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Ballygawley & Errigal Keerogue Parish Death Announcements 1836-69

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Ballygawley & Errigal Keerogue Parish Death Announcements 1836-69
Deaths recorded in Ballygawley and Errigal Keerogue Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

January 3 1835

MULLIGAN. At his house, near Ballygawley, at an advanced age, STEWART MULLIGAN, ESQ., for many years Coroner of the county Tyrone

June 11 1836

MAYNE. On the 26th ult., at the house of her son, in Ballygawley, ANN, wife of the late ALEXANDER MAYNE, ESQ., of said place

December 24 1836

ARMSTRONG. On the 14th inst., at his residence, Ballygawley Castle, in the county Tyrone, RICHARD ARMSTRONG, in the 85th year of his age

June 1 1839

BELL. At Ballygawley, county of Tyrone, THOMAS BELL, ESQ., surgeon in the Royal Navy

January 11 1840

DICKSON. Of consumption, on Tuesday, 24th ult., in the 35th year of his age, after a long and protracted illness, MR. HARRINGTON DICKSON, of Ballygawley, fourth son of the late MR. DAVID DICKSON, merchant, Dungannon

August 29 1840

MURRAY. At Dungannon, on the 20th inst., aged 39 years, the REV. THOMAS MURRAY, for many years curate of the parish of Ballygawley, county Tyrone

July 8 1843

COATES. On the 28th ult., at Ballygawley, county Tyrone, MR. WILLIAM COATES, merchant, aged 43 years

July 8 1843

COULTER. On the 26th ult., of consumption, at Ballygawley, WILLIAM COULTER, ESQ., for many years one of the most respectable merchants in that town

January 17 1846

MANN. On the 4th inst., at the residence of his mother, Martray, Ballygawley, MR. WILLIAM MANN, aged 26

January 6 1854

MAGEE. On the 1st inst., at his residence, Ballygawley, MR. GEORGE MAGEE, aged 67 years

January 6 1854

MAGEE (SPROULE). On Monday, the 26th ult., at the residence of MR. GEORGE MAGEE, Ballygawley, ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late MR. ANDREW SPROULE, Magheracrigan, aged 41 years

December 28 1855

CROSLIE. On the 10th inst., at Anahoe House, Ballygawley, county Tyrone, HENRY CROSLIE, ESQ., in the 70th year of his age

July 10 1857

SIMPSON. On the 1st inst., at Cess, Ballygawley, MR. JOHN SIMPSON, aged 66 years

July 1 1859

STEWART. June 25, at the residence of his father, of inflammation of the lungs, JOHN ARCHDALL STEWART, eldest son of CAPTAIN MERVYN STEWART, Martray, Ballygawley

December 16 1859

FERGUSON. December 9, REV. WILLIAM FERGUSON, Presbyterian Minister, Ballygawley, aged 38 years

June 7 1861

KEENAN. June 2, at Turnaskey, Ballygawley, after a sudden illness, JOHN, second son of the late MR. PATRICK KEENAN, aged 22 years

June 14 1861

MOORE. June 4, at Ballygawley, MISS MOORE, aged 38 years

September 5 1862

STEWART. On the 23rd August, at Martray House, Ballygawley, ELEANOR ANNA, the youngest daughter of MERVYN STEWART, ESQ., J.P., in the county of Tyrone

November 21 1862

HOPPER. November 14, at Crew, near Ballygawley, MR. SAMUEL HOPPER, aged 67 years

June 26 1863

McBRIDE. June 23, at the residence of his father, Crossan, county Down, REV. JOHN McBRIDE, Presbyterian Minister of Ballygawley

July 10 1863

McDOWELL. July 6, at her residence, Ballygawley, county Tyrone, MARY, wife of MR. ALEXANDER McDOWELL, aged 43 years

July 17 1863

ARMSTRONG. July 14, at Grange, Ballygawley, ANDREW, son of the late ADAM ARMSTRONG, ESQ., aged twenty-four years

November 7 1865

STEWART. November 1, at Ballygawley House, county Tyrone, ARTHUR, aged 18 days, the infant son of SIR JOHN MARCUS STEWART, BART., and LADY STEWART

November 14 1865

ARMSTRONG. November 9, at Grange, Ballygawley, MARGARET, relict of the late ADAM ARMSTRONG, ESQ., aged 51 years

March 6 1866

MOUTRAY. February 22, at her father's residence, Balnasaggart, Ballygawley, county Tyrone, EMILY, fifth daughter of A. MOUTRAY, ESQ., aged 46 years

January 29 1867

ROGERS. January 20, at the residence of JOHN HAGAN, ESQ., Irish Street, Dungannon, FRANCIS ROGERS, ESQ., of Ballymacelroy, near Ballygawley, in the 61st year of his age

April 26 1867

PHILLIPS. April 21, at the residence of his son, SAMUEL PHILLIPS, ESQ., M.D., Ballygawley, county Tyrone, the REV. JAMES PHILLIPS, Presbyterian Minister of Fivemiletown, in the 88th year of his age and the 56th year of his Ministry

August 20 1869

MOUTRAY. August 17, at his residence, Balnasaggart, Ballygawley, ALEXANDER MOUTRAY, ESQ., aged 92 years

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