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Donaghenry Parish Death Announcements 1830-69

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Donaghenry Parish Death Announcements 1830-69
Death announcements relating to residents of the town of Stewartstown and the parish of Donaghenry, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal announcements inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed & Compiled by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

May 8 1830

WEIR. On the 23rd ult., at Drumkern, near Stewartstown, county Tyrone, at the advanced age of 98, MR. HUGH WEIR, who was actively employed as a respectable linen merchant for more than 60 years

July 23 1831

HUNTER. On 30th June last, at Mountjoy, near Stewartstown, in the 95th year of his age, JOHN HUNTER, SEN., ESQ. He was for more than 60 years engaged to the line business

June 7 1834

LYND. In Coleraine [Co. Londonderry], on the 26th ult., MISS JANE LYND, sister of the late CHARLES LYND, ESQ., of Mullantain, Stewartstown, county Tyrone

May 12 1838

HENRY. On the 6th inst., after a few days illness, ROBERT HENRY, ESQ., M.D., of Bright, near Stewartstown, he was a fond husband, a kind and indulgent parent

November 23 1839

KNOX. November 11, at his residence, near Stewartstown, the REV. WILLIAM JOHN KNOX, eldest son of SAMUEL KNOX, ESQ., of Blessington Street, Dublin

April 24 1841

LITTLE. On the 12th inst., at his residence, Stewartstown, of liver complaint, JOSHUA LITTLE, Surgeon, R.N., after a protracted illness. He has left a widow and child

August 21 1841

GIRVAN. Of fever, on the 17th July last, JOHN SOMMERVILLE GIRVAN, of Ashmount Cottage, near Stewartstown, Esq., aged 40 years

January 8 1842

GIVEN. Coroner's Inquest: On Tuesday, 28th ult., at Stewartstown, a young woman, the daughter of WILLIAM GIVEN, process server, of same place, having gone out to the field to do some business, being subject to epileptic fits, she fell into a potato furrow and drowned. A verdict of accidental death was returned

November 19 1842

BROWN. At Killycolpy, near Stewartstown, on Wednesday week, MR. JOHN BROWN, aged 92

December 17 1842

REYNOLDS. At Stewartstown, county Tyrone, in the 103rd year of her age, CATHERINE REYNOLDS. Within the last three years she was able to read small print without spectacles

April 15 1843

WATERS. On the 1st inst., in the 31st year of her age, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. THOMAS WATERS, of Back, near Stewartstown, county Tyrone

October 7 1843

BROWN. At Stewartstown, on the 23rd ult., after a lingering and severe illness, MARY, youngest daughter of MR. WILLIAM BROWN, Innkeeper, aged 23 years

May 4 1844

LITTLE. On the 23rd ult., at his residence in Stewartstown, ALEXANDER NEAL LITTLE, ESQ.

October 26 1844

BROWN (THOMPSON). At Killycolpy, near Stewartstown, on the 13th ult., after giving birth to a child, MARY, the beloved wife of WILLIAM NELSON BROWN, ESQ., and daughter to MRS. THOMPSON, of Blackwatertown

October 11 1845

DUDGEON (McREYNOLDS).On the 20th ult., at Lydia Villa, SARAH, eldest daughter of MR. JOSEPH DUDGEON, postmaster of Stewartstown, and granddaughter of the late ANTHONY McREYNOLDS, ESQ., solicitor, Stewartstown, county Tyrone

June 20 1846

ALLEN. On the 8th inst., MR. JOHN LITTLE ALLEN, aged 21 years, eldest son of the REV. ROBERT ALLEN, Stewartstown

February 6 1847

McREYNOLDS. On the 31st January, in Academy Street, Belfast, MARGARET, relict of the late MR. J. McREYNOLDS, formerly of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

January 16 1847

CAMPBELL. At Milford, county Donegal, on the 6th inst., MRS. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, aged 69 years, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, of Drumcairn, Stewartstown

May 29 1847

WHAN. On Monday night, the 24th inst., at his residence, in Killywillyhan, near Stewartstown, of fever, MR. JAMES WHAN

June 12 1847

WOODS. On the 31st ult., at Stewartstown, after a short illness, MR. WILLIAM WOODS, aged 58 years

July 3 1847

ANDERSON. On the 22nd ult., at Ballymaguire, near Stewartstown, MR. WILLIAM ANDERSON

January 15 1848

MASON. At Stewartstown, on the 9th inst., HENRY MASON, ESQ., M.D.

