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Bodoney Lower Parish Death Announcments 1815-69

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Bodoney Lower Parish Death Announcments 1815-69
Deaths recorded in Bodoney Lower Parish, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed by Len Swindley

November 21 1815

At Woodbrook, on Sunday the 12th inst. MRS. TAGGART, wife of W. TAGGART, ESQ. a Lady most sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance

February 11 1823

On Friday morning, at Beltrim Castle, the HON. MRS. COLE HAMILTON

June 6 1825

On Friday last, MR. ROBERT GRAY, of Gortin

July 12 1825

On the 27th ult. aged twenty two years, MISS ISABELLA McFARLAND, daughter of ARMAR McFARLAND, ESQ. of Straree, This amiable young lady bore, with pious resignation, her tedious illness with a firm reliance on the merits of her Saviour; awaited her dissolution without terror in happy tranquillity and peace. Her worthy mother about six weeks ago paid the same debt of nature. This last calamity has added to the cup of woe another bitter ingredient. By her well-spent time, her piety and charity, she has secured to her possession that eternal “Inheritance which is laid up for us in Heaven.” In truth she was an affectionate friend, a valuable acquaintance. How painful and agonizing are those separations from our esteemed relations and friends from all we hold most dear; but there is always something however to soften the affliction by the prospect of felicity in reversion, which the pious may hope for, and by the positive certainty of a recognition of friends in a better world with purer and more refined affections

January 23 1830

Suddenly, on the night of the 12th instant, by a fall from his horse, JOHN McFARLAND, ESQ., of Drumlee, first Lieutenant Loyal Gortin Yeomanry

December 10 1831

On the 21st ult., MRS. JOSEPH MATHEWSON, of Minniduff [Meenadoo], daughter of the late JOHN McFARLAND, ESQ., of Leardan

April 14 1832

On Sunday, the 8th inst., Emma, daughter of MR. JOHN CATHCART, Officer of Excise, Gortin, aged ten years

March 11 1834

Melancholy Occurrence: As MR. JOHN MATHEWSON of Liscabell, near Gortin, was returning on Tuesday last from the market of this town [Strabane], in crossing a ford near N. T. [Newtown] Stewart, he unfortunately fell from his horse and was drowned. His friends used every exertion to find his body but without success until the morning of Sunday last, when it was discovered on the strand near Lifford [Co. Donegal]. The untimely fate of Mr. Mathewson has caused very general and sincere sorrow as he was particularly esteemed by every person who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. His remains were removed to Newtownstewart on Sunday for Interment

January 3 1835

On Christmas day, near Gortin, at the residence of her brother in law, the REV. CHARLES HEMPHILL, aged 75, CATHERINE, relict of the late MR. DAVID McCOOL, land surveyor, of this City [Londonderry]

January 10 1835

On Friday last, in consequence of his horse falling on the frost, while riding near Sixmilecross, county Tyrone, SURGEON ARMSTRONG, son of MR. MATHEW ARMSTRONG, of Gortin

March 14 1835

At Learden, near Gortin, on the 26th ult., in the 81st year of her age, MRS. McFARLAND, relict of the late WILLIAM McFARLAND, ESQ.

October 24 1835

On the 13th of July last, of fever, on board, H.M.S. Blonde, in the harbour of Valparaiso, South America, JOHN WILLIAM LANE, ESQ., fourth son of the late GEORGE LANE, ESQ., of Woodbrook, county Tyrone, late assistant surgeon of his Majesty's Frigate Challenger

January 12 1836

SIR JOHN JAMES HAMILTON, BART. Of the many distinguished military officers whose deaths we have recorded, there are few whose services so well deserved the gratitude of their country as those of SIR JOHN HAMILTON, BART., of Woodbrook, in the County of Tyrone, who died a few days ago, being, at the period of his decease, a Lieut. General in the Army, Colonel of the 69th Regt., Governor of Duncannon Fort and Knight Grand Cross of the Military Order of the Tower and Sword. The gallant officer entered upon active service at an unusually early age, and for a period of upwards fifty years, ending with the general peace of 1815, he was never unemployed, was never on half pay, and, what is perhaps without parallel in the British army, he was never, during more than half a century, relieved from duty by official leave of absence, excepting for one fortnight only. During the Peninsular war, his professional science and acknowledged courage were still more importantly exhibited in discharging the many arduous duties of the trust reposed in him by the Duke of Wellington, who confided to his command a large division of the allied army.

