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Donacavey Parish (including Fintona) Death Announcements 1787-1869

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Donacavey Parish (including Fintona) Death Announcements 1787-1869
Deaths recorded in Donacavey parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE JOURNAL, STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

January 8 1787


December 12 1826

McCAULEY As ROBERT McAULEY, a decent Protestant, was on his way home to Fintona, from Omagh market, on the 23rd ult. he was attacked near the town by twelve or fifteen men, and so barbarously beat that he expired in the County Infirmary on the Monday following. A Coroner’s Inquest was held, which continued for three days. The Magistrates entered into the most minute inquiry, and wilful murder was returned against two individuals, whose names we cannot mention

October 19 1830

ECCLES. At Ecclesville, near Fintona, on Tuesday last, JOHN DICKSON ECCLES, ESQ. in the 47th year of his age

April 27 1833

McLAUGHLIN. In Fintona, on the 14th inst., in the 45th year of her age, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. P. McLAUGHLIN, Classical Teacher

October 5 1833

NEWCOMBE [ECCLES] On the 27th ult., at Rockford, ELIZA, wife of WILLIAM NEWCOMBE, ESQ., Baggot Street, Dublin, and sister of the late JOHN D. ECCLES, ESQ., of Fintona, county Tyrone

November 30 1833

SCOTT. At his residence, Froughmore, near Fintona, on the 5th inst., at an advanced age, MR. ALEXANDER SCOTT

May 17 1834

LINDSAY. On the 12th inst., at Lisnacrieve, near Fintona, HANNAH, relict of MR. ALEXANDER LINDSAY, in the 65th year of her age

Oct 27 1835

MOORE. On Tuesday morning, the 20th inst, aged 45 years MR. JOSEPH MOORE, near Fintona. He was a quiet inoffensive man, and was very much liked by all that knew him

August 12 1837

BUCHANAN. On Tuesday evening, at Fintona, JOHN BUCHANAN, ESQ., aged 60, Lieut. in the Frazer Fencibles and Officer in the Excise

August 25 1838

BUCHANAN. At Fintona, on the 10th inst., aged 81 years, MRS. ANNE BUCHANAN, relict of the late GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., M.D.

February 2 1839

EDWARDS. January 24, at her brother's house, Northland Row, Dungannon, ELIZABETH, wife OF HUGH GORE EDWARDS, of Raveagh, near Fintona, county Tyrone

August 1 1840

HARRISON. On Saturday, the 25th inst., MR. WILLIAM HARRISON, of Cumber, near Fintona, in the 81st year of his age

April 17 1841

TAYLOR. On the 11th inst., at his residence, Legatigal, near Fintona, MR. WILLIAM TAYLOR, aged 66 years. He has left a widow to lament his death

June 3 1843

KING. On Sunday, the 28th ult., in the 50th year of her age, JANE, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM KING, of Fallaghearn, near Fintona

December 16 1843

WELDON. On the 7th inst., at Fintona, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the late MR. FRANCIS WELDON, of that town, merchant

April 13 1844

McCUTCHEON. Lately, at Mullasiloga, near Fivemiletown, aged 115 years, MARY McCUTCHEON, widow

November 16 1844

McDONALD. In the 93rd year of her age, CATHERINE McDONALD of Dungorran, county Tyrone

November 16 1844

MOOR. On the 4th ult., at his residence, MR. JOHN MOOR, Aughafad, Fintona, of inflammation of the bowels, in his 30th year

April 5 1845

LAUGHLIN. On the 10th ult., at his residence, Shanee, Fintona, MR. WILLIAM LAUGHLIN, in the 60th year of his age, late Sergeant of H.M. Royal Battering Brigade Artillery, after a long and protracted illness. He has been an elder of the Presbyterian Congregation of Fintona

October 4 1845

WATT. At his residence, in Fintona, county Tyrone, HAMILTON WATT, ESQ., at the advanced age of 75, for upwards of 25 years he was the postmaster of that Town, he was an affectionate father and a truly fond husband

