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Born Co. Tyrone, Married & Died in the Colony of Victoria, Australia 1881-1900

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Born Co. Tyrone, Married & Died Victoria, Australia 1881-1900
Personal notices extracted from The Argus, Bendigo Advertiser, Camperdown Chronicle, South Bourke & Mornington Journal, Portland Guardian, Euroa Advertiser, Gippsland Times, Camperdown Chronicle, Kilmore Free Press, Australasian Sketcher With Pen & Pencil and additional data from the Pioneers (1837-1888) and Federation (1889-1901) Indexes Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages (VRBMD)

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Sept. 13 1881

BURTON-GOULD. Married on the 7th inst. by special license, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J.W. Mantell, Church of England clergyman, JOHN, youngest son of the late JAMES BURTON, of county Tyrone, Ireland, to Emma, second daughter of Andrew Goold, Esq., of Woodland Villa, Burwood (Argus)

October 11 1881

BASKIN-MATHEWS. Married on the 6th inst. at Elsternwick House, Elsternwick, by the Rev. Dr. Macdonald, CHARLES BASKIN, of Woodbrook, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice Lilly Margaret Mathews, of Toronto, America (Argus)

February 15 1882

BIRD-McFARLAND. Married on the 14th inst. at St. Paul's, Melbourne, by the Rev. Dr. Bromby, Simon J. youngest son of the late Mr. Robert Bird, Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal, to LIZZIE, youngest daughter of MR. ANDREW McFARLAND, Kilcam, Co. Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)

February 27 1882

HADDEN. Died on the 25th instant, at the residence of his brother in-law, Mr. A. McCamey, Mundy Street [Bendigo], WILLIAM JAMES HADDEN, the dearly beloved husband of MARY HADDEN, and eldest son of MR. ARCHIBALD HADDEN, Cavinkillgreen, Tyrone, Ireland, aged 32 years. Home papers please copy. (Bendigo Advertiser)

[Parents: Archibald Hadden & Mary Jane Irwin (VRBMD)]

April 5 1882

SHIELDS. Died on the 29th March, at the residence of her son, JOHN SHIELDS, Warrea, SARAH SHIELDS, aged 86 years, relict of DAVID SHIELDS, Stewart's Town, Co. Tyrone. Ireland, also beloved mother of JAMES SHIELDS, Greymouth, New Zealand (Camperdown Chronicle)

[Parents: John & Jane Keith (VRBMD)]

April 16 1884

McFARLAND. It is remarkable how soon men are carried off by death in these colonies. JUDGE [JOHN] McFARLAND, who has recently attended the County Courts in Dandenong and Mornington, died at his residence, East Melbourne, on Sunday morning. He was born in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, and has been in the colony since he was fifteen years of age, and was called to the bar in 1862, and appointed a judge in 1882. Of the career of the learned gentleman one of the Melbourne dailies says "As a County Court Judge he performed his duties in a careful manner, and earned the respect and esteem of the bar generally. Some years ago he was elected a member of the Council of the University, and was still a member at the time of his death (South Bourke & Mornington Journal)

[Aged 46 years. Parents Patrick McFarland & Sarah McCrea (VRBMD)]

May 17 1884

DEVLIN. Died at his residence, Fairview, Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, on the 10th May, BERNARD DEVLIN, native of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Deeply regretted. Requiescat in pace(Portland Guardian)

[Aged 60 years. Parents: John Devlin & Annie Quinn (VRBMD)]

May 21 1884

HAZLETON-CROSSLEY. Married on the 8th Inst, by the Rev. Dr. Corbett, DAWSON, youngest son of FREDERICK HAZLETON of Grange, Moy, county Tyrone Ireland, to Loo [Julia Agnes], second oldest daughter of James Crossley, Esq., South Yarra (Argus)

August 7 1884

CURRAN. Died on the 6th inst., at his residence, Rochester West, EDWARD CURRAN, a native of Tyrone, Ireland, aged 56 years. R.I.P. (Argus)

[Parents: Owen Curran & Elizabeth McKay (RBMD)]

