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Donemana Presbyterian Church
Financial Statement for Year ending 31st December 1870

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Donemana Presbyterian Church
Financial Statement for Year ending 31st December 1870

Information kindly provided by
Loree Muldowney

Civil Parish: Donaghedy
Town: Dunamanagh
Barony: Strabane Lwr
Union: Strabane

Donemana otherwise known as Dunamanagh is about 8 miles from Strabane, 12 miles from Derry and is in the parish of Donagheady.

Mrs. Jack
Captain Baird, R.N.
John M'Comb
Thomas Pollock
John Black
Thomas Craig
Mrs. Donnell
John M'Farland
Wm. Callaghan
Miss Dunnell
Davidson Keys
Andrew Campbell
Thomas Bond
Wm. Latta
Robert Craig
Mrs. Keys
Robert Moody
Thomas Tosh
Wm. Alexander
Walter Connison
John M'Gonigle
James Lyndsay
Thomas Lyndsay
David Kee
Robert Kee
John Alexander
Alexander Arbuckle
Joseph Arbuckle
Miss Baird
Wm. Arbuckle
Robert Lyndsay
John Eaton
Alexander Eaton
Wm. McCrea
Joseph Smyth
John Hall
James Thompson
Andrew Robinson
Wm. Bailey
James Macklin
John S. M'Clay
Wm. Stevenson
Joseph Smyth
Robert Smyth
James Baird, jun.
Andrew Adams
Joseph Thompson
Andrew Robinson
James Baird, sen.
John Miller
Ferguson Bailey
Thomas Killen
Davis Henderson
Archibald Chambers
Samuel M'Clay
John Bailey
Mrs. Stevenson
Wm. G. Hughey
Charles Holmes
Thomas M'Intyre
Mrs. Galbraith
Hugh Colhoun
Thomas Cochran
Alexander Lyndsay
James Wallace
Robert Deens
Mrs. Young
Wm. Robinson
John Mullin
Francis Taggart
Robert Henry
Mrs. Love
Robert Cunningham
James Britton
Mrs. Fletcher
David Jack
Robert Donnell
Mrs. Baird
James Smyth
Robert M'Farland
John Pollock
Margaret Moody
Robert Hanna
David Porter
Andrew Kee
John Quigley
Hugh Brown
James Brown
James Robinson
Andrew Forbis
John Arbuckle
Mrs. Dorough
Wm. Hughey
Wm. Young
George Gamble
James Jack
Edward Jamison
David Lyons
Wm. Colhoun
Alexander Cunningham
George Graham
James Alexander
John Colhoun
Wm. Smyth
Robert M'Farland
James Bond
John Fulton
Edward Fulton
John Glenn
Mrs. Laughlin
Wm. M'Kinley
James Cairns
Robert Hughey
Wm. Laughlin
John Jack
Wm. M'Cullagh
James Mullin
Thomas Keys
Sm. Sayers
John Killen
John Sayers
John Porter
James Hughey
John Johnstone
James Campbell
Mrs. Campbell
Thomas Monteith
James Moore
Alexander Wallace
James M'Gauchy
James Roddy
John Henderson
James Donnell
Hugh Campbell
Mrs. M'Laughlin
Mrs. Walker
Wm. Donnell
Alexander Buchanan
David Walker
Joseph Rosborough
James Rosborough
Joseph Pollock
Wm. Nelson
James Nelson
Mrs. Boyle
John Hill
Samuel Sayers
Robert Wilson
Thomas Cummings
John Arbuckle
Joseph Patton
Andrew Smyth
Robert Eakin
Alexander Roddy
George Eakin
Wm. Rodgers
Mrs. Jack
Wm. Cochran
Samuel Johnston
Hugh Rodgers
Robert Christy
Robert Laughlin
Robert Lee
W. J. Eakin
Rev. John Monteith

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