April 4 1846

MOORE. At his residence, Ballyinshy, near Fintona, on Tuesday, the 17th ult., MR. JOSEPH MOORE, eldest son of the late MR. WILLIAM MOORE, of said place, aged 36 years

May 23 1846

WOOD. On the 12th inst., at Mullawinny, near Fintona, aged 58 years, CATHERINE, wife of MR. ARTHUR WOOD, after a lingering illness

August 22 1846

BUCHANAN. On Thursday evening, the 13th inst., of consumption, aged 26 years, MR. GEORGE BUCHANAN, eldest son of JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Fintona

August 29 1846

WILSON. On the 18th inst., of consumption, after a lingering illness, aged 21 years, WILLIAM, the eldest son of WILLIAM WILSON, ESQ., Tonagh, near Fintona

November 7 1846

LINDSAY. On the 5th inst., at Lisnacrieve House, Fintona, ELEANOR, the wife of JAMES LINDSAY, ESQ., in the 74th year of her age

January 23 1847

LINDSAY. On the 19th inst., at Lisnacreive House, Fintona, JAMES LINDSAY, ESQ., aged 86 years

February 27 1847

WATT. At Fintona, on Monday, the 22nd February, at the residence of her mother, MARY JANE, daughter of the late HAMILTON WATT, ESQ., and niece to the REV. JOHN MOORE, R.N.

March 20 1847

ALLEN. At Fintona, on Sunday, the 14th March, aged 11 years, ANDREW, youngest son of ANDREW ALLEN, ESQ., R.N.

May 8 1847

ORR. On the morning of Saturday, the 24th ult., at his residence Lisnamallard, near Omagh, aged 69 years, JOSEPH ORR, ESQ., of fever, caught in the discharge of his duties as coroner, at an inquest held in Fintona on the body of a poor traveller, at which the verdict was "died of typhus fever."

May 22 1847

KING. At Cumber, near Fintona, in the county Tyrone, MARYANNE, third daughter of JAMES KING, ESQ., of that Place, aged 17 years

July 17 1847

KING. On the 20th ult., after a short and severe attack of fever, at the residence of her father, in the 28th year of her age, ISABELLA, only daughter of STUART KING, ESQ., Aughafad, Fintona

February 5 1848

BUCHANAN. At Fintona, on Friday, the 21st ult, aged 26 years, ALEXANDER ECCLES, son of JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ.

May 27 1848

BOOTH. At Dunamona, near Omagh, MR. ROBERT BOOTH, in the 67th year of his age

June 17 1848

BUCHANAN. On Saturday last, 10th inst., at Fintona, AMELIA, the beloved wife of JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ.

December 30 1848

CUNNINGHAM. At Tullyvally, near Fintona, on Monday, the 20th inst., GEORGE, eldest son of MR. GEORGE CUNNINGHAM, aged 22 years

March 3 1849

WEST. On the 20th ult., at his mother's residence, Mullans, near Fintona, aged 40, of consumption, DOCTOR HENRY WEST

October 26 1849

BRODIE [TENNANT]. At Columbia, South Carolina, 1st of August, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late ROBERT TENNANT, ESQ., of Ednatoodry, near Fintona, and wife of MR. ALEXANDER BRODIE, formerly of Strabane

March 1 1850

FORSYTHE. On the 25th February, aged 16 years, MISS ELIZA FORSYTHE, youngest daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM FORSYTHE, of Fintona

October 11 1850

WOOD [BUCHANAN]. On the 2nd inst., of consumption, at the residence of her father, MR. J. BUCHANAN, merchant, Fintona, ANNA MARIA, relict of the .late MR. THOMAS WOOD, merchant, Enniskillen, aged 27 years

June 13 1851

McFARLAND. At Legatigle, near Fintona, on Tuesday, the 3rd inst., JAMES, the third son of MR. WILLIAM McFARLAND, aged 22 years

