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JACK to JUNK Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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JACK to JUNK Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information Compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Teena

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

JACK Archibald Mrs.

30 Jul 31

On the 13th inst. at the residence of her son in law, Lisnafin, near Newtownstewart in the 70th year of her age after a lingering illness, the relict of the late Mr. Archibald Jack Haw, near Lifford.

JACK Elizabeth

25 Jun 42

At Newtownstewart, on Wednesday the 15th inst., Elizabeth Jack, aged seven years eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Jack, merchant.

JACK Samuel

29 Apr 43

On Tuesday evening last, at Ballycolman near Strabane, Mr. Samuel Jack.

JACK Andrew

02 Nov 44

Very suddenly, on Thursday the 17th ult. at his residence in Newtownstewart, Mr. Andrew Jack.

JACK Samuel

12 Dec 46

At Lisnarrow, on the 26th ult., Samuel Jack Esq. in the 72nd year of his age.

JACK William

12 Sep 56

On Saturday, the 9th ult., at Memphis, Tennessee, aged 20 months, William, son of William Jack Esq. formerly of Lisnarrow, county Tyrone.

JACK James

05 Jul 61

June 28, at Rooskey near Donemana, Mr. James Jack aged 66 years.

JACK Greer

22 Apr 64

April 17, at his residence Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, in his 81st year, Mr. Greer Jack.

JACK Robert

19 May 65

May 12 at his residence Aughnamoile near Omagh, Mr. Robert Jack aged 80 years.

JACK William

19 Feb 69

Feb 18, at Magheracolton, Mr. William Jack aged 37 years.


11 Nov 43

On the 25th ult. at Tullydowey, county Tyrone, Sarah Eyre, third daughter fo the late Very Rev. James Edward Jackson, Dean of Armagh


17 Dec 52

December 6, at Tullydoey, county Tyrone, Lydia relict of the late Thomas Jackson Esq. in the 92nd year of her age.

JACKSON James Eyre

25 Apr 62

April 19, at his residence, Tullydozy, county Tyrone, James Eyre Jackson Esq. in the 68th year of his age.

JACKSON Margretta

28 Jun 67

June 25, at Lisnarrow, Margaretta, daughter of the late Samuel Jack Esq.


13 Jun 65

June 8, at Loughnease, Mr. John Jamieson aged 80 years.


12 Mar 67

March 10, at Lough Enagh, (?) Mr. Joseph Jamieson aged 80 years.

JARVEY William J.

11 Oct 45

On the 24th ult., at Omagh, William James, infant son of Mr. Archibald Jarvey.

JARVEY James Captain

27 Feb 47

February 7th, at Goprtnore (?) Omagh, Captain James Jarvey, halfpay 32nd Foot, in the 54th year of his age.


16 Nov 44

At Callianie, near Strabane on Saturday, last, Mr. Jarvis.


05 Nov 58

At Drumeny near Strabane, on Sunday last, Miss Anne Jeffray aged 50 years.

JELLETT Margaret Matilda

05 Sep 56

On the 19th ult., at Philadelphia, U.S., Margaret Matilda, the beloved wife of Morgan W. Jellett Esq. formerly of Attnacurney House, county Tyrone.

JELLETT William Woodward

15 Jan 58

On the 6th inst. at Belfast, William Woodward, eldest son of Morgan Woodward Jellett Esq. late of Altnakearney, county Tyrone.

JELLETT Morgan Woodward

13 Mar 68

February 11, at Philadelphia, of disease of the heart, aged 63 years, Morgan Woodward Jellett Esq. late of Moira, county Down and Aughnacairney, county Tyrone, eldest son of the Rev. Matthew Jellett of Moira and nephew of the late Rev. Franc Sadleir D.D. Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.


15 Jan 31

Suddenly, on Tuesday week 27th December, Mr. Oliver Jenkins, Postmaster of Strabane.


26 Jan 33

On Thursday the 17th inst., Mr. Andrew Jenkins Sen. of Strabane, merchant, aged 73 years.


18 Jul 40

At Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, 22nd May, after an illness of 24 hours, Mr. David Jenkins formerly of Strabane, Ireland, aged 24 years.


20 Feb 41

On Wednesday morning last, Essy, relict of the late Mr. Oliver Jenkins, of Strabane, aged 54 years.