June 3 1848

MORROW. At Lammey, near Stewartstown, on Monday, the 18th ult., MARGARET, wife of MR. JOHN MORROW, aged 77 years

August 5 1848

PARK. On the 29th ult., at Stewartstown, MR. WILLIAM PARK, in the 62nd year of his age

September 30 1848

GORE. On the 20th inst., at Clifton, near Bristol, aged 72, the REV. F.L. GORE, lately of Torquay, Devonshire, and for many years rector of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

January 27 1849

LOCKHART. On the 17th inst., in the 76th year of her age, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. JAMES LOCKHART, of Unix, near Stewartstown

July 13 1849

BELL. On the 5th inst., at Warwick Lodge, Magherafelt, THOMAS AUBREY BELL, ESQ., of Belmont, Stewartstown, late captain in her Majesty's 11th Regiment of Foot

June 14 1850

DUDGEON. In the month of January, last, in California, SAMUEL, third son of MR. JOSEPH DUDGEON, postmaster of Stewartstown

August 30 1850

GILKEY. On the 19th inst., at Stewartstown, the REV. DAVID GILKEY, Minister of the Second Presbyterian congregation of Omagh, in the 80th year of his age and the 46th of his Ministry

February 4 1853

ALLEN. January 17, at the residence of her daughter, MRS. CAMPBELL, Moneymore, SARAH, relict of the late JAMES ALLEN, surgeon, Stewartstown, aged 77 years

June 10 1853

DUDGEON. Suddenly, of apoplexy, aged 68 years, MR. JOSEPH DUDGEON, of Stewartstown. He held the position of Postmaster for 32 years

October 20 1854

LITTLE. On the 8th inst., MR. ROBERT LITTLE, of Finvoy, near Stewartstown, aged 76 years

June 26 1857

PARKE. On the 24th inst., at her residence, Newtownlimavady, in her 85th year, MARY ANNE, widow of the late JAMES PARKE, ESQ., of Stewartstown

July 3 1857

MEEKE. On the 23rd ult., suddenly, at her residence, near Dungannon, ANN, relict of the late JAMES MEEKE, ESQ., Letterclary Cottage, Stewartstown

May 21 1858

HOLMES. On the 10th inst., at his residence, Barnhill House, Stewartstown, WILLIAM HOLMES, ESQ., Sessional Crown solicitor for the county of Tyrone

June 18 1858

LITTLE. April 9, at the Field Hospital, Cawnpore, from the effects of fatigue incurred during the storming of Lucknow, LIEUTENANT JOHN LITTLE, of H.M's 20th Regiment, aged 22 years, third son of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

September 24 1858

MAGILL. On the 12th inst., at Mullantane, Stewartstown, RICHARD STAPLES, eldest son of WILLIAM MAGILL, ESQ., M.D.

February 18 1859

KNOX. February 9, while on a visit at Ballymullan Glebe, county Tyrone, after an illness of two days, LILY KNOX, youngest daughter of the late REV. WILLIAM KNOX, of Ardpatrick, Stewartstown

December 23 1859

MASON. October 1, at 2, Little Church Street, Melbourne [Australia], JOHN HENRY a native of Adelaide, aged five years and a half, youngest son of MR. JOHN MASON, late of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

November 23 1860

WOODS. November 13, at Bushmills, aged 68 years, MARY ANNE, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM WOODS, Stewartstown

April 12 1861

CARSON. April 4, at the residence of her husband, MR. CARSON, Shankey, Stewartstown, MRS. CARSON, aged 87 years

July 5 1861

O’NEILL. June 29, at 8 Synge Street, Dublin, MR. JAMES O'NEILL, of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, aged 72 years

November 8 1861

McCULLOUGH. October 30, at Dromore, near Stewartstown, MR. GEORGE McCULLOUGH, aged 74 years

January 3 1862

TIMONEY. December 24, at 5 Boomer Street, Belfast, MR. JOHN TIMONEY, formerly of Stewartstown, aged 68 years

February 7 1862

ELDER (DICKSON). January 30, at Aughlargh, near Stewartstown, MARY, relict of the late MR. ROBERT ELDER, and daughter of the late DAVID DICKSON, ESQ., of Dungannon