June 13 1851

WEST. At Fintona, on the 29th ult., MISS WEST, aged 71 years, after a protracted illness

August 1 1851

SHERRARD. On the 24th ult., in Hibernia Place, Holywood [Co. Down], JOSEPH SHERRARD, late of New York, fifth son of MR. JAMES SHERRARD, Fintona, county Tyrone

January 9 1852

BUCHANAN. In New York, on the 7th ult., JOHN, third son of JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Fintona, aged 23 years

January 16 1852

WOOD. On the 8th inst., aged 33 years, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. ARTHUR WOOD, Coyagh, near Fintona

January 23 1852

OSBORNE. January 13, at the residence of her brother, DR. OSBORNE, Castletown Lodge, Fintona, of spasmodic affection of the heart, ISABELLA OSBORNE, aged 70 years

February 6 1852

CAMPBELL. At Fintona, on the 16th ult., MR. HUGH CAMPBELL, merchant, in the 42nd year of his age

April 16 1852

MOORE. On the 6th inst., at the home of his sister, MRS. WATT, in Fintona, the REV. JOHN MOORE, R.N., aged 52 years

June 25 1852

ECCLES. June 20, at 7 Leinster Street, Dublin, MARION GERTRUDE, youngest daughter of CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., of Fintona

April 8 1853

DONNELLY. On the 23rd ult., at Draftonhill, near Fintona, MR. JOHN DONELLY, father of MR. C. DONELLY, merchant, Fintona

July 1 1853

PATTON. Suddenly, on the morning of the 22nd ult., at Fintona, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of MR. THOMAS PATTON, merchant, aged 60 years

July 8 1853

MAUNSELL. At Fintona, county Tyrone, Mary, the eldest daughter of the late THOMAS FREND MAUNSELL, ESQ., of Ballyhood House, in the county of Limerick

October 21 1853

BUCHANAN. At his residence, Carnalea, near Fintona, on Sunday, the 9th inst., JOHN BUCHANAN, ESQ., aged 43 years

April 7 1854

BOOTH. On the 27th ult., at Dunamona, near Omagh, MR. J. McCAUSLAND BOOTH, aged 81 years

July 21 1854

COWAN. In the City of Toronto [Canada], on the 18th June last, aged 81 years, MISS CHARLOTTE COWAN, late of Fintona, county Tyrone

August 10 1855

ALEXANDER. At Donamona, near Omagh, of dropsy, on the 6th inst., JOSEPH, youngest son of MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, aged 21 years

August 25 1854

IRWIN. At Chill, Coshocton county, State of Ohio, America, on the 30th June last, in the 75th year of his age, MR. GUY IRWIN, formerly of Donamona, near Omagh, county Tyrone

September 21 1855

ALLEN. At Fintona, on the 11th inst., MARGARET, second daughter of the late ANDREW ALLEN, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 29 years

September 28 1855

CARSON. At Lislea, near Fintona, on Tuesday, the 18th inst., JANE, wife of JOHN CARSON, ESQ., aged 67 years

October 12 1855

McMORRAN. September 11, at Portland, New Brunswick, MR. R. McMORRAN, a native of Fintona, county Tyrone

April 11 1856

TREACY. At Mullaghmore, Cranny, near Omagh, the 26th ult., MR. THOMAS TREACY at the advanced age of 105 years

May 16 1856

ECCLES. May 8, ROBERT GILBERT, third son of CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., of Fintona, aged 18 months

December 12 1856

JOHNSTON. At Altaghmore, near Fintona, on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, ELIZA, the beloved wife of JAMES JOHNSTON, ESQ., aged 35 years

December 19 1856

BUCHANAN. December 6, in Fintona, of apoplexy, ALEXANDER BUCHANAN, ESQ. of Tullybroom

December 19 1856

BUCHANAN. December 8th, in Fintona, of disease of the heart, a long time illness, BEAVER BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Tullybroom

May 1 1857

WEST. On the 17th ult., at her residence, at Mullins, near Fintona, MRS. MARY WEST, relict of the late MR. CARSON WEST, aged 76 years

November 13 1857

MAUNSELL. On the 2nd inst., at his residence, Belnagarnan House, Fintona, the REV. THOMAS MAUNSELL, son of the late DANIEL MAUNSELL, ESQ., Merrion Square, Dublin, and Ballywillan, county Leitrim

January 15 1858

McAREE. At Fintona, on the 5th inst., of a protracted illness, MISS HANNAH McAREE, eldest daughter of the late FRANCIS McAREE, ESQ.

