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Omagh Union Farming Society, November 1861

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Omagh Union Farming Society, November 1861
Extracted from the Londonderry Standard, November 28, 1861

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

OMAGH UNION FARMING SOCIETY – ANNUAL INSPECTION OF GREEN CROPS – The annual inspection of green crops of the above Society took place on Thursday and Friday, 7th and 8th inst. The following were the award of the judges:

Swede Turnips – 3 prizes;

1. James GREER, Esq.


2. William SCOTT, Esq.


3. Mr. John JOHNSTON



Aberdeen Turnips – 3 prizes;

1. Mr. James MOORE


2. James SCOTT, Esq.


3. Mr. John JOHNSTON


Mangold Wurzel – 2 prizes;

1. Montgomery ARMSTRONG, Esq.

2. James SCOTT, Esq.


The judges expressed to the officers of the Society their observation of a marked improvement in the mode of agriculture in the district. The Judges were Mr. James McLaren, Erginagh; Mr. J. Copeland and Mr. Charles Wilson, Crevenagh

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