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Cookstown Death Announcements 1851-69

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Cookstown Death Announcements 1851-69
Deaths recorded in Cookstown and Derryloran Parish, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY STANDARD & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed by Len Swindley

May 9 1851

At Cookstown, on the 4th inst., aged 49 years, MR. JOHN GLASGOW, merchant, after an illness of 9 months

February 25 1853

Feb. 13, at Cookstown, of fever, GEORGE HILL, JUN., ESQ., Sub Inspector of Constabulary, aged 20 years

May 20 1853

On the 10th inst., at Muff Glebe, Cookstown aged 17, JANE, third daughter of the REV. WILLIAM J. IRVINE

June 10 1853

At Cookstown, on the 28th ult., CATHERINE SHIELDS, infant daughter of ANDREW JAMES NEWTON, ESQ.

August 5 1853

On the 24th July, at Cookstown, in the county of Tyrone, at the residence of ROBERT MILLER, JUN., ESQ., in her 82nd year, DOROTHY, relict of the late JOHN JOHNSTON, ESQ., M.D.

December 30 1853

December 12th, at her son's residence, Cookstown, ELEANOR, widow of the late JAMES RUTHERFORD, ESQ., of Cookstown. She was maternally descended from the Earl of Fife

September 29 1854

On the 17th inst., at Loy, Cookstown, ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, eldest daughter of the late MAJOR RICHARDSON, of Ballymena, county Tyrone

August 24 1855

On the 13th inst., at Green Park, Edinburgh, JOHN KNOX, son of the REV. JOHN KNOX LESLIE, of Cookstown, aged nearly four years

October 5 1855

On the 14th ult., in her 49th year, JEANE LOUISA, wife of MR. SAMUEL W. CORDNER, organist, Cookstown, and daughter of the late CAPTAIN BENJAMIN BREMNER, of Cossonry, Canton du Vaad, Switzerland

April 25 1856

On the 10th inst., at his father's residence, Arthur Bridge, near Cookstown, THOMAS, second son of MR. ARCHIBALD NESBITT


On the 17th inst., at his father's residence, Arthur Bridge, near Cookstown, ROBERT, youngest son of MR. ARCHIBALD NESBITT

August 29 1856

August 20, at Tullyreagh, Cookstown, county Tyrone, ROBERT GLASGOW, ESQ.

November 7 1856

On the 25th ult., at his residence, Cookstown, MR. JOHN McCORMICK

February 6 1857

On the 27th ult., at Tullygowen, near Cookstown, THOMAS DICKSON, SURGEON, R.N., aged 75 years

April 10 1857

On the 4th inst., ELIZABETH, wife of MR. SAMUEL ALLEN, Plantain Lodge, Cookstown, and eldest daughter of MR. MATTHEW HUSTON, of Churchill, Garvagh [Co. Londonderry]

May 1 1857

At Cookstown, on the 19th ult., MRS. ELIZABETH CUSTER, relict of the late BERNARD CUSTER, ESQ., R.N., aged 72 years

May 15 1857

On the 3rd inst., at Cookstown, MRS. ANNE LYND, widow of the late MR. A. LYND, aged 83 years

July 10 1857

On the 27th ult., at her residence, 5 Chapel Lane [Belfast], ROSE, relict of the late JOHN BLACK, Belfast, and sister to the late JOHN McALISTER, Stewart's Arms Hotel, Gortalowry, Cookstown

August 14 1857

On the 4th inst., JOHN GEORGE, infant son of MR. BENJAMIN GLASGOW, of Cookstown, aged 6 months

November 6 1857

At his residence, Cookstown, on the 22nd ult., WILLIAM CHARLES, ESQ., aged 65 years


At the residence of MR. WILLIAM D. ASHTON, 187 York Street, Belfast, on the 28th ult., MRS. MARY GIBSON, relict of the late MR. JOHN GIBSON, of Cookstown, aged 91 years


At Cookstown, on the 20th ult., MARY, eldest daughter of the late WILLIAM MAGILL, ESQ., J.P., Crieve House, county Tyrone

March 26 1858

On the 18th inst., at DOCTOR HUTCHINSON'S residence, near Cookstown, ADAM SMITH, ESQ., late of Dromore, in the parish of Macosquin [Co. Londonderry]

May 12 1858

On the 10th inst., at 4 Franklin Place, Belfast, CATHARINE, relict of the late SURGEON YOUNG, R.N., Cookstown, aged 73 years

July 2 1858

At Blindgate Street, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry], aged 83 years, JANE, relict of the late MR. JAMES YOUNG, Cookstown

December 3 1858

On the 25th ult., at Loy House, Cookstown, MARGARET, wife of GEORGE SHAW, ESQ.

