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GAGE to GWYNNE Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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GAGE to GWYNNE Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information Compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Teena

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

GAGE Anna Arabella

06 Mar. 68

March 1 at Carrickmore, county Tyrone, after a very few days illness, Anna Arabella, the dearly beloved wife of Marcus Gage, J.P. and second daughter of Robert Hazlet J.P. Beragh, county Londonderry.

GAHAN Constance Olivia

24 Nov. 63

November 11 at Glencree, Omagh, Constance Olivia, the infant daughter of Alfred Gahan Esq.


10 Jul. 57

On the 1st inst. at Creevy (?) Mr. Andrew Gailey, after a short illness, in the 67th year of his age.


19 Oct. 60

October 12, at her late residence, Rosville Street (?) Mary Ann relict of the late Mr. David Gailey aged 70 years.

GAILEY Eleanor

07 Nov. 62

October 29, at Creeve (?) after a short illness, Eleanor, relict of the late Mr. Andrew Gailey aged 72 years.

GAILEY Samuel R. Rev.

07 Nov. 62

July 29, at Tangchew, China, of Cholera, the Rev. Samuel R. Gailey, Presbyterian Missionary aged 85 years. He was a native of Creevey, near Magheracriggan, county Tyrone

GAILEY Sarah Sophia M.

16 Mar. 66

On the 7th March, at Magheracrigan, Sarah Sophia Matilda, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Gailey, aged one year and eleven months.

GAILY Joseph

20 Sep. 50

On the 13th inst., at Magheralough, Mr Joseph Gaily, aged 66 years, for many years a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church of Second Ardstraw.


19 Feb. 31

On Wednesday last, the 16th inst. in Dungannon, Margaret Galbraith third daughter of the late James Galbraith Esq. of Riscavey, in the county of Tyrone.


10 Jan. 35

Jan. 3, at her sister's house in Dungannon, after a few days illness, Harriet, youngest daughter of the late James Galbraith, Esq., of Rascavy, county Tyrone.


18 Apr. 35

On the 10th inst., after a tedious illness, at Rascavy, county Tyrone, James Galbraith Esq.


14 May 42

At Urney Park, near Strabane, on Tuesday last, Lady Galbraith, relict of the late Sir James Galbraith Bart.


25 Apr. 46

On Tuesday evening, the 14th inst., at his residence in Coolaghey More, aged 82 years, Hugh Galbraith Esq.

GALBRAITH James Captain

24 Oct. 56

October 13 at Gloucester Street, Dublin, Captain James Galbraith, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, aged 23 years youngest son of the late John Galbraith Esq. of Roscary and Mrs. Galbraith Greenmount county Tyrone.


15 Mar. 61

Lately, at Stoneyfolds, Donemana, Janet wife of Mr. William Galbraith aged 54 years


20 Feb. 63

On the 10th February, at Clifton, Susannah, eldest daughter of the late James Galbraith Esq. of Omagh, county Tyrone and great niece of the late Sir James Galbraith Bart. of Urney Park in the same County.


24 Apr. 63

April 14, Robert second son of Samuel Galbraith Esq. of Clanabogan in the county of Tyrone and Crawdramin in the county of Longford


20 Sep. 64

September 15, in his 67th year at his residence, county of Tyrone, Samuel Galbraith Esq. of Clanabogan, in that county and of Crowdrumin, county of Longford.


11 Apr. 65

March 31 at Greenmount, Mrs. Jane Galbraith relict of the late John Galbraith Esq. of Rascavev, county Tyrone.

GALBRAITH Arthur Lowry

18 Dec. 66

December 7 at Greenmount, county Tyrone, Arthur Lowry Galbraith Esq. aged 36 years


03 Sep. 67

On the 25th August at Craughadoose (?) Mr. Josiah Galbraith sen., aged 93 years


28 Dec. 44

At Calledon on Thursday the 19th inst. Elizabeth A. youngest daughter of Mr. James Galbraith.


14 Jan. 59

January 8, at Ballyboe, Sarah Jane the beloved wife of Mr. William Galbreath, aged 36 years.


19 Oct. 39

At her residence, Ranfurley Terrace, Dungannon, on the 13th inst. Martha daughter of the late James Galbriath of Roscavy, in the county of Tyrone, Esq.


25 Apr. 46

At Castlederg on Monday the 13th inst., Bridget the beloved wife of Mr. John Gallagher in the 47th year of her age.