At Strabane, on the 11th inst., aged 13 years, Emily, third daughterof Mr. Andrew Jenkins postmaster

JOHNSTON Elizabeth

31 Dec 36

On Thursday week, at Camus, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston relict of the late Mr. Samuel Johnston


10 Dec 42

At Bundoran, on Monday last, most sincerely regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, Colonel Johnston, late of the 8th Hussars. His remains were removed to the family burying ground at Kilskerry on Thursday


21 Dec 44

On Sunday 15th inst., at Bonds Hill, John McCamon Johnston Esq. son of the late Rev. James Johnston of Coalisland


01 Aug 46

On Friday, the 17th ult., at Strabane, John J. Johnston aged 22 years, eldest son of David Johnston Esq. civil engineer.


04 Dec 47

At Omagh on Monday, the 8th ult., at the advanced age of 104 years, Mrs. Isabella Johnston. Her end was peace.


15 Jan 48

On the 3rd inst., at his residence, Gortindoragh, near Castlederg, Charles Johnston Esq. in the 88th year of his age.


18 Nov 48

At Benchran, near Beragh, on Monday, the 6th inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. John Johnston in the 47th year of his age.


07 Sep 49

On the night of Wednesday week the 29th ult., Mr. William Johnson, merchant, of Omagh.


05 Jul 50

At Dromore, on the 2nd inst., Mr. Robert Johnston of the Constabulary, formerly of Dublin aged 24 years.

JOHNSTON Thomas Francis

09 Aug 50

At the Chapel House, Clougher on Friday evening the 3rd inst. Thomas Francis, eldest son of Mr. W. A. Johnston.


20 Sep 50

On the 8th inst., at Cookstown, Jane wife of Mr. Benjamin Johnston.


13 Jun 51

On the 4th inst., of diarrhoea, aged 17 years, Matilda youngest daughter of John Johnston Esq. Killybrack, near Omagh.


05 Aug 53

On the 24th July at Cookstown, in the county of Tyrone, at the residence of Robert Miller jun. Esq., in her 82nd year, Dorothy, relict of the late John Johnston Esq. M.D.


27 Jul 56

June 30 at Cornamuckle (?) after a lingering illness, Ellen 3rd daughter of James Johnston Esq.


12 Dec 56

At Attaghmore near Fintona, on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, Eliza the beloved wife of James Johnston Esq., aged 35 years

JOHNSTON Archibald

22 Jul 59

July 9th at his residence Dromore, near Clogher, county Tyrone, Archibald Johnston Esq. aged 65 years.


16 Dec 59

December 12 at Aughearne, Castlederg, Mr. Charles Johnston.


30 Dec 59

On Monday 12th inst., at Augheyarn, Mr. Charles Johnston, son of Mr. William Johnston, aged 32 years.


21 Sep 60

September 15 at his residence Attaghmore House, Fintona, Hugh Johnston Esq., 46 years.


24 May 61

May 20 at Rockmount, near Newtownstewart, Thomas, eldest surviving son of the Rev. Thomas Johnston, Badoney.

JOHNSTON William A. Mrs.

13 Sep 61

September 1, at the house of her son, J. A. Johnston M.D., Baillieborough, Mrs. William A. Johnston, The Chapel House, county Tyrone, aged 62 years.


21 Feb 62

February, after a lingering illness, Mary, the eldest daughter of John Johnston Esq. Skelgagh, Fintona.


07 Mar 62

January 26, on the river St. Clair, Township of Moore, Canada West, Mary, wife of Hugh Johnston Esq. late of Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 68 years.


11 Apr 62

March 27, at the residence of her son, John Johnston Esq., Skilga, near Fintona, Mary relict of the late Hugh Johnston, Lisnadon, Esq., aged 90 years.


16 Jan 63

January 11, at his residence Tattykeeran House, near Beragh, John Johnston Esq. aged 98 yrs.

JOHNSTON Andrew Mrs.

28 Jul 63

On the 22nd July at Gortalowry, Cookstown, the wife of Mr. Andrew Johnston


08 Dec 63

December 2, at Crannybale, Fintona, Mary the beloved wife of Hugh E. Johnston Esq.


15 Jul 64

July 12, at Castlederg, after a short illness, Eliza daughter of Mr. William Johnston, Agheyarn.

JOHNSTON Elizabeth

25 Oct 64

October 18, at Tattykeeran, Omagh, after a short illness, in the prime of llife Miss Elizabeth Johnston.


29 Aug 65

August 22, at Donaghanie, near Omagh, Thomas Johnston Esq. M.D., R.N. aged 64 years.


11 Sep 66

On the 14th August last, in the township of Moore, America, Hugh Johnston Esq., coroner, aged 74 years. Deceased was formerly of Omagh, county Tyrone, he emigrated with his family to America in 1832.