May 6 1859

On the 29th April, at Culreaghs, near Cookstown, the residence of his brother, MR. NATHANIEL STANTON, aged seventy years

July 22 1859

July 14, at Cookstown, county Tyrone, the infant daughter of LIEUTENANT COLONEL IRVINE

May 25 1860

April 8, at Hamilton, North Carolina, DR. EDWARD GLASGOW, a native of Cookstown, county Tyrone

June 29 1860

June 18, at Fitzroy Square, London, J H BROWNE, ESQ., barrister-at-law, formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone, aged 38 years

November 23 1860

November 16, at Cookstown, SUSANNA, wife of GEORGE FIELD, and daughter of the late RICHARD GALBRAITH, of Dublin

December 28 1860

On the 28th November, at Cookstown, MR. SAMUEL WARING CORDNER, aged 65 years, for upwards of 30 years organist of St. Anne's, Dungannon, subsequently of the Castle Chapel, and Parish Church, Tandragee, and latterly, to the day of his death, organist of the Parish Church at Cookstown

May 10 1861

May 2, at Cookstown, of inflammation, JAMES McMULLAN, Sub Inspector of Constabulary, aged 55 years

May 31 1861

May 21, at Cookstown, MISS MARY M. GRAY


On the 17th April, at Cookstown, Mary, wife of MR. J. DUNLOP, aged 84 years

August 2 1861

July 28, at Cookstown, of scarletina, JAMES SEARIGHT, third son of ADAM FULTON, ESQ., aged nearly four and a half years

August 30 1861

August 23, at Culreaghs, Cookstown, MARGARET, the wife of JAMES STANTON, ESQ., aged 78 years

January 10 1862

January 2, at his residence, Crieve House, Cookstown, county Tyrone, SAMUEL R. MAGILL, ESQ., J.P., aged 70 years

January 17 1862

January 5, at Mackaney, near Cookstown, MR. ECCLES BLACK, aged 58 years


January 9, at Cookstown, John, second son of MR. JOHN STEENSON, aged 23 years


January 7, at Drumeron, near Cookstown, ANN, wife of the late MR. ROBERT LITTLE, aged 80 years

March 7 1862

February 25, at Derrycrouney, near Cookstown, MR. JOHN LYND

May 2 1862

April 26, at Cookstown, REBECCA, second daughter of MR. ADAM McCOLLUM, aged 23 years

May 16 1862

May 6, at Bangor, county Down, ANN, relict of the late MATTHEW PATTESON, ESQ., Cookstown

July 4 1862

July 2, at Bridge End, Ballymacarret [Belfast], ROBERT PATTESON, late Sergeant 18th Hussars, formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone, aged 81 years

July 11 1862

At his residence, 8 Charlemont Place, Dublin, DANIEL McCOOKE, ESQ., late of Loy Hill, Cookstown, county Tyrone

August 8 1862

August 6, at Cookstown, of consumption, MARTHA JANE, only daughter of the late LUKE POTTER

October 31 1862

October 23, at the house of her brother, the REV. WILLIAM GORDON, of Gilford [Co. Down], SARAH, wife of MR. WILLIAM MATHEWS, of Grange, near Cookstown, aged 48 years

November 28 1862

November 24, at Greenvale, Cookstown, FLORA, second daughter of THOMAS ADAIR, ESQ., aged 11 years

January 2 1863

December 25 at his residence, Cookstown, after a lengthened illness, MR. JOHN WILSON

March 13 1863

March 7, at Cookstown, HENRY NEWTON, ESQ., aged 88, eldest son of the late ANDREW NEWTON, ESQ., J.P., of Coagh, county Tyrone, of the counties Tyrone and Londonderry

April 10 1863

March 17, at Gortlalowry House, Cookstown, FREDERICK IRVINE, aged five years, son of LIEUTENANT COLONEL IRVINE, late of the 88th Regiment, after a few days illness


On the 2nd April, at Gortlalowry House, Cookstown, LIEUTENANT COLONEL IRVINE, late of the 88th Regiment, after a few days illness

April 10 1863

On the 5th of April, at Gortalowry House, Cookstown, CHARLES, second son of the late LIEUTENANT COLONEL IRVINE, after a few days illness