January 22 1858

CHAMBERS. On the 14th inst., after an illness of three days, WILLIAM, third son of the REV. ROBERT CHAMBERS, Fintona, aged eight years

April 23 1858

OSBORNE. In Fintona, on Sunday week, HENRY OSBORNE, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 85 years. DR. OSBORNE, was, we believe the senior surgeon on the Navy List

July 29 1859

DICKSON. July 10, at Bundoran, HESTER, relict of the late WILLIAM DICKSON, ESQ., of Ennismore, county Fermanagh, and formerly of Cavan House, Fintona, aged 65 years

December 2 1859

WILSON. November 25, MATTHEW WILSON, ESQ., Drummond, near Fintona, aged 78 years

January 6 1860

ECCLES. December 30 at Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, Isabella, wife of CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., of Ecclesville, county Tyrone

February 3 1860

PATTON. January 26, at Fintona, of consumption, MARY JANE, only daughter of MR. THOMAS PATTON, merchant, aged 26 years

September 21 1860

JOHNSTON. September 15, at his residence, Altaghmore House, Fintona, HUGH JOHNSTON, ESQ., 46 years

January 18 1861

WEST. On the 12th inst at Mullans, MR. JAMES WEST, R.N.

February 21 1861

MURRAY. January 27, in Brooklyn, MRS. MARY MURRAY, aged 105 years, a native of the Parish of Fintona, county Tyrone

February 28 1861

WARNOCK. February 24, at Tullyclenagh House, near Fintona, the residence of her son, JANE, relict of the late ROBERT WARNOCK, SEN., ESQ., aged 96 years

April 5 1861

WEST. March 23, at Fintona, SKELTON WEST, ESQ., aged 87 years

April 26 1861

BOOTH. On the 23rd April, at Donamona, near Omagh, MR. JOHN BOOTH, aged 96 years

May 3 1861

McCLUNG. April 26, at Drumderg, near Fintona, ANNA MARIA, child of MR. JAMES McCLUNG, aged one year and eight months

May 3 1861

ROBINSON. April 25, at his father's residence, Derrabard, Fintona, MR. MATTHEW GEORGE ROBINSON, Assistant Teacher in the Ulster Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, Belfast, aged 18 years

May 31 1861

HAMILTON. May 27, at Eccles Green, Fintona, county Tyrone, WALTER RENNICK, infant son of MR. JAMES HAMILTON, aged 3 months

August 16 1861

HAMILTON. August 7, at Ecclesgreen, Fintona, HENRY LUDLOW, infant son of MR. JAMES HAMILTON, aged six months

October 4 1861

KING. At Cumber, near Fintona, county Tyrone, JAMES KING, ESQ., aged 77 years

November 8 1861

NOBLE. November 1, after a protracted illness, SARAH WEST, aged 41 years, the wife of MR. FRANCIS NOBLE, of Dungoran, near Fintona

January 17 1862

MOORE. January 11, at Tonaughmore, near Fintona, MR. JOHN MOORE, aged 60 years. For thirty years he was a Class leader in the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society, and President of the Rakeeranbeg Temperance Society

February 21 1862

JOHNSTON. February, after a lingering illness, MARY, the eldest daughter of JOHN JOHNSTON, ESQ., Skelgagh, Fintona

April 11 1862

VESEY. March 31, at Fintona, JOHN AGMOND, son of SAMUEL VESEY, ESQ., J.P., D.L., Derrabard, House, Fintona, aged 40 years

