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Donagheady Parish Death Announcements, 1786-1869

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Donagheady Parish Death Announcements, 1786-1869
Deaths recorded in the parish of Donagheady, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE JOURNAL, STRABANE MORNING POST, DUBLIN EVENING POST, LONDONDERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL, LONDONDERRY STANDARD & TYRONE CONSTITUTION

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

April 4 1786

CHAMBERS. At Sandville, at the early age of 14, MISS MARGARET CHAMBERS, eldest daughter of WILLIAM CHAMBERS, ESQ

October 10 1810

McCREA. At Maghereagh, near Strabane, MRS. SARAH McCREA, aged 92

July 9 1811

ALEXANDER. At Gortmesson on Monday 1st inst., aged 13 years, MISS CATHERINE ALEXANDER

September 28 1813

McCREA. At Farm Hill, near Strabane, on the 22nd inst., aged 24 years, JOHN, only son and child of MR. JAMES McCREA, a young man possessed of every good quality, etc.

March 17 1818

RAMSAY. On 13th inst., MRS. RAMSAY of Gortmesson

July 1 1823


March 9 1824

KERR. At Drumeny, on the 1st of March, MR. ROBERT KERR, aged 76 years

March 1 1825

MACKLIN. On Tuesday last, at Targharina, in the county of Tyrone [sic], MR. JAMES MACKLIN, formerly a teacher in Derry, aged 86 years

March 1 1825

NESBIT. At Cloghogle, in his 71st year, deservedly regretted, WILLIAM NESBIT, ESQ., many years surgeon in the Royal Navy

May 31 1825

HAMILTON. At Earlsgift, on Monday se’nnight, the REV. A.T. HAMILTON, Rector of the Parish of Donaghkiddy

February 5 1828

HAMILTON. On Friday last, MRS. HAMILTON, of Gortavey

February 26 1828

McCREA. At Farmhill, near this town [Strabane], on the 19th inst., MR. JAMES McCREA, in the 84th year of his age; sincerely regretted by all who knew him. His piety was of that simple and unaffected kind, which delights more in doing good than making ostentatious pretensions to zeal: he contributed liberally to charitable institutions; procured instruction for the children of the poor; granted an annual allowance to many of the aged and destitute in his neighbourhood; and, in his last will, made provision for continuing his works of charity after the termination of his mortal existence

April 22 1828

McCREA. On Thursday last, MRS. McCREA, wife of MR. ROBERT McCREA, of Grange

February 24 1829

STEWART. On Friday evening last, MR. JAMES STEWART, of Altrest in the Parish of Donaghkiddy

March 10 1829

ALEXANDER. On Thursday, the 5th inst. MRS. ALEXANDER, Gortmesson, aged 64 years

April 21 1829

ALEXANDER. Last week at Gortmesson, MARGARET, daughter of JAMES ALEXANDER, ESQ

July 24 1830

WALKER. On Wednesday, the 14th instant, at Hollymount, near Donemana, MARY WALKER, relict of the late MR. WALKER, of Liscleen, at the advanced age of 96 years

October 2 1830

DUNN. On Saturday, the 15th ult., MRS. DUNN, wife of MR, JOHN DUNN, of Gortavey

December 4 1830

ALEXANDER. At Sandville, on Sunday last, MR. JAMES ALEXANDER, of Gortmesson, at an advanced age

August 27 1831

SMYTH. On Saturday last, the 20th inst., MRS. SMYTH, of Eden, parish of Donagheady

November 8 1831

HOLMES. On Saturday evening at Brossney, in the parish of Donagheady, after a short illness, aged 77, the REV. JOHN HOLMES, who, for upwards of fifty years fulfilled the office of Presbyterian Minister of the Second Congregation of Donagheady; He was a gentleman very much respected, and died very deservedly regretted by a most numerous circle of relatives and friends, which was fully testified by the large attendance of persons of all persuasions, who followed his remains to the place of interment

February 14 1832

McCORMICK. On Sunday 5th inst., at the residence of his grandfather, MR. FREDERICK McCORMICK of Burndennet, MR. WILLIAM McCORMICK, eldest son of MR. JAMES McCORMICK of Stranorlar – much eulogising

June 16 1832

BOND. On Tuesday week, at Dunnemana, after a lingering illness, MRS. BOND, of that Town

June 23 1832

McCREA. On the 17th inst., the REV. WILLIAM McCREA, Presbyterian Minister of the First Congregation of Donaghedy, in the 56th year of his age and 27th of his ministry

March 12 1833

McCREA. At Glencush, on Wednesday last, MRS. McCREA, relict of the late MR. McCREA, aged 92 years

November 5 1833

NESBITT. On Friday, the 25th inst. at Cloghogal, in the Parish of Donagheady, in his 88th year, the REV. RICHARD NESBITT, formerly Curate of Taughboyne, County of Donegal

January 4 1834

LOVE. On Friday, the 27th ult., of apoplexy, MR. JOSEPH LOVE, of Gortovoye [Gortavey], aged 59 years. He was returning home accompanied by his wife, after spending Christmas with his son, SURGEON LOVE, when the hand of death terminated his earthly career