25 Apr. 51

At Strabane on the 8th inst. after a prolonged illness, Mrs. Gallagher wife of Mr. Toal Gallagher of that Town.


31 Dec. 52

On the 21st inst. at Strabane, Anne second daughter of Mr. Toal Gallagher


02 Jan. 63

December 16 at Ballyfatton, near Strabane, Mr. James Gallagher


29 Mar. 64

March 19 at Omagh, at the residence of her uncle Mr. P. Gallagher, Miss Sarah Gallagher aged 71 years.


29 Aug. 65

August 16, at Strabane, suddenly of scarlet fever, Charles Gallagher, aged 14 years.


31 May 61

March 30 at Dry Creek, Calaveras county, California, Mr. Hugh Gallagher a native of the county Tyrone Ireland, aged 23 years.


05 Nov. 58

On Tuesday, the 27th ult., Mr. James Gallaher, of Castlederg, was killed by a fall from his car. He had been in Strabane and on his return home wished to accommodate with a seat a neighbour whom he met. In changing his position on the car, his foot slipped, he fell and the car passed over him. Medical aid was promptly in attendance but it was of no avail, as a blood vessel had been ruptured. He lived only seven hours.


01 Jul. 64

June 25, at Deer Park, Mr. John Gallaugher aged 95 years.


19 Oct. 44

On the night of Friday last, after drinking a great deal of spirits, William Gallagher's, publican, Castlederg, Robert Galloway. The inquest on Monday 7th inst. returned a verdict of apoplexy from drinking ardent spirits

GAMBEL Elizabeth

22 Feb. 67

January 2, at Philadelphia, Mrs. Elizabeth Gambel, daughter of the late William Richardson, of Brookend, Parish of Ardboe, county Tyrone, aged 65 years.


14 May 31

On Wednesday last, the 4th inst. John Gamble Esq. of Strabane, Author of Views of Society and Manners in the North of Ireland, Stanley, Charleton and several other esteemed works. This lamented gentleman walked partly to Lifford, and accompanied the funeral of the late Mrs. Humphreys to the graveyard, and whilst in the church, he dropped down and instantly expired.


12 Nov. 36

On Sunday, the 6th inst. Mr. John Gamble, of Newry, county Tyrone, aged 97 years. As a husband, a father and a friend, he was exemplary in all the relations of life.

GAMBLE William

27 Mar. 41

Suddenly, at Castlefin, on Thursday week, William Gamble Esq. formerly of Strabane.


05 Aug. 43

On the morning of Wednesday the 26th ult. in the 51st year of his age Mr. andrew Gamble of Fyfin, near Castlefin


25 Apr. 46

In Strabane on Wednesday week Miss Maria Gamble, daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Gamble


08 Apr. 53

On the 2nd inst. at Eden, Mrs. Gamble aged 68 years.


25 Nov. 59

November 18, at Bridgehill, Castlederg, of scarletina, Rachel daughter of Mr. James Gamble, aged 12 years.


25 Nov. 59

November 21 at Bridgehill, Castlederg, of scarletina, Susan youngest daughter of Mr. James Gamble aged 10 years.


02 Aug. 61

On the 31st July at his residence Grange, Mr. John Gamble aged 69 years.


20 May 64

May 17 at Eden, Mr. Samuel Gamble


09 Dec. 64

December 5 at Eden, Joseph Gamble Esq. aged 29 years.


02 Aug. 67

July 29th at Tavenakerry (?) Mr. John Gamble, aged 67 years.


13 Dec. 67

December 11, at the residence of Mr. James Walker, 8 Diamond, Derry, Miss Gamble, late of Strabane. Her remains will be removed for interment in Leckpatrick Burying Ground on this, Friday, morning, leaving Derry at ten o'clock.

GAMBLE Frederick Elson

03 Apr. 68

March 31 at 1 Anne Street, Enniskillen, Frederick Elson the infant son of Edward and Alice E. Gamble, aged three months.


27 Aug. 69

August 24, at Craig, Cumber, Claudy, the residence of William Handcock, her brother, Mary the beloved wife of Thomas Handcock Gamble Esq. Farm Hill, Omagh and Foyfin, county Donegal.


27 Apr. 60

April 8 at Corrick Lodge, co. Tyrone after a short illness, Anne wife of Charles J. Gardiner Esq.


04 Aug. 38

At Omagh, Elvira, wife of Henry B. Garnett, late of Demarara, Esq.

