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Ardstraw Parish Death Announcements, 1824-39

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Ardstraw Parish Death Announcements, 1824-39
Deaths recorded in Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL and LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed, compiled & submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

October 26 1824

At Murlagh [Co. Donegal], on Sunday last, at a very advanced age MRS. McHUGH, relict of the late MR. PATRICK McHUGH, of Drumnabuoy

February 8 1825

At Nice, South of France, universally regretted, the Rev. Edward Campbell, Newtownstewart

May 24 1825

On Sunday the 8th instant, MR. JOHN HOOD, of Newtownstewart, deeply lamented by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance

May 24 1825

On Tuesday last, MR. JOHN CUTHBERTSON of Stoney-falls, aged 70

July 12 1825

At Baronscourt, on the 27th ult. of a lingering illness the REV. JOHN McDAVITT, P.P. of Ardstraw. His amiable and social qualities, untainted by prejudice, made him sincerely esteemed and respected by his friends, whilst the immense crowd that came to pay the last tribute of their affectionate feeling to the memory of the deceased, by attending his remains to the place of interment, was a sufficient proof that they were not insensible of his worth, and that merit even in this life seldom sinks into the grave unrewarded

April 10 1827

At Newtownstewart, on Thursday last, MRS. TURKINGTON, wife of MR WILLIAM TURKINGTON, Officer of Excise, and second daughter of MR W. CLARKE, of Lifford [Co. Donegal]

April 24 1827

After a few hours illness, at his residence, Newtownstewart, on last Tuesday morning, THOMAS CORNE, ESQ. Few men will be more generally regretted; his sincerity, his integrity, his benevolence of heart, rendered him an object of universal esteem, while the warmth and steadiness of his affection, endeared him in the highest degree to the more immediate circle of his private friends

August 12 1828

Yesterday morning, very suddenly, MR WILLIAM HUNTER, of Breen, near this town [Strabane]

June 9 1829

At Killstroll, on Sunday last, MR JACOB ALEXANDER aged 70

March 27 1830

Very suddenly, at Laragh, near Omagh, on Tuesday morning last, CAPTAIN DUDDEN, a Magistrate of the county Tyrone, and formerly of the 32nd Regiment

April 24 1830

On Friday, the 16th instant, in his 19th year, JOHN McARTHUR, ESQ., student of Trinity College, Dublin and classical lecturer at the Feinaglian Institution. He was born in Ardstraw, the son of the REV. JOHN McARTHUR, Methodist Preacher, now resident at Omagh

May 25 1830

Suddenly, on Saturday evening last, MRS HOOD, wife of MR THOMAS HOOD of Early-Hill, near Douglas

August 31 1830

At Spamount, on Thursday morning last, MISS REBECCA SPROULE, of a decline

January 22 1831

At Newtownstewart, on the 16th inst., aged 76 years, KING BARTON, ESQ. to the deep affliction of his widow and family. His remains were interred in the Newtownstewart burying ground on the Tuesday following, the 18th January

April 5 1831

On Thursday se’nnight, MR ARTHUR McHUGH of Drumnaboy, near Derg

July 19 1831

At his Father’s residence, Douglas Bridge, on the 9th instant, in the 20th year of his age, MR DAVID QUIN, JUN. In his general character were combined a variety of virtues. He was kind and generous in his disposition; amiable and unassuming in his manners, and his premature death will long be remembered by an affectionate father, an only brother, and a numerous circle of acquaintances

July 30 1831

On the 13th inst., at the residence of her son in law, Lisnafin, near Newtownstewart, in the 70th year of her age, after a lingering illness, MRS JACK, the relict of the late MR. ARCHIBALD JACK, Haw, near Lifford [Co. Donegal]

October 22 1831

On Sunday morning last, the 16th inst., near Newtownstewart, aged 42 yrs, MARY ANN, wife of THOMAS MILLER, ESQ., surgeon, R.N.

October 29 1831

At Deer Park, near Newtownstewart, on the 21st inst., aged 60 years, JOHN IRVINE, ESQ., R.N.

March 10 1832

On the 2nd inst., in the 23rd year of her age, MARY, wife of MR. JAMES McPHILLIMY, of Newtownstewart. In the several relations of wife, mother, and friend, her conduct was marked with peculiar tenderness, which was fully evinced by the largest assemblage attending her funeral ever witnessed on a similar occasion

March 17 1832

On the 10th inst., JAMES SIMS, late gardener at Baronscourt, and ruling elder of the Newtownstewart Seceding Congregation, aged 74 years

June 9 1832

On Sunday, the 27th ult., at Ulverston, England, JOHN O'NEILL, of Liverpool, Esq., son of MR. HENRY O'NEILL of Claudy, near Strabane, deceased. An amiable wife and family are left to deplore his loss

October 27 1832

On the 13th inst., at the advanced age of 85 years, MR. ROBERT CARSON, of Drumclamph

March 12 1833

On the 27th February, MARGARET, wife of MR HENRY ROBINSON of Moyle, farmer, aged seventy-three, with whom she lived fifty years, a kind mother and sincere friend. A loving, kind wife, who always trod Fair Virtue’s path now the signal’s given To fly this vale, she sought the blest abode; Left here her cares, and found the wished-for heaven!

