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Born Co. Tyrone, Died British Columbia, Canada

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Born Co. Tyrone, Died British Columbia, Canada

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These records are extracted from BC Vital Statistics




BC Death Registrations, 1872-1986 & 1992-1993

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Note: all birth location noted as Tyrone, Ireland, unless otherwise specified.

Name Birth / Death
Abernethy, Robert James b.1886; d.1961
Adams, Ernest Hall b.1887; d.1971
Addy, Gladys Wilhelmenia b.1897; d.1984
Anderson, Robert Stewart b.1880; d.1954
Andrews, Rebecca b.1869; d.1934
Baillie, Ellen Jane b.1882; d.1968
Baird, George b.1873; d.1948
Barr, James Joseph b.1881; d.1970
Black, Robert James b.1894; d.1950
Boal, Joseph Richardson b.1876; d.1954
Bradley, James b.1890; d.1966
Bradley, Michael b.1858; d.1893
Breadin, Elizabeth Ann b.1895; d.1948
Breadin, John b.1889; d.1964
Brown, Charles b.1826; d.1896
Brown, Mary Annie b.1859; d.1951
Bruce, Margaret Ann b.c.1881; d.1946
Buchanan, Margaret b.1891; d.1959
Burton, Robert b.1876; d.1955
Butterfield, Mary Ann b.1886; d.1944
Campbell, Francis b.c.1831; d.1891
Campbell, John b.1876; d.1962
Campbell, Michael b.c.1845; d.1907
Campbell, Thomas McFarlane b.1893; d.1973
Cassidy, Mary b.1869; d.1969
Charles, Elizabeth b.1882; d.1974
Clark, Catherine Radesh Stafford b.c.1837; d.1911
Clark, Maria Birt b.c.1840; d.1909
Condell, Robert b.1894; d.1954
Condell, Sarah Jessie b.c.1897; d.1911
Condell, Thomas b.c.1888; d.1945
Connors, Sarah Ann b.c.1838; d.1905
Copithorne, Frances b.1875; d.1959
Crosson, James b.c.1819; d.1855
Crowe, Elizabeth Florence b.1885; d.1978
Deane, John Richard Chambers b.1864; d.1945
Dempsey, Annie Elizabeth b.1866; d.1959
Dilworth, Ernest Forbes b.1904; d.1983
Donnelly, Ellen b.c.1830; d.1899
Ely, Eliza Graham b.1853; d.1944
Espie, Richard George b.1884; d.1969
Forsythe, Annie b.1907; d.1979
Forsythe, Archibald b.1904; d.1984
Forsythe, Robert McIlroy b.1883; d.1971
Gilchrist, John b.1874; d.1941
Glackin, William b.1877; d.1946
Gourley, James b.1889; d.1963
Graham, Richard b.c.1832; d.1896
Griffith, Mary b.1870; d.1952
Hagan, Rose Morris b.c.1849; d.1881
Hamilton, Robert b.c.1855; d.1911
Hampton, Rebecca b.c.1832; d.1912
Hampton, William b.c.1831; d.1908
Hanna, John b.1852; d.1937
Hillen, William James b.1894; d.1970
Hood, John Alexander b.1885; d.1961
Hutchison, Joseph b.1873; d.1954
Hygaard, Susan b.1892; d.1979
Ireland, Jane b.1876; d.1963
Irwin, Ellen b.1874; d.1950
Irwin, William David b.1883; d.1973
Irwin, William John b.1868; d.1958
Jackson, William b.c.1864; d.1911
Johnston, John b.1876; d.1953
Keattey, William John b.1851; d.1916
Kernaghan, Robert b.1904; d.1976
Kyle, Samuel King b.1889; d.1968
Lane, Cathline Isobel b.1883; d.1961
Larson, Margaret Jenny b.1925; d.1976
Leslie, Mathilda Jane b.1880; d.1969
Lett, Bertha Violet Maud b.1872; d.1940
Lockhart, Alexander b.1864; d.1937
Lund, Elizabeth b.1874; d.1964
Lyons, Andrew Thomas b.1881; d.1962
McCartney, Caroline b.1877; d.1952
McConnell, James b.1875; d.1956
McConnell, Jane W. b.c.1845; d.1899
McCullagh, Thomas b.1875; d.1947
McDermott, William b.1838; d.1916
McFarland, James b.1856; d.1934
McFarlane, Walter b.1868; d.1951
McGee, Mathew b.1856; d.1939
McGill, Elizabeth b.1900; d.1982
McHugh, Elizabeth b.c.1816; d.1902
McHugh, Henry b.c.1808; d.1888
McKibbon, Margaret Elizabeth b.1872; d.1954
McKimmon, John James b.1891; d.1942
McLaughlin, Catherine Mary b.1900; d.1973
McLeod, Maud Eleanor b.1900; d.1977
McManus, Alexander Joseph b.1885; d.1973
McMichael, Margaret b.1857; d.1917
McMichael, William b.1866; d.1945
McQuade, Peter b.c.1835; d.1879
Mager, Kathleen Lena b.1913; d.1962
Marquis, Eliza Jane b.1878; d.1969
Mathewson, Holly Matilda b.c.1830; d.1907
Menal, William Alexander Morrow b.1881; d.1966
Millgan, Elizabeth b.1884; d.1967
Moeller, Mary Elizabeth b.1891; d.1969
Oliver, Eliza b.1882; d.1964
Patterson, Alexander b.1868; d.1944
Pearse, Letitia b.1879; d.1971
Roberts, Walter McWilliams b.1885; d.1962
Scott, David Robert b.1867; d.1954
Sharp, Margaret b.c.1823; d.1888
Sloan, William George b.1866; d.1957
Smith, Mary b.c.1837; d.1905
Smith, Robert John b.1911; d.1977
Smith, Sarah Jane b.c.1855; d.1923
Soper, Margaret b.1867; d.1947
Sorenson, Alice b.1894; d.1968
Stillman, Rebecca Jane b.1891; d.1969
Stranaghan, Robert b.1904; d. 1952
Thomson, Miranda b.1866; d.1961
Thompson, Robert b.c.1825; d.1899
Thompson, William James b.1880; d.1965
Trimble, Thomas George b.1889; d.1963
Turkington, James Alexander b.1888; d.1959
Turkington, Samuel b.1867; d.1944
Turner, Charles b.1843; d.1934
Watson, Evelyn b.1910; d.1984
Wylie, Robert b.1894; d.1963
Young, Ann Jane b.c.1820; d.1905