GASON Dorothea

20 Dec. 34

On the 5th inst. at her residence, Donoughmore, county of Tyrone, Dorothea wife of Samuel Gason Esq.

GAULT Leslie

09 Sep. 43

At Montreal, Lower Canada, on the 12th August last Mr. Leslie Gault late of Strabane.

GAULT Robert

27 Mar. 57

On the 21st inst., at the residence of his son, E. L. Gault, 164 Brook Street, Manchester, Robert Gault, late of Trillick, county Tyrone, aged 70 years.


28 Sep. 39

At Gortlougher, in the parish of Ardstraw, Mr. Gayley, at an advanced age.


19 Mar. 58

On the 9th inst. at Timpany, near Clogher, Mary relict of the late Mr. James Geddes Aughentain at the advanced age of 91 yrs.


23 May 65

May 15, at her residence, Anglesey Place, Kingstown, Theresa relict of Thomas Richard Geraghty Esq. of Dungannon county Tyrone


07 Mar. 35

February 24 at Cecil, county Tyrone, in the 19th year of her age, Frances the youngest daughter of the Rev. Francis Gervais.

GERVAIS Kathleen Jane

02 Jan. 57

On the 26th ult. at Cecil, Augher, county Tyrone, Kathleen Jane relict of the late Rev. Francis Gervais aged 75 years.

GERVAIS Annie Catherine

05 Oct. 69

Sept. 30 at Folkstone, Annie Catherine the beloved wife of Francis John Gervais Esq. of Cecil county Tyrone.

GERVAN Francis Close Rev.


At Cecil, county of Tyrone, on the 6th inst. the Rev. Francis Close Gervan in his 77th year.

GERVAN Margaret

23 May 65

May 17, at Roughan, Augher, county Tyrone, suddenly, Margaret wife of Mr. H. Gervan.


15 May 30

On the 9th instant, at Lisnage, near Omagh, Mrs. Martha Gibson, relict of Mr. Arthur Gibson


14 Sep. 33

On Sunday last, the 8th inst. at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Cowan, of Strabane, Mr. Joseph Gibson, at the advanced age of 84 years.


05 May 54

At Artigarvan near Strabane on Friday, the 28th ult. Mr. David Gibson aged 80 years.

GIBSON Henry Rev.

25 Sep. 57

On Tuesday last, at Killina Glebe (?) after a long illness from apoplexy, the Rev. Henry Gibson rector.


06 Nov. 57

At the residence of Mr. William D. Ashton, 187 York Street, Belfast, on the 28th ult. Mrs. Mary Gibson relict of the late Mr. John Gibson of Cookstown, aged 91 years.


26 May 65

May 24 at Lisdivin, Mr. Hugh Gibson, aged 52 years

GILDEA Charles

22 Mar. 61

March 8, at the Military Barracks, Omagh, Charles Gildea, late Staff Sergeant Major, Chelsea Outpensioners, Omagh district, aged 60 years.

GILKEY David Rev.

30 Aug. 50

On the 19th inst. at Stewartstown, the Rev. David Gilkey, Minister of the Second Presbyterian congregation of Omagh in the 80th year of his age and the 46th of his Ministry.


30 Jun. 54

On the 22nd inst., at Lislight, the residence of the Rev. John Maxwell, Martha, relict of the late Rev. David Gilkie, Minister of the Second Presbyterian Church of Omagh.

GILL Eliza

01 Feb. 61

On the 30th January at Orchard Street, the residence of her son, Eliza relict of the late Mr. John Gill. of Strabane, in the 79th year of her age.

GILL Ellen

07 Dec. 55

On the 1st inst., at her late residence, 3 Orchard Street, Ellen the wife of Mr. John Gill aged 45 years.


05 Oct. 39

At Strabane, on Monday, the 23rd ult., Miss Jane Gillespey at an advancd age


26 Feb. 58

On the 16th inst. at Dungannon, Jane second daughter of Mr. Charles Gillespie, Ballycroon, Anahilt, county Down.


06 Jun. 62

May 29, at Rooskey (?) Miss Hannah Gillighan, aged 73 years.


02 Nov. 60

October 28, at Maghragar, county Tyrone, Samuel, the beloved son of John Gill, Orchard Street, Londonderry, aged 19 years. His end was peace.