June 13 1833

At Newtownstewart, on Tuesday last, JOHN HUSTON, ESQ. late linen Inspector

June 29 1833

At Newtownstewart, on Friday morning week, the 21st inst., MRS. McMULLEN, wife of SAMUEL McMULLEN, ESQ., M.D.

October 15 1833

At Douglas, on Wednesday last, MRS McNAMEE, wife of MR JOHN McNAMEE aged 25 years

December 28 1833

At Baronscourt, on Thursday week, the 19th inst., after a lingering illness, MRS. ROGAN

April 19 1834

At Ballyannon [Ballyrenan], near Barons Court, on the 13th inst., in the 55th year of her age, MRS. McCREERY, wife of MR. JOHN McCREERY

August 30 1834

On the 8th inst., at Moyle House, county Tyrone, SARAH REBECCA, second daughter of the REV. RICHARD HERBERT NASH, D.D.

December 6 1834

On the 13th ult., at the residence of her brother, MR. JAMES TYNAN, of Alticlaudy, MRS. COCHRAN, aged 76, relict of the late MR. JAMES COCHRAN, of Maugheraboy, in the county Donegal

January 24 1835

On Tuesday last, on his return from the market of Strabane, very suddenly, MR. EZEKIEL HUSTON, of Ballaught, parish of Ardstraw

June 23 1835

On Friday last, MRS ROSS, wife of MR GRAHAM ROSS, of Nt. Stewart

June 23 1835

At Newtownstewart, on Friday last, after a very short illness, MR LEVENS MATHEWSON, for many years a respectable merchant of that town

July 7 1835

On the evening of Tuesday last, after a short illness, MR SAMUEL BOYCE, Linen Merchant, Newtownstewart, sincerely and deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances

July 7 1835

On Sunday last, at his Father’s residence, Drumnabuy, near Derg, MR GILLY McHUGH and on the morning of Tuesday the 30th ult, his brother the REV. JOHN McHUGH, aged 25 years. From the gentleness of his manners, and the amiability of his disposition, the Rev. Mr. McHugh was a particular favourite with every person who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. As a classical scholar, he stood high in the estimation of his clerical brethren, and during the short period his health permitted him to officiate as Catholic Curate of the Parish of Donaghmore; he was universally and sincerely beloved by his flock for his unremitting attention and zeal in the discharge of his sacred duties. - His numerous and respectable friends will no doubt long deplore the loss they have sustained in the removal of one who from his talents gave promise of a most useful life

July 11 1835

On Sunday last, at his father's residence, Drumnabuy, near Derg, MR. GILLY McHUGH

July 11 1835

On the morning of Tuesday, the 30th ult., at his father's residence, Drumnabuy, near Derg, the REV. JOHN McHUGH, aged 25 years, Roman Catholic Curate of the parish of Donaghmore, and brother to the late MR. GILLY McHUGH

July 11 1835

On the evening of Tuesday week, after a short illness, MR. SAMUEL BOYCE, linen merchant, Newtownstewart

June 27 1835

On Friday, 19th inst., MRS. ROSS, wife of MR. GRAHAM ROSS, of Newtownstewart

June 27 1835

On the 19th inst., in his 49th year, MR. LAVENS MATHEWSON, of Newtownstewart. He was a member of the Methodist Society for 34 years, and as a son, brother, husband and father, he had few equals

July 18 1835

On the 8th inst., MRS. LOVE, at the advanced age of 88, wife of MR. CHARLES LOVE, Goland

October 27 1835

At Letterbin, near Baronscourt, on Thursday last, MR SAMUEL PATTERSON aged 75 years. He was an affectionate Husband and Parent, maintained a character of Probity, and was highly respected by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances

February 13 1836

At her residence, Newtownstewart, on Friday the 5th inst., SIDNEY, relict of the late KING BARTON, ESQ., aged 69 years

February 27 1836

On Thursday, the 18th inst. aged 24 years, MR. MATTHEW JAMES BURNSIDE, only son of MR. WILLIAM BURNSIDE, of Newtownstewart. In him were displayed the qualities of a dutiful son and an affectionate brother