February 3 1835

HATRICK. On the 24th inst., in the 98th year of her age, MRS. .JANE HATRICK, relict of the late MR WILLIAM HATRICK, Thornhill, Parish of Donagheady

April 16 1836

O’KANE. On Saturday evening, at Fairmount, after a long and tedious illness, REV. WILLIAM O’KANE, P.P., of Leck and Donagheady

August 2 1836

WOODS. On Monday last, at Ardkame, near Dunnemana, ELIZA, daughter of MR. WOODS, of same place

January 28 1837

HAZLETT. At Dunnemana, on Saturday last, the REV. JAMES HAZLETT, curate of the parish of Donagheady

July 7 1838

HOUSTON. At Killyclooney, in the Parish of Donagheady, on Wednesday the 20th ult., MR. THOMAS HOUSTON, aged 68 years. He discharged the relative duties of husband, father, and friend with fidelity and from his quiet and inoffensive disposition he was much beloved and respected by his neighbours and by all to whom he was known

September 25 1838

STEVENSON. Suddenly on Thursday last, MR. ROBERT STEVENSON of Altrest aged 44

December 8 1838

DOUGLAS. At Earlsgift, on the 30th ult., the LADY ISABELLA DOUGLAS, wife of the HON. and REV. CHARLES DOUGLAS

May 23 1840

ALEXANDER. May 15, at Mountcastle, MR. JAMES ALEXANDER, aged 82

February 20 1841

McCREA. At Farmhill, near Strabane last week, MRS. McCREA, wife of MR. ROBERT McCREA, of said place

July 31 1841

McCREA. At Binnelly, near Donemana, MR. ROBERT McCREA, at the advanced age of 88 years, very deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances

July 31 1841

HUSTON. On the morning of the 11th July, in the 72nd year of her age, and after protracted suffering, MARY HUSTON, relict of the late MR THOMAS HUSTON, of Killycloony, county Tyrone

September 11 1841

BOND. At Dullerton House, on the 1st inst., MARGARET, relict of the late WILLIAM BOND, ESQ., of Bond's Glen, aged 78 years

January 8 1842

DOUGLAS. At Earlsgift, on the 1st inst., CHARLES, second son of the HON and REV. CHARLES DOUGLAS, aged 16 years

April 30 1842

DOUGLAS. On Sunday, April 24th, at Earlsgift, CLAUDINE, youngest daughter of the HON and REV. CHARLES DOUGLAS, aged 9 years

October 22 1842

McCRACKIN. October 16th, at the family residence, Gortmonly, in the county Tyrone, JANE, relict of the late JACOB McCRACKIN, ESQ., aged 56 years, after several years’ illness

March 18 1843

HATRICK. At his residence, Grove Hill, parish of Glendermot, on Friday evening last, the 10th inst., WILLIAM HATRICK, ESQ., aged 55 years. He was buried on Tuesday last at Grange, near Strabane

January 6 1844

BAIRD. At Altest, on the 20th inst., MARY JANE, the beloved wife of DR. BAIRD, Donemana Dispensary

March 23 1844

BOND. On the 17th inst., at Earlsgift School House, near Donemana, county Tyrone, MR. GEORGE BOND, schoolmaster, much and deservedly regretted, aged 37 years

June 22 1844

DOUGLAS. On Thursday, the 20th inst., at Earlsgift, county Tyrone, GEORGIANA FRANCES, 5th daughter of the HON and REV. CHARLES DOUGLAS, aged 15 years

August 30 1845

CRAIG. At Benelly, near Donemana, on Wednesday, the 27th inst., MR. JOHN CRAIG, eldest son of MR ROBERT CRAIG, aged 15 years

March 6 1846

McCULLOCH. At Donagheady on 21st inst., MR. JAMES McCULLOCH, at the advanced age of 97

June 20 1846

BRITTON. On the 31st ult., aged 62 years, after a brief illness, the REV. ALEXANDER BRITTON, of Bready

December 5 1846

McCREA. At his residence in Glencush, on Saturday, the 28th ult., JAMES McCREA, ESQ., aged 78 years

December 12 1846

KERR. On Friday, the 4th inst., at Drummeney, near Strabane, MR. ROBERT KERR, in the 65th year of his age

February 27 1847

RAMSAY. At Donemana, on Saturday, the 20th inst., aged 34 years, MR. JAMES HAMILTON RAMSAY, postmaster, deeply and deservedly regretted

March 28 1847

HEMPHILL. On Sunday last at the residence of her son-in-law at Fawney, parish of Donagheady, MRS. HEMPHILL, wife of MR. JOHN HEMPHILL, Tullywhisker in the parish of Urney

May 8 1847

ALEXANDER. At his house, Grange Foyle, on the 4th inst., MR. G. ALEXANDER, aged 49 years

October 28 1847

RAMSAY. At Gortmesson, on the 23rd inst., THOMAS RAMSAY, ESQ., aged 68 years

February 5 1848

BRECKIN. On the 20th ult., at his residence, Lough Mulvin, ROBERT BRECKIN, ESQ., aged 77 years. A staunch supporter of the Covenanting Church, and for many years a Ruling Elder in the Congregation of Bready

February 12 1848

REID. On the 28th ult., in the 78th year of his age, and 48th of his ministry, the REV. ROBERT REID, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Second Donemana