Robert James ABERNETHY birth 19 July 1886 death 31 Dec1961 Victoria Age 75 married
father Robert Alexander ABERNETHY
mother Mary Anne BROOKS
spouse Anne Jane SLAVELLE

Ernest Hall ADAMS birth 28 Mar 1887 death 1 Apr 1971 West Vancouver
father Robert ADAMS
mother Elizabeth OSBOROUGH
spouse Elizabeth Pirrie McHAFFIE
Gladys Wilhelmenia ADDY Birth 17 Oct 1897 Death  25 Jun 1984 Victoria Age 86 Single
Father William ADDY
Mother Sarah Jane FORD

Robert Stewart ANDERSON Birth 3 Jan 1880 Death 20 Mar 1954 Victoria Age 74 Widowed
Father Robert ANDERSON
Mother Catherine KERR
Spouse Edith IRWIN

Rebecca ANDREWS Birth 27 Dec 1869 Death 27 Nov 1934 Vancouver Age 64 Married

Ellen Jane BAILLIE Birth 31 Jan 1882 Death 12 May 1968 Vancouver Age 86 Married
Father William JOHNSTON
Mother Emily ?
Spouse George Byron BAILLIE

George BAIRD Birth 15 May 1873 place Augher Death 5 Dec 1948 Vancouver Age 75 Single
Father George BAIRD
Mother Margaret WRIGHT

James Joseph BARR Birth 6 Jan 1881 Death 13 Apr 1970 Vancouver Age 89 
Father James BARR
Spouse Helen Selina SAUNDERS

Robert James BLACK Birth 9 Feb 1894 Death 30 Jul 1950 Grandview Bench Age 56 Married
Father James BLACK
Mother Martha Jane HILL
Spouse Emily Martha RUSSELL