May 31 1836

At Concess, in the parish of Ardstraw, after a lingering illness, which he bore with the most pious resignation to the Divine will, MR JOHN McFARLAND. He was a man universally respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, and died deeply regretted by a numerous circle of acquaintances

July 23 1836

On Thursday evening, the 21st inst., at Ballykeel, near Newtownstewart, in the 46th year of his age, MR. CHARLES HUNTER

September 10 1836

On the 4th inst., after a protracted illness, MR JAMES RODGERS, of Glassmullagh, near Omagh, in his 80th year

October 1 1836

On Saturday morning last, at Ballymullarty, near Douglas, after a very short illness, MR. FREDERICK KENNEDY, aged 54 years. His remains were followed to the graveyard of Urney, a distance of seven miles, by a numerous concourse of persons of all denominations

December 31 1836

On Wednesday last, at Shanony, the REV. THOMAS KERNAGHAN, Presbyterian Minister of Clady Hill, near Strabane

January 14 1837

On Tuesday, 22nd Nov. SAMUEL McMILLIN, ESQ., M.D., of Newtownstewart, aged 45 years, perished in the wreck of the Bristol, along with his two servants, one unknown, the other OWEN QUIN, an old and faithful servant, who had lived with Doctor McMillin a number of years. Dr. McMillin's body was taken up by relatives on Saturday morning and interred in St. John's burying ground New York

January 21 1837

On Wednesday, 4th inst, at Bunderg, ROBERT MATHEWS, ESQ., aged 52, after a protracted illness of some years

January 28 1837

On the 14th inst., at his residence in Goland, the REV. WILLIAM LOVE, departed this life, much regretted by his friends and Associates

March 4 1837

At Altaclaudy, parish of Ardstraw, on 21st ult, ROBERT CALLENDER, aged 90 years

December 2 1837

On 23rd Nov. MR. DAVID ROSS, of Pubble, near Newtownstewart, aged 92 years. He had 15 children, 87 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren

February 17 1838

On the 14th inst., at the house of MR. JAMES KERR, of William Street [Londonderry], MISS DICK, formerly of Ardstraw, county Tyrone, aged 76

May 26 1838

On Friday, the 18th inst., at Pubble, near Newtownstewart, MARY ANNE, the beloved wife of MR. OLIVER CRAWFORD, aged 30 years

August 18 1838

On Sunday, last at Magheracolton, George McCLENAGHAN, ESQ., formerly of Strabane

October 20 1838

On the 1st inst., the VERY REV. JAMES McCABE, P.P., West Ardstraw, and a Vic. Fr. of the Diocese

January 26 1839

At Ardstraw Bridge, on Wednesday the 16th inst., after a few days illness, JAMES, second son of WILLIAM GIVEN, ESQ., aged 24 years

February 2 1839

On the 23rd ult., at Drumnaboy, near Castlederg, in the 65th year of his age, MR. WILLIAM McHUGH

March 2 1839

At Mulvin, county Tyrone, on Friday morning, the 22nd February, JOHN STEWART, ESQ., in the 82nd year of his age

June 1 1839

On the 15th of April last, MR. JAMES WELSH, of Magheracolton, aged 93 years. He was son to the late REV. ANDREW WELSH, Dissenting Clergyman, 47 years in the Parish of Ardstraw

June 1 1839

Very suddenly at Baronscourt, on the morning of Sunday the 19th ult., MR. JOHN ALLEN, carpenter

June 8 1839

On Sunday the 2nd inst., MISS WRIGHT, at Newtownstewart

June 15 1839

On the 26th ult., at the age of 78 years, MRS. ELIZABETH WELSH, relict of the late JAMES WELSH, of Magheracolton

July 6 1839

On the 25th May, at the residence of her son in law, SURGEON LOVE, of Newtownstewart, MARGARET, relict of the late MR. MACDONNELL, of the same place, aged 75 years

September 28 1839

At Gortlougher, in the parish of Ardstraw, MR. GAYLEY, at an advanced age

October 26 1839

At Crosh House, Newtownstewart, on the 21st ult., WILLIAM ALEXANDER SPEER COLHOUN, aged 14 months

December 14 1839

On Sunday, the 3rd inst., of consumption, a few days after his return from America, GEORGE, third son of MR. JOHN PATTON, Birnaghs, Newtownstewart

December 21 1839

In Newtownstewart, on Friday evening, JONES CRAWFORD, ESQ., aged 67 years. As a grand juror, and Magistrate, he has left few equals behind him

December 21 1839

In Newtownstewart, on Sunday last, MR. WILLIAM BURNSIDE, an old and respected inhabitant of that Town

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