April 8 1848

RAMSAY. At Gortmessan, on the 2nd inst., MR. JAMES RAMSAY, aged 52 years

August 12 1848

GLENN. At his residence, Tullyard, Donagheady, county Tyrone, on the 6th inst., MR. ROBERT GLENN, aged 92

October 14 1848

McCREA. At his residence, Maghereagh, on October 10th, MR. JOHN McCREA, in the 88th year of his age

December 23 1848

BLAIR. At Yorkville, South Carolina, 3rd October last, CAPTAIN JOHN BLAIR, aged 78 years. Born in county Tyrone, he spent the early part of his life in Strabane and Donagheady, and later emigrated to America in 1796

January 13 1849

McCLELLAND. At Donemana, on the 7th inst., MRS. McCLELLAND, aged 78 years

March 2 1849

ANDERSON. At Bready, in the parish of Donagheady, on Saturday, the 2nd February, MR. WILLIAM ANDERSON, at the advanced age of 101. Until within three weeks of his decease he was able to walk about the farm in perfect health

April 19 1849

SMYTH. On Sunday 8th inst., in the 86th year of her age, very suddenly and unexpectedly at her residence in Ballinamallard near Donemanagh, MATILDA, relict of the late MR. ROBERT SMYTH

May 19 1849

HAMILTON. April 29, at Clifton [Bristol], aged 80 years, MARY, relict of the REV. ANDREW THOMAS HAMILTON, of Earlsgift, county Tyrone

August 9 1849

BAIRD. At Aughtermoy near Donemana on the morning of the 6th inst., MR. WILLIAM BAIRD in the 80th year of his age

August 24 1849

McCREA. On Sunday, the 19th inst., at Glencush, ROBERT McCREA, ESQ., at the advanced age of 92 years

September 5 1851

DUNN. At Nelson House, Dullerton, on Sunday morning, August 31st, MISS CATHERINE DUNN, aged 70 years

September 21 1849

HOLMES. On the 3rd inst., at Ballyderowen, Burt [Co Donegal], MRS. MARY HOLMES, relict of the late REV. JOHN HOLMES, of Donagheady, aged 84 years

September 21 1849

KERR (KNOX). On the 12th inst., aged 30 years, AGNES, wife of MR. ALEXANDER KERR, Drumeny, and daughter of MR. HUGH KNOX, Urney, county Tyrone

March 20 1850

McGOWAN. At Tiveny, Parish of Donagheady, MR. JOHN McGOWAN, aged 80

May 3 1850

McELWAIN (HOLMES). At Burnfoot [Co. Donegal], on the 30th April, of typhus fever, SARAH, the beloved wife of MR. RICHARD McELWAIN, daughter of the late REV. JOHN HOLMES, Presbyterian Minister, Donagheady

November 22 1850

BOND. At Earlsgift, Donemana, on the 17th inst., MR. WILLIAM BOND, aged 47 years

December 18 1850

WALKER. On 9th inst MR. JOHN WALKER of Tyrconnelly, aged 68 years, for many years Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, Donemana. Much and deservedly regretted by a loving wife and kind family

February 21 1851

AUSTIN. On the 17th inst., in this City [Londonderry], JOHN AUSTIN, ESQ., late of Grange Foyle, county Tyrone, at the advanced age of 86 years

July 25 1851

AUSTIN. May 7th, of apoplexy, at Van Buren, Arkansas, U.S., GEORGE AUSTIN, ESQ., late of Deer Park, aged 65 years. He emigrated from Newtownstewart, county Tyrone, eight years ago [formerly of Milltown, Ballymagorry, Leckpatrick parish]

December 4 1851

RODDY. On Monday 1st inst. of inflammation of the lungs at Benoan, Co. Tyrone, ANDREW, son of MR.JAMES RODDY, aged 17 years

December 5 1851

LOGAN. At Eden, Bready, on the 23rd ult., MR. JOHN LOGAN, aged 42 years

December 12 1851

CONNISON. On the 6th inst., at Donemana, MRS. JANE CONNISON, aged 80 years, much and deservedly regretted

December 27 1851

POLLOCK. On the 23rd inst., at Castlewarren, Parish of Donagheady, MR. JAMES POLLOCK, aged 75 years

January 21 1852

WALKER. At Claremont, Donemana, on Friday, the 2nd inst., aged 15 years, JAMES, the beloved son of the REV. DAVID J. WALKER

March 12 1852

ALLEN. March 5th, MR. THOMAS ALLEN, Cloughbuoy, aged 85 years

April 16 1852

DONNELL (EATON). On the 11th inst., three weeks after giving birth to twin children, in the 27th year of her age, MARY JANE, the loving and beloved wife of MR. HUGH DONNELL, Gobnascale, near this City, and daughter of MR. ALEXANDER EATON, Ballynenor, county Tyrone

November 26 1852

DONNELL. At his residence, in Ballinamallard, near Donemana, on Thursday, the 18th inst., of scarletina, MR. JOHN DONNELL, aged 40 years

May 13 1853

WOODS. On the 24th April, at Ardcame, near Donemana, the residence of his father, where he had returned for the benefit of his health, THOMAS C. WOODS, ESQ., late of Louisiana, U.S.