Joseph Richardson BOAL Birth 4 Jan 1876 Death 25 Feb 1954  Vancouver Age 78 Single

James BRADLEY Birth 15 Aug 1890 Death 15 Nov 1966 Nanaimo Age 76 Widowed
Father William BRADLEY
Mother Elizabeth GREEVES
Spouse Davina Martha GIVENS

Michael BRADLEY Death 1 Mar 1893 Nanaimo Age 35 Birth abt 1858

Elizabeth Ann BREADIN Birth 15 Aug 1895 Death 26 Nov 1948 Victoria Age 53 Single
Father James BREADIN
Mother Ann KER

John BREADIN Birth 22 Mar 1889 Death 19 Oct 1964 Victoria Age 75 Married
Spouse Eunice Viola MILLOY

Charles BROWN Death 13 Dec 1896 Nanaimo Age 70 Birth abt 1826

Mary Annie BROWN Birth 16 Nov 1859 Death 6 Nov 1951 Rutland District Age 91 Widowed
Father John WILSON Mother Kathleen McMASTER
Spouse Jeremiah Robert BROWN

Margaret Ann BRUCE Death 14 Feb 1946 Vancouver BC Age 65 Married Birth abt 1881
Father John CLARKE
Mother Ann ANDREWS
Spouse Samuel BRUCE

Margaret BUCHANAN Birth 22 Oct 1891 Death 13 Aug 1959 Vancouver Age 67
Mother__? PRIEST
Spouse Jack William BUCHANAN

Robert BURTON Birth 28 Dec 1876 Eglish Death 30 Mar 1955  Victoria Age 78 Married
Father Charles BURTON Mother Elizabeth BEAVERS
Spouse Margaret Isabella GRANT

Mary Ann BUTTERFIELD Birth 21 Aug 1886 Death 17 Jan 1944 New Westminster Age 57
Father Robert MONTGOMERY
Mother Mary Ann JOHNSTON
Spouse Harry James BUTTERFIELD

Francis CAMPBELL Birth abt 1831 Death 14 Mar 1891 Age 60 (no death location noted)

John CAMPBELL Birth 24 Oct 1876 Death 30 Oct 1962 Richmond Age 86 Married
Father John CAMPBELL
Mother Theresa CONVERY
Spouse Elizabeth Mary GLENDENNING l

Michael CAMPBELL Birth abt 1845 Death 20 Oct 1907 Ladysmith Age 62

Thomas McFarlane CAMPBELL Birth 14 Apr 1893 Death 11 Feb 1973 Vancouver Age 79
Father John CAMPBELL
Mother Jane BROWN
Spouse Mildred Elizabeth LANGLOIS

Mary CASSIDY Birth 4 Feb 1869 place Arbow Death 3 May 1969 Pouce Coupe Age 100
Father John DORMAN
Mother Peggy CANAVAN
Spouse Michael CASSIDY

Elizabeth CHARLES Birth 20 Aug 1882 Death 11 Jun 1974 South Burnaby Age 91
Father Henry Richard CHARLES
Mother Margaret HADDEN

Catherine Radesh Stafford CLARK Birth abt. 1837 Anghnactoy Death 11 Jan 1911 Fort Steele Age 74 Widowed

Maria Birt CLARK Birth abt 1840 Caledon Death 14 Jun 1909 Fort Steele Age 69 Married 

Robert CONDELL Birth 1 Nov 1894 Death 2 Feb 1954 Vancouver Age 59 Single
Father Henry CONDELL
Mother Sarah CAMPBELL

Sarah Jessie CONDELL Death 30 Sept 1911 West Vancouver Age 14 Birth abt 1897

Thomas CONDELL birth abt 1888 death 3 Sept 1945 Vancouver Age 57 Married
father: Henry CONDELL
mother: Sarah CAMPBELL
spouse: Lillian GILBERT

Sarah Ann CONNORS Birth abt 1838 Death 27 Feb 1905 North River Age 67

Frances COPITHORNE Birth 15 Aug 1875 Bally Gawley Death 8 Oct 1959 Vancouver Age 84
Father William BUCHANAN
Spouse Thomas COPITHORNE