April 14 1863

April 7, at Cookstown, county Tyrone, MRS. JANE LYND, relict of Lieutenant ROBERT LYND, aged 83 years

May 12 1863

May 4, at Seaford Ave, Sandymount [Dublin], ELIZA, widow of the late GEORGE GOURLAY, ESQ., of Cookstown, aged 62 years

June 9 1863

June 4, at Moneymore, MARTHA, relict of the late JOHN ALLEN, Cookstown

June 19 1863

On the 21st April, at her residence, 28 Abbotsford Street, Hotham [Melbourne, Australia], MRS. ELLEN RUTHERFORD, the mother of MRS. J. GIRVIN, of Brunswick Street, Collingwood [Melbourne], formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone, aged 72 years

July 28 1863

July 20, at Colcrunagh, near Cookstown, ANNE JANE, youngest daughter of JAMES FLEMING, ESQ.


On the 22nd July, at Gortalowry, Cookstown, the wife of MR. ANDREW JOHNSTON

August 4 1863

July 31, at the house of his nephew, MR. ADAM FULTON, Cookstown, WILLIAM LOGAN ESQ., aged 87 years

October 23 1863

October 19, of fever, at the residence of his father, the REV. JAMES WILSON, Glenview, Magherafelt, HUGH WILSON, of the Belfast Bank, Cookstown

October 27 1863

October 22, at Cookstown, BERNARD PATRICK, youngest son of MR. BERNARD MALLON, draper, aged 4 years and 7 months

October 30 1863

August 17, at Brunswick, near Melbourne [Australia], EDMOND WILLIAM JOHNSON BARDIN, of Emerald Downs, Queensland [Australia], youngest son of the late REV. CHARLES BARDIN, D.D., many years Rector of Derryloran, Cookstown, Diocese of Armagh

November 6 1863

November 1, MR. WILLIAM BALLINTINE, clerk of Cookstown Union since it was first established

November 24 1863

November 19, at his residence, Una Cottage, CHARLES, youngest son of the late JOHN WILSON, ESQ., of Cookstown

December 1 1863

On the 22nd November, at Orritor, near Cookstown, MRS. NOBBS, aged 100 years

December 15 1863

On the 10th December, at Cookstown, MR. JAMES McKEAN, aged 66 years


December 9, DELILA, wife of MR. CHARLES MOOREHEAD, Drum, Cookstown, aged 40 years

December 29 1863

December 22, at Cookstown, DANIEL, youngest son of BERNARD HENRY, ESQ., aged one year and ten months

March 8 1864

March 6, at the residence of her son in law, THOMAS ADAIR, Greenvale, Cookstown, MARY, relict of JOHN WHITE, late of Ballymoney, aged 82 years

March 18 1864

March 11, at Warrenpoint [Co. Down], WILLIAM, fourth son of the late ALEXANDER CLUFF, ESQ., Kildress, Cookstown

May 17 1864

May 10, at Cookstown, MR. JOHN McGUCKIAN

May 24-1864

March 31, at Kurrachee [Karachi?], East Indies, in the 22nd year of his age, WILLIAM IRVINE, ESQ., H.M. 19th Regiment, eldest son of the late LIEUTENANT COLONEL IRVINE, of Cookstown, county Tyrone

June 17 1864

On the 8th June, at Grange, near Cookstown, MRS. BERKELEY, aged 83 years

July 26 1864

July 21, at Franklin Place, Belfast, MR. ROBERT McGEAGH, late of Cookstown, aged 81 years

October 4 1864

September 27, at Grange, near Cookstown, NANNIE, youngest daughter of the late MR. JAMES BERKELEY

February 10 1866

February 8, at Cookstown, MR. F. MURPHY, aged 50 years

February 28 1865

On the 26th February, MARY ANN FROGGATT, late of Cookstown, aged 40 years

May 5 1865

On the 29th April, at Belfast, MRS. LAFFERTY, late of Cookstown, aged 80 years.