31 Oct. 40

October 25, at Myrtle Grove, near Dungannon, Hannah, relict of John Gilmore Esq. of Lisrona, county Tyrone


06 Jan. 38

On the 24th ult., at Aughavey, near Coagh, county Tyrone, Mr. Thomas Gilmour, aged 64 years. As a husband and father he adorned the character of the sincere and pious christian.


21 Aug. 41

Of fever on the 17th July last, John Sommerville Girvan Esq. of Ashmount Cottage near Stewartstown, aged 40 years.

GIVAN George

22 Aug. 51

At his residence, 61 Victoria Street, Toronto, on Monday the 14th July, Mr. George Givan late of Omagh county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 36 years.

GIVEN Elizabeth

06 Feb. 41

At her residence in Tully, near Omagh, in the 63rd year of her age Elizabeth relict of the late Mr. Henry Given.


08 Jan. 42

Coroner's Inquest: On Tuesday, 28th ult. at Stewartstown, a young woman, the daughter of William Given, process server of same place having gone out to the field to do some business, being subject to epileptic fits, she fell into a potatoe furrow and drowned. A verdict of accidental death was returned.

GIVEN Elizabeth

03 Aug. 69

July 27, at Drumlegagh, Newtownstewart, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. John Given, aged 15 years and 5 months.

GIVINS Alexander

02 Aug. 67

July 25, at Tullycoll, near Cookstown, Mr. Alexander Givins, father of Mr. John Givins, Castleroe, Coleranie


09 May 51

At Cookstown on the 4th inst. aged 49 years Mr. John Glasgow, merchant, after an illness of 9 months.


29 Aug. 56

August 20 at Tullyreagh, Cookstown, county Tyrone, Robert Glasgow Esq.

GLASGOW John George

14 Aug. 57

On the 4th inst. John George, infant son of Mr. Benjamin Glasgow of Cookstown, aged 6 months.

GLASGOW Edward Dr.

25 May 60

April 8, at Hamilton, North Carolina, Dr. Edward Glasgow, a native of Cookstown, co. Tyrone.


21 May 69

May 17, at her brother's residence, Drapersfield House, Cookstown, Ellen Glasgow

GLASSE John Mrs.

18 Sep. 30

Suddenly on Tuesday week, Mrs. Glasse relict of the late John Glasse Esq. of Strabane, attorney.


29 Mar. 34 On Saturday last, after a lingering illness Mr. John Glasse, son of the late John Glasse Esq. Attorney, of Strabane, aged 25 years.


10 Nov. 38

At Strabane, on Monday morning, 5th inst. Jane, eldest daughter of William Glasse Esq. solicitor, aged 4 years and 5 months.

GLASSE William

17 Feb. 54

On the 11th inst. at Strabane in the 51st year of his age, William Glasse Esq. solicitor.

GLASSE Margaretta

26 Aug. 69

On the 21st inst. of bronchitis, Margaretta fourth daughter of the late William Glasse Esq. solicitor, Strabane.

GLASSE Mary Jane

29 Nov. 61

November 22 at Strabane, Mary Jane second daughter of the late William Glasse Esq. Solicitor.


08 Jun. 66

June 3 at her residence, Strabane, Mary relict of the late William Glasse Esq. solicitor and second daughter of the late William Holmes Esq. of said town.


05 Jul. 61

June 27 at Fardross county Tyrone, Cecilia wife of A. Upton Gledstanes Esq.

GLEN Joseph

21 Sep. 69

Sept. 18 at Leckpatrick, Joseph Glen Esq. aged 58 years.

GLENN Robert

12 Aug. 48

At his residence Tullyard, Donagheady county Tyrone on the 6th inst. Mr. Robert Glenn aged 92.

GLENN Margaret

22 Mar. 64

March 9 at the residence of her brother, Fivemiletown, Margaret eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Glenn after a long and tedious illness

GLENN Robert

26 Apr. 64

April 20 at Dooish (?) Robert Glenn aged 64 years.

GLENN Robert

31 Jul. 68

On the 25th July, at his residence, Mallabuoy, Robert Glenn aged 85 years.

GLENN Joseph

31 Jul. 68

At Aughlne, Plumbridge Joseph Glenn aged 75 years.

GLENN William

03 Dec. 69

November 29 at his residence, Mallabuoy, William Glenn aged 91 years.

GOLDING Francis A. Rev.

24 Sep. 42

On the 2nd inst. at Westbourne Vicarage, Sussex, aged 30 the Rev. Francis Arthur Golding third son of George Richard Golding Esq. of Lime Park county Tyrone.