James CROSSON  Death 16 Oct 1885  Age 66 Birth abt 1819

Elizabeth Florence CROWE Birth 6 Jan 1885 Death 12 Jul 1978 Vancouver Age 93
Father William CORRY
Mother Margaret ANDERSON
Spouse Robert Paterson CROWE

John Richard Chambers DEANE Birth 22 Aug 1864 Death 27 Nov 1945 Port Simpson Age 81 
Father William Henry Deane Mother Caroline Julia Chambers
Spouse Vesta SMITHERS

Annie Elizabeth DEMPSEY Birth 17 Jun 1866 Death 27 Aug 1959 Victoria Age 93 
Father Samuel WEBB
Mother N. K. CUDDY
Spouse Varner Wellington DEMPSEY

Ernest Forbes DILWORTH Birth 20 Oct 1904 Death 1 Dec 1983 Dawson Creek Age 79
Father David DILWORTH
Mother Margaret MILLAR
Spouse Elizabeth TAYLOR

Ellen DONNELLY Death 4 May 1899 Victoria Age 69 Birth abt 1830

Eliza Graham ELY Birth 30 Sep 1853 place Confeacle Death 23 Feb 1944 Victoria Age 90 
Father Thomas GRAHAM
Mother Sarah ?
Spouse Robert Frederick ELY

Richard George ESPIE Birth 23 Jul 1884 Death 18 Jun 1969 Vancouver Age 84 
Father Samuel ESPIE
Mother Sarah Ann BELL
Spouse Monica CARTMELL

Annie FORSYTHE Birth 26 Jan 1907 Death 6 Dec 1979 Surrey Age 72
Father Sam LONG
Mother Margaret Anne HOLMES
Spouse Archibald FORSYTHE

Archibald FORSYTHE Birth 19 Jun 1904 Death 23 Aug 1984 New Westminster Age 80 Single
Father John FORSYTHE
Mother Emily BROWN

Robert McILroy FORSYTHE Birth 15 Jul 1883 Death 7 Nov 1971 Vancouver Age 88 Widowed
Spouse Mary Catherine PRENTICE

John GILCHRIST Birth 22 Jun 1874 Death 9 Dec 1941 Victoria Age 67 Single
Father William GILCHRIST
Mother Elizabeth BOURKE

William GLACKIN Birth 4 May 1877 Death 4 Jan 1946 Victoria Age 68 Single

James GOURLEY Birth 31 Mar 1889 Death 3 Jun 1963 Ladysmith Age 74 Widowed
Father James GOURLEY
Mother Isabelle SWANSON
Spouse Gertrude Mary JACKSON

Richard GRAHAM Death 12 Sep 1896 Victoria Age 64 Birth abt 1832

Mary GRIFFITH Birth 14 Dec 1870 place Dromore Death 24 Feb 1952 Victoria Age 81 
Father John McCULLY
Spouse Robert GRIFFITH

Rose Morris HAGAN Birth abt 1849 Death 12 Apr 1881 Age 32
Spouse James HAGAN

Robert HAMILTON Birth abt 1855 Death 29 Jun 1911 New Westminster Age 56

Rebecca HAMPTON  Birth abt 1832 Death 12 May 1912 Victoria Age 80
Father__? McPHADDEN
Spouse William HAMPTON

William HAMPTON Birth abt 1831 Death 30 Jan 1908 Victoria Age 77

John HANNA Birth 12 Nov 1852 Death 1 Aug 1937 Vernon Age 84 
Spouse Mary Elizabeth BURTON

William James HILLEN Birth 1 Feb 1894 Death 31 Dec 1970 Burnaby Age75 Married
Father James HILLEN
Mother Mary Jane MORTON
Spouse Phyllis Irene BEARDSELL

John Alexander HOOD Birth 9 Feb 1885 Death 7 Oct 1961 Hammond, Maple Ridge Age 76 
Father Samuel HOOD Mother Eliza McMINN
Spouse Edith Annie ARMSTRONG

Joseph HUTCHISON Birth 31 Oct 1873 place Cookstown Death 25 Jul 1954 Vernon Age 80 
Spouse Mary Catharine LAUGHRAN