February 7 1862

WAUGH. January 27, at his residence, Annie Hill, near Stewartstown, JAMES WAUGH, ESQ

July 18 1862

WAUGH. June 27, at the house of her uncle, the REV. WILLIAM WAUGH, Mirfield, England, ANNIE ELIZABETH, only daughter of JAMES WAUGH, ESQ., Annie Hill, near Stewartstown

January 16 1863

MOFFAT. January 1, at London, SARAH MOFFAT, a native of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

June 9 1863

HARKNESS. May 29, at the residence of her son, Stewartstown, LYDIA, relict of the late REV. WILLIAM HARKNESS, of Sandholes

June 12 1863

MEGAW. June 9, at Eary House, Stewartstown, ELLEN HESTER, daughter of WILLIAM MEGAW, ESQ., aged 18 year

July 24 1863

JUNK. July 17, at Gortical, near Stewartstown, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of MR. ROBERT JUNK, aged 80 years

December 1 1863

ALLEN. November 24, after a few days' illness, SARAH ANNE, daughter of the REV. ROBERT ALLEN, of Ballina, county Mayo, and Stewartstown, county Tyrone

December 15 1863

TER HAAR. On the 10th December, at Annie Hill, Stewartstown, county Tyrone, after a very short illness, JOANES, the only son of CAPTAIN WILLIAM TER HAAR, D[utch?].R.N.

January 1 1864

KILPATRICK. December 14, at Brooklyn, New York, JOSEPH KILPATRICK, native of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, aged 38 years

August 26 1864

MOYNES. August 18, at Dromore, near Stewartstown, MR. ISAAC MOYNES, of Malone Place, Belfast, aged 43 years

March 10 1865

LYTTLE. On the 8th March, after a short illness, JOSHUA T. LYTTLE, of Holywood, the son of the late ALEXANDER N. LYTTLE, Stewartstown, aged 37 years

April 4 1865

CROZIER. April 1, at Stewartstown, MRS. CROZIER, aged 70 years

April 7 1865

ALLEN. April 1, at Ballina, county Mayo, the REV. ROBERT ALLEN, formerly of Stewartstown, aged 75 years

August 25 1865

FARIS. August 21, at the residence of her son in law, MR. JOHN WOODS, Stewartstown, CATHERINE, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM FARIS, aged 87 years

September 29 1865

WADE. September 4, at Brantford, Canada West, at the residence of his son in law, MR. WATKINS, MR. HENRY WADE, SEN., formerly of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, aged 86 years

May 15 1866

CUMMING. May 9, at Aughramderg, near Stewartstown, MR. THOMAS CUMMING, aged 97 years

October 23 1866

DEBURGH. On the 15th October, at the Rectory, Ardboe, Stewartstown, the REV. WILLIAM DEBURGH, D.D., late Incumbent of St. John's Church, Sandymount [Dublin]

February 12 1867

WILSON. February 7, at his residence, Conglasson, near Stewartstown, MR. THOMAS WILSON, aged 88 years

August 2 1867

DILLON (McGOWAN). July 26, at the residence of his grandfather, MR. MICHAEL McGOWAN, Stewartstown, MR. MICHAEL DILLON, son of MR. FRANCIS DILLON, Stewartstown, in his nineteenth year

January 21 1868

YOUNG. January 17, at The Cottage, Falcaragh, Letterkenny [Co. Donegal], MR. JOHN YOUNG, late of Stewartstown, aged 81 years

February 21 1868

WILSON (WOODS). February 17, at the residence of his grandfather, MR. JOHN WOODS, Stewartstown, JOHN ATWELL, only son of MR. J.H. WILSON, Lisnaskea, aged 3 years

August 14 1868

PARK. August 10, at Armagh, MARY, relict of the late WILLIAM PARK, ESQ., of Stewartstown

March 19 1869

HUNTER. March 14, at his residence, Mountjoy, Stewartstown, JAMES HUNTER, ESQ., son of the late JOHN HUNTER, ESQ., Green Hill, Aghadoey, Coleraine

July 23 1869

SIM. July 15, at Lanover Road, Plumstead, Kent, MR. ANDREW MITCHELL SIM, late of H.M.'s Royal Dockyard, Woolwich, and formerly of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, aged 71 years

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