October 7 1853

WALKER. On the 1st June, at Castlemaine [Victoria], Australia, in the 26th year of his age, MR. JOHN WALKER, late of Tyrconnley, near Donemana, county Tyrone

January 20 1854

LOVE. At Gortmunly, on the 15th inst., of whooping cough, ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR. ROBERT LOVE, of this City [Londonderry], aged 6 yrs

January 27 1854

WALKER. On the 18th inst., aged 31 years, MR. WILLIAM WALKER, merchant, Dungannon. His native place being Tyrconnelly, near Donemana, he was an elder in the Presbyterian Church

April 7 1854

ALEXANDER. At Altrest, on the 24th ult., MR. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, aged 85 years. He was a ruling elder of the First congregation, Donagheady, for more than half a century

April 14 1854

LOVE. At Gortmonly, on the 6th inst., of decline after a protracted illness, WILLIAM LOVE, aged 17 years, only son of MR. ROBERT LOVE, of this City [Londonderry]

September 21 1855

McLAUGHLIN. Suddenly of asthma, on the 18th inst., MR. HENRY McLAUGHLIN, of Lisdiven

January 11 1856

OGILBY. At Earlsgift, on Tuesday, the 8th inst., WILLIAM CHARLES, the infant son of MR. and MRS. OGILBY, aged 3 weeks

April 25 1856

McCREA. At Tullyard, Donagheady, on the 18th inst., MR. SAMUEL McCREA, aged 74 years

September 12 1856

HAMILTON. At Gortmessan, on the 16th ult., aged 54 years, MRS. MARY HAMILTON, relict of the late DR. WILLIAM HAMILTON, of this City [Londonderry]

September 26 1856

NIXON. On the 23rd inst., in Tivnakeery, Parish of Donagheady, ISABELLA, wife of MR. JOHN NIXON, aged 20 years

October 24 1856

ALEXANDER. On the 17th inst., of gastric fever, aged 20 years, WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, second son of MR. ROBERT ALEXANDER, Sandville, Donagheady

January 30 1857

DOUGLAS. On Wednesday evening, the 28th inst., at Earlsgift, county Tyrone, the HON. and REV. CHARLES DOUGLAS, brother of the Earl of Morton, in the 66th year of his age

February 6 1857

ASH. On the 2nd inst., at Earlsgift, the LADY ELIZABETH HAMILTON ASH, wife of WILLIAM HAMILTON ASH, ESQ., of Ashbrook, Londonderry, and sister of the Earl of Morton

February 20 1857

HUTTON. On the 28th ult., at Sydney Cottage, near Belleville, Canada West, in the 29th year of his age, JOSEPH HUTTON, barrister at law, only son of WILLIAM HUTTON, ESQ., Secretary, Boards of Agriculture and Statistics, Toronto, and formerly of Grange Foyle, in the county of Tyrone

April 27 1857

MAGILL. On the 9th inst., after a short illness, of inflammation of the lungs, in the 40th year of his age, the REV. MICHAEL MAGILL, C.C., Donagheady

July 24 1857

LAUGHLIN. At Gortileck, on Sunday, the 12th inst., of a lingering illness, MR. JAMES LAUGHLIN , aged 49 years

November 20 1857

CLARKE. At Edymore, near Strabane, on Wednesday, the 18th inst., MR. WILLIAM CLARKE. His remains will be removed from his late residence at Lisdiven, for internment in the burying ground at Grange, on Saturday, the 21st inst., at eleven o'clock

January 1 1858

CLARKE. On the 29th ult., at Maghereagh, near Strabane, DR. ROBERT CLARKE, R.N.

February 26 1858

ALEXANDER. At Altrest, on the 22nd inst., MRS. ALEXANDER, aged 86 years

December 10 1858

RODGERS. On the 5th inst., MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. HUGH RODGERS, Gorticlare, near Donemana

November 5 1858

JEFFREY. At Drumeny, near Strabane, on Sunday last, MISS ANNE JEFFREY, aged 50 years

March 4 1859

HEYLANDS. At Castlemellon, Parish of Donagheady, on Monday last, MR. JAMES HEYLANDS at an advanced age

April 8 1859

COCHRAN. March 27, at Benone Cottage, county Tyrone, MARTHA JANE, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM COCHRAN, in the 38th year of her age, sincerely regretted

June 10 1859

ALEXANDER. On the 1st June, at Sandville, MARY, third daughter of ROBERT ALEXANDER, ESQ

September 2 1859

ALEXANDER. August 17, at Mountcastle, MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER

October 21 1859

ALLEN. Lately, at Cloughbuoy, Bready, MR. THOMAS ALLEN, at an advanced age

March 4 1859

HEYLANDS. At Castlemellon, Parish of Donagheady, on Monday last, MR. JAMES HEYLANDS, at an advanced age

December 2 1859

McINTYRE. November 30, at Fawney, near Donemana, REBECCA, daughter of MR. THOMAS McINTYRE

January 6 1860

McMORRIS. January 8, suddenly, at Glencush, near Dunnemana, MR. EPHRAIM McMORRIS

March 2 1860

ALEXANDER. February 26, at Sandville, RACHEL, daughter of ROBERT ALEXANDER, ESQ

March 23 1860

DOWNEY. On the 15th inst., aged 72, JANE, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM DOWNEY, Ardmore