Susan HYGAARD Birth 24 Jul 1892 Death 16 Jan 1979 Murrayville Age 86 
Father ?  ROBINSON
Mother ? GARDNER
Spouse Grant Thurston HYGAARD

Jane IRELAND Birth 15 Feb 1876 Death 10 May 1963 Victoria Age 87
Father John McNAB
Mother Mary McNICKLE
Spouse John IRELAND

Ellen IRWIN Birth 20 Jun 1874 place Benburb Death 12 Aug 1950 Victoria Age 76 Married
Father Robert McKEAN
Mother __ ? ELLIOTT
Spouse John King IRWIN

William David IRWIN Birth 23 Nov 1883 Death 2 Dec 1973 Vancouver Age 90 Married
Parents William & Eliza IRWIN
Spouse Alice RUTLEDGE

William John IRWIN Birth 24 Nov 1868 Death 10 Nov 1958  North Vancouver Age 89
Father William IRWIN Mother Margaret FINLEY
Spouse Katherine HOURIN

William JACKSON Birth abt.1864 place Dungannon Death 31 Oct 1911 Victoria Age 47

John JOHNSTON Birth 13 Dec 1876 Death 8 Jan 1953 New Westminster Age 76 
Father William Henry JOHNSTON
Mother Mary Jane CARDWELL
Spouse Mary Jane SHARP

William John KEATTEY Birth 20 Jun 1851 Death 28 Jan 1916  Nelson Age 64 Married
Father John KEATTEY
Mother Ellen CALDWELL

Robert KERNAGHAN Birth 23 Nov 1904 Death 26 Mar 1976 Vancouver BC Age 71 Married
Father Thomas KERNAGHAN
Mother Sarah COOKE
Spouse Dorothy Ellen JENNER

Samuel King KYLE Birth 27 Feb 1889 Death 27 Feb 1968 Kamloops Age 79

Cathline Isobel LANE Birth 12 Dec 1883 Death 25 Mar 1961 Victoria Age 77 Married
Father Robert TRIMBLE
Mother Margaret McGEACH
Spouse Thomas LANE

Margaret Jenny LARSON Birth 9 Apr 1925 Death 23 May 1976 New Westminster Age 51 
Father Michael Joseph McLAUGHLIN
Mother Katherine Mary CAMPBELL
Spouse William Oscar LARSON

Mathilda Jane LESLIE Birth 1 Oct 1880 Death 29 Mar 1969 North Vancouver Age 88
Father Robert SPROULE
Mother Mary GILMOUR
Spouse James LESLIE

Bertha Violet Maud LETT Birth 1 Apr 1872 Death 7 Nov 1940 Vancouver Age 68 Married
Father Alexander Carlyle BUCHANAN
Mother Anna Sophia WILSON
Spouse Charles Benjamin LETT

Alexander LOCKHART Birth 26 Aug 1864 place BallyGawly Death 25 Nov 1937 Penticton Age 73  Married Spouse Elizabeth LOCKHART

Elizabeth LUND Birth 8 Jan 1874 Castlecaulfield Death 4 Jul 1964 Nelson Age 90  Widowed
Spouse Martin LUND

Andrew Thomas LYONS Birth 28 Nov 1881 Death 11 Feb 1962 New Westminster Age 80 
Father Henry Lyons Mother McFARLANE
Spouse Margaret Boyce HIGGINS

Caroline McCARTNEY Birth 9 Jul 1877 Death 1 May 1952 Langley Age 74 Married
Father John FAIR
Mother Margaret ROBINSON
Spouse William David McCARTNEY

James McCONNELL Birth 1 Oct 1875 Death 5 Nov 1956 Victoria Age 81 Married
Father Matthew McCONNELL Mother Sarah MACKIE
Spouse Mary Ann BOOTH

Jane W McCONNELL  Birth abt 1845 Cookstown Death 14 Jan 1899 Victoria Age 54

Thomas McCULLAGH Birth 6 Jun 1875 Death 20 Mar 1947 Victoria Age 71
Spouse Lillian Maud FEAKES