GOODLATTE David Richardson

25 Oct-67

October 21 at Salem Lodge, Moy, David Richardson Goodlatte Esq. aged 72 years.

GOODWIN Margaret

07 Feb. 46

On Tuesday the 3rd inst. at the Trench (?) Margaret Goodwin aged 76 years.


13 Apr. 69

At the residence of her father, Moy, county Tyrone, Sarah daughter of Mr. Charles Goodwin.


13 Sep. 50

At Grove Hill near Strabane, on Saturday last, Robert Gordon Esq. of Stragullen.


11 Feb. 59

February 3 at Greenfield, Strabane, Susan wife of George Gordon Esq. merchant, Strabane


03 Feb. 60

January 29, at Stragullin, Mr. Aaron Gordon

GORDON Margaret

22 May 66

May 14 at her residence, Stragullin, Margaret Gordon eldest daughter of the late Robert Gordon Esq. aged 54 years.

GORE F.L. Rev.

30 Sep. 48

On the 20th inst. at Clifton, near Bristol, aged 72, the Rev. F. L. Gore lately of Torquay, Devonshire and for many years rector of Stewartstown, county Tyrone.

GORMAN Sarah Anne

25 Aug. 65

August 16 at Strabane, Sarah Ann daughter of Mr. Edward Gorman, Strabane, aged 11 years.

GORMAN Patrick

01 Dec. 65

November 27, at Main Street, Strabane, Patrick youngest son of Mr. Edward Gorman, baker and confectioner, aged 14 years.


09 Mar. 60

March 6 at Strabane, Mrs. Gormley wife of Mr. R. Gormley.


11 Sep. 63

September 4 at his residence Mr. James Gormley, Seraghey, county Tyrone, aged seventy-seven years.


16 Apr. 67

April 3 at his father's residence, Strabane, Mr. Hugh Gormely aged 15 years.


06 Jan. 44

An inquest was held at Newtownstewart, before the Coroner Mr. Orr, on Friday the 22rd ult. on the body of Mary Gormly which was found in the river near the town of Strabane. It appeared that the deceased had been in company with her husband at the fair of Cranag, at Plumbridge and returning home, tried to cross the Glenelly river, when they were swept away by the current. The body of the husband was found four miles below the ford. They had been married only a few weeks. It is a remarkable coincidence that the aunt of the woman, and the uncle of the man, man and wife, were drowned 25 years ago at the same ford under similar circumstances.


08 Apr. 59

January 28 of congestion of the brain at the residence of his brother in law, Mr. James Smith, Franklin, Iowa, Mr. James Gormly late of Omagh and eldest son of the late Mr. Samuel Gormly Tavnabrine, county Tyrone.

GORMLY Samuel James

05 Feb. 67

On the 31 January at his father's residence, Tavnabrine, Samuel James second son of Mr. William Gormly, aged six years and eight months.

GORMLY Margaret

01 Jan. 69

Dec 25 at the residence of her son, Patrick Street, Strabane, Margaret Gormly aged 87 years.

GOUDY Alexander P. Rev.

17 Dec. 58

On the 14th inst. in Dublin, of congestion of the brain, the Rev. Alexander P. Goudy D.D. minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Strabane. His remains will be interred at Strabane on Saturday morning the 18th inst. at ten o'clock precisely.

GOULD William

30 Sep. 53

At Lower Campsie on Wednesday the 28th inst. Mr. William Gould, contractor, aged 38 years.


26 Apr. 67

April 22 at Richmond, county Longford, after a long and painful illness, Catherine the beloved wife of Valesius Gouldsbury Esq. and youngest daughter of the late Marshall Maxwell Esq. Omagh county Tyrone.


12 May 63

May 4 at Seaford Ave, Sandymount, Eliza widow of the late George Gourlay Esq. of Cookstown aged 62 years

GOURLEY Alexander

23 May 62

May 18 at Tullywhisker, Parish of Urney, Mr. Alexander Gourley of Limerick son of the late Mr Samuel Gourley.

GOURLY Alexander

16 May 62

At Tullywhisker, Parish of Urney, on Sunday last, Mr. Alexander Gourly, of Limerick, son of the late Mr. Samuel Gourly.

GRAHAM Thomas Mrs.