May 18 1860


June 22 1860

KENNEDY. June 13, after a few days' illness, at the house of her brother-in-law, MR. ROBERT CRAIG, Binnelly, near Donemana, MISS JANE KENNEDY, in the 61st year of her age

October 19 1860

HILL. September 22, at his residence, Gortmellon, ALEXANDER HILL, formerly of Baronscourt, near Newtownstewart, at the advanced age of 85 years. He was a member of the last volunteer corps of Ireland, under the Marquis of Abercorn

March 15 1861

GALBRAITH. Lately, at Stoneyfolds, Donemana, JANET, wife of MR. WILLIAM GALBRAITH, aged 54 years

April 26 1861

EGAN. April 24, at Drummon, Parish of Donagheady, LETITIA, daughter of the late MR. JOHN EGAN

July 5 1861

JACK. June 28, at Rooskey, near Donemana, MR. JAMES JACK, aged 66 years

July 26 1861

MOORHEAD. July 22, at his residence, Bready, MR. ALEXANDER MOORHEAD, aged 72 years

July 26 1861

CUNNINGHAM. On the 22nd July, at Magheramason, MR. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, aged 86 years

August 2 1861

STEVENSON. July 30, at Moyagh, MR. THOMAS STEVENSON, aged 17 years

August 9 1861

HUTTON. July 19, at Quebec, WILLIAM HUTTON, ESQ., aged 57 years, Secretary of Board of Statistics and Agriculture, formerly of Grange Foyle, county Tyrone

August 9 1861

RANKIN. August 1, at Creaghcor, MR. WILLIAM RANKIN, aged 30 years

January 31 1862

RAMSAY. January 25, at Gobnascale, near Donemana, MR. JOHN RAMSAY

February 14 1862

RODEN. Feb 11, at Cloughbuoy, Bready, ANDREW, son of MR. ALEXANDER RODEN, aged 6 years

February 21 1862

MAGUIRE. February 19, at Drumeney, AGNES MAGUIRE, aged 75 years

February 28 1862

HAMILTON. February 22, at Benbuniff, near Dunnemana, MR. JOHN HAMILTON, aged 16 years

March 28 1862

TODD. March 26, at Castlemellon, JANE TODD, aged 20 years

April 4 1862

BAIRD. March 27, at Drean, near Dunnemana, CATHERINE, wife of MR. MARCUS BAIRD, aged 78 years

May 30 1862

McCLEMENTS. May 24, at her father's residence, Tamnaclare, MARY McCLEMENTS, aged 5 years

May 30 1862

BARR. May 24, at Coolmaghery, ISAAC BARR, aged 80 years

August 1 1862

McMORRIS. July 20, at Ardcame, ELIZABETH McMORRIS, aged 83 years

August 22 1862

McCLEA. August 18, at Ballaghalare, Parish of Donagheady, MR. JOHN McCLEA, aged 74 years

October 3 1862

COLHOUN. September 24, at Gortmellon, Parish of Donagheady, REBECCA COLHOUN, aged 84 years

November 28 1862

WALKER. November 22, at Clermont, Donemana, MARTHA, the beloved daughter of the late REV. D. J. WALKER, aged 22 years

January 16 1863

SMYTH. January 18, at Tivenny near Donemana, MR. GEORGE SMYTH

January 23 1863

DANIEL. January 21, at his residence, Bready, ISAAC DANIEL, aged 62. His remains will be removed for interment in the burying-ground of Grange, on Saturday, the 24th inst., at 10 o'clock a.m.

February 6 1863

SIMPSON. January 29, at Castlemellon, MR. JAMES SIMPSON, aged 53 years

February 6 1863

LOVE. February 3, at Ardmore, ISABELLA LOVE, aged 75 years

February 6 1863

CURRY. January 28, at Coolmaghery, ELIZABETH CURRY, aged 49 years

March 27 1863

NELSON. March 21, at Glencush, near Dunnemana, MR. ARCHIBALD NELSON, aged 52 years

April 28 1863

MITCHELL. On the 22nd April, at her son's residence, Cullion, FINWILL MITCHELL, aged 85 years

July 14 1863

ALLEN. July 10, at Cloughboy, ELIZABETH ALLEN, aged 54 years

August 4 1863

DANIEL. On the 24th July, at Newferry, Strabane, MR. JAMES DANIEL, aged 34 years

August 4 1863

LOVE. July 19, MR. JAMES LOVE, of Ardmore, aged 75 years

September 25 1863

WRAY. September 16, at his residence, Brookview, the REV. SAMUEL TAYLOR WRAY, Presbyterian minister of First Donagheady, in the 60th year of his age and 31st of his ministry

September 25 1863

MOORHEAD. On the 22nd September, at Coolmaghery, JOSEPH MOORHEAD, aged 80 years

September 29 1863

STEWART. September 20, at Binnelly, MR. ROBERT STEWART, aged 75 years

January 8 1864

SMYTH. On the 6th January, at the residence of his uncle, MR. JAMES CURRY, Coolmaghery, MR ROBERT SMYTH, of Ballinamallaugh, aged nineteen years