William McDERMOTT Birth 14 Jul 1838 Death 18 Nov 1916 New Westminster Age 78  Married
Father Matthew McDERMOTT
Mother Mary ANDERSON

James McFARLAND  Birth 1 Sep 1856 Death 10 Nov 1934 Vancouver Age 78 Widowed

Walter MacFARLANE Birth  29 Oct 1868  place Beragh Death 5 Sep 1951 Sechelt Age 82 
Father Joseph MacFARLANE
Mother Rebecca COCHRANE
Spouse Mabel BUXTON

Mathew McGEE  Birth 22 Sep 1856 place Barnhill Tyrone Death 22 Mar 1939 Age 82  Single

Elizabeth McGILL Birth 17 Sep 1900 Death 24 Sep 1982 Victoria Age 82 Widowed
Father James HENRY
Mother Mary Anne McKERNAN
Spouse John Cameron McGILL

Elizabeth McHUGH Birth abt 1816 Death 7 Apr 1902 Victoria Age 86 Widowed
Spouse Henry McHUGH

Henry McHUGH Birth abt 1808 Death 29 Feb 1888 BC Age 80

Margaret Elizabeth McKIBBON Birth 22 Jun 1872 Death 5 Dec 1954 Vancouver Age 82
Spouse Thomas McKIBBON

John James McKIMMON Birth 10 Feb 1891 Death 1 Sep 1942 Deroche Age 51 Married
Father Alexander McKIMMON
Mother Mary Jane ?
Spouse Alice McKIMMON

Catherine Mary McLAUGHLIN Birth 17 Sep 1900 Death 25 May 1973 Surrey Age 72 
Father Michael CAMPBELL
Mother Catherine Mary CARNEY
Spouse Michael McLAUGHLIN

Maud Eleanor McLEOD Birth 23 Jun 1900 Death 9 Jun 1977 New Westminster Age 76 
Father Archibald McKANE Mother Margaret HILL
Spouse Peter Thomson McLEOD

Alexander Joseph McMANUS Birth 17 Apr 1885 Death 3 Sep 1973 Ganges Age 88
Father David McMANUS
Mother Elizabeth NOBLE
Spouse Blanch Ellen BILTON

Margaret McMICHAEL Birth 27 Jun 1857 Death 30 May 1917 Saanich Age 59 Married
Father William McCOMB
Mother Margaret DARRAUGH
Spouse William McMICHAEL

William McMICHAEL Birth 28 Mar 1866 Death 29 Dec 1945 Victoria Age 77 Widowed

Peter McQUADE Birth abt 1835 Death 8 Nov 1879 BC Age 44

Kathleen Lena MAGER birth 14 July 1913 death 8 Jul 1962 Fort St John Age 48 Married
father: Michael CASSIDY mother: Mary DURMON
spouse: Urvan Nicholas MAGER

Eliza Jane MARQUIS Birth 14 Jan 1878 Death 21 Oct 1969 Vancouver Age 91 Widowed
Father James HAMILTON
Spouse Frederick MARQUIS

Holly Matilda MATHEWSON Death 22 Jan 1907 New Westminster Age 77 Birth abt 1830

William Alexander Morrow MENAUL Birth 2 Dec 1881 death 27 Dec 1966 Langley Age 85
Father Alexander MENAU
Mother Sarah COMMOCK
Spouse Grace MUFFORD

Elizabeth MILLGAN Birth 6 Nov 1884 Death 13 Aug 1967 Essondale Age 82 Widowed
Father __ ? SPROULE
Spouse Samuel MILLIGAN

Mary Elizabeth MOELLER Birth 11 Dec 1891 Death 7 Oct 1969 Vancouver Age 77 Married
Spouse John MOELLER

Eliza OLIVER Birth 4 Jul 1882 Death 12 Mar 1964 White Rock City Age 81 Widowed
Father William REID
Mother Isabella BURNS
Spouse Joseph OLIVER

Alexander PATTERSON Birth 26 Oct 1868 Death 13 Jun 1944 Victoria Age 75  Married
Father Joseph PATTERSON Mother Margaret BLANEY
Spouse Sarah PATTERSON