31 Jul. 30

On Sunday last the 25th inst. after a short but severe illness, Mrs. Graham wife of Mr. Thomas Graham, of Mountjoy Forest, county Tyrone, aged 53 yrs. Deeply deplored by her disconsolate husband and children


15 Jun. 33

On Thursday week the 6th inst., after a lingering illness, Miss Anne Graham daughter of Mr. Andrew Graham of Strabane, boot and shoemaker.


19 Jul. 34

Suddenly at Bundoran, on Tuesday last after bathing, Miss Graham of Fivemiletown.

GRAHAM Isaac Mrs.

12 Sep. 35

On Thursday week, at Moville, where she had been for some time for the benefit of the sea, Mrs. Isaac Graham, of Strabane. Her remains were conveyed to Strabane on Saturday last.


16 Jan. 36

In Strabane on Saturday last after a long illness, Mr. John Graham an old and respectable inhabitant, aged 72 years.

GRAHAM William

28 Dec. 39

At Tennessee, North America, in October last William Graham son of the late Andrew Graham Esq. Royal Navy, formerly of Cavanalee near Strabane.


25 Jul. 40

On Wednesday morning, the 22nd inst. at her residence Market House Street, Strabane at an advanced age Mrs. Anne Graham.

GRAHAM James Mrs.

24 Oct. 40

Oct. 14 Mrs. Graham relict of the late Rev. James Graham of Thorn Hill, county Tyrone.


04 Sep. 41

On Saturday last, after a lingering illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Lilly wife of Mr. James Graham of Curley Hill, near Strabane.

GRAHAM Michael

10 Aug. 44

On Wednesday last Mr. Michael Graham, Bridge Street Strabane, county Tyrone formerly of Dromore, county Down, teacher, aged 77 years


10 Jan. 51

On Monday the 30th ult. Mary the beloved wife of Mr. Richard Graham of Raheny near Omagh aged 65.


07 Feb. 51

On Tuesday 21st ult. Mr. Joseph Graham of Raw, parish of Clogherny, county Tyrone.

GRAHAM Robert R.

01 Apr. 53

On Wednesday week, the 23rd ult., at Ardtrea House (?) aged 21 years, Thomas R. Graham, second son of Joseph Graham, Esq.


22 Apr. 53

At Sappagh (Cappagh?) on the 15th inst. aged 74 yrs, Mrs. Anne Graham


21 Jul. 54

In New York on the 22nd June last, aged 51 years Mr. James Graham late of Rahomey, Parish of Dromore, county Tyrone.


12 Feb. 58

On the 5th inst. at his son's residence near Omagh, Mr. John Graham aged 90 years.


19 Feb. 58

On the 15th inst. in the 19th year of his age, Mr. John Graham late of Tantrymurry (?)


05 Mar. 58

On the 18th ult. Mary the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Graham of Drumardnagross, county Tyrone, in the 26th year of her age and daughter of the late Rev. William Finlay, Wesleyan Minister.

GRAHAM Francis Mrs.

30 Apr. 58

At Cavanalee near Strabane, after a very short illness, Mrs. Graham relict of the late Francis Graham.


15 Apr. 59

At Hamilton, Ohio, on the 2d January Isaac Graham Esq. formerly of Strabane, aged 76.


17 May 61

May 14, at Strabane, after a long illness, Mr. Thomas Graham, son of Mr. Thomas Graham.

GRAHAM Elizabeth

13 Sep. 61

September 9 at Strabane, Elizabeth wife of Mr. Thomas Graham, Butcher Street.

GRAHAM William Dr.

20 Dec. 61

On Tuesday morning at his residence, George's Street, Omagh, William Graham Esq. M.D., late Staff Surgeon R.N. and principal Naval Storekeeper and Examiner Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford London, aged 52 years. His remians will be removed for interment at Cappagh on Friday Morning at eleven o'clock.

GRAHAM Alexander

18 Sep. 63

August 12, at Philadelphia, Alexander son of Mr. Andrew Graham, teacher of Corick National School Newtownstewart and brother of Mr. Hugh William Graham, teacher of Corranary National School Omagh.


15 Apr. 64

On the 5th April at Mullaghmore, Omagh, Mr. Thomas Graham aged 84 years


13 May 64

May 8, Sarah, wife of James Graham, Esq., Mountjoy, Omagh, aged 44 years.