August 28 1884

HAYES. In loving remembrance of MRS. JANE HAYES died at Windsor [Melbourne] 11th August, 1878, mother of MRS. LYONS, late of Echuca, and granddaughter of DR MASON, Stewarts Town, county Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Aged 60 years. Father: Henry Mason (VRBMD)]

November 1 1884

McGOWAN. Died on the 19th inst, at 15 Royal Terrace, Webster Street, Ballarat, SAMUEL McGOWAN, of Broadbent Bros. and Co , aged 54, son of the late REV. J G McGOWAN, Presbyterian minister, Orritor, county Tyrone Ireland and grandson of the late REV. JOHN GLASGOW, Presbyterian minister, Coleraine, county Derry, Ireland (Argus)

[Parents; John Geddes McGowan & Mary Glasgow (VRBMD)]

November 19 1884

DUNN. Died on the 2nd. inst., at Avondale Cottage, Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy [Melbourne], JOHN DUNN, ESQ., aged 40, youngest son of the late JAMES DUNN, ESQ., of Dunemana, county Tyrone,. Ireland, lately a passenger per ship Duke of Sutherland. A member of Lodge of St. John, 250, Cumberclaudy, county Derry.

The Friends of the late JOHN DUNN, Esq., are most respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, the Boroondara General Cemetery, Kew.

The funeral is appointed to move from his late residence Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy, THIS DAY (Monday, November 3), at half-past 3 o'clock punctually

WILLIAM GEORGE APPS, undertaker, Fitzroy and Moor Streets, Fitzroy, and Robe Street, St. Kilda (Australasian Sketcher With Pen and Pencil)

[Parents: James Dunn & Matilda Campbell (VRBMD)]

December 27 1884

JACK-BEETCHENOW. Married on the 2nd inst. at St. Mark's Church, Fitzroy [Melbourne], by the Rev. R. B. Barlow, B.A., ROBERT NELSON JACK, L.R.C. P., L.R.C.S. Ed., J.P., Newtown Stewart, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Emmie Eliza, oldest daughter of C. H. Beetchenow, Esq., of Hotham [North Melbourne] (Argus)

January 16 1885

SUTHERLAND-WATSON. Married on the 6th August, 1884, at the Presbyterian Church, Fitzroy [Melbourne], Archibald Sutherland, late of Beechworth, Goulburn diggings, native of Renfrew, Scotland, to MARY ANN WATSON (NEE HUGHES), of Tasmania, relict of the late SAMUEL WATSON, late of The Trees, County Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)

June 12 1885

DUNCAN-GIFFIN. Married on the 3rd June, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Weir, B.A., WILLIAM DUNCAN, Karramomus South, formerly of Ardstraw County, Tyrone, Ireland, to Lizzie Giffin, eldest daughter of the late Malcolm Giffin, Balmattum (Euroa Advertiser)

June 24 1886

SLAVIN-BAYER. Married on 17th instant, at St. Patrick's Church, Kilmore, by Rev. Father Brady, CHARLES, sixth son of D. SLAVIN, Tyrone, Ireland, to Hannah Teresa, third daughter of the late Michael Bayer, Kilmore East (Kilmore Free Press)

November 19 1887

WILSON. Died on the 18th inst., after a few days illness, at Fintona Villa, Agnes Street, Jolimont, MARY ANNE, relict of the late THOMAS WILSON of Tyrone, Ireland, and beloved mother of Mrs. C. E. Davies, of Hobart [Tasmania] (Argus)

[Aged 73 years. Parents; James Sherrard & Eliza Gault (VRBMD)]

May 16 1888

FULLERTON. Died on the 9th of May, at her son's residence, Laanecoorie, ELIZABETH, relict of the late ROBERT FULLERTON, Gortanigan, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 69 years (Bendigo Advertiser)

[Parents: John McFarland and Isabella Warnock (VRBMD)]