Letitia PEARSE Birth 17 Mar 1879 Death 28 Nov 1971 North Vancouver Age 92 Widowed
Father William ALLEN
Mother Elizabeth HIGGINS
Spouse Percy Harold PEARSE

Walter McWilliams ROBERTS Birth 13 Feb 1885 Death 27 Jan 1962 Victoria Age 76
Father Robert ROBERTS
Mother Sarah Jane MOFFAT
Spouse Sarah Caroline ORR

David Robert SCOTT birth 6 Aug 1867 death 12 Dec 1954 North Vancouver
father Robert SCOTT
mother Ann McDONALD
spouse Annie Ellen ROUSE

Margaret SHARP Birth abt 1823 Death 8 Jun 1888  BC  Age 65 Widowed

William George SLOAN birth 21 Mar 1866 death 30 Aug 1957 Vancouver
father George SLOAN
mother Margaret TRUEMAN
spouse Fanny TAYLOR

Mary SMITH birth abt 1837 death 12 Aug 1905 Victoria Age 68 Widowed

Robert John SMITH Birth 17 Dec 1911 Death 4 Aug 1977 Victoria Age 65 Married
Father Hugh Harris SMITH
Mother Charlotte McDONALD
Spouse Dorothy STANLEY

Sarah Jane SMITH birth abt 1855 Death 17 Feb 1923 Victoria Age 68
Mother Jane BROWN
Spouse David SMITH

Margaret SOPER Birth 2 Dec 1867 Death 15 Oct 1947 Vancouver Age 79 Widowed
Father Joseph SLOAN Mother Margaret TRUEMAN
Spouse Anson Eugene SOPER

Alice  SORENSON Birth 3 Dec 1894 Death 28 Dec 1968 Vancouver Age 74 Married
Father  _ ? McANESPIE
spouse Einar SORENSON

Rebecca Jane STILLMAN Birth 14 Jul 1891 Death 27 Feb 1969 Victoria Age 77 Married
Mother Matilda WILSON
Spouse John STILLMAN

Robert STRANAGHAN Birth 4 Nov 1904 Death 15 Sept 1952 Precipice Age 47 Divorced
Spouse Lillian GORDON

Miranda THOMSON Birth 29 Aug 1866 Killyman Death 1 Mar 1961 Victoria Age 94 
Father Abraham NELSON
Mother Martha DILWORTH
Spouse Walter THOMSON

Robert THOMPSON Birth abt 1825 Death 19 Dec 1899 Chilliwack Age 74

William James THOMPSON (THOMSON)  Birth 4 Dec 1880 Death 29 Jan 1965 Vancouver
Father Joseph THOMPSON
Mother Marjory REA
Spouse Ann McGILL

Thomas George TRIMBLE birth 5 July 1889 death 25 Mar 1963 Enderby age 73 Married
father Robert TRIMBLE
mother Margaret MacGEAGH
spouse Mabel Florence JOHNSON

James Alexander TURKINGTON birth 12 Dec 1888 death 24 Sept 1959 Chilliwack Age 70 
father David TURKINGTON
mother Sarah PURVIS
spouse Dorothy Alma CORNWALL

Samuel TURKINGTON birth 16 Oct 1867 death 13 May 1944 Vancouver Age 76 Married
father Samuel TURKINGTON
mother Elizabeth JOHNSTON
spouse Margaret SLANE

Charles TURNER Birth 25 Feb 1843 Death 2 Dec 1934 Chilliwack Age 91 Widowed
Father James TURNER
Mother Sarah Jane CALDWELL

Evelyn WATSON Birth 28 Aug 1910  Fivemiletown Death 3 Feb 1984 Kelowna Age 73
Father Herbert ADAMS
Mother Annie WALLACE
Spouse Charles Wolfram WATSON

Robert WYLIE Birth 10 Oct 1894 Death 31 Oct 1963 Burnaby Age 69 Married
Father Robert WYLIE
Mother Mary Isobel HANNA
Spouse Lillie May COLEMAN

Ann Jane YOUNG Birth abt 1820 place Mull-A-Baru Churchtown Death 20 Jun 1905 Kamloops Age 85