AKIN HENRY, aged 15 years, daughter of MR. THOMAS HENRY, merchant

April 26 1867

GOULDSBURY {MAXWELL). April 22, at Richmond, county Longford, after a long and painful illness, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of VALESIUS GOULDSBURY, ESQ., and youngest daughter of the late MARSHALL MAXWELL, ESQ., Omagh, county Tyrone

May 14 1867

McCUTCHEON. May 4, at Castle Street, Omagh, MR. JAMES McCUTCHEON, late of the Irish Constabulary, aged 41 years

May 31 1867

ALEXANDER. May 28, at Drumenon, St. Johnston [Co. Donegal], JAMES F. ALEXANDER, ESQ., Manager, Provincial Bank, Omagh

June 14 1867

CARDEN. June 7, at Kilmore Lodge, Omagh, county Tyrone, CHARLES ARTHUR, son of HENRY M. CARDEN, ESQ., aged 8 months

June 21 1867

McADAM. June 16, of water on the brain, GEORGE ALEXANDER, youngest son of MR. JOHN McADAM, Omagh, aged 2 years

June 25 1867

MATTHEWS. June 16, at Omagh, ROBERT MATTHEWS, ESQ., M.D., aged 80 years

July 26 1867

DAWSON. July 20, at Gortmore, Omagh, AGNES M.A., daughter of MAJOR R. DAWSON, Recruiting Staff

August 20 1867

ALCORN. August 13, at Ashvale, Drumardnagross, MARY, relict of the late MR. SAMUEL ALCORN, of Omagh, in the 80th year of her age

August 27 1867

McGURGAN. August 21, at Bridge Street, Omagh, MR. BERNARD McGURGAN

September 17 1867

BOZMAN. September 11, at Omagh Barracks, SERGEANT SAMUEL BOZMAN, R.T.F., aged 46 years

September 20 1867

CARSON. On the 17th September, at his residence, High Street, Omagh, MR. JOHN CARSON, aged 48 years. His remains will be removed for interment, in Clanabogan, on this, Friday, morning, at eleven o'clock, precisely

October 1 1867

DONNELLY. September 26, at Mullaghmore, Omagh, MRS. JOHN DONNELLY, aged 37 years

October 8 1867

TAGGART. September 15, at Jersey City, New York, CHARLES TAGGART, ESQ., M.D., brother of the late MR. MICHAEL TAGGART, Omagh

October 15 1867

WARD. October 5, at his residence, Culmore, Omagh, MR. FELIX WARD, for 28 years Assistant Surveyor, county Tyrone, aged 62 years

November 19 1867

CHARLTON. November 11, at the residence of his grandfather, MR. ROBERT CHARLTON, Omagh, ROBERT H., third son of MR. J.H. CHARLTON, aged 4 years and 2 months

November 29 1867

ELLIOTT. November 21, at Abbey Street, Omagh, CATHERINE, wife of MR. DANIEL ELLIOTT, aged 27 years

December 6 1867

MULHOLLAND. November 30, at Omagh, CATHERINE, infant daughter of MR. HUGH MULHOLLAND, aged 4 months

December 24 1867

SOMERVILLE. December 22, at Omagh, MARY, the beloved wife of MR. JAMES SOMERVILLE, merchant, aged 35 years

January 3 1868

ORR. December 31, suddenly, at Cravenagh, near Omagh, at the residence of her brother, WILLIAM OLIVER ORR, ESQ., MARIA, second daughter of the late JOSEPH ORR, ESQ., of Lisnamallard House

January 7 1868

DELAP. December 30, at Dublin, JOHN, only son of SERGEANT DELAP, late of Omagh Constabulary

January 7 1868

CARDEN. January 2, at his residence, Kilmore Lodge, HENRY M. CARDEN, ESQ., sub-agent of the Bank of Ireland, Omagh

February 28 1868

ALLEN. February 20, at George's Street, Omagh, ISABELLA, relict of the late MR. JAMES ALLEN, aged 53 years

March 3 1868

HAMILTON. January26, on board H.M.S. Barracoutta, Port Royal, Jamaica, of yellow fever, THOMAS HAMILTON, ESQ., Assistant Surgeon, The deceased was son of MR. THOMAS HAMILTON, Campsie, formerly merchant of Omagh, and cousin of the late DR. JOHN HAMILTON

March 20 1868

JOHNSTON. March 16, at Dublin, William John, eldest son of REV. R. JOHNSTON, Wesleyan Minister, Omagh, aged 13 years