GRAHAM Elizabeth

25 Jul. 65

July 8th at Ballintra, after a protracted illness, Elizabeth relict of the late Mr. Thomas Graham of Strabane, aged 74 years

GRAHAM Catherine

02 Mar 66

December 9 at South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, of colonial fever Catherine the beloved wife of Mr. John Graham, late of Trenamadon, county Tyrone.

GRAHAM Francis John

05 Feb. 67

On the 28th January, at Omagh, of congestion of the lungs, Francis John youngest son of Mr. Joseph Graham, aged seven years and six months

GRAHAM Catherine

24 Dec. 67

Decmeber 19 at Main Street, Strabane, Catherine wife of Mr. John R. Graham, grocer and baker.


07 Dec. 55

On th 21st at his residence, Drumardnagross, county Tyrone, Mr. Robert Graham aged 86 years. For more than 50 years he was a distinguished office bearer in the Wesleyan Methodist Society.


01 May 63

April 25 at his residence, Linnville Lodge, near Edenderry (?) after a long and protracted illness, Richard second and beloved son of Mr. William Grattan in the 35th year of his age.

GRAVES Isabella

18 Jan. 45

At an advanced age, of apoplexy at her residence, Northland Row, Dungannon, Miss Isabella Graves last surviving sister of the late Admiral Samuel, Sir Thomas, John and Richard Graves

GRAY Helen

04 May 44

On Saturday week, at Cavanalee at the house of Mr. James Hunter her grandfather, Helen daughter of Mr. John Gray, printer and stationer, Strabane, aged 17 years

GRAY Alexander

10 Feb. 54

On the 30th ult. at his residence, Aughavey, Alexander Gray Esq. late of Thorn Lodge, county Tyrone and father to the Rev. Alexander Gray of Minterburn.

GRAY William

19 Feb. 58

On the 13th inst. Mr. William Gray of Lislap, near Newtownstewart, in the 82nd year of his age. He was for the past 57 years a member of the Methodist Society, in which he also held

the office of class leader.

GRAY Elizabeth

28 Sep. 60

September 24 at Strabane, after a long and painful illness Elizabeth wife of Mr. John Gray Main Street, Strabane.

GRAY Mary M.

31 May 61

May 21 at Cookstown Miss Mary M. Gray.


14 Apr. 63

April 11 at Strabane, Mr. John Gray, printer and stationer, aged 79 years. Deceased was connected with Strabane for upwards of half a century

GRAY William

31 Jan. 65

On the 24th January at Omagh, William youngest son of Mr. David Gray of Omagh, aged 25 years.


06 Feb. 57

On the 22nd ult. at Coalisland, Anna relict of the late James Gray Esq. of Coalisland House county Tyrone

GREEN Charles

16 Mar. 44

At Baronscourt on Friday evening last, at the residence of the Marquis of Abercorn, Mr. Charles Green, house steward to his Lordship for upwards of 20 years

GREEN Margaret

25 Sep. 66

September 15 at Meeting House Hill, Omagh, Margaret wife of Mr. James Green.

GREER Isabella

11 Aug. 32

In Omagh on Wednesday night last, after a tedious and severe illness aged 12 years, Isabella second daughter of David Greer Esq.


30 Mar. 39

In Omagh, on Sunday evening last, in the 52nd year of his age David Greer Esq. the much respected proprietor of the White Hart Hotel.

GREER Thomas

20 Apr. 39

On the 1st inst. at his residence, Prospect near Dungannon Thomas Greer aged 80 years.

GREER Thomas

11 Jul. 40

At his residence, Sedenan, on Saturday last after a protracted illness, aged 69 years Thomas Greer Esq. one of the principal merchants of Omagh.


12 Jun. 47

On the 7th inst. of jaundice at Bishop Street, Sarah youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Greer Esq. of Moy.

GREER Edward

17 Jun. 48

At his residence in Coolnagard, near Omagh on the 1st inst. in the 94th year of his age, Mr. Edward Greer.


31 Mar. 49

At Kevlin near Omagh, the residence of his mother, on Monday the 10th inst. after a long illness, Mr. James Greer of Ballymena, county Antrim.


06 Feb. 52

At Strabane on Tuesday last, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. John Anderson, Mrs. Greer relict of the late Mr. Greer Ballybofey, county Donegal


27 Aug. 52

At Sedennan near Omagh on Saturday, Mr. James Greer, upwards of 80 years of age.