Whilst Inspector general of Portugal, the national force of that kingdom became, through his indefatigable exertions, as effective and as distinguished for high discipline as it had previously been notorious for want of energy and military character. --- Few achievements, even amidst numberless scenes of brilliant exploit, were more gallant, or more deservedly the theme of universal admiration, than this brave soldier’s almost unexampled and almost incredible defence of the unfortified town, and dismantled castle Alba de Tormes [Spain] in the latter kingdom with fifteen hundred men, exhausted by an harassing march against the pursuing army of Soult, fifteen thousand strong, and supported by twenty pieces of artillery. Sir John was in his 81st year, descended from a younger son of the noble house of Abercorn, and was related to many of the leading families in the north of Ireland. He married EMILY SOPHIA MONKS, grand-daughter of MARCUS, EARL OF TYRONE; and has left, besides his successor, the present SIR JOHN JAMES HAMILTON BART., four daughters, of whom the second is married to SHEFFIELD GRACE, ESQ., brother of SIR WILLIAM GRACE, BART.

August 13 1836

At his residence, in Colvahillion, near Gortin, on Sunday, the 7th inst., JOHN McFARLAND, aged 53 years. He was appointed Sergeant of the Gortin Cavalry at their establishment, in his 15th year, by the request of the gallant COLONEL COLE HAMILTON, grandfather of A.W. COLE HAMILTON, ESQ., of Beltrim. His remains were taken on Tuesday, the 9th, to the graveyard at Newtownstewart, and deposited in the tomb of his parents

October 4 1836

On the 10th ult. at his residence in Straree, ARMOR McFARLAND, ESQ. aged 84. He was a man of the strictest integrity, and held in the highest esteem by all who knew him

April 29 1837

On Monday 17th inst., in the 50th year of his life, WILLIAM TAGERT, ESQ., of Woodbrook, in the county of Tyrone

December 1 1838

November 19, at Beltrim, county Tyrone, ARTHUR EDWARD, son of ARTHUR EDWARD WILLOUGHBY COLE HAMILTON, ESQ., aged one year

July 17 1841

On the 9th inst., at Liscable, near Newtownstewart, after a protracted illness, JANE, the beloved wife of MR. ANDREW MATHEWSON, aged 20 years

May 20 1843

At Gortin, on the 16th inst., of an inflammation of the bowels, ELIZA, the beloved wife of ALEXANDER LAUGHLIN, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 41 years

August 26 1848

August 13, at Philipstown, MARGARET CHARLOTTE ANNE, wife of REV. N. STEPHENS, of Gortin, county Tyrone

May 12 1849

At Gortin, on 26th ult., MR. WILLIAM H. McLAUGHLIN, aged 30 years, of pleurisy

July 27 1849

On the 21st inst., at Greencastle, near Gortin, ISABELLA, wife of the late MR. HUGH LAUGHLIN, aged 97 years

August 10 1849

On 3rd July, in Philadelphia, United States, MARGARET, wife of MR. CHARLES COLHOUN, and daughter of MR. ANDREW LAUGHLIN, formerly of Gortin, county Tyrone

November 16 1849

At Strabane, on the 8th inst., ISABELLA, last surviving daughter of the late CLAUD HAMILTON, ESQ., MISS HAMILTON was the last of her race, in the elder branch, next to that of the Marquis of Abercorn, in direct descent from CLAUD HAMILTON, first Baron of Paisley; second cousin of the present SIR JAMES JOHN HAMILTON, BART., of Woodbrook, county of Tyrone, and nearly related to the noblest blood in this part of Ireland

January 11 1850

On the 28th ult., in the 64th year of her age, MRS. E. McFARLAND, postmistress, Gortin

October 18 1850

On the 8th inst., after a lingering illness, Sarah, wife of MR. JAMES HAMILTON, Droit, near Newtownstewart, aged 32 years

21-February 21 1851

On Sunday, the 12th ult. aged 53 years, MR. ANDREW McFARLAND, of Liscable, near Newtownstewart