October 8 1888

MATEAR. Died on the 5th inst., JAMES ALEXANDER STEPHENSON MATEAR, of consumption, aged 27, of the Victorian police, and nephew of MR. JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, Brigh, Stewartstown, county Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)

[Parents: James Matear & Matilda Carson (VRBMD)]

November 23 1888

CUNNINGHAM. Died on the 14th inst., at the Protestant Hall, Melbourne, ANDREW CUNNINGHAM, late of Liscleen [Liscloon], Dunamanaugh, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 43. London and Londonderry papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: Alexander Cunningham & Isabella Glen (VRBMD)]

January 11 1889

ROBINSON. Died on January 9th, 1889, at Holey Plains, JOHN FINLAY ROBINSON, native of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 47 years (Gippsland Times)

[Parents: John Robinson & Jane Finlay (VRBMD)]

June 8 1889

WILSON-MOLLISON. Married on the 5th inst. at All Saints' Church, Windsor [Melbourne], by the Rev. Charles Vaughan, assisted by the Rev. William Wood, HERBERT, fourth son of the REV. HAMILTON B. WILSON, D.D., Cookstown, Ireland, to Florence, eldest daughter of Crawford Mollison, Windsor

Sept. 25 1889

HAMILTON. Died on 20th inst., at Warrnambool, JEANNIE (JANE) the beloved wife of RICHARD HAMILTON, and daughter of the late ROBERT JOHNSTON, ESQ., of Magheracolton, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 46 years (Argus)

[Parents: Robert Johnston & unknown Sproule (VRBMD)]

May 10 1890

COBAIN. Died on the 26th ult., at her late residence, Bundalaguah, MARGARET, the dearly beloved wife of JOHN COBAIN, aged 31 years (Tyrone Ireland papers please copy) (Argus)

[Parents William James Irwin & Mary McCall (VRBMD)]

August 7 1890

WILSON-DUNDAS. Married on the 2nd inst., at All Saints' Church, St Kilda, by the Rev. C. Vaughan, FRED. H. sixth son of the REV. DR. WILSON, of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Maggie, youngest daughter of the late Henry Dundas, Esq., of Roscor, County Fermanagh, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus)

January 30 1891

MERRY-DAVIDSON. Married on the 15th January, at the Church of England, Euroa, by the Rev. F. L. Wilson, Thomas Boden Merry, eldest son of Mr. J. C. Merry, of Derby, England, to MARY, the only daughter of MR. C. DAVIDSON, of County Tyrone, Ireland. (Euroa Advertiser)

March 21 1891

MOORE (BUCHANAN). Died on the 4th ult., at Kerr's Terrace, Creggan Road, Londonderry, JANE BUCHANAN, relict of the late REV. JOHN MOORE, chaplain in the Royal Navy, and daughter of the late GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., Strathroy, Omagh, Ireland, aged 83 [?] years (Argus)

April 11 1891

AIRD. In fond remembrance of WILHELMINA KATE LUCY, second daughter of the late JOHN SMALL AIRD, of Sandhurst, late of Laurel Vale, Moy, county Tyrone, Ireland, who died 12th of April, 1885, at Pine Grove

Inserted by her loving mother, E. O. Le Lowrie (Bendigo Advertiser)

[Died aged 19 years. Parents: John Small Aird & Eliza Louisa Legyer (VRBMD)]

August 27 1891

LADD. Died on the 26th August, at Bendigo, MRS. MARY LADD (maiden name MISS MARY McBRIDE), native of Tyrone, Ireland, aged 72 years. Home papers please copy. R.I.P.