April 11 1862

JOHNSTON. March 27, at the residence of her son, JOHN JOHNSTON, ESQ., Skelga, near Fintona, MARY, relict of the late HUGH JOHNSTON, ESQ., Lisnadon, aged 90 years

May 16 1862

MOORE. May 10, at Fintona, SAMUEL CHARLES, eldest son of MR. ROBERT MOORE, aged 2 years and 3 months

August 15 1862

BUCHANAN. August 5, at Castle Lodge, Fintona, JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ., Coroner, aged 68 years

August 15 1862

DONNELLY. At his father's residence, Drafton, near Fintona, MR. PHILIP DONNELLY, aged 30? years

November 14 1862

DEVLIN. October 9, in New York, CATHERINE, wife of JOHN DEVLIN, a native of the Parish of Fintona, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 28 years

December 12 1862

MORGAN. November 28, of consumption, Rosanna, wife of MR. WILLIAM MORGAN, woollendraper, Fintona

January 2 1863

McELROY. At New York, WILLIAM McELROY, printer, formerly of Fintona, county Tyrone, aged 27 years

February 13 1863

McCLUNG. February 2, at Drumderg, Fintona, JAMES WILLIAM, son of MR. JAMES McCLUNG, aged 11 months

February 20 1863

McCLUNG. February 8, at Drumderg, Fintona, FRANCES, wife of MR. JAMES McCLUNG, aged 26 years

March 17 1863

PALMER. On the 9th March, at Donacavey, near Fintona, MR. DAVID PALMER, aged 82 years

May 26 1863

KEENAN. May 21, at Fintona, county Tyrone, MR. THOMAS KEENAN

August 18 1863

BOOTH. At Dunamona, near Omagh, MR. ROBERT BOOTH, aged 77 years

April 26 1864

MOSGROVE. On the 22nd April, at Fintona, county Tyrone, after a severe illness, ISABELLA ECCLES, wife of JOHN MOSGROVE, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 57 years

November 11 1863

MORTON. November 3, of English cholera, MR. JOSEPH MORTON, Blackforth, Omagh, aged 64 years

December 8 1863

JOHNSTON. December 2, at Crannyvale, Fintona, MARY, the beloved wife of HUGH E. JOHNSTON, ESQ

March 25 1864

CARSON. March 20, at his residence, Lislee, Fintona, JOHN CARSON, ESQ., aged 87 years

August 30 1864

OWENS. August 23, at Fintona, MR. THOMAS OWENS, formerly national teacher there

September 16 1864

LINDSAY. September 13, in the 72nd year of his age, DAVID LINDSAY, ESQ., of Lisnacrieve House, Fintona

November 1 1864

ATTHILL [MAUNSELL]. October 18, at Upper Merion Street, Dublin, HENRIETTA MARGARET EYRE, daughter of the late VERY REV. GEORGE MAUNSELL, D.D., Dean of Leighlin, and relict of the REV. WILLIAM ATTHILL., M.A., Prebendary of Clogher, Rector of Fintona, and of Brandiston Hall, Norfolk, aged 78 years

November 8 1864

LAWRENCE. November 5, at Fintona, EMELIA, wife of HEAD CONSTABLE LAWRENCE, aged 36 years

November 29 1864

BUCHANAN. November 5, at Fintona, ANNIE BUCHANAN, daughter of the late ANDREW BUCHANAN, ESQ., Deroran, aged 72 years

December 30 1864

BUCHANAN. December 24, at his residence, Fintona, MR. JAMES BUCHANAN, aged 78 years

January 20 1865

WEST. On the 17th January at 13 Institution Place, Belfast, MRS. MARGARET WEST, relict of the late MR. ROBERT WEST, of Fintona, county Tyrone, aged 67 years

April 14 1865

KELLY. April 9, at Fintona, MR. JAMES KELLY

May 2 1865

CRAWFORD. April 26, at Fintona, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, aged 50 years