11 Dec 66

December 5, at his residence, Rathwarren, Fintona, Mr. James Johnston aged 55 years.

JOHNSTON Archibald

21 Dec 66

December 17, at Springmount, Fintona, Archibald, second son of James Johnston Esq. aged 24 years


16 Aug 67

May 19, at his residence Woodend, near Melbourne, in the prime of life, Mr. Arthur Johnston son of the late Mr. James Johnston, Drumquin

JOHNSTON William John

20 Mar 68

March 16 at Dublin, William John, eldest son of Rev. R. Johnston, Wesleyan Minister Omagh aged 13 years.


25 Aug 68

August 11 drowned in the River Foyle at Strabane, Joseph Johnston, third son of the late Joseph Johnston Esq. Builder, Hillsborough, aged 26 years.


10 Aug 55

On the 24th ult., at the Chapel, Clogher, Ellen youngest daughter of Mr. William A. Johnston


02 Nov 55

On the 22nd ult., at Farm Hill near Omagh, Robert J. Johnston Esq. in the prime of life formerly a merchant of Omagh.


24 Jun 59

By the capsizing of H. M.'s sloop Heron, in a tornado on Sierra Leone, on 9th May last, Mr. Henry F. Johnstone, Assistant Paymaster, R.N., second son of Mr. J.F. Johnstone, architect formerly of Omagh now of H.M.'s Dockyard, Chatham.


18 Oct 61

On the 2nd October, at New Brompton, Kent, of dysentery, Mr. James F. Johnstone, late clerk of Works at St. Mary's Island, H. M. Dockyard, Chatham and formerly of Omagh, aged 57 years. His funeral was attended by officers and men of the Dockyard Government Works.

JOHNSTONE Eliza Woodburn

19 Sep 65

August 22 at South Bell Street, St. Andrews, Scotland, Eliza Woodburn, relict of James F. Johnstone Esq. architect, late of Omagh

JONES James Rev.

21 Mar 35

Suddenly, at Urney House, on Tuesday last, the 17th inst., the Rev. James Jones, Rector of the parish of Urney, in this diocese and father of Captain Jones M.P., for this County

JONES Walter

30 Sep 48

Suddenly, on Sunday morning last, at his seat, Belmount near Lifford, Walter Jones Esq. son of the late Rev. James Jones, rector of the parish of Urney

JONES Samuel

14 Jan 59

January 9, at 13, Middle Road, Derry, Mr. Samuel Jones, late organist of Clogher Cathedral county Tyrone.

JONES Joseph Lt. Colonel

22 Mar 50

At Ardmore near this city, on Tuesday the 19th inst., Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Jones, in the 55th year of his age.

JOY William

19 Jul 67

July 15, at the Institution, Strabane, from consumption, contracted by long residence in India, William Joy aged 33 years, only brother of John Henry Joy.

JOYCE Edward

02 May 35

At Beechmount near Strabane, on Thursday week, in the 73rd year of his age, Edward Joyce Esq.

JOYCE Conyngham Burton

24 Sep 36

At Beechmount near Strabane, on Thursday last, Conygnham Burton Joyce Esq., solicitor.


05 Jul 45

On the 30th ult., at Beechmount county Tyrone, of hooping cough, aged 17 months, John Fitzgerald son of J. Joyce Esq.

JOYCE Amelia

28 Oct 48

On the 23rd inst., at her cottage, Strabane, after a few day's illness, Amelia daughter of the late Edward Joyce, Beechmount, Esq.


20 Feb 52

February 13, at Beachmount, county Tyrone, John Joyce Esq. Clerk of the Crown for the county of Donegal.

JOYCE Eliza Anne

07 May 52

April 30, at Beechmount, county Tyrone, Eliza Anne widow of the late John Joyce Esq., aged 32 years, leaving six children to mourn their irreparable loss.

JOYCE Conyngham

26 Feb 64

Lost at sea, between the 19th and 25th January on the passage to Calcutta, from the sinking of the ship "Royal Victoria", the crew being obliged to take to the boats, Conyngham Joyce, aged 17 years, the second son of the late John Joyce Esq. Of Beechmount, Strabane.


10 Jul 66

July 4, at Gortin, Jane widow of the late Mr. G. Singleton Joyce, aged 74 years.

JUNK Elizabeth

24 Jul 63

July 17, at Gortical, near Stewartstown, Elizabeth the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Junk, aged 80 years.

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