Inserted by her sister, Catherine. (Bendigo Advertiser)

[Parents: Thomas McBride & Catherine Rogers (VRBMD)]

April 28 1892

ANDERTON-SPUNNER. Married on the 21st inst., at St Mary’s, Caulfield by the Rev. H. Burgh Macartney, JOSHUA THOMAS NOBLE, second son of the late REV. SAMUEL ANDERTON, vicar of Upper Falls, county Antrim, Ireland to ELLEN MARY third daughter of the late REV. B. N. WHITE SPUNNER, of Castlecaulfleld, county Tyrone, and Milltown Park, Kings County, Ireland. Irish papers will please copy (Argus)

August 23 1893

WEBSTER-CALDWELL. Married on Wednesday, 9th August, Mr. John Summers Webster, of Arcadia, only son of the late John Webster, Esq., of Kialla, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony with MISS MARY ELIZABETH CALDWELL, third daughter of JAMES CALDWELL, ESQ., of Kialla, and late of county Tyrone, Ireland (Euroa Advertiser)

February 8 1894

KILPATRICK. Died on the 6th inst., at his residence, Greville Street, Prahran, THOMAS KILPATRICK J.P., the beloved husband of ANN KILPATRICK, aged 57 years, native of Moy, Co Tyrone, Ireland Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: John Kilpatrick & Sarah Bennett (VRBMD)]

May 7 1895

SCANLON-KANE. Married at St. Killian's Pro-Cathedral [Bendigo], on Thursday, 25th April, by the Rev. Father Moore, Mr. J. J. Scanlon, only son of. Mr. M. P. Scanlon, of Pinegrove, Karyrie, to MISS M. K. KANE, eldest daughter of the late MR. JAMES KANE, of Gorteon, County Tyrone, Ireland (Bendigo Advertiser)

August 9 1895

McCAMEY. Died on the 5th August, at-his late residence, Golden Vine Hotel, King Street, Bendigo, ALEXANDER, dearly loved husband of REBECCA McCAMEY, and son of the late ROBERT McCAMEY of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 48 years. Gippsland papers please copy. (Bendigo Advertiser)

February 19 1897

HARRIS. Died on the 18th February, at Dunolly, JOHN HARRIS, late of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, and Ardvarnish, South Yarra, aged 71 years (Argus)

[Parents: Hugh Harris & Margaret Mackay (VRBMD)]

August 1 1898

WILSON. Died at his residence, Cape Bridgewater, on July 23, JOHN WILSON, late of Tyrone, Ireland. (Portland Guardian)

[Aged 90 years. Parents: Robert Wilson & Ann Mulholland (VRBMD)]

June 10 1899

HAMILTON. Died on the 1st June, at Childe Street, Stawell, MARGARET, the dearly beloved wife of SAMUEL HAMILTON, native of Ballagawley, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 58 years (Argus)

[Parents: James McCallion & Jane Wilson (VRBMD)]

June 12 1899

SPEAR. Died on the 7th June, at Auburnvale, Won-wron, South Gippsland, ANNE, relict of the late JOHN SINCLAIR SPEAR, of Deniliquin, and formerly of Clonally, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, and mother of Margaret Devonshire, Annie Bowden, and John S. Spear, aged 68 years (Argus)

[Parents: Richard Neely & Ann Moubray (VRBMD)]

March 22 1900

ROONEY. Died on the 21st March, at his late residence Rose cottage, Camberwell, JAMES, eldest son of the late WILLIAM ROONEY, Killymorgan, County Tyrone, Ireland, and beloved husband of MATILDA ROONEY, eldest daughter of the late JOHN YOUNG, of Killamaddy, County Tyrone, lreland. Home papers please copy (Argus)

[James Phoenix Rooney died aged 72 years. Parents: William Rooney & Anne Phoenix (VRBMD)]

December 21 1900

GILPIN. Obituary. We regret to record the death of MRS. [DIANA] GILPIN, wife of Mr W. Gilpin, Sen., of Euroa. The deceased lady had been in failing health for a long time past, and the sad event which occurred early yesterday morning, was not unexpected. Mrs Gilpin, who was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and whose brother died recently at Seymour, was one of the oldest residents in the district and held in high esteem by all classes of the community. The business places the town yesterday were partially-closed in token of the sorrow felt by the townspeople. The funeral will take place to-day (Friday), leaving the Wesleyan Church at 2.30 p.m., a short service being held at 2.15 p.m. (Euroa Advertiser)

[Aged 59 years. Parents: John Barton & Elizabeth Courter (VRBMD)]

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