January 12 1864

McKEEVER. January 6, at Bready, ELIZA McKEEVER, aged 5 years

February 19 1864

McCREA. February 3, at his residence, Glencush, WILLIAM McCREA, ESQ., aged 59 years

February 19 1864

O’NEILL. February 18, at Castlemellon, Donagheady, MR. WILLIAM O’NIELL, aged 84 years

March 8 1864

BAIRD. March 7, at Creaghcor, VIOLET BAIRD

April 1 1864

BAIRD. March 11, at New York, MR. JAMES BAIRD, eldest son of W. BAIRD, ESQ., M.D., Donemana

April 19 1864

COLHOUN. April 18, at Gortmellon, ISABELLA COLHOUN, aged 76 years

June 10 1864

ALEXANDER. June 2, at Maghereagh, the residence of her brother, MISS E. ALEXANDER, aged 80 years, for upwards of sixty years a resident of Strabane

June 10 1864

MOORHEAD. June 6, at his father's residence, Coolmaghery, WILLIAM JAMES MOORHEAD, aged 2 years

July 8 1864

WHITESIDE. On the 6th July, at Moyagh, near Strabane, JAMES WHITESIDE, aged 56 years

August 12 1864


September 16 1864

ROULSTON. On the 13th September, at Gortavey, MARY ROULSTON, in the 70th year of her age

October 4 1864

CUNNINGHAM. September 29, at his residence, Tamnaclare, MR. DAVID CUNNINGHAM, aged 60 years

October 25 1864

McNEELY. October 21, at her residence, Magheramason, SARAH McNEELY, aged 88 years

December 6 1864

McKANE. November 29, at Donemana, REBECCA McKANE, daughter of MR WILLIAM McKANE, Londonderry, aged about 5 years

January 20 1865

DAVIS. On the 16th January at Ballyheather, MR. JOSEPH DAVIS, aged 80 years

February 7 1865

McELDOWNEY. On the 3rd February, at her residence, Tamnaclare, ELIZABETH McELDOWNEY

February 10 1865

THOMPSON (McNICKLE). On the 31st January, RACHEL, the beloved wife of MR JOSEPH THOMPSON, Moneykennon, Donemana, aged 34 years, second daughter of MR. PATRICK McNICKLE, Gortin

February 10 1865

SMYTH. On the 31st January, at Altrest, WILLIAM SMYTH, aged 88 years

March 3 1865

DAVIS. On the 28th February, at Ballyheather, MARY, relict of the late MR. JOSEPH DAVIS, aged 78 years

March 10 1865

McKEEVER. On the 4th March, at her father's residence, Bready, JANE McKEEVER, aged 11 years

March 21 1865

CUNNINGHAM. March 8, at her residence, Lisnagir, Omagh, ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, aged 90, formerly of Donagheady

March 21 1865

HUEY. March 18, at Glencush, MR ROBERT HUEY, aged 90 years

April 21 1865

McGETTIGAN. April 15, at Drumgauty, SOPHIA, relict of the late MR. JOHN McGETTIGAN, aged 64 years

May 26 1865

GIBSON. May 24, at Lisdivin, MR. HUGH GIBSON, aged 52 years

June 9 1865

CRAIG. June 1, at Benelly, Donemana, MR. DAVID CRAIG, aged 64 years

August 25 1865

DOWNEY. August 19, at the residence of his brother in law, Ardmore, MR. ARCHIBALD DOWNEY, aged 46 years

August 29 1865

McCONNELL. August 24, at her residence, Gleneagourley [Glennagoorland], DORCAS McCONNELL, aged 102 years

October 3 1865

ALEXANDER. October 2, at his father's residence, Sandville, ROBERT ALEXANDER, M.D., aged 27 years

October 10 1865

LOUGHREY. October 6, at her father's residence, Gortmunly, MARGARET, second daughter of MR. EDWARD LOUGHREY, aged 22 years

January 5 1866

McCREA. December 27, at her late residence, Tullyard, Donagheady, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. SAMUEL McCREA, aged 81 years

February 2 1866

ARBUCKLE. February 1, at Rooskey, near Dunamanagh, MR. JOSEPH ARBUCKLE, aged 66 years

February 9 1866

STEVENSON. February 4, at Moyagh, MARY ANN STEVENSON, aged 52 years

February 13 1866

DEVINE. February 1, at his residence, Meendamph, Donagheady, aged 68 years, MR MICHAEL DEVINE, father of REV. MR. DEVINE, C.C., Iskaheen [Co Donegal]

February 13 1866

McCREA. February 9, in the 84th year of her age, MARY, relict of the late JAMES McCREA, ESQ., Glencush, county Tyrone

March 16 1866

COLHOUN. On the 11th March, at her residence, Fawney, ELIZA COLHOUN, aged 84 years

March 23 1866

HOUSTON. March 19, at her residence, Mountcastle, MARGERY HOUSTON, aged 70 years

April 17 1866

BATES. April 9, at Glencush, JOSEPH BATES, infant son of MR. JOSEPH BATES, aged 14 months

April 20 1866

CURRY. April 15, at his father's residence, Coolmaghery, ROBERT CURRY, aged 27 years