May 16 1851

On Sunday, the 11th inst., at Trenamadin, near Gortin, MR. WILLIAM BALLANTINE, at the advanced age of 86 years

September 17 1852

On the 7th inst., at his lodgings, in Gortin, in the 27th year of his age, of a few day's illness, MR. ALEXANDER PATTON, Ordnance Surveyor, second son of DR. PATTON, of Kilmacrenan

October 8 1852

September 28, at Gortin, county Tyrone, aged 60 years, after a long and lingering illness, MR. CHARLES McFARLAND, a kind husband and an affectionate and indulgent parent. His remains were conveyed to the family burying ground in Gortin old churchyard

January 13 1854

On Thursday, the 5th inst., at Lisnacraig [Lisnacreight], near Gortin, MARY ANN, relict of the late JAMES McFARLANE, ESQ., aged 77 years

June 16 1854

On Tuesday, the 14th inst., at Gortin, ELEANOR, the beloved wife of ALEXANDER BALLANTINE, ESQ., merchant, aged 51 years

December 14 1855

On the 1st inst., MR. JOSEPH MATHEWSON, of Minneyduff, near Gortin, county Tyrone, aged 72 years

August 15 1856

On the 31st ult., at Liscable, Newtownstewart, MR. JOHN McFARLAND, aged 65 years

September 11 1857

On Tuesday, the 8th inst., in Gortin, MR. PATRICK HAGERTY, at the advanced age of 119 years

December 11 1857

On Thursday, the 3rd inst., at Lenamore, near Gortin, CHARLES McLAUGHLIN, ESQ., Lieutenant, Loyal Gortin Yeomen, aged 76 Years

December 18 1857

On Thursday, the 10th inst., at Rooskey, near Gortin, MR. FREDERICK CAMPBELL, aged 84 years

November 27 1857

At the house of her daughter, in Gortanigan, on the 22nd inst., ISABELLA, relict of the late LIEUTENANT JOHN McFARLAND, Drumlea, aged 66 years

January 22 1858

On the 14th inst., at Lenamore, near Gortin, MR. WILLIAM KNOX, aged 95 years

April 9 1858

On Wednesday, the 31st ult., at Gorticastle, near Gortin, MR. ADAM LAUGHLIN, aged 86 years

October 29 1858

On the 10th inst., Matilda, relict of the late MR. JAMES McMULLIN, of Rylands, near Gortin, aged 82 years

May 20 1859

At Lenamore, near Gortin, on the 12th inst., MR. ANDREW JOHN McLAUGHLIN, aged 56 years

January 6 1860

January 2, at Glenmacoffer, near Gortin, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES MATHEWSON

June 15 1860

June 9, Jane, only daughter of ROBERT M TAGGART, ESQ., M.D., of Carrickmacross, county Monaghan, and Woodbrook, county Tyrone, aged 18 years

June 29 1860

June 27, at Trenamadon, near Gortin, JOHN McKELVEY, ESQ., aged 62 years. His remains will be removed for interment at Gortin this day (Friday) at 12 o'clock

April 5 1861

March 24, at Woodbrook, near Gortin, county Tyrone, MRS. ELIZABETH LAUGHLIN, at the advanced age of 100 years

December 13 1861

December 6, at Beltrim, near Gortin, MISS NANCY McCONNELL, aged 60 years

March 7 1862

March 2, at Gortin, JAMES, eldest son of ALEXANDER LAUGHLIN, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 89 years

June 6 1862

May 29, at Rooskey, MISS HANNAH GILLIGHAN, aged 73 years

September 5 1862

July 14, at Portage City, State of Wisconsin, America, SARAH, wife of HUGH McFARLANE, ESQ., of that city, and formerly of Lysnascraig [Lisnacreight], near Gortin, Tyrone

February 6 1863

January 31, at Belvedere Place, Dublin, NICHOLA SOPHIA, eldest daughter of the late RICHARD CHALONER, ESQ., of King's Fort, county Meath, wife of COLONEL PRATT, of Cabra Castle, and widow of the late CLAUDE COLE HAMILTON, ESQ., of Beltrim, county Tyrone

February 27 1863

February 15, at Gorticastle, near Gortin, ANNE, relict of MR. ADAM LAUGHLIN, aged 85 years

April 17 1863

April 15, at Rooskey, near Gortin, ANN, wife of MR. WILLIAM McNICKLE, aged 72 years