July 18 1865

July 11, at the residence of her father, MR. JAMES DUNLOP, Cookstown, the wife of MR. J. CULBERT, near Dungannon

August 11 1865

August 6, at Dock Street, Belfast, JOHN COLLINS, ESQ., formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone

November 10 1865

November 5, MR. WILLIAM TENER, formerly of Cookstown, aged 65 years

December 29 1865

November 10, at Tecumseth, Bondhead, Canada, GEORGE GALT RAMSEY, ESQ., formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone, aged 60 years and two months

February 2 1866

January 27, at Tullyard, Cookstown, SARAH, wife of JOHN CANNING, and daughter of the late JAMES CRAIG, ESQ., M.P., of Glynnpark, Carrickfergus [Co. Antrim], aged 54 years

March 20 1866

On the 15th March, at her residence, College Square North, Belfast, MARIA, relict of the late JOSHUA COLLINS, ESQ., Cookstown, aged 83 years

June 1 1866

May 27, at his residence, Dunamore, near Cookstown, Tyrone, the REV. ARTHUR McGURK

September 11 1866

September 3, suddenly, of diarrhoea, MR. JOHN M. WHYTE, of Cookstown

October 23 1866

October 21, at his residence, Cookstown, SILAS EBENEZER WEIR, aged 61 years

January 8 1867

January 3, at his residence, Cookstown, after a long illness, MR. HUGH HAMILTON SMITH, second and only surviving son of the late JOSEPH SMITH, ESQ., Cookstown, aged 35 years

January 18 1867

January 15, at the residence of MR. JAMES SMITH, Cookstown, BERKLEY, daughter of the late CAPTAIN MACNEILL, Killyneal House, Dungannon

March 19 1867

March 15, at Cookstown, MRS. RAMSAY, relict of the late JOHN RAMSAY, ESQ., Claggan, near Cookstown, aged 89 years

July 5 1867

June 29, at Ballyloughan, near Cookstown, ANNE, wife of MR. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, aged 68 years

August 2 1867

July 25, at Tullycall, near Cookstown, MR. ALEXANDER GIVINS, father of MR. JOHN GIVINS, Castleroe, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]

September 17 1867

On the 10th September, at the house of his brother, Dunmore, Cookstown, Head Constable GEORGE BELL, formerly of county Cork, aged 58 years

October 22 1867

October 14, at her residence, 31 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin, ELIZABETH, relict of the late REV. JOHN DAVISON, Cookstown, county Tyrone, aged 90 years

November 8 1867

November 3, at Cookstown, ANNIE, only daughter of MR. JOHN DONNELLY, aged 17 years

November 15 1867

November 13, at Cookstown, ESTHER ANNE, daughter of WILLIAM PAUL, ESQ.

November 19 1867

November 13, at Cookstown, the wife of MR. ADAM McCALLUM, aged 50 years

December 27 1867

December 19, at Cookstown, Joseph, son of the REV. WILLIAM CRAIG, of Boyle, aged 28 years

January 17 1868

January 11, at Cookstown, ALICIA O'NEILL, relict of the late JAMES PAUL, ESQ., Cookstown, aged 57 years

March 13 1868

March 8, at Magheraglass, Cookstown, MARGARET, third daughter of the late WILLIAM CLUFF, ESQ., aged 22 years

May 15 1868

May 13, at his residence, Greenvale, Cookstown, THOMAS ADAIR, aged 70 years

July 7 1868

June 30, at Kildress, near Cookstown, after a very short illness, Margaret, wife of MR. ROBERT REID, aged 29 years

September 11 1868

September 7, at Cookstown, CHARLOTTE, third daughter of WILLIAM MORGAN, ESQ.

November 20 1868

November 16, at 5 Bedeque Street, Belfast, MARGARET TIMNEY, formerly of Cookstown, aged 71 years

March 2 1869

Feb 24, at Drumshambo, near Cookstown, the REV. RICHARD STEWART, for 56 years Rector of Kildress, county Tyrone, aged 85 years

March 5 1869

Feb 27, at the Manse, Cookstown, JAMES, eldest son of the REV. H.R. WILSON, aged 17 years

May 30 1869

April 22, MRS. DIXON, Unagh Cottage, near Cookstown, aged 27 years

May 14 1869

May 7, at Glenarm, accidentally drowned while bathing, JAMES STANTON CLUFF, A.M., second son of JAMES CLUFF, ESQ., Kildress, Cookstown, aged 27 years

May 21 1869

May 17, at her brother's residence, Drapersfield House, Cookstown, ELLEN GLASGOW

June 4 1869

June 1, at her residence, Loy, Cookstown, MARIA, relict of the late MR. JOHN ATWELL, aged 58 years

September 3 1869

August 29, at Cookstown, NORA, second daughter of MR. WILLIAM SMITH, aged 1 year and 3 months

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