May 4 1866

McMORRIS. May 1, at Ardmore, MARGARET McMORRIS, aged 17 years

May 15 1866

MONTEETH. May 13, MARY, the wife of REV. J. MONTEETH, Donemana, aged 54 years

June 1 1866

ALEXANDER. May 27, at Maghereagh, MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, aged 81 years

June 8 1866

LOVE. On the 4th June, at his residence, Creaghcor, MR. DAVID LOVE, aged 50 years

July 10 1866

ARBUCKLE. July 5, at Donemana, ANN MARY, the only daughter of MR. WILLIAM ARBUCKLE, aged two years and seven months

July 27 1866

BAIRD. July 24, at Creaghan, MR MARCUS BAIRD, aged 22 years

July 31 1866

CLARKE. July 26, at Tamnaclare, MR. JOSEPH CLARKE, aged 63 years

August 1 1866

COLHOUN. July 29, at his father’s residence, Leitrim, Thomas Colhoun, aged 20 years

August 17 1866

RANKIN. August 12, at her father's residence, Carrickatain, MARGARET ANN RANKIN, aged 19 years

August 17 1866

CURRY. August 11, at his residence, Coolmaghery, JAMES CURRY, aged 56 years

August 24 1866

ELLIS. On the 23rd August, at his residence, Drain, MR. GEORGE ELLIS, aged 84 years

October 2 1866

STEVENSON. September 26, at his residence, Magheramason, ROBERT STEVENSON, ESQ., aged 78 years

November 27 1866

MILLAR (JACK). November 13, at 78 Graham Road, Dalston, London, SARAH, the beloved wife of JAMES MILLAR, ESQ., and daughter of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnarra, county Tyrone

December 11 1866

BROWN. December 6, WILLIAM, third son of WILLIAM BROWN, Gortmellon, aged two years and nine months

December 25 1866

LYNCH. December 21, at her residence, Cloughbuoy, MARY ANN LYNCH, aged 76 years

December 28 1866

McMORRIS. December 22, at his residence, Ardmore, SAMUEL McMORRIS, aged 54 years

January 4 1867

KILGORE. On the 30th December, at his residence, Ardmore, JAMES KILGORE, aged 48 years

January 8 1867

LOUGHLIN. On Saturday evening EDWARD LOUGHLIN, aged about 13, was sent by his parents, who reside near Donemana, to a grocer's shop at a considerable distance from their house. As he did not return in time, a search was made with no result. On Sunday morning his body was found, buried in a snow wreath of nearly seven foot, in the townland of Ballaghlaird. An inquest will be held on the body by Dr. Hamilton today, Tuesday

January 29 1867

WALKER. January 28, MARY, third daughter of the late REV. DAVID J. WALKER, Clermont, Donemana. Her remains will be removed from 27 Orchard Street, Londonderry, for interment in the New Cemetery, on Thursday morning at half past ten o'clock

February 5 1867

RANKIN. January 30, at his residence, Carrickatain, WILLIAM RANKIN, aged 66 years

February 12 1867

BROWN. February 9, at Augheyfad, MR. SAMUEL BROWN, aged 88 years

February 26 1867

McCREA. On the 17th February, after a short illness, MARGARET, second daughter of MR. JOHN McCREA, of Gobnascale, near Doneymanagh, aged 23 years

March 12 1867

BLACK. March 11, at Fawney, CATHERINE BLACK, aged 58 years

April 12 1867

LINDSAY. April 1, at Rusky, near Donemana, UPHIA, relict of the late MR. JAMES LINDSAY, aged 76 years

April 2 1867

STEVENSON. March 27, at her father's residence, Benown, ANN, daughter of MR. WILLIAM STEVENSON, aged 27 years

April 12 1867

LOGUE. April 6, at his residence, Gortmunley, ALLAN JAMES LOGUE, aged 21 years

April 23 1867

PATRICK. March 13, suddenly, of cramp, JOHN PATRICK, ESQ., merchant, Alabama, U.S., second son of the late ANTHONY PATRICK, ESQ., Carrickatain, Donagheady

May 3 1867

McKANE. On the 29th April, at her residence, Tyboe, ELIZABETH McKANE, aged 8 years

May 7 1867

McMORRIS. On the 3rd May, at her residence, Ardmore, MARY McMORRIS, aged 80 years

May 10 1867

WALKER. March 26, at Texas, WILLIAM LEIGHTON WALKER, aged 18 years, son of the late REV. DAVID J. WALKER, Clermont, Donemana

July 2 1867

HUEY. June 28, at Aughafad, near Donemana, MR. GEORGE HUEY, aged 55 years

July 26 1867

McMORRIS. July 20, at her residence, Donagheady, MARTHA McMORRIS, aged 54 years

September 6 1867

McINTIRE. September 2, at her residence, Fawney, JANE McINTIRE

September 17 1867

HASLETTE. September 14, at her father's residence, Ruskey, near Donemana, MARY, second daughter of MR. EDWARD HASLETTE

October 1 1867

AUSTIN. On the 19th August, at Van Buren, Arkansas, U.S., HARRIET HAMILTON, relict of the late GEORGE AUSTIN, ESQ., Grange, county Tyrone, aged 90 years

