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Upper Badoney Parish
Earliest Surviving Baptismal Register
County Tyrone 1806-1810

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Upper Badoney Parish
Earliest Surviving Baptismal Register
County Tyrone 1806-1810

Transcribed by
Sheena McClure October 2019 copying the spelling of names and places as written
From PRONI ref T808/6124-6127 - transcriptions by Tennison Groves. Original records destroyed in Dublin.

    Baptism date Child's Name Father Mother Abode [Occupation]
page 1 1   Joseph? Thomas? Ballantine?      
  2   Elizabeth Daniel M'Caman   Glenrone Miller
  3   Margret Alex M'Farland Rebecca Hay Litterbrat Weaver
  4   Margret James M'Clary Jane Young Lisnacrea Farmer
  5   Catherine Frs Mice?   Lissnacrea Labourer
  6   Matilda John Black Jean Campbell Lisnacrea Weaver
  7   William Robert Nickel?   Lisnacre Farmer
  8   Barbara Joseph Glass Mary M'Farlane Eden Miller
page 2 9   George Thomas Braten   Laughanduhussey Weaver
  10   William Thomas Hay   Castledamph Farmer
  11   James James M'Cullaugh Margaret Ballintine Laughanduhussey Farmer
  12   Charles James Braten   Laughanduhussey Weaver
  13   William John M'Cullaugh Mary Robinson Laughanduhussey Farmer
  14 Feb. 2nd Mary James M'Kelvey Mary Harkness Glenrone Parish Clerk
  15   Samuel Andrew Black Jane Hamilton Litterbratt Schoolmaster
  16   Martha? John Black Jane Campbell Glengaugh Weaver
page 3 1808            
  17   Robert John Fullerton Catherine M'Nickle Aughalane Taylor
  18   William Moses M'Nickle Mary Ganders Lisnacrea Farmer
  19   Jane William Rab   Laughanduhussey Labourer
  20   Archibald Hamilton Ballantine Margret Smyth Litterbratt Mason
  21   Elinor James Ballantine Ann Young Laughanduhussey Farmer
  22   John James M'Cullaugh Margret Ballantine Laughanduhussey Farmer
  23   Elinor M Andrew M'Cullaugh Martha Dunn Eden Farmer
  24   Martha William M'Nickle Martha Watson Lisnacrea Cotter
page 4 25   John James Black Ann M'Farland Lisnacrea Shoemaker
  26   An Margret Joseph Glass Mary M'Farland Eden Miller
  27   George James M'Kelvey Mary Harkness Glenrone Clerk
  28   George James Braten Ann Hamilton Laughanduhussey Taylor
  29   Catherine John M'Cullagh Mary Robison Laughanduhussey Farmer
  30   Eliz John Fullerton Catherine Knickle Aughalane Taylor
  31   John John M'Kelvey Elizth M'Knickle Glenrone Farmer
  32   Matilda James M' ke Martha Hood Lisnacrea Farmer
page 5 33   James James Langires Jane Aughalane Weaver
  34   John James Fullerton Daisy Matshae Aughalane Weaver
  35   Jean Andrew Black Jean Hamilton Litterbrat Schoolmaster
  36   Eliz Benjamin Smyth   Glenrone Weaver
  37   Thomas Thomas Ballantine   Laughanduhussey Taylor
  38   Eliz Thomas Ballantine   Laughanduhussey Weaver
  39   Martha Andrew McCullough Martha Dunn Eden Farmer
  40   Hamilton Hamilton Ballantine Marget Smyth Litterbrat Mason
  41   Eliza Moses M'Knickle Mary Ganders Lisnacrea Farmer

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