May 8 1863

May 3, at Colvahillion, near Gortin, JANE relict of the late MR. JOHN McLAUGHLIN, aged 72 years

June 26 1863

June 18, at his father's residence, Gortin, county Tyrone, JOHN STANLEY, eldest son of the REV. MOSES LEATHEM, Rector of Lower Badony

October 13 1863

October 7, at Woodbrook, near Gortin, MR. DANIEL McDEVITT, aged thirty-four

January 29 1864

January 19, at Beltrim, near Gortin, MARGARET, wife of MR. ARTHUR McNICKLE, aged 73 years


January 24, at Gortin, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. JAMES COLHOUN, aged 80 years

October 4 1864

September 29, at Gortin, MR. IRVINE McLAUGHLIN, JUN., merchant, aged 88 years


On the 31st January, Rachel, the beloved wife of MR. JOSEPH THOMPSON, Moneykennon, Donemana, aged 34 years, second daughter of MR. PATRICK McNICKLE, Gortin

March 7 1865

On the 1st March, at Dunbunraver, Newtownstewart, MR. ANDREW MATHEWSON, aged 84 years

May 12 1865

May 6, MR. JOHN CAMPBELL, Minaduff [Meenadoo], near Gortin, aged 86 years

June 6 1865

May 29, at Liscabble, Newtownstewart, MARIA JANE, infant daughter of MR. A.T. McFARLAND, aged 10 months

June 30 1865

June 15, at Lennymore, Gortin, in the 74th year of her age, MARTHA, relict of the late JAMES MACIVOR, ESQ., of Coleraine, and mother of the REV. JAMES MACIVOR, D.D., Rector of Ardstraw

October 13 1865

October 8, at the residence of the REV. N. STEPHENS, Lennymore, Gortin, JOHN HUGH, only son of the late JOHN HAZLETON, ESQ., of Shrewsbury, England, in his 19th year

February 20 1866

February 12, at Gortin, of croup, JAMES LOGAN, aged 4 years and 7 months, second son of the REV. M. LOGAN


December 9, at South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, of colonial fever, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of MR. JOHN GRAHAM, late of Trenamadon, county Tyrone

April 27 1866

April 19, at Beechvalley, Dungannon, of bronchitis, REBECCA HAMILTON, relict of the late JOSHUA WIDCOCKS, ESQ., daughter of the late REV. JOHN WALSH, D.D., of Dublin, and granddaughter of the late CLAUDIUS HAMILTON, ESQ., M.P., of Beltrim Castle, county Tyrone, aged 81 years

July 10 1866

July 4, at Gortin, JANE, widow of the late MR. G. SINGLETON JOYCE, aged 74 years

January 22 1867

January 17, at his residence, Gortin, of bronchitis, MR. ALEXANDER BALLANTINE, aged 78 years

March 8 1867

On the 3rd March, at Dunbunraver, MATILDA, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM HAMILTON, and daughter of the late SAMUEL DUNN, ESQ., Plumbridge

June 7 1867

May 25, at the residence of his father, Beltrim, Gortin, WILLIAM SCOTT, JUN., aged 26 years

December 24 1867

December 19, of a sudden illness, MR. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, of Rooskey, near Gortin, in the 48th year of his age

March 15 1867

March 3, after a short illness, MATILDA, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM HAMILTON, of Liscable, near Newtownstewart

April 3 1868

April 2, at Gortin Rectory, the REV. WILLIAM MONTGOMERY BERESFORD, Rector of Lower Badoney, aged 50 years. His remains will be removed from Gortin to Learmount Churchyard, at nine o'clock, a.m., on Monday, the 6th instant

December 8 1868

November 29, in the 70th year of her age, MARGARET, wife of MR. DANIEL McNICKLE, Gortin

March 16 1869

March 8, at Rockvale, county Down, JANE, the beloved wife of JOHN CURRAN, and fifth daughter of the late MR. JAMES WATSON, Gortin, county Tyrone

November 23 1869

Nov. 19, at Beltrim, county Tyrone, EMILY CATHERINE, wife of MAJOR A.W. COLE HAMILTON, D.L., and fourth daughter of the late REV. CHARLES COBBE BERESFORD, aged 61 years

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