March 24 1868

SMYTH. March 21, at Omagh, HANNAH, wife of MR. TERENCE SMYTH, draper, aged 60 years

April 14 1868

MURPHY. April 6, at 30 Market Street, Omagh, HANNAH, wife of MR. PATRICK MURPHY, aged 56 years

June 23 1868

BARBER. June 17, at his residence, Drumragh, Omagh, MR. JOHN BARBER, aged 92 years

November 10 1868

WHITE. On the 1st October, at Barrackpore, India, of heart disease, JAMES HENRY WHITE, ESQ., Assistant Surgeon H.M. Bengal Medical Service, attached to the 9th Regiment Native Infantry, the eldest son of the late JAMES WHITE, ESQ., M.D., Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 34 years

November 10 1868

MARSHALL. November 5, at George's Street, Omagh, FRANCES, second child of MR. JAMES MARSHALL, aged 5 years

December 18 1868

CHARLTON. December 15, at Omagh, MR. ROBERT CHARLTON, aged 67 years, for many years Clerk to the Omagh Town Commissioners

December 24 1868

KYLE. December 20, at Omagh, MR. JAMES KYLE

January 1 1869

PORTER. Dec 28, at his residence, Creevan Cottage, near Omagh, the REV. JOHN PORTER, Presbyterian Minister, aged 57 years

January 8 1869

NELIS. Jan 8, in Dublin, JOHN NELIS, ESQ., formerly of Omagh, aged 70 Years

February 23 1869

MEENAN. Feb 17, ANNA TERESSA, daughter of MR. JOHN MEENAN, High Street, Omagh, aged 2 years and 3 months

February 23 1869

SPROULE. Feb 17, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, OLIVER SPROULE, ESQ., surgeon Royal Navy, aged 82 years

February 26 1869

SPROULE. Feb 21, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, MISS REBECCA SPROULE, aged 92 years

March 16 1869

HACKETT. March 10, at Castle Street, Omagh, of consumption, DANIEL, eldest son of MR. JOHN HACKETT, aged 27 years

March 19 1869

SPROULE. March 13, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, MISS ELIZABETH SPROULE, aged 84 years

March 23 1869

CROSSLE. March 21, at Spiller Place, Omagh, MISS CATHERINE CROSSLE, aged 69 years

April 2 1869

RODGERS. March 30, at his residence, Glenfern, near Omagh, ANDREW RODGERS, ESQ., aged 52 years

April 20 1869

HARKIN. April 17, suddenly, at Omagh, MRS. CATHERINE HARKIN

May 21 1869

HENRY. May 16, at Omagh, SUSAN, sixth daughter of MR. THOMAS HENRY, of Omagh, aged 7 years

June 1 1869

WHITE. May 25, at Fireagh, Omagh, WILLIAM JOHN, only child of MR. MATTHEW WHITE, aged 5 years and 9 months

June 8 1869

BUCHANAN. June 6, at Lisnamallard, Omagh, GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., in his 88th year. His remains will leave Lisnamallard for the family vault at Cappagh, at 10 o'clock, on Wednesday the 9th inst.

June 15 1869

SPROULE. June 11, at his residence, Mountjoy Terrace, Omagh, ROBERT SPROULE, ESQ., only son of EDWARD SPROULE, of Burrall's Folly

June 18 1869

MITCHELL. June 11, at his residence, Mullaghmore, Omagh, MR. ROBERT MITCHELL

August 27 1869

GAMBLE (HANDCOCK)August 24, at Craig, Cumber Claudy [Co. Londonderry], the residence of WILLIAM HANDCOCK, her brother, MARY, the beloved wife of THOMAS HANDCOCK GAMBLE, ESQ., Farm Hill, Omagh, and Foyfin, county Donegal

August 31 1869

TODD. August 18, MR. WILLIAM TODD, Corlea, Omagh, aged 102 years

October 22 1869

CUNNINGHAM. Oct. 18, at Clanabogan, near Omagh, the wife of MR. S. CUNNINGHAM, Relieving Officer, aged 50 years

November 5 1869

McMASTER. Nov. 3, at Omagh, GEORGE, son of MR. JOHN McMASTER, merchant, aged 16 months

November 23 1869

IRWIN. Nov. 17, at the residence of her nephew, HENRY THOMPSON, M.D., Omagh, in her 78th year, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late REV. JOHN IRWIN, Rector of Magheracross, diocese of Clogher

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