17 Dec. 52

December 7, at Sedennan, near Omagh, Miss Greer. Greer Robert Alexander 20-Jan-54


05 Feb. 58

At her residence, Sedenin near Omagh, on the 27th ult. Miss Mary Greer aged 74 years.

GREER Marion F. McC.

11 Jun. 58

At Springvale on the 6th inst. Marion Fletcher McCrone wife of S. M. Greer Esq. M. P.

GREER James Porter

06 Jul. 60

Lately at Erginagh, Parish of Ardstraw, the residence of his father, Mr. James Porter Greer formerly of Front Street Strabane, county Tyrone


28 Nov. 62

November 22 at Gardiner's Place, Dublin, Major Greer D.L., J. P. of The Grange, county Tyrone, aged 67 years.

GREER Elizabeth

17 Jul. 63

July 18 at the residence of her daughter, Castle Street, Omagh, Elizabeth relict of the late David Greer Esq. aged 84 years.

GREER Catherine

02 Feb. 64

January 29 at Omagh, Catherine the beloved wife of James Greer Esq. aged 77 years.


22 Jan. 67

On the 16th January, at St. Elmo, Southsea, Portsmouth the residence of her son, Colonel Greer, C.B. 68th Light Infantry, widow of the late Major Greer D.L. J. P. the Grange, county

Tyrone, in her 72nd year.

GREER William

28 Sep. 55

On Saturday the 22nd inst. at Sidonia near Omgh, of a lingering illness, Mr. William Greer aged 55 years.


22 Sep. 65

September 17, at Rathmines, Dublin, Susanna Greeves of Seapark daughter of the late John Greeves of Brena, county Tyrone.


02 Feb. 64

January 28 at his residence Grange, near Moy, William Greeves in his 85th year.


07 Oct. 37

On the 26th ult. Sarah wife of Mr. James Gribben, of Coleraine and daughter of the late Surgeon Boyle, of Dungannon


23 Aug. 61

At Milltown Strabane, on Sunday last Mr. David Grieve.


12 May 68

May 5 at Strabane, Jane wife of the late Mr. David Grieve, Milltown.


10 Mar. 38

At the Rectory Strabane, on the 8th inst. Mrs. Grimani in her 78 year.


22 Mar. 61

On the 18th March at Holme Cottage, Castlederg, Miss Gritton aged 45 years.


29 Oct. 31

At Omagh on Thursday the 20th inst. Mr. Guy of Dromore. Deceased had been attending the Sessions when he fell down in the street and died.

GUY Elizabeth

21 Mar. 40

At Dromore, near Omagh on the 25th ult. in the 81st year of her age, Elizabeth relict of the late Robert Guy Esq. Merchant.

GUY Ellen Warnock

11 May 66

May 1 at Drumlish House, Dromore, of Scatlatina, Ellen Warnock in her fifth year eldest child of Matthew Guy Esq.

GWYNN Richard Mrs.

06 Feb. 30

At Strabane on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Gwynn wife of Mr. Richard Gwynn, tailor.


06 Aug. 52

On Wednesday, the 21st ult. after a lingering illness Mr. James Gwynn son of Richard Gwynn Strabane, aged 27 years.

GWYNN Richard Mrs.

24 Nov. 68

November 4 suddenly, at Hudson, New Jersey, Susannah aged 23 years the beloved wife of Richard Gwynn Esq. and daughter of late Rev. David J. Walker, Clermont, county Tyrone.

GWYNNE Alexander

13 Feb. 36

At Urney Glebe, on Sunday morning last, Mr. John Gwynne aged 62 years.

GWYNNE Richard

20 Feb. 41

At Strabane on Sunday night, Mr. Richard Gwynne son of Mr. Richard Gwynne, merchant tailor.

GWYNNE Matilda

02 Jan. 47

On Tuesday the 29th ult. in her 45th year after a long illness, Matilda wife of Mr. William Gwynne, of Strabane.

GWYNNE William

02 Sep. 59

June 20 at Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Mr. William Gwynne formerly of Strabane, aged 63 years.

GWYNNE Rebecca

04 Oct. 61

September 30 at her father's residence, Strabane, Rebecca Gwynne aged 24 years.

GWYNNE Richard

16 Jan. 63

January 11 at Strabane, Mr. Richard Gwynne.

GWYNNE Elizabeth

20 Jan. 65

On the 15th January at Strabane, Elizabeth third daughter of the late Mr. Richard Gwynne and relict of the late Alexander Ross Esq. officer of Inland Revenue.

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