May 2 1865

BUCHANAN. April 25, at Fintona, MISS MARGARET BUCHANAN, aged 44 years

July 11 1865

ORR. May 30, at Fintona, MARION LUCINDA, daughter of MR. JOHN ORR, Hotel

November 24 1865

SHERRARD. November 17, at the residence of his son in law, DR. WARNOCK, Bloomsbury, Birmingham, JAMES SHERRARD, formerly of Fintona, aged 76 years

March 23 1866

WARNOCK. March 13, at Aughadreenan House, Parish of Fintona, JAMES WARNOCK, ESQ., aged 57 years

May 15 1866

SIMPSON. May 11, at her residence, Kilgort, Fintona, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES SIMPSON, aged 84 years

June 1 1866

BEATTY. May 25, at his residence, Fintona, county Tyrone, MR. FRANCIS BEATTY, aged 79 years

July 27 1866

KING. July 12, at Lisnacrieve, Fintona, ANNIE, eldest daughter of MR. ALEXANDER KING, aged 14 years

December 11 1866

JOHNSTON. December 5, at his residence, Rathwarren, Fintona, MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, aged 55 years

December 21 1866

JOHNSTON. December 17, at Springmount, Fintona, ARCHIBALD, second son of JAMES JOHNSTON, ESQ., aged 24 years

March 19 1867

FORSYTHE. On the 15th March, at Killyliss, Fintona, MR. GEORGE FORSYTHE, aged 82 years

June 28 1867

MEEGAN. June 21, James D., only son of WILLIAM MEEGAN, ESQ., Fintona, aged 13 years and 3 months

July 16 1867

HAMILTON. July 11, at Castle Lodge, Fintona, JOHN ECCLES HAMILTON, ESQ., M.D., Surgeon, R.N., aged 43 years

October 8 1867

WILSON. On the 26th September, CATHERINE WILSON, Gulladoo, Fintona, aged 29 years

October 11 1867

PATTON. On the 7th October, at Fintona, MR. THOMAS PATTON, merchant, aged 86 years

November 5 1867

CRAWFORD. On the 27th October, of apoplexy, MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Imperial Hotel, Fintona

December 10 1867

HAMILTON. December 2, WALKER RENNICK, youngest child of JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., Eccles Green, Fintona, aged 4 years and 6 months

February 7 1868

HANNA. February 2, at Donamona, Fintona, MARGARET, wife of MR. CHRISTY HANNA, aged 39 years

June 2 1868

DUNCAN. May 27, at Cavan, near Fintona, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN DUNCAN

June 16 1868

McKINNEY. June 9, at her residence, near Fintona, MRS. JOHN McKINNEY, aged 80 years

October 6 1868

BRADLEY. September 27, at Donemana, near Fintona, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. ROBERT BRADLEY, aged 50 years

December 4 1868

ORR. November 29, of consumption, LUCINDA, wife of MR. JOHN ORR, Eccles Arms Hotel, Fintona, aged 32 years

December 11 1868

ECCLES. December 7, at Ecclesvale, Fintona, MISS HESTER C. ECCLES, aged 53 years

April 2 1869

ECCLES. March 27, at Darlington, county Westmeath, GERALD M. ECCLES, ESQ., J.P., second son of the late DANIEL ECCLES, ESQ., of Fintona, county Tyrone

August 31 1869

WILSON. August 21, at Fintona, of scarletina, JEANIE, only daughter of MR. ANDREW WILSON, aged 5 years

November 9 1869

ECCLES. Nov. 4, at Ecclesville, Fintona, CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., D.L., J.P., in his 57th year

November 19 1869

HARDY. Nov. 17, at Raneese, near Fintona, ALEXANDER HARDY, ESQ., Diocesan Architect, aged 40 years

December 10 1869

McKINNEY. Dec. 7, at Cross View, near Fintona, county Tyrone, MR. ALEXANDER McKINNEY, aged 35 years

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