November 1 1867

DAVIS. October 27, at Lisdivin, JANE, second daughter of MR. MATTHEW DAVIS, aged 30 years

November 12 1867

CUNNINGHAM. November 6, at his residence, Magheramason, JOHN CUNNINGHAM, aged 60 years

November 29 1867

TAIT. November 19, at Tourmakeady [Co Mayo], MOSES TAIT, ESQ., formerly of Donemana, county Tyrone

November 29 1867

McCREA. November 24, at South Grange, MARY ANNE, daughter of the late ROBERT McCREA, ESQ., of Farmhill, aged 57 years

January 21 1868

LOVE. On the 15th January, at her residence, Creaghcor, JANE LOVE, aged 52 years

January 28 1868

HAMILTON. January 19, at his residence, Gloudstown, near Donemana, ROBERT JAMES HAMILTON, aged 26 years

January 28 1868

LOVE. January 15, at her residence, Creaghan, JANE, relict of the late DAVID LOVE, aged 52 years

February 7 1868

McCANE. February 8, at his residence, Tyboe, JAMES McCANE, aged 18 years

March 24 1868

COLHOUN. March 21, at her residence, Donemana, MARY COLHOUN, aged 55 years

March 31 1868

ROBINSON. March 25, at Liscleen, Donemana, ELIZABETH, wife of MR ANDREW ROBINSON, aged 65 years

May 12 1868

KERR. May 11, ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. ALEXANDER KERR, farmer, Donagheady

May 15 1868

BROWN. May 9, at Gortmellon, JAMES BROWN, aged 67 years

May 19 1868

McMORRIS. On the 14th May, at her residence, Ardmore, MARY McMORRIS, aged 13 years

May 22 1868

LOGUE. May 17, at his residence, Gortmellan, DUNCAN LOGUE, aged 44 years

June 9 1868

BROWN. June 2, at his residence, Donemana, MR. JAMES BROWN, aged 64 years

June 16 1868

FAULKNER. June 13, at Ardkame, near Donemana, MR. JOHN FAULKNER, aged 65 years

July 28 1868

TAIT. July 24, at Tourmakeady, near Ballinrobe [Co Mayo], MARGARET, widow of the late M. TAIT, ESQ., of Donemana, in the county of Tyrone, aged 74 years

September 15 1868

DONALDSON. September 10, at his father's residence, Coolmaghery, JAMES DONALDSON, aged 90 years

September 15 1868

WRAY. At Brookview, R. McCLINTOCK WRAY, son of the late REV. S.T. WRAY, Donagheady. The deceased was a Scholar of Queen's College, Belfast

October 30 1868

DUNN. October 27, at her residence, Donemana, MATILDA, the beloved wife of MR JAMES DUNN, aged 61 years

November 10 1868

POLLOCK. November 4, at his residence, Castlewarren, JOHN POLLOCK, aged 86 years

December 4 1868

BAIRD. On the 1st December, at her residence, Tyboe, MARTHA BAIRD, aged 62 years

February 23 1869

McCLINTOCK. February 16, at her residence, Ballybeany, ELIZA McCLINTOCK, aged 70 years

March 16 1869

HYNDMAN. March 10, at her residence, Altrest, ANN HYNDMAN, aged 77 years

March 16 1869

BRITTON. March 10 at Bready, near Strabane, county Tyrone, the REV. THOMAS CONN BRITTON, Minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, High Street, Newry [Co Down]

April 2 1869

McMORRIS. March 26, at his residence, Ardmore, ARCHIBALD McMORRIS, aged 74 years

April 13 1869

MOORE. April 8, at his father's residence, Loughash, WILLIAM MOORE, aged 20 years

April 13 1869

DUNN. April 7, at Glenagourland, MR. ANDREW DUNN, aged 76 years

June 11 1869

AUSTIN. May 4, at Vanburon, Arkansas, America, ANDREW AUSTIN, ESQ., formerly of Grange, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 58 years, and on the same day and place, JOHN M. AUSTIN, his nephew, aged 19 years

July 20 1869

DUNCAN. July 11, at Carnagribbon, the residence of his daughter, MR. THOMAS DUNCAN, of Eden, near Plumbridge, county Tyrone, aged 75 years

July 30 1869

McKEEVER. At his residence, Tavanakeery, MR. SAMUEL McKEEVER, aged 77 years

September 17 1869

DUNN. September 12 at his residence, Glenegorland, ANDREW DUNN, aged 81 years

September 21 1869

BAIRD. September 15, at Aughtermoy, near Donemana, MARTHA, daughter of WILLIAM BAIRD, ESQ., M.D.

October 8 1869

DUNN. October 7 at Glenagourland, ANN DUNN, aged 70 years

October 26 1869

SMYTH. October 24, at Cloughbuoy, MR. THOMAS SMYTH, aged 84 years

October 26 1869

MACKAY. October 20, at his residence, Mountcastle, MR. JOHN MACKAY, aged 88 years

October 26 1869

WIRLING. October 21, at his residence, Mountcastle, MR. NOBLE WIRLING, aged 80 years

November 9 1869

FORBES. November 5, at Lisnarrow, near Donemana, MR. CHARLES FORBES, aged 50 years

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